Detecting bluetooth headset button press

I'd like to build a system whereby I keep a netbook in my backpack, a bluetooth headset in my ear, and any time I hit the "talk button" on the headset, it records a voice memo to the netbook. This is a question for any platform... How can I make an executable run whenever the TALK button on the BT headset is pressed?

Bluetooth WSALookupServiceBegin crashes when LUP_FLUSHCACHE is specified

I have a C++/CLI dll implementing some Bluetooth functionalities that is loaded by a .NET application. If the dll is compiled with .NET 3.5 (the same goes for the application), everything works fine. I have updated the dll to .NET 4.0 (in VS 2010) and to platform toolset v100 (VS2010); the application has been updated to the same version of .NET framework, of course. Since then, the WSALookupServiceBegin has been crashing if I specify the LUP_FLUSHCACHE flag. Here's the code: HANDLE hLookup

Bluetooth SW2 Control Extension stop updating the Display when the smartphone is idle

I'm working on a Control Extension for Sony SmartWatch 2 that needs to update a TextView every second on the SW2 Display. It happens that if I've my Smartphone connected via USB or when USB disconnected if I've my Smartphone screen active, the Control Extension works as expected on SmartWatch 2. But soon my SmartPhone screen idles, the control extension stops the regular TextView updates. First starts breaking and eventually get stuck. The Extension is not closed by the Host Application and th

spark in arduino,relay and Bluetooth module

My problem is there was a spark when I plug in the voltage source of my 220 V bulb.I have my arduino uno r3,hc-05 Bluetooth Module,Relay Module and 220V bulb. I cut the wire of my 220V Bulb. One wire that is near to the bulb was connected to (COM)common connection of our relay. The other cut was connected to ground. The Relay Module's VCC was connected to Arduino's 5V. The Relay's input pin was connected arduino's pin 13 as well as the Normally open(NO) pin of reay.The Relay's ground ws also con

Bluetooth Does RSSI depend on beacon and device?

I've read in many places that RSSI is highly environment specific (e.g., walls or weather) which can make it difficult to infer which beacon is the closest in a Euclidean sort of way. I also gather that RSSI is measured in arbitrary units from 0 (good connection strength) to -100 (bad connection strength). In spite of these challenges, I have questions about the following two thought experiments related to the reliability of the RSSI values for beacon <--> device communications. Experiment 1

Bluetooth Interpretting data from a BLE device without a published GATT profile

As a 3rd party is there a viable way to correctly interpret data from a Bluetooth Low Energy device for which there is not a published GATT profile specification? The BLE device is a body scale that supports weight, BMI, body fat, and hydration level. My understanding is that there is no adopted GATT profile for body scales like there are for, say, blood pressure devices or heart rate monitors ( Using the following tools:

ME370T Nexus 7 not connecting to bluetooth device 4.1.2

I know nothing about programming and I can not read code, but this site kept popping up in my search regarding my bluetooth issue with my nexus 7. I purchased the 2012 ME370T nexus 7 tablet used from a friend with android 4.4.2 OS. Research shows that the RFComm bluetooth stack for "SPP" bluetooth profiles does not work and a downgrade or revert back to 4.1.2 should fix the issue. I used a root tool kit unlock, root, and revert back to 4.1.2 (like I said, I know absolutely nothing about this)

Bluetooth Pairing BLE device in windows 8.1 with non-Microsoft stack dongle

Here is my problem, I want to develop a .NET application to communicate with a BLE CSR dongle (i.e. uses non-MS stack driver). In windows 8.1, you have to pair the BLE device in the computer's bluetooth settings before the application can use it. It's straight forward, you goto pc settings bluetooth and search for devices. From what I can tell, if you have a dongle that cannot support the ms stack, this bluetooth option disappears in pc settings, and you cannot pair your device using the standar

Bluetooth SoftwareSerial issues. Only when on power jack

My Code: #include <SoftwareSerial.h> SoftwareSerial bluetooth(2,3); // Output int redPin = 6; // Red LED, int grnPin = 11; // Green LED, int bluPin = 5; // Blue LED, // Color arrays int black[3] = { 0, 0, 0 }; int white[3] = { 100, 100, 100 }; int red[3] = { 100, 0, 0 }; int green[3] = { 0, 100, 0 }; int blue[3] = { 0, 0, 100 }; int yellow[3] = { 40, 95, 0 }; int dimWhite[3] = { 30, 30, 30 }; // etc. // Set initial color int redVal = black[0]; int grnVal = black[1]; int b

Bluetooth Zengge BLE bulb protocol

I've just got a smart led bulb from Zengge and want to control it from my Linux machine with Bluetooth 4.0. I've installed latest bluez 5.x package, so I have a gatttool available. I am able to connect to my bulb and list it's services. But I have no ideas how to control it. Maybe someone have already done that (I was unable to Google for ready solution)? Or have some developments in this area? Or maybe someone have the specs?

Obexpushd Can't Initialize Via Bluetooth

I'm relatively new to the Raspberry Pi and am trying to receive data via Bluetooth on my Raspberry Pi. I've opted to use obexpushd and have installed all the bluetooth packages needed. However, when I run the command obexpushd -B -n to initialize obexpushd and have it listen to any incoming Bluetooth messages, it gives me this error message: Listening on bluetooth/[00:00:00:00:00:00]:9 SDP session setup failed, disabling bluetooth net_init() failed I'm pretty sure that I've paired

Android Things and Bluetooth

As far as I read about the dev boards, every SoC is capable to use Bluetooth. I didn't tested it yet, but can I use Android Things with a Bluetooth connection? My question is, how can I enable Bluetooth without an input device? If I want to enable Bluetooth on my phone (with code), I had to confirm it, but this can't be possible on Android Things.

High Distance Bluetooth Transmitter Microchip

I’m trying to develop a product and a bit new to this type of development and technology. As I continue to build a newer prototype, I’m looking for: 1) needs to be small, like the 1 inch x 1inch and 1/2 inch thick or smaller, assuming microchip is the way to go? 2) needs to transmit far, hoping for 100meters outdoors 3) needs to transmit to a mobile Android or IOS phone 4) low energy is preferred Thought someone might be able to point me in the right direction for the transmitter. Just a Newb

When calling navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice on Opera I get "Web Bluetooth API globally disabled" error

I am trying this on Mac OS, latest OS and Opera. I have seen the advice on the Web about enabling bluetooth via Opera flags, but there is no specific Bluetooth API flag listed. I have tried enabling possible related flags of "experimental javascript technologies", with no success. Google Chrome works, so its not the OS. How do I get the Bluetooth Web API enabled in Opera for Mac OS?

about bluetooth spp retransmission

I am transmitting data from my development board to an Android Phone with Bluetooth SPP,and I am confusing about the SPP data retransmission. According to the Bluetooth spec, packet is retransmitted if the sender receives a response packet with ARQN = 0. However, on my air packets log, I see a lot spp retransmission with out receiving any response, and I am curious about it. I am afraid the retransmission decrease my throughput. Does anyone know why the retransmission exist? thanks.

Classic Bluetooth, BLE, or... Wifi Direct?

Hoping to get a nudge in the right direction :-). I am writing a Java application that will run on a Raspberry Pi 4, embedded in a vehicle (headless, no keyboard). The client or central will be android or iOS. I'd like the following: ABSOLUTELY painless pairing - this is the most important point! You walk into range and you're automatically connected. NEVER a PIN verification prompt or "connection verification" prompt. cannot interfere with connecting to the same BT profiles used by t

Bluetooth Connecting to a Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor from WP8

Is there any way to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy devices from Windows Phone 8? e.g. Heart Rate Monitors such as the Polar H7. Some background I've tried: I've seen this sample for Windows 8 - - which seems to require quite a deep level of knowledge. I've seen this closed question here: I've implemented WP8 B

WP8 Error when connected to bluetooth headset

The scenario is: 1. Turn on my Nokia Bluetooth BH-214. 2. Wait for connection eastablished with my Lumia 822. 3. run the code. The exception is thrown from await socket.ConnectAsync(selectedDevice.HostName, "1"); Message = "Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80072740)" Code: PeerFinder.AlternateIdentities["Bluetooth:Paired"] = ""; var pairedDevices = await PeerFinder.FindAllPeersAsync(

Bluetooth TI CC2541 (BLE): Send data (to an Android phone)

I am experimenting with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) for the purpose of connecting a hardware device to an Android application. My goal is to send a recognizable piece of data to an Android phone. I am using the keyfob from Texas Instrument's CC2541 Mini-development kit, and am programming it using the IAR Workbench (which I am learning on the fly). My issue is that I cannot figure out what code should be used to send data from the keyfob to the phone. I understand that this is somewhat vague, b

Bluetooth L2CAP connection over an HCI socket?

The usual way to access L2CAP is to create an L2CAP socket and simply call connect() on it to connect to the bluetooth device you want to access. This usually works completely fine. However, I'm trying to do this on an ARM device with Linux kernel 3.0 and there appears to be a nasty bug where you can't have multiple L2CAP connections without all of the data coming down which ever channel was created last. (ie if I connect to 2 bluetooth sensors with 2 l2cap sockets, all the notifications for

Bluetooth PiBeacons: iPhone find BLE UUID not iBeacon

i'm sorry for my english but i have a problem with PiBeacon. I have a Raspberry Pi and a Usb dongle Sitecom CN-524. I read and I follow this tutorial ( ) and my PiBeacon doesn't works. I have a iPhone 5 ver 7.1 and with many BLE Utility i find the PiBeacon usb dongle with a UUID different that the UUID assegnated with sudo hcitool -i hci0 cmd 0x08 bla bla command. Why mw usb dongle doesn't recor

Bluetooth listen to headset button events in blackberry

I'm developing a blackberry app using WebWorks that should listen to a bluetooth headset button events , when the play button is pressed for example it should do something I have been searching for days for a solution using webworks or ndk but I got no clue. even if there is a workaround that would solve the problem because I'm not concerned about playing any audio, I just want to capture the event.

Raspberry Pi & Blend Micro : can't connect with Bluetooth

Recently got a Blend Micro for a project and I need a raspberry pi to initiate a bluetooth connection with it. For that I installed BlueZ 5.2 on raspberry and i used this command to detect the Blend Micro : sudo hcitool -i hci0 lescan I correctly detect the Blend micro then i use the gatttool command : sudo gatttool -i hcitool hci0 -b XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -I (where the XX corresponds to the Blend MAC address) But when I initiate the connection by typing connect it says "Host is down" : $

Bluetooth Multiple BLE devic connection using gatttool

To monitor multiple BLE devices and record the incoming data. In order to achieve this I should be able to connect to multiple ble devices. Right now I can open one interactive mode using gatttool and connect to the ble device (On raspberry pi). If I want to connect to one more ble device I have to open a new terminal window. Can anyone help me on how to connect to multiple ble devices keeping the target in mind.

MQTT-SN over Serial Wire (Bluetooth, CAN, RS485, ...)

I found this Answer RSMB MQTT-SN & Bluetooth, but I am not sure if this is really the correct answer at all. So a second Question - I am new to Stackoverflow so I cannot comment directly. ... Are you sure that a forwarder is really needed here? I read the MQTT-SN spec and for me it looks like MQTT-SN is for UDP and UDP is connectionless. So I think it is possible so simulate UDP over serial for one point to point connection. So why not... mqtt-sn client---serial-->> any radio <<--

bluetooth low energy sequential connections

I am programming Nordic devices as BLE peripherals. My smartphone acts as BLE central. I would like to transmit data from my smartphone to all the devices one after the other. Is it possible to compute the time that the smartphone requires to jump from one connection to the other? Knowing the BLE throughput and the time needed to jump from one connection to the next one, I could compute the time that the whole process would take. Nothe that I do not want to connect all the devices at the same

Bluetooth BLE on Android as Peripheral

I am developing an app that controls a product's operation. The communication is via BLE. My configuration is App - Peripheral (iOS, Android) Product - Central (uses Laird BT900 module) iOS as a peripheral works fine (pairing and bonding) ; Android PIN pairing works fine, but subsequent bonding (or reconnect when in range) there are a lot of issues and termination of connection. I am using the supported list of devices for Android BLE and I also understand that there are many known issues tha

UWP - Serial Port over bluetooth on Xamarin forms

I'm trying to connect to fiscal printer using serial port in xamarin.forms application. I managed to make it work on android, but I have some troubles with UWP. I am currently testing it on desktop if it matters. await DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync() - this line never returns, no matter whether I call it with selector or not. var sel = SerialDevice.GetDeviceSelector("COM7"); var coll = await DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(sel); It just hangs. Anybody knows how to use FindAllSync / has a si

Bluetooth hcitool scan returns different name results for the same mac address

while using hcitool scan --info --oui --class to get classic bluetooth devices, I am receiving devices names different every time for the same device. at times the device name are not in human readable format. why is this happening and how to resolve this issue? 1 hcitool -i hci0 scan --oui --info --class Scanning ... BD Address: 5C:49:7D:6E:E3:EF [mode 1, clkoffset 0x272a] Device name: 0{\�� Device class: Audio/Video, Video Display and Loudspeaker (0x08043c) 2 sudo hcitool -i hci0 scan -

Bluetooth connectivity using PWA

According to PWA Web Bluetooth documentation, it supports "either a BR/EDR or LE connection". I am trying to test using the following code at the console of the Chrome devtools: navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice({ acceptAllDevices: true, }) .then(device => { // Human-readable name of the device. console.log(; console.log(; // Attempts to connect to remote GATT Server. return device.gatt.connect(); }) .then(server => { /* ... */ }) .catch(error => { co

Accessing bluetooth hardware at webserver

Assume you have a webserver with a web-application running and a bluetooth module installed on the webserver. Would it be possible to open a bluetooth connection from the webserver bluetooth module to another bluetooth device when a user triggers an action in the web-application?

Establishing a simulated bluetooth connection

I'd like to establish a simulated Bluetooth connection between two Java programs running on the same machine. I am writing to program that uses BlueCove's BT library to connect to a hardware device; I pass the bluetooth address (ex. "btspp://1C659DF6B5AC:1;master=false;encrypt=false;authenticate=false", which contains the device's mac address) to my program to connect. I would like to write another java program that emulates the hardware device so that I can do testing (my hardware is not curr

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols other than GATT

Are there any other methods or protocols other than GATT which can be used under BLE (single mode chips) which are better suited to higher-throughput tasks? From what I understand the answer to my question is no, but I would like some validation and clarification. I would like to implement services which involve more than simply manipulating (short) characteristics via BLE. Such services might include file transfer, audio streaming, and basically services which are standard in previous vers

Unable to get data from Arduino Bluetooth board to the PC

I'm trying to transmit data from my PC to an Arduino board. I'm able to see what the Arduino sends to the PC using Tera Term but I don't get any data from PC to Arduino. I've tried changing the pins and everything out there (even testing another bluetooth board). I'm using an Arduino Mega 2560. Here is the code: #include <AFMotor.h> #include <NewPing.h> #include <SoftwareSerial.h> #define LED 52 #define RxD 17 #define TxD 14 SoftwareSerial blueToothSerial(RxD,TxD); void

How can I improve the bluetooth transfer rate with Glass XE12?

I have an Android app for Google Glass that communicates with an external device using Bluetooth. The device sends a short command and receives an acknowledgement. There were no perceptible delays when I used Glass XE11, but I noticed significant delays once I upgraded to XE12. Digging deeper, I found that the round trip for the command is in the order of 80 ms on an Android phone and 250-500 ms on Glass XE12. The code that I use is based on the BluetoothChat sample code. Were there any changes

Problems of finding some devices with Bluetooth Low Energy

I'm trying to implement Bluetooth Low Energy . The fact is, I can find some devices around me, so the scanning seems working, but there are some devices which I can't find ... such as a motorola, which has Android API 19, so since BLE is enabled since API 18, shouldn't it work ? So my question is, are there some devices not compatible with BLE ? (I can found some devices but not all)

Windows 10 Bluetooth Advertisement API

Is it possible to use an AdvertisementPublisher to send a major and minor ID when acting as a beacon, and is it also possible to use an AdvertisementWatcher to send and receive the ID? Cheers

Bluetooth Cannot connect to BLE device on Raspberry Pi

I'm trying to connect to a BLE device (Heart rate sensor, Polar H7), on a Raspberry Pi 2. I use the last version of bluez (5.35) found here: But when I'm trying to connect using gatttool, I always have "connection refused" error. Here is what I do : pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo su root@raspberrypi:/home/pi# hciconfig dev hci0: Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB BD Address: 5C:F3:70:69:54:3D ACL MTU: 1021:8 SCO MTU: 64:1 DOWN RX bytes:616 acl:0 sco:0 eve

Obtain RSSI from bluetooth adapter Raspberry3

I need to know how I can obtain de REAL RSSI from a non-connected bluetooth device with my RPi3. I know there is a program named bluetoothctl which I don't know how it works, I can't find anything about how it works bluetootctl. But when I used it, I can obtain ALL the REAL RSSI of ALL the bluetooth devices, only with a scanning. (scan on) I do this. 1) bluetoothctl 2) scan on (you will obtain something like this: "Device XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX RSSI: -48" ) It's so simple, but, the problem, i

Windows 10 IoT Core Bluetooth Support for Raspberry Pi3

Apologies for asking a time dependant question, but does anyone know when Microsoft are going to sort out there drivers for the Raspberry Pi 3's on-board Bluetooth chip? Currently the console Device Settings just display the following exception error code relating to a fault with the OS files: The device is not ready for use. (Excep_FromHResult 0x800710DF) Or does anyone know of a workaround to this problem?... Short of developing your own drivers and creating a custom OS image for the

I’d like to modify a firmware file of Bluetooth module (HC-05)

I am working on the LMP layer of Bluetooth What I’d like to do is modifying implementation of link manager protocol (LMP) to control LMP packet According to a specification of Bluetooth, LMP is usually implemented in a firmware of Bluetooth module. I was able to extract firmware from HC-05 module and re-flash the firmware There are many sites that explain how to extract firmware from Bluetooth module with blue suite reference site Following picture is the hexadecimal view of Extracted f

Not seeing anything in arduino serial monitor when typing the AT Commands for Bluetooth HC-05

I am a beginner to arduino and trying to follow one of the videos from youtube to make a project- Master And Slave using HC-05 modules. I followed every step from that video carefully. Here's the link to the video -> For Slave Module when I type AT commands in the serial monitor nothing shows up. I searched in Internet for the this problem and still didn't fix it. Here's What i have done: tired restarting my pc tried Changing arduino, At first i use

Bluetooth Reading log data records from a BLE device

I am implementing a BLE device which stores some log data based on sensor data and a iOS app which acts a Central to access the data. I know how to read GATT characteristics data, but I wonder how to read a bunch of from the device. Is there standardized way to do this? My naive approach would be the following: Create a custom readonly-characteristic (A) which contains the number of log records Create a custom writeonly-characteristic (B) which contains the index of a record Create a custom

How do I reset Bluetooth-adapter on linux without unplugging USB / rebooting?

How do I reset Bluetooth-adapter on RaspberryPi v4? Reset will reset most, but not all settings. Example the name is not changed. pi@raspberrypi:~/ $ sudo hciconfig hci0 name hci0: Type: Primary Bus: UART BD Address: DC:A6:32:02:12:1B ACL MTU: 1021:8 SCO MTU: 64:1 Name: 'raspberrypi' pi@raspberrypi:~/ $ sudo hciconfig hci0 name rpi pi@raspberrypi:~/ $ sudo hciconfig hci0 reset pi@raspberrypi:~/$ sudo hciconfig hci0 name hci0: Type: Primary Bus: UART BD Address: D

Bluetooth How to add compatibilty -C in

Can I add ExecStart=/usr/libexec/bluetooth/bluetoothd -C compatibilty in If so, how we can add -C. I am unable to get service details and /etc/systemd.../ is read only (It should be read only). sdptool browse local Failed to connect to SDP server on FF:FF:FF:00:00:00: No such file or directory Thanks in advance.

Bluetooth upgrade BlueZ to 5.52 on Raspberry Pi

How can I upgrade BlueZ to version 5.52 on a Raspberry Pi? I tried this, but it seems that the onboard bluetooth is not turned on, so I can't use it: sudo apt purge bluez (unpack latest BlueZ 5.52 source and cd to it) ./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --enable-experimental --enable-tools --enable-library --enable-deprecated make -j4 sudo make install sudo systemctl enable bluetooth In order to have the bluetooth deamon running, I have t

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