Enter Event in BlackBerry

I want to write a basic application in which when the User press enter after providing the User Name and Password certain action has to take place. I have attached javascript with the textbox. Although this works well with traditional browser it is not working in BlackBerry. Any Idea how I can get this working?.

Blackberry List WiFi access points

I am creating an application which lists the available WiFi connections. Then user can select the appropriate WiFi connection for any network communication. I saw plenty of links but nothing is useful. One says that using the HotspotClient class can get available networks. But I can't find any useful methods in that class. I used following links http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Java-Development/How-to-scan-for-available-networks-for-device-from-application/m-p/519179/highlight/false#M

Blackberry hide fields

I have a dropdown list in which I select how many people are going to a party. When the user changes the value of the dropdown list, I want as many fields as the number selected to appear and hide the rest. But I don't know how can I hide or delete fields because I don't know their index.

Blackberry How can use same listfield for displaying elements,and new elements will getwhenuser click on existing listfield elements

In my app, I displaying a ListField with indefinte no of elements(the elements gets from json returned by a webserver). First the app displays some elements(item 1,item2,..),and user click in one of them.The same listField object reloaded with some new elements. Since there is variable no of elements switch-case in navigationClick willn't work.If any one have idea please help.

Blackberry splash screen problem

I need to display a splash screen when I app instantiate, I wrote a class for splashScreen based on blackberry develpers knowlwdebase (link). And its invoked from my following class.My problem is the splashscreen appears only after a deley,How can I solve it,If any one have idea Please help me,Thanks class Test extends MainScreen{ Test(){ UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeLater(new Runnable() { public void run() { UiApplication app=(UiApplication)get

Blackberry Field with 2 columns

I need to make a field with 2 columns in it. Instead of overriding the layout() and draw() methods, I'm looking for something easier, something like using HorizontalFieldManager. Is that possible?

Blackberry Catching java.lang.Error

I'm developing a Javame framework for J2me and Blackberry. I read the type(bb or j2me) from the device, and then I load the right classes depending on the detected device. Only I get a java.lang.error when executing the following code. I think that's because I use a blackberry package in the KuixCanvasBB that j2me doesn't support. But is there a way to catch this error? KuixCanvas canvas; if(Settings.j2me) { System.out.println("j2me"); canvas = new KuixCan

Java Application Development for BlackBerry® smartphone with Eclipse Galileo

I would like to start with BlackBerry Devolopment. Is to possible to start devolopment with Ubuntu? How to install Java Application Development for BlackBerry smartphone with Eclipse Galileo in Ubuntu? (Searched over but, all says to installation with Eclipse Helios) Please connect me with useful beginners tutorials... Thanks

BlackBerry OS upgrade to fix wifi

I am facing an issue with wifi on a Bold 9700 running OS v5.0.0.743. I have installed an application on a Blackberry 8520 running OS v5.0.0.68 and on a Bold 9700 with OS v5.0.0.743. When I run the app with wifi, I notice that the response from the server comes quickly on the 8520 but the Bold 9700 lags by around 8 seconds. I have searched for this issue and found out that there is some problem with wifi on the 9700. Can this issue be solved by an OS upgrade of the 9700?

Blackberry Non-minified Google Analytics code

I am building a Blackberry application using Phonegap, and would like to use Google Analytics to track some usage in it. Thanks to dodgy Blackberry browsers, XHR doesn't really work. There is a replacement in Phonegap that does work fine, but I need to replace the call in the Google Analytics library with the replacement in order for it to work. That would be easy if I could find a non-minified version of that library, which seems like it would be easy, but hasn't so far. I'm probably just m

Blackberry When i can use navigationClick(),fieldchagedListner() or focusListner()?

I am very confused with the Event Handling in Blackberry. I facing many problems when i am using navigationClick(),fieldchagedListner() or focusListner(). Sometimes navigationClick() works and sometimes not.Same situation with other two. So i want to know when and how i can use above event handling methods in BlackBerry. Please help me to come out from this problem.

Blackberry How to write object in file in java without using object serialization?

I want to write object to file. But as per my study I found that it is not possible without object serialization. Other way is to convert object to array of bytes and then to write to file. But for this also object serialization is required. Is there any other way to write object to file? Because I want to use the same code in android and blackberry also. Please help me, I want to solve this problem as early as possible. Thanks in advance.

How to find device location in blackberry

I have to find current user location in map view.How can i do that in black berry.Is it possible to find current location using GPS and show it on BlackBerry in India.Please provide some help.How can i achieve. Thank You

Blackberry How to Increase the row height of the selected item of listfield

I am using a ListField for my app to show the data in a list. Now my requirement is that i want to increase the row height of the selected item of the list. For this, i created a GridFieldManager and populated my list using this manager. I then override the onFocus() method of this manager. But, this method is never invoked. As a result i am unable to increase the height of the selected row item. Please help.

Blackberry application terminated

I am getting error Application is not responding; process terminated when I am using a listfield.Dats is coming from server. Here is the code: listnew = new ListField() { /* * protected void drawFocus(Graphics graphics, boolean on) { } */ protected boolean trackwheelClick(int status, int time) { listFieldIndex = listnew.getSelectedIndex(); listnew.setFocus(); System.out.println(listFieldIndex); if (list

Blackberry Best way to display an entire chapter of formatted text

Seeking feedback on best to approach this: I am building a study guide BBapp. So there will be Subject > Topic/Chapter > Contents. For contents, it will be a lot of formatted text and possibly a few images. The formatting will be on section headings, key points, etc. Which is better suited for an entire chapter of text - RichTextField or BrowserField?

Display contacts in Blackberry Application

I had retrieved the contacts from the phone book and displayed the contacts in pop up of Blackberry Simulator. It runs well in simulator, but not running in Blackberry Device. I stuck on this. Please help me. Thank you.

Blackberry jde emulator showing jvm error

I have read that by erasing non volatile storage memory and erasing removable memory will clear this error.I did the same but after that i cannot access my sd card from simulator.Every time i have to create a new one after this error.Any other solution?

Blackberry unable to get an account BIS

When I want to get an account BIS, a window popup appear like in the picture. And to make the steps cited in the popup: option > theDevice > Advanced System Settings > Host Routing Table. Then I Pressed the Menu key and clicked Register Now. I obtain Registration message queued. It will be sent once data coverage is available.

Custom native blackberry calendar event

How can I create a custom event on the native blackberry calendar which I can read, write and modify. I am able to add a custom menu field on the calendar but from there I want to add a custom event on the calendar with custom fields.

Session info lost on BlackBerry (ColdFusion app)

This is a ColdFusion/mobile question. I have a simple web app with a login page. User types their login info, session info is assigned, and they're taken to a projects page. This works fine, but when I try to setup an auto-login (user clicks a bookmark on their home screen that passes a username and password), the same process should occur, but the session info is lost once they are taken to the projects page. This occurs on the BlackBerry 9370 (w/ touch screen. not sure of the model

Phone arguments on Blackberry OS 4.5

When I invoke code like this on blackberry using (compiling) JDE 4.5. public void invokeCall() { UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeAndWait(new Runnable() { public void run() { PhoneArguments phoneArgs = new PhoneArguments( PhoneArguments.ARG_CALL, "12345"); Invoke.invokeApplication(Invoke.APP_TYPE_PHONE, phoneArgs); } }); } The result was that a pop up screen showed up and told that the ph

Blackberry RSA Decryption always hangs

I have been tinkering with BB RSA Crypto today and managed to encrypt a string successfully (I think, can't decrypt to test). My problem lies in decryption. I've trawled the forums and tried lots of combinations of code but nothing seems to work. All calls to decrypt the cipertext hang/block the app. Well, i've only tried on the simulator and it blocks for over 10 minutes. I'm assuming that somethings wrong. Below I am showing my code to encrypt and decrypt a String. Any insight into what is w

how to select all items at a time when cliking on select all menuitem for a listfield checkbox in blackberry

I want to select all items in a listfield at a time when cliking on the select all menu item in the application.i tried with my code like this.. selectall = new MenuItem("Selectall", 200, 10){ public void run(){ int elementLength = _elements.length; for(int count = 0; count < elementLength; ++count) { _listData.addElement(new ChecklistData(_elements[count], true)); listField.insert(count); }

RSS Reader for Blackberry

I have been reading and trying the application given by IBM from this link IBMRssReader But I can't refresh the feed inside the simulator even though my MDS is turned on. Anyone having the same problems? Or if any of you happened to find a reference of another RSS Reader code, it will be very helpful. EDITED From the Debug information I assume that the app managed to retrieve the feeds from the particular website, but can't display it to the screen. I am still wondering why. Is there any oth

Blackberry How to code for horizontal scrolling for BrowserField in BB

I am new to BB development. I want to load a WebView inside my BB application without using the default device browser to load the URL. Following is the code I have used inside my BrowserScreen class which extends MainScreen. BrowserField browserField = new BrowserField(myBrowserFieldConfig); browserField.addListener(myBrowserFieldListener); add(browserField); browserField.requestContent("http://www.myurl.com/"); This will load the URL and display the web page without any erro

Report is not updated in blackberry analytic

I have developed the demo application of blackberry analytic service but report is not updated in my account my program is.. public class MyApp extends WebtrendsUiApplication { public static void main(String[] args) { MyApp theApp = new MyApp(); theApp.enterEventDispatcher(); } public MyApp() { WebtrendsConfigurator.LoadConfigFile(new AnalyticsConfig()); WebtrendsDataCollector wtDC = WebtrendsDataCollector.getInstance(); wtDC.Initialize();

How to attach and get particular list item id in BlackBerry?

I am trying to create lists using FieldManagers (Horizontal and Vertical). In this list I have multiple clickable items like buttons, so I am not using ListField or ObjectListField. I have successfully created the UI, but I am unable to attach a particular item id coming from the server. Also, on clicking a particular button in any list row, I want to get the item id and want to perform an action against that ID. So, please let me know the idea how I can attach the id to a particular row whil

Json Array - Blackberry

I try to get data from json array String username = object.getJSONObject("items").getString("f"); But it gives me a error "items.f" not found. Below is the Json Array. { "items": [ { "s": "0", "f": "monems", "m": "ustad" }, { "s": "0", "f": "monems", "m": "There?" }, { "s": "0", "f": "monems", "m": "What&#039;s going on ?"

implementing application indicator in notification bar blackberry phonegap

We have a requirement in Blackberry to display application indicator when notification is received for a particular app,currently in background.On receiving a notification, a notification icon has to be displayed.On click of that notification icon, notification summary should display application icon and message to user informing him of new notification.Finally on click of application icon,the app has to be brought to foreground from background. Currently we are able to display the notification

No sound on BlackBerry with openfl

I try to use haxe (openfl) for blackberry development. And I test PlayingSound sample - it works. But when I try to load sound from url - doesn't work. Here is my code: public function PlaySong(url:String):Void{ var _url:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url); if (_soundChannel != null) _soundChannel.stop(); _song = new Sound(); _song.load(_url); //<--Do not work //_song = Assets.getSound("assets/stars.mp3"); <--work _soundChannel

Blackberry 7 or below clean command using command line

Can anybody please tell me how to clean a blackberry 7 project.I am using phonegap and command line in mac for building the project into the device. For e.g the run command I am using is ./cordova/run blackberry Phonegap website hasn't given out much details about the clean command.So is there any command for cleaning the project? Thanks

Blackberry send a HTTPPost request

i am developing and app for blackberry and i need to send a Http Post Request to my server. I'm using the simulator in order to test my app and i found this code in order to send request: http://vasudevkamath.techfiz.com/general/posting-data-via-http-from-blackberry/ But i can't get it work, because it fails in this line: int rc = _httpConnection.getResponseCode(); Any idea? thanks

Custom BitmapField bug on unfocus and scroll (BlackBerry)

I have been having this annoying problem when trying to implement a picture gallery on BlackBerry 6. Everything works, however when the focus changes from the top buttons to say the pictures further down the screen, the images seem to glitch and not paint themselves correctly. Please see the images below for an example: (Focus is on the top of the screen(not shown)) (Focus is now on the bottom left image, note that the top image is now blank for an unknown reason) And this happens no mat

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