Browser Scaling images stored at S3

I'm in a situation where I need to push image storage for a number of websites out to a service that can scale indefinitely (S3, CloudFiles, etc.). Up until this point we've been able to allow our users to generate custom thumbnail sizes on the fly using Python's Imaging library with some help from sorl-thumbnail in Django. By moving our images to something like S3, the ability to quickly create thumbnails on the fly is lost. We can either: Do it slowly by downloading the source from S3 and c

which browser to start with? IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari?

We all know the difference rendering on different browsers and various support for styles and other things on different browsers. While start developing a site, which browser would be optimal to start and then to proceed with convincing other browsers by various methods. For e.g. Is it ok to start with IE and then do the necessary changes to display the same in FF and chrome etc? Else start with modern/webkit browsers and then degrade the code according to IE and other low versions. Also, I w

changing the content of browser in XULRunner

I have an Xulrunner app that loads fullscreen without any controls and loads a html page by default. The only thing it has is browser element and a popup menu visible on right click. In the popup menu there is option to quit. Then there is a menu entry 'theme2'. I want the browser to load another html when theme2 is clicked. This is my main.xul, thats loaded by default: <?xml version="1.0"?> <?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin/" type="text/css"?> <window id="main" title

How browser's "suggestion list" works?

Many websites use <input type='text'> element to get simple text data from their customers. You can configure your browser to remember the values you enter into these fields, so that it can suggest you back a list of values, to speed up your data entry experience. However, I'm seeing a strange behavior. On some fields of the same type, browser doesn't suggest anything, or suggests a different list from other fields. I've checked all fields and all of them are of the same <input type='t

Browser struts2 dojo datepicker not working fine in Internet explorer

i am using a dojo datepicker in my jsp page (struts2 tags).I am using tomcat 7.0.23.when i run the code i am able to see the datepicker in both firefox and internet explorer but when i deployed the same code on linux server(apache-tomcat-6.0.14) datepicker is visible in firefox but in i.e only label(Start Date/endDate) of datepickers are shown no textfield and calendar icon is shown.I have tried with apache-tomcat-7.0.25 on the server but get the same result.please find below a part of jsp file.

getting UTF-8 text files to display on all browsers

I would like my Web page on my Apache 2.2.14 server to display correctly in all browsers on all platforms (or something approaching this). I have included the line AddDefaultCharset utf-8 in the appropriate .htaccess file. I find, however, that on my own machine, running Ubuntu 10.04, the page displays exactly as I would like only in the Google Chrome browser. Problems in other browsers: in Opera the last two lines do not display, in Firefox the sub

webbrowser control does not "render" html

I am having problem using webbrowser control to correctly display html. My goal is to add custom html to a webbrowser control, have it displayed, and save the screenshot of that as png. Currently I am using Document.OpenNew and Document.Write(htmlText) and Application.DoEvents(). However since I am running this in a background thread, sometimes it deadlocks. I know the culprit is Application.DoEvents() which is giving me troubles. However, if I remove that and set the html directly to Document

Unicode bug symbol that can display inside browsers

I'm trying to replace my bug label in my GitHub project's Issues tracker, for a symbol of an actual bug. I found this nasty looking creature and this lady bug but it seems they are too far "out of range" to be displayable in a browser. Any ideas?

Browser app to connect to several sshd

I would like to draft a browser application which can connect to ~20 remote sshd. Per ssh connection multiple commands should be handled. After restarting the browser, the several running jobs should be displayed in the browser again. How would you construct the application ? The application should run on a Raspberry Pi. So utilization is limited.

Android Browser does not handle cross domain ajax request properly

I wrote HTML/JS application which works offline - it's put on SD card and is run using default 4.1 Android Browser. I'm making the Ajax request using jQuery to host in the internet. Since i'm running it from local filesystem it's obviously a cross domain request. The server has a mechanism based on header manipulation which enables such CD requests. Piece of troubling code: $.ajax({ type: "POST", crossDomain: true, data : formData, cache: false, url: "http://someurlwhichh

Browser I want to know that when download of a file is completed at client side when he/she try to download a file from my application

In my application , I have to provide a download button, so that when user clicks on it he/she can download file. Right now in my application i have a feature that when user clicks on download button , I disable my download button until download pop-up is opened. Now, I want that when download completes on client side , then download button should be enable to the client. I want to know that is it possible ? If yes , then please tell me how can i achieve that.

Browser Why does MVC 5 SPA site "Login" page not work with saved passwords?

I have an MVC 5 Single Page Application and the canned "Log in" page will not work with saved passwords - the validation code seems to think the fields are empty even when they're not: This effectively prevents the user from logging in. I've reproduced this in Firefox 30.0 on Windows and the default web browser on a few different Android devices. From _Login.cshtml: <div class="form-group"> <label for="LoginUserName" class="col-md-2 control-label">User name</label>

Browser Does Akamai resubmit on timeout

We have an application that is behind Akamai meaning all traffic goes first to Akamai, then to our web server, then our app server. There are a few URLs that do lengthy updates in our app and can take over 4 minutes depending on what the user submits (yes I know that is horrible but this is legacy code - I did not write it but I have to deal with it). This URL uses a post request rather than a get if that matters. What we noticed was if the URL takes more than 2 minutes we see the URL gets calle

Browser Confusion understanding YouTube's loop parameter

I have a YouTube video link which I am trying to supply parameters to: Everything else works perfectly except for the loop parameter. The video doesn't loop. According to Google Developer's page: This parameter has limited support in the AS3 player and in IFrame embeds, which could load either the AS3 or HTML5 player. Currently, the loop parameter only works in the AS3 player when used in conjunction with t

Browser JavaScript is disabled when inspecting network activity

I was trying to inspect network activity for a website and it keeps telling me that JavaScript is disabled JavaScript is disabled message and when I went to check JavaScript in my browser it was enabled, I have even enabled it for the website itself but it still shows the same message, any solutions?

Disabling Back button on the browser

I am writing an application that if the user hits back, it may resend the same information and mess up the flow and integrity of data. How do I disable it for users who are with and without javascript on?

Browser limitation with maximum Page length

We are managing html contents from datasource and directly write on the web pages using C#. Here we are facing the problem : On the page complete contents are not displaying but while we check the Page source and copy/paste it into a static html page all contents will be displayed. Is there any limitation of browser related to maximum length of a web page. I googled and found that the limit of a web page should be 10-30KB but in the same project we have pages with length upto 55 KB.

Browser Blackberry User Agent

I'm hitting a mobile site from a new Blackberry and the user agent is: mozilla/5.0 (windows, u; windows nt).... Anyone else seen this? On older phones it was blackberry8130...

Browser BG images rendering problem in IE

I have multiple background images (all of my images are either in jpg or gif format) in my website and it renders smoothly in firefox, but some of those images doesn't render in IE and when I scroll through the page some of the images renders and then disappears again. This implies with css sprites too.

Text based browser game

I wanted to create a text based browser game, so how should I go about? I can do programming in asp or jsp or php that is not a barrier, but I am unaware of what steps that one needs to follow while attempting to make such games. So please guide me. please also recommend me a programming language for making the same.

Browser Browsing/editing RDF/OWL Instances

I'm looking for a graphical browser for examining large networks of OWL/RDF instances. Protege's instance browser isn't really useful and if COE supports instance browsing, I've not discovered how. Network size is around a million nodes. I'm hoping to be able to search for an instance, expand it to show its relationships, and explore other instances from there. Graphical would be nice, but a plain Jtree would do too.

Browser Cant find appropriate doctype, only seems to work in quirks mode

For some reason my web page seems to work fine without a doctype, but doesnt if I specify any in full. I have gone through various different templates without any success, i.e. code validators then dont like my code and/or it doesnt work. The only thing "I get away with" is the top line below, but even then I cant specify any details, i.e. its just the beginning of the usual doctype declaration. The page is the result of Drop down Stackoverflow question. Also (and the reason why I want to sp

Is there any Opensource Browser for touchscreen device?

I need internet browser on my device which has 4.3 Inch screen with 480x272 resolution, I am using embedded Qt 4.6.2 on embedded linux. Micro-controller has ARM9 with 450 Mhz. Requirements for browser are Touch Screen Support, Panning ( No Scroll bars) Single touch Zooming ( No Multi Touch Available). Fit to screen width support ( No Horizontal Scrolling). Acid 3 Standard Compliable. Page loading should be like, display all visible text first and then load and show Images Gradually.

Browser Developing web app, question for mobile developers

I'm going to develop a web app that I expect some people will also end up wanting to view on their phones. The UI will be fairly straightforward (no frames, just CSS/HTML). May have a bit of Flash, but not for the first version. My question is, for testing viewing of the web app on mobile devices what devices would you recommend that I test on (and thus, most likely, have to purchase)? Windows Mobile iPhone Android Other? or can I use emulators for any/all of these? Note that I'm not devel

How best to interact with peripheral from browser

This may be a very elementary question, I apologize in advance. I need to interact with a device from a web app. More specifically a twain device. Currently I use a signed java applet for this. It generally works well; the signed applet works on multiple platforms and provides the device interaction needed. The issue I have is that applets do not seem to be long for the browser world, at least in allowing non-sandboxed access like this. I need to know what other options are available. The

Which browsers do support MathML?

We are going to start working on TeX to MathML translator soon. So, I am wondering which browsers (and starting from what version) do officially support MathML? Thanks

Browser support for "//"

Possible Duplicate: Is it valid to replace with // in a <script src=“…”>? Do all browsers support referencing without the leading http: or https:? For example: <a href="//"> <img src="//"> Which should automatically use whatever connection the user currently has (HTTP or HTTPS) Can I get into trouble if I use this everywhere in my app? Basically, I want to keep "absolute" URLs consistent, without having

Browser How to prevent duplicates in online anonymous surveys?

I am writing an online survey and I am wondering if there are any good techniques for allowing anonymous people to go to the survey and participate and also prevent duplicates. I have considered the following, but there are drawbacks from each: Use cookie in browser Record IP address Compare answers for similarities along with either/or the first two methods Of the techniques I have considered, you either prevent multiple people from using the same device, or make it easy for a user to dupl

Browser Scaling a fill pattern in svg smoothly

I'm making a map that is zoomable and pannable using svg (for easier interaction). I have a grid that other objects (rectangles) can align to. The grid a rectangle filled with a pattern. The pattern contains only a rectangle. Zoom and panning are done via transformations. The same transformation is applied to the pattern and each element I want to be aligned to the grid. Translation (pan) works correctly, but zoom (scale) does not. The pattern only seems to scale at certain intervals, whi

I am trying to retrieve a webpage html with webclient and display it with webbrowser in C#

I have the following code snippet: WebClient client = new WebClient(); String htmlCode = client.DownloadString(newurl); webBrowser1.DocumentText = htmlCode; BTW, webBrowser1 is defined globally elsewhere in the program. Likewise, "newurl" is a valid url also defined globally elsewhere. WebClient gets the complete html which I pass to webbrowser1 using DocumentText. This result is all kinds of link, syntax, remote javascript, and other errors as though the html is corrupted. However, if I us

Browsers in SmarTvs: Which engine do they use?

I've been searching for a while and I found no answer good enough for this. I have decided to validate my layouts for this kind of platform, but never thought about how they would appear on this kind of TV. So I would like to know if SmarTVs use some existent engine like Webkit, Mozilla, Presto, or even Trident (hope not) or do they use one of their own, at least for the following manufacturers: Sony Samsung LG AOC These are the most common in my country. Much obliged!

Web browser with memory management

Is there any web browser with manual memory management exist? So I can limit memory consumption, also it would be nice if can handle 'infinite' number of tabs.

Android app - using AsyncTask - stops opening a URL in WebView, it is opened by the default browser if I call another URL

I'm beginning to develop in android using the material from I took one of their examples and modified it, so that my application can connect to a webpage. It works well when it is opened but if I click on an actionBar item which should open another page the new page isn't opened in the WebView, but it's launched the default browser. I tried in many way to understand how to avoid that, but my little experience didn't allow me to fixe the problem. Can you help me?

Browser Detect Internet Explorer on Windows RT vs. Windows (Intel)

We have a Click Once app that does not run on Windows RT, but does run on Windows (x86/x64). We have a detection page that checks several prerequisites to determine if the user can run the app, before offering it to them. Everything works until a Windows RT user comes in. Our current code sees that as "Windows" and thinks we're good, when we're not. What is the "right" way to detect Windows RT - do we have to rely on the ARM token (cf.

Browser Possible to Hack using F12 Developer Tools

One situation that could apply to my question is when verifying my form using javascript. When the user doesn't fill all possible requirements, the submit button is disabled. If the user filled all required fields, the submit button is enabled, allowing the user to submit the form. There is a browser feature called Developer Tools that can be accessed by pressing F12. This tool can make changes to the code to help developers debug their problem. Developer Tools is not only for changing CSS, it

Resolve mDNS .local URL in browser address bar

I am trying to run a HTTP server in my LAN and want to access it by using a browser on another desktop machine. As I do not like typing the IP address and port manually I tried setting up a mDNS using jmDNS. String type = "_http._tcp.local."; jmdns = JmDNS.create(); jmdns.addServiceListener(type, listener = new ServiceListener() { @Override public void serviceResolved(ServiceEvent ev) { Log.d(LogTag.SERVER, "Service resolved: " +

Drag-and-drop Outlook message into browser

I want to be able to drag and drop an Outlook message into the browser and fire a Javascript event that, for example, creates a link to the message using the message's GUID. But I'm stuck at the first step—attempting to drag an Outlook message anywhere outside the folder list shows the not-allowed cursor. I was about to give up, except I found some posts suggesting ways to enable the operation, e.g. How to drag and drop an email, from Outlook, into a .NET application? Is there some way to mak

how to clear browser cache for a single page.

i have a php page. which is profile page of my site's user. in that i have designed a system for updating profile picture. when a user updates profile picture everything goes correctly. picture is successfully updated on server.and then redirected to profile page. but problem is that picture is successfully updated on server but not showing updated profile picture on profile page until the browser cache is not cleared. please give me a solution to clear browser cache programmatically.

Should I use electron's webview to emulate a browser?

I want to write a browser for some purpose using electron and I choose the <webview> tag to emulate the browser page. It has a toolbar which contains back forward refresh buttons. I bind the new window event, in the handler I just create a new <webview> tag for that url. However, I found that there are some limits. 1. window.opener in new <webview> is null 2. <form> with method="POST" can't be handled correctly, because there are no solutions to get postData from new-win

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