Android studio Android Studio not picking up generated Android Annotations

I've got Android Studio and Android Annotations working fine, though I'm having to add <sourceFolder url="file://$MODULE_DIR$/build/source/apt_generated/defaultFlavor/debug" isTestSource="false" generated="true" /> to my .iml file each time I start Android Studio for it to pick up my generated classes. This is in my build.gradle: android.applicationVariants.all { variant -> aptOutput = file("${project.buildDir}/source/apt_generated/${variant.dirName}") println "************

Android studio Android Studio: find in project explorer shortcut

In Eclips I have a nice button, in top left corner of project explorer, that will find the currently open file in project explorer. Where do I find this button in Android Studio? I am reading file and I want a quick way to find it in project explorer. My current unsatisfying solution is reading the package name and searching it manually.

Android studio Logout facebook sdk android studio with slideMenu jfeinstein10

I've been looking for a solution for this about two days and cant seem to find it... I've triend lots of things I even created an Global class that can receive the session the user got when logging in but it doents work... when I set for example, lblNotify, it receives the msg: public void logoutProcess() { if (Global.facebookSession.getActiveSession() != null) { Global.facebookSession.closeAndClearTokenInformation(); lblNotify.setText("found this session

Android studio Android Studio can not run or debug app on emulator

I have a very odd situation here: I just want to run and debug my app on the emulator. I get DEVICE SHELL COMMAND: pm install -r "/data/local/tmp/com.example.myapp" pkg: /data/local/tmp/com.example.myapp Success The app is correctly installed on the emulator, but does not start up. I can run and debug this app on USB-Device. I can run and debug any other app on same emulator. I tried different AVDs (arm and intel), SDK and Target Build finishes with 0 errors and 0 warnings. Eventlog is

Android studio TTS Task Option

I have an activity which signals a service (IntentService) to do various operations. The Activity might stop running but the service carries on until all data is processed. At various points, the service needs to do a TTS speak. The service cannot do the TTS speak initialization as it is an IntentService and it cannot safely register listeners so another task needs to be written. My question is, what form should the new task take? It needs to: Process TTS speak requests from the service Do T

Android studio What is the difference between "Settings..." and "Default Settings..." in Android Studio?

I find I can set File Encodings and other parameters in both File | Settings..., and also File | Other Settings | Default Settings.... However, I'm not clear on what the difference between these two options is. Further, I can run File | Export Settings... to save settings to a settings.jar file, however I am unclear what is restored if I run the File | Import Settings... operation. What is the difference between the two settings options? What settings are being exported/imported when running

Android studio FloatingEditText class.exception

I'm new to Android Studio. I've changed my app slightly to incorporate the floating TextEdit widget from marvinlabs. The widget works fine and does as it is supposed to but when i click the calculate button its tell me the app has stopped working and i get this in my logcat error: Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.marvinlabs.widget.floatinglabel.edittext.FloatingLabelEditText cannot be cast to android.widget.EditText at com.motionnetworkz.bonus.BonusCalc.onCalcClick(Bon

Android studio android studio R.string was be reorder

I defined some strings like this: <string name="sun">S</string> <string name="mon">M</string> <string name="tue">T</string> <string name="wed">W</string> <string name="thu">T</string> <string name="fri">F</string> <string name="sat">S</string> In eclipse I can display a day by getString(R.string.sun + dayOfWeek) But in android studio this is not working because R.string is changing the order alphabetically.

Android studio Android Studio: How to see class hierarchy for gradle dependencies

I have included various dependencies in my build.gradle file. For example: dependencies { compile 'io.reactivex:rxandroid:1.0.1' } Is there any way to see the class hierarchy that this provides in Android Studio? e.g. the list of packages and classes. If I include a .jar dependency in my libs folder, I can 'open it up' in the Project view to see what's in there. Any similar functionality with gradle dependencies?

Android studio Where to install the gradle wrapper plugin with android studio

Android Studio tells me that the current gradle wrapper 2.8 is outdated and I should update to 2.10. Warning:Gradle version 2.10 is required. Current version is 2.8. If using the gradle wrapper, try editing the distributionUrl in C:\data\AndroidStudioProjects[projectname]\gradle\wrapper\ to I changed the url in to but that didn't do anything. I followed this answer to get gradle version 2.10: Error:(1

Android studio How to import a class from another module in Android Studio 2.0 beta 5?

I am trying to import a class from another module which is a library(A). There is another module which is android app(B). So I am trying to import A into B settings.gradle : include ':A', ':B' B build.gradle : dependencies { compile project(':A') compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) testCompile 'junit:junit:4.12' compile '' } When I try to do a gradle sync, it gave me the following error: Error:Conflict with d

Android studio How to see a generic method's return type without using mouse in IntelliJ/Android Studio?

I want my IDE (android studio/intellij) to tell me the return type of T for a method like .asObservable<T>. The below image pops up when I ⌘+click a method. This is perfect, except I have to use a mouse, slowing me down. Is it possible to achieve this effect without using a mouse? I would like to trigger this popup based on the current position of my cursor. References: IntelliJ Mac Keymap IntelliJ Documentation

Android studio Gradle builds everytime I upload to device

For my application I have to test my application on three devices. Everytime I want to upload my code to all devices, gradle builds the application again for every device which takes a very long time. Is there a way to make gradle understand nothing has changed in the code and it should just upload the same code to the other device? I've searched on google and stack exchange sites but couldn't find a conclusive answer. I've also searched the gradle settings file but couldn't find anything tha

Android studio Gradle build finished with error(s)

I just installed android studio on my laptop. When I run the blank application, it shows the following error: Gradle build finished with 46 error(s). here is a screenshot showing the errors: I would appreciate if anyone could help me resolve this issue.

Android studio Full package name instead of folder in Android Studio

FIXED IN AS 2.2.1 After update Android Studio to the 2.2 I've got this problem. It's hard to use such format with a small 13-inch display. In Project view and Android view I get folders name as full packages name but I want to see just names of the directories: I tried to search for this problem, but I only find "Compact empty middle packages" which impact only for a top level folder. "Flatten packages" option creates tons of the directories, for every package making everything even wors

Android studio How To Convert String Into Image - Android Studio

I have the following text which I got from our company's vendor in the form of string. I need to display it as an image using android studio. Please anyone guide. Thanks in advance. "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQECWAJYAAD/2wBDAAgGBgcGBQgHBwcJCQgKDBQNDAsLDBkSEw8UHRofHh0aHBwgJC4nICIsIxwcKDcpLDAxNDQ0Hyc5PTgyPC4zNDL/2wBDAQkJCQwLDBgNDRgyIRwhMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjL/wAARCAHTAV4DASIAAhEBAxEB/8QAHwAAAQUBAQEBAQEAAAAAAAAAAAECAwQFBgcICQoL/8QAtRAAAgEDAwIEAwUFBAQAAAF9AQIDA

Android studio Non-static edit() cannot be referenced from a static context

Good evening. Or whatever time you're reading this in. In Android Studio when I was developing the first stages of my app I ran into a problem and I can't seem to find the answer. I am trying to use SharedPrefereces to save user input, but when I try to edit the prefereces [editor = SharedPreferences.edit();] it says that edit() is a non-static method and connot be refereced from a static context. Here is the code. public class TheButton extends AppCompatActivity { EditText ed1, ed2, ed3, ed4

Android studio Installation failed with message INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_BAD_MANIFEST

i use Android Studio to development,when I install apk to my phone(vivo x7 plus Android 6.0) ,it alter that: Installation failed with message INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_BAD_MANIFEST. It is possible that this issue is resolved by uninstalling an existing version of the apk if it is present, and then re-installing. WARNING: Uninstalling will remove the application data! Do you want to uninstall the existing application? but when i use another phone Meizu(android 5.1) it is successful

Android studio Android Gradle Failed to resolve

I am getting this error in the gradle file: Error: Failed to resolve: -Install Repository and sync project -Open File -Show in Project Structure dialog But I don't use the play-services-measurement in my app. In the other hand, if I click on the link "Install Repository and sync project" nothing happens. Any could help me with this? I have been wasting days with this issue. This is my full gradle file: apply plugin: '

Android studio Unable to find Android SDK to build Unity application

I am currently developing an application using Unity3D, and I would like to build the app on the android platform. When I attempt to build with android, I am always prompted to 'Select Android SDK Root Folder'. It looks like this: My problem is that I cannot find the Android SDK Root Folder, and therefore I cannot build the project. To attempt to find the correct path, I used the configure SDK manager within Android Studio. I was given this as a path: /Users/Luke/Library/Android/sdk Ju

Android studio AVD Manager Unknown Error

recently I tried to make an AVD in Android Studio. But I came across with "Unknown Error" under "Recommendations" section. I have no idea what's causing this since it doesn't give me any info. Anyone can help me with that?enter image description here Edit: I haven't posted the idea.log which it had some things in it that I dont understand after failing to make an AVD:

Android studio Add existing Android Studio project to VSTS

I have an existing Android project developed in Android Studio using Kotlin. It's not yet under version control. I'd like to add it to Visual Studio Team Services in a new classic TFVC project, not a Git project. Can anyone explain how to do this, or point me to a tutorial? I have installed the Team Services plugin and configured the TF executable, but now I'm going around in circles trying to associate my project with a new or existing TFVC project. I see an option to import into a Git TFS pro

Android studio Installing packages android studio (recyclerview for example)

Good day everyone As the title suggests I would like to know how to use packages in androids studio. I might have missed something, because I can't seem to find anything usefull on the internets neither here on Stackovervlow. (My apologies if I'm wrong) The package I would like to use is: package; I typed it (like this) on the top of the class where I want to use it. But it gives an error: Package name ';' does not correspond to

Android studio Error:Failed to resolve: runtime

so my project was working fine yesterday and I tried to open it today and it gives me that error , help would be much appreciated I tried to search for a long time about whats going wrong but it seems all answers not working with me Error:Failed to resolve: runtime Open File here is build.gradle(Project) file: // Top-level build file where you can add configuration options common to all sub-projects/modules. buildscript { repositories { google() jcenter() }

Android studio Where is java.time in Android Studio 3.0?

According to Android Studio documentation: Android Studio 3.0 introduces built-in support for Java 8 libraries But a huge improvement in Java 8 is the use of the new java.time library. For now, this library seems not included in this version. So my question: I'm I wrong ? If not, is there any workaround possible to use this library in Android applications ?

Android studio how can i change the contents of recycleview at the same time change the data in sqlite?

I have a button in recycleview(part of cardview, which is generated for each insertion) which increments an specific column with id in SQLite, the data gets changed but I have to relaunch the activity for it to change. The changed data has to be shown in textview. I am new to this, how can I make them change dynamically? public class attendence_recycleadapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter<attendence_recycleadapter.ViewHolder> { private List<attendence> mattendence_list; pri

Android studio Canary build of the android emulator for AMD processor showing error

I am trying to run my app on canary build of the android emulator from android studio on AMD processor but I am getting the following error 1:47 PM Emulator: [2440]:INFO:android/android-emu/android/verified- boot/load_config.cpp:236:Verified boot params were not found. 1:47 PM Emulator: ** 1:47 PM Emulator: ERROR:/usr/local/google/buildbot/src/android/emu-master- dev/external/qemu/fpu/softfloat.c:486:round_canonical: code should not be reached 1:47 PM Emulator: Process finished with exit

Android studio Flutter Emulator Error Connecting to Service Protocol

I am having an Issue with Flutter in Android studio, where whenever I run my flutter app, it will print this error; "Error connecting to the service protocol: HttpException: Connection closed before full header was received, uri =" , and it will "disconnect" from the app in the emulator. The app will still run, but I can't use functions like Hot Reload. I am on a Windows machine, and Flutter Doctor does not indicate any errors. I have tried to read up on s

Android studio How to resolve this Gradle Build my issue?

What went wrong: Execution failed for task :app:mergeDebugResources. C:\Users\kirobin\AndroidStudioProjects\TestLocation\app\src\main\res\values\colors.xml:1:1: Error: Content is not allowed in prolog. Try: Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights. Get more help at

Android studio why do previous printing statements show up in new projects build console - android studio/flutter

So whenever I try to build a new flutter app, i see all the printing statements i have printed in the console from previous projects show up. while building my new project which has nothing to do with this new one, I have encountered this and many other problems since clicking the (invalidate cache and restart) button from Files. any idea how to fix it and why that happened??

Android studio How to fix render problem java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/misc/Cleaner in newest version of Android studio?

My designer doesn't show any changes or content. it says it has a render problem: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/misc/Cleaner    at libcore.util.NativeAllocationRegistry_Delegate.registerNativeAllocation(    at libcore.util.NativeAllocationRegistry.registerNativeAllocation(    at    at    at a

Android studio Admob ads not showing after package name changed

I am developing a new release for my app with a test package name so i don't annoy current users. Admob's native ads were showing but once i changed the app package name to the current P.N. that i use in Play Store , ads aren't showing any more and i get this error message : the previous native ad failed to load. attempting to load another PS : ads are not restricted for my app PS 2 : admob is linked to my firebase account My dependencies : dependencies { implementation fileTree(inc

Android studio Android studio throwing error when installed new parse sdk

I tried to use a new parse sdk from github but after installing android studio throwing below error. Error:No resource identifier found for attribute 'appComponentFactory' in package 'android' Error:Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugResources'. Failed to execute aapt Attaching the gradle files. Please help if there are any issues to be fixed. App gradle apply plugin: '' android { compileSdkVersion 27 bui

Android studio Problem with asynchronous responses in retrofit android studio

I am using retrofit with android studio and I am making multiple requests to a server. I would like to know which requests correspond to which responses because it depends on whether it is one or the other I delete one element or another. My request code is the following: ConexionSQLiteHelper conexionSQLiteHelper = new ConexionSQLiteHelper(context, NOMBRE_BD, null, 1); SQLiteDatabase dbread = conexionSQLiteHelper.getReadableDatabase(); Cursor c = dbread.rawQuery(COMRPUEBA

Android studio ListView only shows me one item with SharedPreferences

I need help I have a problem about SharedPreferences and ArrayAdapter. I am making a test app where from a floating button the user enters 4 data type string, this data I add as an object to an ArrayList. I stored this List in a SharedPreferences and I want to pass it to a fragment to retrieve the data there and print it in List, so that each registered object is displayed as the user adds more. The problem is that when executing the App and after filling in the data, I go and check the fragment

Android studio In Android Studio, when an Espresso test fails, how to view full hierarchy view in log window

I have written an Espresso test that fails (matching view not found). Example: onView((allOf(withText("OK"), hasSibling(withText("Text"))))).perform(click()); The error I get is: androidx.test.espresso.NoMatchingViewException: No views in hierarchy found matching: (with text: is "OK" and has sibling: with text: is "Text") If the target view is not part of the view hierarchy, you may need to use Espresso.onData to load it from one of the following AdapterV

Android studio Stopping Android Studio 4.1.3 from Chopping String Interpolations

How do I get Android studio 4.1.3 on the PC to stop chopping my string interpolation? This is how the chopping looks: Log.i(TAG, "${ Util.header0(this, object {}) }") This is how I want my line to look: Log.i(TAG, "${Util.header0(this, object{})}") I've turned of every chopped option I could find in File->Settings->Editor->Code Style->Kotlin->Wrapping and Braces as can be seen in this screen shot:

Android studio looks like you can't sign stuff that's not already signed . How to break a vicious circle?

so we have this project And Generate Signed Bundle/APK just doesn't appear. // Top-level build file where you can add configuration options common to all sub-projects/modules. buildscript { repositories { jcenter() google() } dependencies { classpath '' classpath 'com.letv.sarrsdesktop:BlockCanaryExPlugin:' // NOTE: Do not place your application depende

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