How to programmatically build RFT project?

I use SVN manage my RFT test scripts. I need to repeatedly check out the code to a clean RFT workspace and build the whole project, for some special requirement. I want to automate this process, which means I need to build the project without manually start RFT. Is there any command or API I can use?

TFS build - Project referring to the Older dlls instead of the new dllls

We have configured a new build definition for building solution in the project. This solution have multiple projects. The projects are set to copy the dlls to one common folder "Build" and the projects refering to each other use this location to refer the dependent Dll. After setting the Build definitin, build is working fine. But when I created some new classes in one of the project then the build started failing because the "Build" folder is having the older Dlls only which does not contain th

Build Create gradle wrapper using newest stable Gradle version

I want to create a wrapper, who finds the newest stable version and to use it. If it is 1.5 to download it and use it , if it is 1.7, then to download it. Now using code like this doesn't works. task wrapper(type: Wrapper) { gradleVersion = "1.+" } Can I somehow check which is the newest version and to use it instead the "+" sign, which doesn't work now? PS: Now for every new version I have to change and my wrapper.

gradle not using compile time dependencies when building

Hi guys I'm new to gradle and have the following issue. When I use the java plugin and invoke $gradle build on my project it does not put my third party dependencies on the classpath. My build.gradle file looks as follows: apply plugin: 'java' = ["src/main/java", "src/main/web"] repositories { flatDir name: 'thirdParty', dirs: 'C:/dev/repo' } dependencies { compile files('log4j-1.2.12.jar', 'gson-1.7.1.jar') } and the error output from gradle is the follow

TeamCity NUnit build step failing although all tests pass

I'm setting up TeamCity to run some NUnit tests, TeamCity reports that all the test pass but it reports the build as a fail with the error message 'New build status is : : NUnit error, {build.status.text}'. Digging in to the build log I can see that there's a failure to load the program under test, here's the reported error; [Step 2/2] NUnit error running tests in 'C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\f73bb9cce36ccd59\ProjectName.Web\ProjectName.BrowserTests\obj\Release\MyProject.BrowserTests.dll' asse

Build Can a jenkins slave be enslaved by multiple master instances?

I'm trying to have a slave that is hooked up to two masters. However, when I run the Jenkins JNLP I keep getting socket errors. Has anyone had experience with this and been able to work around it? C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>java -jar "C:\Documents and Settings\Adm inistrator\Desktop\test2-slave.jar" -jnlpUrl puter/Slave1/slave-agent.jnlp -secret b4161b716c31a8985d8eb2760fdc6a404693bbf86c 7262973554877759ea1db1 Dec 25, 2013 10:50:16 AM hudson.

Two almost identical kernels in OpenCL (some tabs instead of spaces) yet one will build and one won't

Ignore the code, that's a whole other issue. I've looked at the spec and I don't see anything indicating whitespace will break a build or whatnot. So my question is wtf? Is this an issue with AMDs drivers? Their CodeXL sure is one buggy pos as the debugger never seems to work. Anyways the issue is the 1st I've used all tabs for indenting whereas in the 2nd one, which does build, it's a mixture of tabs, and 3 spaces for indenting. Here's the build log: line 44: warning: variable "idx" was decl

How to revert changes to a build configuration in TeamCity

I have done a number of changes to a build configuration in TeamCity 8. I know I can see an audit trail of the changes that I have done to the build configuration and I can check the details of each individual change, but I wonder if I can select one of those previous versions of the build configuration and restore it; there doesn't seem to be any obvious option in TeamCity for this. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not after reverting changes in the source code, but in the build configuration o

wso2 app factory build

I wanted to build app factory. Am I correct that before it I should build: first need to build orbit, then kernel and finally build the platform. When it is done I should build AppFactory? In svn I see -this is AppFactory 4.0.2 So I need first build orbit,kernel,platform with the same 4.0.2 version? (first build 4.0.0 and then patch it to 4.0.2)? Thanks

Build Gulp not creating any files

I created a project for becoming familiar with build tools. My folder structure for this project looks like so: + my-project |-- + sources |------ index.html |-- + www |-- gulpfile.js And the contents of glupfile.js are: var gulp = require('gulp'); gulp.task('default', function() { gulp.src('sources/index.html') .pipe(gulp.dest('www/index.html')); }); For simplicity's sake I chmod'd everything in this folder (and all parent folders) to 777 - so there's no issue of file permissions

How to create a build definition in "visual studio team services" that is using source codes from multiple "Team Projects"?

I like to use VSTS ("visual studio team service") but I have a major problem. Basically, I have a few class library solutions (e.g. ClassLibrary1 , ClassLibrary2 ) which I use them as reference in my other projects (e.g. websiteSolution1, websiteSolution2 , websiteSolution3.) Of course, I like to have a separate git repo (Team project in VSTS) for each solution, let's say the "team projects" have the same name as the solution which they contain. Now I like to create some build definitions wi

Building Apache and PHP without mariadb in YOCTO

I'm building a Yocto Project with PHP and Apache. (under Yocto 2.1) I've added apache2 php and other packages to my IMAGE_INSTALL. Why is mariadb included? How can I prevent that mariadb is built?

TFS 2015 not able to queue build using TFS2010 controller

we have upgraded from TFS2010 to TFS2015. And connected the TFS2010 XAML build controller to TFS2015. when we try to queue the build , we are not able to see the build controller in the drop down of build controller. we could see that the Build controller registered and in running state. I am getting error "TF900560: Could not start build: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. "

Building pandoc into yocto core-image-minimal

I'm doing a yocto build for an Altera ARM processor. I'm trying to build the userland for core-image-minimal and I run into a dependency on pandoc. Whats the best way to add pandoc to the yocto build?

Polymer 2.x Build Error - Multiple global declarations of class with identifier Polymer.Element

For every element that I have defined in a Polymer 2.x project I get the following warning: Multiple global declarations of class with identifier Polymer.Element The build ultimately fails with a Promise rejection at ...\node_modules\polymer-build\lib\analyzer.js Are these components improperly defined? How can I properly build the project? My polymer.json file is { "entrypoint": "index.html", "shell": "src/shop-app.html", "fragments": [ "src/lazy-resources.html" ], "sou

Build premake5 Is it possible to generate a project without a workspace?

I have project A which is used in two different workspaces. I would like to generate it "standalone" and then reference it using externalproject in both my workspaces, but I'm unable to do this: premake5 complains if I try to generate a project without a workspace. So right now, my solution is to include project A in workspace 1, and using externalproject in the workspace 2, or generating project A for each workspace, or create a "fake" workspace to generate it alone and then discard the extra.

Error while building an application(.EXE) using LabVIEW 2018 32bit

While I'm trying to build an application using LabVIEW, the following error occurs and the build is aborted: "Error 7 occurred at Invoke Node in>>>>>>>>> Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: (Hex 0x7) File not found. The

Build How to get a hash of the source code in Rust

For checking compatibility between a client and a server, I'd like to compare the versions of their shared code. I have implemented this by a that creates a hash of the content of all files under src/, but it seems brittle. I want to make sure I calculate a hash of the files that are actually used in the build. Surely this is already done at some point during the build process. There is a feature to Add hash of source files in debug info, which sounds promising, but it adds the data to

Build a Debian package and all dependencies from source

There's numerous examples of how to build Debian deb packages, but all seem to assume build dependencies can be satisfied using tools like apt-get build-dep "package". What if that was not the case? For example, if I have no network connection and only the first three Debian binary DVD's along with all of the Debian source DVDs, is there an automated way to build a package from its source DVD along with (Recursively) all missing build dependencies (Also from their source DVDs)? Thanks

Build Include a text file content into a WiX script

Is there a way to read value for the WiX variable from a text file? What I am trying to do is to include a version-specific information into instlal package. This version information extracted into the text file on the pre-build step, the question is how to propages this text file content into a build process. One of the possible solution is to update whole .wxs file on the pre-build step too, but it feel a bit sloppy. Is there any other, less-intrusive way? Thank you.

TFS: Query for builds containing a specific changeset

I have a number of build definitions that get executed based upon a single branch in TFS (eg Main). I'd like to (somehow) query TFS to find all builds containing a specific changeset number that I supply, and return a list of string of the names of the builds that TFS contains. Any kind of app (VS extension, CLI app, winforms, whatever) will do. Note: this isn't a 'plz give me the code' request; I'm willing to hoof it and do serious work on this. Any pointers to documentation on how to quer

Build Hudson/jenkins does not fail on errors

In my Hudson log I see error or fails, but hudson says ,that build is success. Is it right? This is what hudson does (run ant few times) call f:\runGenericAntBuild.bat %WORKSPACE% f:\ %WORKSPACE%\build\buildProjects.xml deploy %BUILD_NUMBER% %SVN_REVISION% call f:\runGenericAntBuild.bat %WORKSPACE% f:\ %WORKSPACE%\build\buildProjects.xml MyJavaProject %BUILD_NUMBER% %SVN_REVISION% call f:\runGenericAntBuild.bat %WORKSPACE% f:\general-build

Build only changed item or build all ,which is preferred in continuous integration?

Our software is split into multiple components. Msbuild scripts automate our build and batch scripts to invoke it. We are taking the daily build of our components even if we have small changes. We want to move to continuous integration so that whenever a check-in happens a build is triggered. Our msbuild scripts are written in such a way that it will build all the sln files for the component. In continuous integration, do I only need to build the slns that are modified? If I only build the ch

TeamCity: How to setup a build with two VCS roots

I have two separate projects from two separate TFS VCS roots that I want to be part of the same build and was wondering if this is possible. Project 1 VCS Root: $/ProductName/Development/Project1 Build file path: API/API.sln Project 2: VCS Root: $/QA/Test/Tools/Project2 Build file path: Test/Test.sln I want step #1 of the build to compile Project 1, and step #2 to compile Project 2. How can I do this if the build file path is relative to the VCS root/checkout directory and the solutions a

Customize the format for TFS 2012 Build email alerts

I am trying to customize the build email alerts in TFS 2012. I tried editing the files BuildCompletedEvent.xsl and BuildCompletionEvent.xsl in the following location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server\Application Tier\TFSJobAgent\Transforms\1033 for testing I changed the message "Succeeded" to "Succeeded 12345" in the files Then I restarted the service, and ran a build. But, still my changes are not getting reflected. Mail coming with message as "Succeeded" but not the new

Open Ssl NDK build issue

G:/Ndk_r9d G:/Openssl-1.0.1i - downloaded from openssl.rg In openssl apps,crypto and ssl i have added file. apps crypto ssl And i copied these files from here. G:/Openssl-1.0.1i>ndk-build Each and every time i am getting different issue i.e make.exe ***Access is denied and No such file or directory. I have tried this solution also but no luck. I have opened cmd prompt "Run As Administrator". Is there anyother way to get libcrypto.

Building U-Boot is failing

I am trying to build u-boot Toolchain: U-boot: I am following this site to build this u-boot It says to put cross compiler path before building. export PATH=/usr/local/angstrom/arm/bin:$PATH 1) I can see angstrom folder in /usr/local. Also I think that we need the toolchain's actual place of binaries. Let suppose in /home/myhome/BBB/angtrom_x_y_z/usr/local/

Ionic 2 build release 404 error

I build an ionic 2 app. When I build an android debug version with ionic build android --prod the app works like a charm. But when I build the same unchanged app with ionic build android --prod --release and I sign the app and zip align it and open the app nothing works and all request give a 404 error. Anyone suggestions? I installed the whitelist plugin and also set the meta security in the index and in the config.xml the <allow tags

Jekyll build removing folders even after exclusion; throwing Build Warning about posts

I'm trying to set up a folder in my output path that won't be removed when I Jekyll build or serve. As per the link here I tried adding the name of the folder into my _config.yml with both keep_files and exclude, as below: exclude: ["LICENSE", "", "CONTRIBUTING", "CONTRIBUTORS", "scripts", stuff] keep_files: [stuff] I've tried putting stuff in quotes as well, but so long as I have that in my config attempting to build keeps throwing a B

Build XPages are rebuilt automatically when opening designer

I have a customer who likes to do some basic stuff in Domino Designer in a specific database. He only works with Forms, agents etc and never do any Xpages stuff. I have done all the xpages stuff in the Database. This morning when I opened designer I can see that almost all of the xpages design object has been signed by him. but he has not opened any of the xpages design objects. (only forms) and have not signed the application. When I look at the webpage I can see that the designn changes I di

How to build a MultiStage Deployment in Visual Studio Tem Services?

What I Have I have a ASP.NET MVC Web application project.Its one of the basic ones that you get while creating a new project.I have 3 stages of deployment. Test Staging Prod All these are on IIS running on VMs. I tried to create a build and release. I am able to build and I am able to do a release for test environment. Problem The main issue is I want the dlls/views from test environment to go to staging environment after successful testing and hence staging to prod. What I tried I crea

Build What library exists for the construction of AFP documents in different languages?

I am currently looking for a library in any language that allows me to create structured AFP documents but so far I have not found any Previously I tried to use a library called afp.lib belonging to java but this structure the document but lost bytes which distorts the document I hope the guide of some language that allows me the construction of AFP without loss of bytes. even just the library that allows me to do it

Question on Build scripts & RTC Build

I have a batch file which is calling CMake which also does some functionality I want to call this batch file for Build. If for some reason, CMake fails and throws error the same is not reported as failure in RTC. If my understanding is correct RTC is calling the Batch file and the Batch file calls CMake. The execution of batch file is successful and hence it is reported as success. But I want the RTC to report CMake is failed which is called via Batch files How can i achieve this? I was loo

Build How to link to the libabc.a instead of

In the book Autotools: A Practioner's Guide to GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool, chapter 6 (building libraries with libtool), an example of linking library is given. In the example, a library is linked to another library libjupcommon.a. The first attempt fails because needs PIC, but libjupcommon.a is not. The author adds libjupcommon_a_CFLAGS = -fPIC to fix it. It gets much better, but the warning of 'Linking the shared library against the static libr

Build How to collect source files with CMake without globbing?

The CMake documentation explicitly states that file(GLOB ...) is not recommended to collect source files for a build, but it doesn't mention what the recommended method actually is. Specifying every source file manually sounds a little bit too manually to me. So, what is the right method to collect source files, if not file(GLOB ...)?

Build Stop TfsSource from checking in files with no pending changes?

I'm facing a problem with the activity "TfsBuildExtensions.Activities.TeamFoundationServer.TfsAction.Checkin" in my build scripts. In my TFS setup, I have a lot of dependency replication going on, and it works like a charm...but it checks in a "new version" of the files after every build, even though it recongnizes that "No pending changes where found" in the build log, and the history log filles up with lots of build script checkins. Any idea how this can be solved? TfsBuildExtensions.Activit

Assign Global Variable/Argument for Any Build to Use

I have several (15 or so) builds which all reference the same string of text in their respective build process templates. Every 90 days that text expires and needs to be updated in each of the templates. Is there a way to create a central variable or argument

Build Is "" & oRecordset.Fields(....).Value the same as Trim$(oRecordset.Fields(....).Value)

I am trying to cure an Out Of Memory error that I get when I compile the exe. After looking into the issue I have found that a good place to start is to replace the strings with constants e.g. change strName = "name" to be strName = SOME_CONSTANT_DECLARED_FURTHER_UP. Searching through the code I keep coming across code similar to this: strVariable = "" & oRecordset.Fields(COLUMN_NAME).Value I think that the developer was trying to convert the value from the recordset to be a string. If

Build CMAKE with ROS to create external projects locally?

I am working with ROS and wanted to modify the ardrone driver of autonomy lab. Unfortunately I have problems to build external libraries with CMake. The problem is following: The compiling original CMakeLists includes an external project: include(ExternalProject) ExternalProject_Add(ardronelib GIT_REPOSITORY git:// GIT_TAG 2f987029c55531e4c0119c3600f9c57f935851ed PREFIX ${CATKIN_DEVEL_PREFIX} CONFIGURE_COMMAND echo "No configure" BUILD_C

Build Error msb3191 solution

I develop DLL project in native C++ under VS2013 Professional, Win7 64b Enterprise. The project has 4 configurations as one can see from the snippet below. At some stage, I added to the project's properties the post-build step as follows: copy "$(ProjectDir)$(TargetName).ini" "$(TargetDir)*.*" The project was successfully built and the .ini file was copied as expected. But following error were reported: Error 1 error MSB3191: Unable to create directory "D:\MES\MULTICHANNEL\MULTITHREAD\IOM

Build How to apply a macro to an array of names of targets in bazel?

I have a bazel package which has to generate a lot of executables (examples) using the same macro that I wrote just for this case. Is it possible to apply it to an array of target names instead of listing them one by one like this? simple_program( name = "example1", ) simple_program( name = "example2", ) simple_program( name = "example3", )


I am trying to build a small linux image using the Yocto project.While i was searching the net, i found that i can remove some DISTRO FEATURES that i don't need for my image. How can i check which distro features i m using now ?

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