Alfresco How do I embed the share in another website?

I have a website in which I would like to embed the share using an iframe. The problem is how do prevent the user having to login (in the iframe). They are already authenticated at this point. The parent application which is generating the iframe is on the same server/domain as the Alfresco install. The parent application has its own authentication, but instead of storing its own passwords it queries Alfresco via REST.

How to create several folders in Alfresco Share when creating a Site?

Am new to Alfresco, so this might be trivial, but I couldn't find the answer.... While using Alfresco Share, I will have many sites to be created. These are not known beforehand and will be done one at a time via the UI. I would like to have a standard set of 3 folders created each time I create a site. I think rules can be used for such a purpose? Is this possible? If so, could you outline the detailed steps necessary? (New to Alfresco!) thanks

Alfresco Query workflow tasks based on custom property with other criteria than equals

I have the need to construct a WorkflowTaskQuery with a custom workflow model date as criteria. The criteria needs to be "currentDate >= myCustomDate". I have noticed that it is possible to add custom properties to the WorkflowTaskQuery but looking into the implementation it seems like those properties all are added as equals-criterias. (reference(4.2.x): org.alfresco.repo.workflow.activiti.ActivitiWorkflowEngine.addTaskPropertiesToQuery) To get all active tasks and do the filtering on the

How to restore alfresco installation

I previously Backed up folder. Here is how I did. Stopped tomcat and postgres Copied C:/Alfresco to another machine in lan I then uninstalled Alfresco. Installed new alfresco and deleted the C:/alfresco folder and copied the old alfresco folder to it. Now when I start I am unable to see any contents in share. I am able to see the share header alone. The repository is empty (not even data dictionary or other default folder is visible) How to restore these ? Is the backup procedure correct.

How to get ACL of a content in alfresco?

I am trying to get ACLs attached to a document in alfresco repository. I believe ACL are stored in solr index along with content. I did some research and found out that CMIS provides ACLService as below. AclService aclService = session.getBinding().getAclService(); But on alfresco repository side of things, there is no such equivalent. Has anybody any idea on how to get ACL for a document. Regards.

Can I run code at Alfresco startup?

I have an Alfresco module that I would like to have do some cleanup when a new version of it is installed. In the current situation, an older version of the module created a folder node with custom properties at the root of the repository. We've since decided to have multiple such nodes, and none of them at that location. I'd like to put into the next version of the module code that would run at Alfresco startup, check for the existence of the old node, copy its properties into the appropriate

Alfresco Activiti use with CMIS

Can any one give me a simple exemple of how to use activiti workflow engin with CMIS (even a very small user task with activiti and how to use it in CMIS standard) P.S :I'm working with alfresco

Alfresco Properties from aspects not set in CMIS 1.1

We have a problem with a Folder object and custom aspects: ... properties.put(PropertyIds.OBJECT_TYPE_ID, "F:sd:folderDocument,P:sd:info"); properties.put("sd:cause", "asdfg"); Folder stDocument = folder.createFolder(properties); ... Conten of sd:cause is "nothing" in CMIS 1.1 but in CMIS 1.0 work fine. NOT WORK! params.put(SessionParameter.ATOMPUB_URL, "http://localhost:8084/alfresco/api/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.1/atom"); WORK! params.put(SessionParameter.ATOMPUB_URL, "http://loc

Does Alfresco support monitoring entire folder tree for changes?

I am interested in triggering code to run when any changes are made to any documents or folders under a specific folder in alfresco. I am sure alfresco has to support this some how but I am not entirely sure what the feature/api/service is called or what to google for. What has this ability in alfresco and what is it called? I am aware that its possible to create custom content rules in javascript and then add them to a folder to be triggered by some action. I did that a couple years back for

How do I set a default value for an Aspect property in Alfresco?

How do I set a default value for an Aspect property in Alfresco? Would that be a constraint or is there an attribute on the property itself? This is my property: <constraint name="ac:Priority_Options" type="LIST"> <parameter name="allowedValues"> <list> <value>Low</value> <value>Medium</value> <value>High</value> </list> </parameter>

How to customize the Document List in Alfresco?

In the repository there be will different document lists.i.e there will be Data dictionary, user homes,Guest homes etc. when I change the view to "detailed view", it displays Favorite, like, comments links. where will I have to modify if I dont want to show them. Can you tell in which file i have to comment the code for not displaying those links. Thank you in Advance.

Alfresco Can i get list of users associated with a content in CMIS?

I am trying to implement a user-content ACL mapping service in alfresco using CMIS where I will allow a user to see a content if he is having permissions for this content. I have get list of ACE for a content using CMIS ACL service but I am still trying to find out a way where I can get to know if a user has permissions on this content or he belongs to any of ACEs of this content. Or there are some common ACLs/ACEs between content and user which I can match before I can allow/deny access for co

Alfresco attach Hyper links as document metadata

I have created model in which I have defined an aspect with a property currently its type is text. <property name="alfrescoDocs:sugarurl"> <title>SugarCrm URL</title> <description>SugarCRM URL</description> <type>d:text</type> </property> I have successfully attached this aspect with document and update its property. but my requirement is to attach hyper link (anchor tag) with document as property. can any body

Alfresco Overriding an OOTB component in Share

I'm trying to override one of the OOTB components in alfresco to modify some of its behavior, where should I place my files in the alfresco SDK2.0 project? I placed them is the web/ folder but it didn't override the default one. To give more details, I'm trying to override the create-content component, I placed the create-content-mgr.css and create-content-mgr.js files in the web/components/create-content folder, but nothing is being overridden.

Alfresco new workflow hot deploying

I developped an alfresco share module that allows user to create and save a new workflow. The new workflow files (model.xml, workflow.xml) are stored in a specific folder in alfresco repository. All works fine. Now to finalize my module, i want add a button in my share module to allows users to hot deploying the new workflow and run it on alfresco without restarting alfresco. Is there a possibility to achieve this? I thought to call a java webscript from my module to hot deploying the workflow

Alfresco conent store deletion

I have conentstore configured in below content store location. D:\alfresco-content-services\alf_data\contentstore**2019** I want to delete above shown 2019 folder under conentstore. I dont need 2019 anymore. Basically purging . If i delete files above folder ,will it clean-up the metadata and indexes also ? or will it corrupt my respository ? Whats the best way to achive mass deletion , which will delete references in database also without corrupting repo ? Thanks & Regards Brijes

Alfresco copy the space name to space title

I had 500 folders below the top level directory... I want to copy the space name to space title..based on the title am doing some more customization in the below directories... what are the ways to achieve it... Please help me regards, Krishna

Get the uploaded document url through alfresco

I am very new to alfresco(using version 3.4). I have written a document library action to validate the uploaded file. Now I want path of uploaded file so that I can pass it to my service to validate. Can any one tell me how could I get the downloadable path of a document ?? THanks....

Unable to install Alfresco

problem running post-install step.Installation may not complete correctly Error running C:\Alfresco\mysql\scripts\servicerun.bat STOP:'net' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file

Talend / Alfresco 4.0 connector?

As far as I can tell, this project only supports Alfresco 3.3 and under. Are there any Talend connectors for Alfresco 4.0? We have so much development work in 4.0 that we don't even want to think of rolling back to 3.3, and would like to use an ETL like Talend to load batches of files into Alfresco. Are there other ETL tools we should consider that have Alfresco 4.0 connectors? Can we use any Talend / CMIS compliant connector? Suggestions o

Alfresco Object is not available in extension module in alfresco share

I am trying to override the javascript controller node-header.js of components\node-details with the extension module of alfresco share This is my node-header.get.js <import resource="classpath:/alfresco/templates/org/alfresco/import/alfresco-util.js"> for (var i=0; i<model.widgets.length; i++) { if (model.widgets[i].id == "NodeHeader") { if(model.widgets[i].options.nodeRef!=null) { var jsNode = new Alfresco.util.Node(model.widgets[i].options.nodeR

Alfresco Regarding XSD validation

I have created xsd then webform within a project inside alfresco.if an mandatary field is empty then it show message that field must not be empty indicating that field. Please let me know that where is java code writen to validate those fields.can i modify those code or not.

How to access alfresco cloud repository using cmis?

I am new to alfresco. I have alfresco cloud account and I want to access content in cloud repository. But I unable to figure out repository url for same.I need repository url format to connet to alfresco cloud account. Thanks in advance.

Alfresco How to create file upload control in custom content model

I create custom model with some textboxes and drop down controls. But I want to create file upload control. How can I do this in alfresco 4.2.f? Can any one help me please? How can I create file upload in my custom content model?? I created custom model: following is my customModel.xml file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- Optional meta-data about the model --> <description>Custom Model</description> <author>Admin</author> <version>1.0&l

Alfresco ajax advanced search

With alfresco advanced search form I would like to perform search by ajax and display the list of search results in the same page (without reloading the page). Is it possible? Is there a recommended way to do it? Thank you in advance

Working with multiple workspaces in Alfresco

Sorry but I can't find documentation about this... If I want to use more than one workspace in Alfresco, how can I specify the workspace to use? For example, to access a node, I use an url like this: workspace://SpacesStore/32da316f-9d2a-4e57-a28b-89d86bff6584 If I have various workspaces (A and B)... How can I difference one from another with this url? And on the code side... when I use Alfresco API Java operations, I authenticate with user and password (with getAuthenticationService().au

How to restore production data in alfresco ..?

Alfresco was installed in linux server and the data location was mapped as dir.root=/cameoreports. We needed to re-install the server so We took the back up of /cameoreports and done the re installation. Post re install we installed the alfresco again and mapped dir.root=/cameoreports, but were getting alfrescoruntimeexception getmodelsdiff error while starting. Could you please provide the correct way to restore the contents.

Alfresco How to get Aspect specific properties using Open CMIS

I am doing content migration activity. in that i am able to migrate actual content from one repository to other. but i also want to migrate meta-date for same. I have some aspect's associated with my content and every aspect is having some properties. So i want to get those aspect specific properties from old repository. but i am not finding any useful code to get aspect properties. I am able to add aspect and properties in new repository. AlfrescoDocument alfDoc = (AlfrescoDocument) dc;

Alfresco how to get webscript url parameters

i have a webscript where i try to get two parameters filename and content passed on the url when i call this webscript but when i call the webscript whith this url http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/fr/starxpert/workflows-repository/create-save-workflow-files?filename=testFileName="testFileName"&&content="testContent" i get this error: The Web Script /alfresco/service/fr/starxpert/workflows-repository/create-save-workflow-files has responded with a status of 404 - Not Found. 404 D

What is the right way to customize Alfresco 4.2.2 Enterprise?

Some times ago, I used Alfresco 5.2 CE. When I needed to develop some kind of customization, I used the Alfresco Maven SDK with three different Maven archetypes, it was: Alfresco Repository AMP; Alfresco Share AMP; Alfresco all-in-one (AIO). By using this SDK I developed AMP files that overlaid on either the alfresco.war or share.war by using the module management tool (MMT): ... java -jar bin/alfresco-mmt.jar install amps/some-customization-share.amp tomcat/webapps/share.war -force java -j

java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at org.alfresco.trashcan.TrashcanCleanerTest.<clinit>(

How can I solve java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at org.alfresco.trashcan.TrashcanCleanerTest.<clinit>( I pulled down and ran mvn clean install It failed with this: ------------------------------------------------------- T E S T S ------------------------------------------------------- Running org.alfresco.trashcan.TrashcanCleanerTest Tests run: 2, Failures: 0, Errors: 2, Skipped: 0, Time e

Alfresco 5 : Set quota on specific repository folder or users

I'm fairly new to Alfresco and just started trying to customize our installation to fit our needs. One of our repositories can be accessed by somes users only. They are allowed to add files on a specific folder of this repository. I would like to set a quota so that they won't be allowed to upload too large files. I've found that it was possible to set a quota for a user but it only applies to "My Files". How can I do this on a specific folder ? Or for the users, but applied to all directorie

Alfresco share : document name when downloading pdf rendered version

On Alfresco 5.2, after uploading an xlsx ou docx file (for instance), a PDF version of the document is generated. After that, one can download the document in its original format or its pdf version. When downloading the original version, the downloaded file will be "filename.extension". But when doing so with the pdf version, the downloaded file will be "document.pdf" Is there a way to modify this behaviour so that both ways to download give the real file name ? Thanks in advance.

Import another property file from

Alfresco's properties can be set in I have a cluster with 5 nodes, and whenever I have to change a setting (=several times per day), I need to go modify on each of the 5 nodes. I would like to only modify a single file, on a shared NFS drive. I have thought of making a symlink to /nfs/nico/ but unfortunately each node has a different alfresco.jgroups.bind_address. I would like to split the configuration in two fi

how to query Tags with TagQuery in Alfresco

i query this url on browser,this result { "countMin": 1, "countMax": 1, "tags": [ { "name": "folder", "count": 1 } ] } but i'm use same url in javascript it not show ,who have anyway for query Tag in Alfresco? and this message :: Web Script Status 404 - Not Found The Web Script /alfresco/s/collabQuery/tag has responded with a status of 404 - Not Found. 404 Description: Requested resource is not a

Search A / B or "A / B" or A/B in Alfresco 4.2d have issues

I have a custom model in which I have a property having following constraint : <constraint name="abc:customList" type="LIST"> <title>Custom List</title> <parameter name="allowedValues"> <list> <value></value> <value>ABC</value> <value>A / B</value> <value>A/B</value> </list> </parameter> &l

Alfresco error: Model '{custom.model}custommodel' does not exist

Using Alfresco 5.0 community edition. When trying to deploy the custom model provided in the answer to another question, but using the dynamic deployment approach as specified at [] Although the GUI says the model is "activated", I get the following WARN in the alfresco.log: 21:24:30,587 WARN [org.alfresco.repo.dictionary.DictionaryDAO] [ajp-apr-8009-exec-4] org.alfresco.service.cmr.dictionary.DictionaryException:

Alfresco "No Download" Custom Role

We're using Alfresco Community 4.2.c and are in need of restricting some user from downloading document. From what we learn in this forum and other sources, we can remove/hide download button and document action from specific roles. We have successfully hidden download button and document actions and show them only to specific user with CanDownload permission. We created new role "Viewer" with no download access and added CanDownload permission to default permission Collaborator, Contributor, E

Alfresco database delete records related to archived store (contentStore/ archive space)

Whenever, we delete a file in Alfresco Document library that file moves to Trashcan and the files are marked as archived in DB (moved to archived store). If the user deletes the file in Trashcan then after 14 days the file will be moved from contenStore to contentStore.deleted folder. Then Sys admin can delete the file from the file system. But file's metadata and other data related to that file is still in DB and are still marked as archived and not deleted from the DB. How should I delete t

Alfresco creating PDF rendition from PPTX File

I'm POSTing to /alfresco/api/-default-/public/alfresco/versions/1/nodes/c31b9572-7d9e-4b50-a2ae-62b69c156cd3/renditions with the body {"id":"pdf"} and getting a 400 error back: {"error":{"errorKey":"Unable to create thumbnail 'pdf' for application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation as no transformer is currently available.","statusCode":400,"briefSummary":"09170006 Unable to create thumbnail 'pdf' for application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presen

Alfresco: Custom Share Evaluator based on some custom repo webscripts

So I'd like to write a new set of evaluators in Share based on the result of some repository webscripts. The current existing Share evaluators are usable through some XML configuration and are related to Alfresco usual meta-data. But, I'd like to know how to write my own Java evaluator while re using most of the logic already here (BaseEvaluator). Suppose I have a repository webscript that returns some JSON like {"result" : "true"}: How do I access it from my custom Evaluator? Mainly how d

Alfresco Missing test helper classes (e.g. RunAsFullyAuthenticatedRule) in mvn build

I've been attempting to follow along with this blog post to create a test in the maven build - - they use RunAsFullyAuthenticatedRule and ApplicationContextInit in their tests but in the standard maven build these do not resolve. Do I have to add something to the pom.xml in order to use these classes?

Alfresco Create User From Filter

By taking reference from this post and I am successful in authenticating the user. But this post does not authenticate new users that are not present in alfresco. I have also explored to find how alfresco creates user when external authentication subsystem is used but not able figure out how the creation of user takes place in the mentioned subsystem. It would be great if anyone could provide the way to create and authenticate user that are not present in alfresco.

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