Active directory Check IsInRole against AD

I recently tried to work with WindowsPrincipal but I am getting really confused. I use this code snippet: WindowsPrincipal principal = new WindowsPrincipal(WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent()); MessageBox.Show(Thread.CurrentPrincipal.IsInRole("MyDomain\\Users").ToString()); It returns True so it's OK. But I thought that this "IsInRole" check works against Active Directory. But when I unplug the network cable it still returns true. How come? Is there any easy way to check whether logged user is in sp

Active directory .htaccess file and ACL for a website

Does anyone know ho to restrict access to your own website using username and password. I know how to write .htaccess and places it the right place, but i am having problem with .htpasswd file. I did save the .thpasswd file outside the wwww directory and then I added username & password but when i tried to enter that username and password, it does not accept it. any help would be appreciated it!!!

Active directory How to secure my multi tenant webapp that is running on Azure

I'm struggling with my MVC5 webapp that is hosted on Azure. I need to secure it (of course) but I don't want to let the users create yet another account, with another password they can forget. So I've looked into Azure Access Control (ACS). It looks nice, but the Identity Providers provided are very limited. I'm missing LinkedIn as an IP for example. Therefore a lot of users will have to create a new account with a company emailaddress. Facebook user typically use their private emailaddress. S

Active directory LDAP query returns more results with a longer wildcard

How does the LDAP wildcard search work? I seem to be seriously missing something. I have one query similar to (|(cn=john*)(sn=john*)(givenName=john*)) which returns 30 results and one similar to (|(cn=johns*)(sn=johns*)(givenName=johns*)) that returns 162 results. The only difference on the input is that the second has more letters before the wildcard. Both queries succeed with no errors, and the smaller number of results is a subset of the larger number; the only difference on the ou

Active directory Integrating RHEL and Active Directory

I'm integrating RHEL 6.5 server and Windows Server 2008 R2 (Active Directory) for authentication. i.e Clients are able to login into RHEL serve using user details in AD. I followed same procedure(Configuration 3) and I configured same and it was not working as expected. I'm getting a error like debug1: Authentications that can continu

Active directory Binding to Global Catalog takes longer than binding to directory server

I have a single forest with single AD domain. There is only domain controller serving the forest. I am unable to explain the latency in connecting to global catalog. Here are the details: Domain name: mydom.test DC name: dc.mydom.test DNS is installed on DC machine. By opening LDP.exe, I can connect in less than couple milliseconds to all of following host and port combinations mydom.test:3268 mydom.test:389 dc.mydom.test:389 Following combinations takes up 6 to 7 seconds dc:3268 dc:389

Active directory using LDAP for Apache Drill

I want the Apache Drill WebUI to be secured by LDAP authentication, any ideas on how to get this to work? I was able to setup Azkaban using LDAP as follows: user.manager.ldap.port=636 user.manager.ldap.useSsl=true user.manager.ldap.userBase=dc=example,dc=com user.manager.ldap.userIdProperty=uid user.manager.ldap.emailProperty=mail user.manager.ldap.bindAccount=cn=read-only-admin,dc=example,dc=com user.manager.ldap.bindPassword=password user.manager.ldap

Active directory What's the best way to set up Active Directory for one user with a Domino Mailbox on the backend?

Scenario: A Domino Server with a Mail-in Database, as part of an application, resides in an Exchange environment. We want to create an email address in Active Directory but tell it to route mail to the mail-in database on the Domino Server. Setting up the Domino Mail-in Database is the easy part. (There's inbound mail only, btw). The application is able to send outbound email via an SMTP gateway within the environment. Question: How does one configure AD for a back-end Domino mailbox

Active directory Synchronize AD attributes with Dynamics 365 System Users

I have an online instance of Dynamics 365 v. 9.0 with its basic OOB configuration. I need to synchronize a set of attributes from my local Active Directory users to Dynamics 365 system users entity. For this purpose, there aren't any logon or identity requirements between AD and CRM. The only need is to sync specific attributes like position of the user in the organization hierarchy. Can I accomplish that without developing code?

Active directory why the command whoami in hbase shell can't obtain group information?

I have a cdh hadoop cluster, which use active directory for authentication and authourization. When I use hbase shell, the client can't get group mapping information from hdfs. As I have understand, hbase get group mapping information from hdfs, so I tried hdfs group command and it returns the right group information in the AD. Could someone tell me where is the problem?

Active directory SharePoint API: Can't authenticate 'Sites.FullControl.All' in client_credential flow

I've have an App that would like to access SharePoint API. I've registered it in AD, and gave it the following permissions: But when I ask it to be authenticated with the following scopes - - - - - -

Active directory How to change System.DirectoryEntry "uSNChanged" attribute value to an Int64

I'm trying to get the Int64 value of a Directory Services object's "uSNChanged" value. Unfortunately, it is always coming back as a COM object of some kind. I've tried using casting to Int64, calling Int64.Parse(), and calling Convert.ToInt64(). None of these work. For a given DirectoryEntry object, this code will display the properties: private static void DisplaySelectedProperties(DirectoryEntry objADObject) { try { string[] properties = new string[] {

Active directory Active Directory query troubleshooting

My customer uses the below query to pull the data from Active Directory into my application. CN=WebCalAdmin,OU=Security Groups,OU=Groups,DC=hasm,DC=com and getting the below error. Error: Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record. I need to replicate the same issue in my lab environment. I have created OU's in my test active directory. But I am not sure how to create CN=WebcalAdmin in my test active directory. Is CN and

Active directory How to get list of groups the user is associated with in Azman?

I'm able to get the roles associated with the authenticated user but not the groups. Is there a way to get the groups WindowsIdentity userIdentity = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity as WindowsIdentity; AzAuthorizationStoreClass azManStore = new AzAuthorizationStoreClass(); string storeConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["<CONN STRING>"].ConnectionString; azManStore.Initialize(0, storeConnectionString, null); IAzApplication azApp = azManStore.OpenApplication("<

Active directory Directory Services 400,000 users query export

I wrote an application that will export all the users from the Active Directory and write them to a database. the problem is that on an Active Directory with 20,000 Users this method below works just fine, but on Active Directory with 400,000 it gets stuck until it crushes. I have defined the PageSize but it doesn't help. how can I solve this issue? public List<string> GetAllUsers() { List<string> AllUsers = new Lists<string>(); DirectoryEntry deDomain = new Directory

Active directory LDAP nested group filter for microsoft AD

I would like to write a search filter which would help me retrieve all groups which a user is part of. For instance: Say I am retrieving entries for user A (which is part of group A). And group A may be part of group B and group D which in turn may be part of group E. Now, my search filter should return me MemberOf attribute as all possible groups which user A is part of (in this specific case it is Group A, B, D, E). Any pointers on how the search filter can look like?

Active directory AD Integration with a 3rd Party Web App

I am currently working on a Third Party Web Application which is internally hosted. (We own the App Server and the DB ) We need the sign on or User Authentication to be integrated on to AD. Vendors may able to get this working obviously with a cost. I was wondering if anyone can put me on the right direction, may be the steps i should take to do this with the local development teams. Thanks

Active directory Data Access Management - Best practices in AD env

I'm trying to collect some info, preferably in form of whitepaper or 'best practices manual', on the topic of data management access in large organizations. I work in on of those, the file structure is extremely complicated and it's becoming more and more challenging to manage access requests to certain folders. Data owners, ACLs inheritance, folder structure etc. Any suggestions please, online resources or books that you know of? Thanks Luka

Active directory SonarQube LDAP Authentication seems to load but won't allow login via domain user

I've been trying to setup SonarQube (v4.1) with the LDAP authentication plugin (v1.4) and I just can't get it to authenticate against my domain user. My config is setup as follows: ######################### # LDAP configuration ######################### # General Configuration sonar.authenticator.downcase=true sonar.authenticator.createUsers=true ldap.authentication=simple

Active directory LDAP filter for numeric value

How can I change this query to find only records with numeric value of telephoneNumber attribute? (&(objectClass=user)(telephoneNumber=*)(MemberOf=CN=Users,OU=Groups,DC=domain,DC=local))" I have to be sure that this field contains only digits.

Active directory How do you prompt for an Active Directory user name or group with Wix installer?

My WiX installer is creating an event log source, and the customer is insisting that they want to set the access to the event source via the installer. That is, when the run the installer, they want to be able to select an Active Directory user or group with the Windows user picker. Then the installer is to use that value to set access permissions. How do I go about showing a user picker with WiX UI? Is there in fact such a feature already in Wix-UI? If not, how would I go about writing an exte

Active directory How do I remove a member from a large ldap-ad group with over >1500 members

I'm trying to remove a member from a large ldap Active Directory (AD) group. The below code will remove the member if the group is small. However it won't work if it's larger since AD splits the members into multiple range related attributes. group.removeMember(person.getFullDn()); ldapTemplate.update(group); I've tried to access those attributes directly using something like the below. IncrementalAttributesMapper allows me to get the list of range related member attributes ie member;Range=0-

Active directory LDAP - Sitecore: Missing or Empty connection string

I am using the online-ldap-test-server for integrating with Sitecore 8.1 for testing purposes. The configurations that I have done for it are as below: Connection String:<add name="ADConnString" connectionString="LDAP://,DC=example,DC=com"/> Providers: <membership defaultProvider="sitecore" hashAlgorithmType="SHA1"> <providers> <clear/> <add name="ad" type="LightLDAP.SitecoreADMembershipProvider" connectionStringName="AD

Active directory Which AD server will an LDAP session connect to?

I have a question regarding the LDAP. In my application (coded with VB6), we are getting all the active directory users for a given domain. There are 3 active directory servers on the domain. My application is having some problem when it tries to retrieve the users from the AD using LDAP. I have an error handler but it never triggers, it just seems to loop when trying to get the users in an Array. It does not Always happens. I noticed today that one of the AD server is in trouble. The server doe

Active directory Sending group name as claims in ADFS 3.0

I need to add a claim rule for a RP in ADFS 3.0 to issue all the group names to which the user is added as claims if the group names are, say A, B, C. How can I achieve this? As of now, I'm using LDAP attribute Token-Groups - Unqualified Names which will provide all group names which he is part of.

Active directory Apache2: HTTP Basic Authentication against Active Directory without an additional user to search the Directory

I'm currently using mod_authnz_ldap to enable HTTP Basic Authentication against Active Directory for a VirtualHost. Based on the documentation it is recommended to set a user and password to enable the resolving of user DNs for the bind. However AD offers methods to bind users without using a separate account for searching the directory in front. E.g. you can suffix a username with the Domain like that: username@domain and AD resolves the DN behind the scenes. As I don't want to create account

Active directory Crowd LDAP configuration with Microsoft Active Directory

I hava an issue with the configuration of LDAP in Crowd. Background A remote CentOS server running Atlassian Crowd needs to integrate with the in-house Microsoft Active Directory. We configured Crowd with the following obfuscated details: URL: ldap:// Base DN: OU=Users, DC=xyz, DC=local User account: xyz\parkbasead Password: <somepass> Problem Crowd is correctly validating the server but throws an exception when the user logs in: AcceptSecurityContext error,

Active directory Not able to add new user in VSTS

I am added to project collection administrator group in VSTS. Still not able to add a new user. I am added using my official email ID i.e. Microsoft work account. Its says Guest users are not allowed to perform this action. I saw the reason on this link I believe the primary reason for this error is because when a co-admin with Microsoft account is added to a subscription, it gets added into the subscription AD as Guest user type. but since it is very old thread i like to know

Active directory GSuite sync to Active Directory

I would like to sync GSuite passwords/accounts with onsite Active Directory accounts. I know there is a tool to sync passwords from Active Directory to GSuite, but my organization would like the ability to create/manage users in GSuite and then sync them TO Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. Does anyone know of a tool/platform that allows that type of integration?

Active directory ABP Roles automatically assigned when logging in using Active Directory

I have set up the use of Active Directory in my project. Configuration.Modules.Zero().UserManagement.ExternalAuthenticationSources.Add<SsoAuthenticationSource>(); So when I attempt to log in the following line is called in my AccountController: var loginResult = await _logInManager.LoginAsync(usernameOrEmailAddress, password, tenancyName); This then calls the DefaultExternalAuthenticationSource.TryAuthenticateAsync method which has been overridden in the SsoAuthenticationSource. Th

Active directory Offboarding an Azure AD synchronized user

I have a question. Does anybody know what the exact off-boarding process would look like for an Azure AD user that is synchronized from an on-premise AD (Windows server AD, see picture below)? I know what it's like for a normal Azure AD user (I got the information from here:, but I would need to know if there are any differences (for example: differences to completely delete a user, differences in saving OneDrive content, ..). Here is th

Active directory I wish to migrate adb2c but the older ad uses mfa implemented by userflow. How to get the strongAuthenticationPhoneNumber?

I am following for migration and the first step is pre migration . Ive been able to migrate everything but the mfa number to the new b2c . "strongAuthenticationPhoneNumber" from the old B2C as it isnt accessible by graph?

Active directory FreeIPA Multitenancy / Multi Organizations

I've been tasked with setting up FreeIPA for my company. What we are looking to do is have multiple "admins" that can only manage and see the users that belong to their team. For example, we have three organizations in our company orgA, orgB, orgC. I want to appoint a manager from orgA to be able to create and edit users and groups that belong to orgA, but not be able to see anything that belongs to orgB or orgC. I found some documentation on the FreeIPA website, but it only appears to

Active directory Get-ADUser - searching for expired account. Using variables in command

I am currently working on a Powershell GUI script to help my team easier find accounts with expired passwords, disabled accounts etc and to output these to a CSV. It revolves almost entirely around the "Get-ADUser" command. So far almost everything has worked, bar finding accounts with expired passwords. I've researched this a lot already but there seems to be no easy way of finding expired accounts using Get-ADUser. I know I can use Search-ADAccount instead but it would be very awkwar

Active directory Check if user exists in Active Directory

I am using and I want to check whether a particular user exists in Active Directory. If it does, I want to display the particular user's details. How to do it? User login credentials are passed via textbox control My code: Dim de As DirectoryEntry = GetDirectoryEntry() Dim ds As DirectorySearcher = New DirectorySearcher(de) ds.Filter = "(&(objectClass=txt1.text))" ' Use the FindAll method to return objects to SearchResultCollection. results = ds.FindAll() Public Shar

Active directory Verify AD or LDAP crendentials via REST API

Our requirement is simple. We have a web application that requires users to sign up for a new account in order to use the service. We would like to offer users to login using their AD or LDAP credentials, provided that an AD/LDAP connector was already installed on the client premises. Is there any service that does exactly that (providing connectors and a REST interface to programatically verify user credentials), and perform a one time API integration so that users will be presented with a lo

Active directory Building Active Directory Operations in IIB without Java or JCN

The Case is : to build an integration service with active directory, this service has many operations such as create user, activate user, change password , ...etc I have developed theses operations using JCN but, the client refused any java implementations inside the service even calling java apis inside esql modules, My question is : from my experience it is impossible to build this service without any Java implementations if it is impossible using ESQL please tell me? If it was pure esql or t

Active directory memberOf attribute in Active Directory does not contain all user groups

I have made an application, where I want to bring all the user accounts and their memberships in the Active Directory Environment. I came to know that a user in Active Directory has memberOf attribute which stores the distinguishedName of the groups of which a user is a member. However, when I checked out and found the memberOf isn't all the groups of which user is a member of. For example, it only contains few distinguishedName of the groups in other domain of same forest. Am I missing someth

Active directory Group policy to enable windows narrator

I was wondering if there is any way to set the windows narrator to be enabled via group policy. A number of our users are visually impaired so I wanted to make it easier for them by applying this policy to a security group for them. That way the feature will be enabled regardless of which domain machine they login to. I'd like to avoid using login scripts but if that is the only way, I can consider those too. Thanks in advance for any comments.

Active directory Active Directory - UserAccountControl - PASSWD_NOTREQD but password is set?

On rare occasions, and we haven't worked out why or what the conditions are that cause it, but on AD Account creation we are setting Password Not Required, but we do in fact set a password. I've seen some contrasting info, but if a password is set and the UAC flag is set to 'password not required', can it only be logged into with the password that was set? or does the 'notRequired' flag override it? Are there any known causes of this, because we create quite a few accounts and cannot see why t

Active directory Ldap query to get users of a group in Active Directory

I'm trying to write a filter to get all the users of a given group in Active Directory. To that end I have the following query LDAPSearch("DC=test,DC=myorg,DC=com", "(objectClass=user)", 1, "name") I'm a bit confused as to where I should give the name of the group on which to base the search on. As far as I know you cannot have two groups in AD with the same name.

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