Ckeditor JspellCheck Error

ERROR: JSpell is already attached, or jspellInit has not been called before calling jspellCheck. Does anyone Know solution to this?I am getting this when i am integrating with Ckeditor

In Ckeditor How to openDialog with another is closed

When Image dialog is closed how can i automate the opening of Link dialog. I have tried CKEDITOR.on( 'dialogDefinition', function( ev ) { if ( dialogName == 'image' ) { dialogDefinition.onOk = function(ev) { editor.openDialog( 'link' ); } } }); But it fails. Please help

Adding Fontawesome to ckeditor

I am using Fontawesome in my website and have my own CMS to edit the website pages. What I would like to develop is a dialog for the user where he can pick an fontawesome icon but for now it is OK to add them in the codeview of ckeditor. Icons added to the content are not shown in ckeditor designview. I have changed ckeditor config file so that the editor accepts i tags (*). I added the fontawesome CSS file as an @import rule to contents.css but still no fontawesome icon visible in the editor a

unable to add external plugins in ckeditor

am a newbie in ckeditor, unable to add an external plugin. Have been trying since 2 3 hours. I followed this link Followed the steps correctly, but it didn't help. Please helps guys. Thanks!

remove statusbar from CKEditor

I am using this code to create a simple CKEditor without a status bar but it's not being removed... why? <textarea cols="80" id="txtArticleComment" name="txtArticleComment" rows="20" required></textarea> <script> // Replace the <textarea id="editor"> with an CKEditor // instance, using default configurations. CKEDITOR.replace( 'txtArticleComment', { language: 'ar', uiColor: '#14B8C4', resize_enabled: 'false', removePlugins: 'el

CKEditor 4 - Can't add Widget

I'm making a simple plugin to add a Richcombo to the toolbar that will insert a widget when one of the options in the dropdown menu is clicked. Here's the code: CKEDITOR.plugins.add( 'myPlugin', { init : function( editor ) { editor.widgets.add( 'widget1' ); editor.ui.addRichCombo( 'richcombo1', {...} ); } }); Under chrome > inspect element> console, it says: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined I'm using version 4.4.5 Please help

Ckeditor Parameter send to filemanager

CKeditor and our filemanager works very well. When I use link and image button > explore server, I have my files, so it's OK. But, in this HTML file, I would like to know if I come from link button or image button. So, to do this : how can I send in the URL to my HTML file an another parameter (like the id of a element of the button : cke_xxx_uiElement)?

Ckeditor Text showing in one line with scroll

When I insert text into ckeditor its showing good and added into database but in edit form it showing all text into one line with scroll. Note : I notice that this issue is only with Firefox browser in add form it showing like this in edit form it showing like this

CKEditor styles dropdown: add class to the selected element

What I'm trying to do in CKEditor is to add some custom styles that should apply on several elements. Each of my element (title from h2 to h6, plus link a) must have 3 itemizations that only changes color. To avoid describing each style one by one: H2 Red, H2 Blue, H2 Green, H3 Red, H3... I wanted to select the element as usual from the Format list, then the itemization from the style list. I would have 3 styles: Red, Blue, Green, that could apply to the selected element by simply adding a clas

ckeditor leave html double quotes code &#34; alone

In my ckeditor I need to leave &#34; alone. Right now when I go to source view, enter &#34; and return to WYSIWYG, and back to source view, it turns &#34; to &quot;, which is breaking things. Same thing happens when ckeditor loads for the first time. Specifically the string I want left alone is. <a class="someLink" href="/somePlace" onclick="atpto_tNav.toggleBlind('2459',0,'upc(2459,&#34;parentPriKeyID=6&#34;)','ntid_tNav2459',event);return false">Blarg</a>

Add a custom button to CKEditor 4.6.2 instance without plugin

I need to add a custom button to CKEditor 4.6.2 instance without plugin. I've tried solution suggested at similar question How to add a custom button to the toolbar that calls a JavaScript function? The difference is that I don't want to replace existing instance, but instead modify it after it's initialised. Like here: CKEDITOR.replace('container', { on: { instanceReady: function( evt ) { console.log('instanceReady', evt) evt.edi

CKEditor 4 hyperlink style

I am trying to style hyperlinks in CKEditor. from <a data-cke-saved-href="..." href="...">Link</a> to <a data-cke-saved-href="..." href="..." style="color:[whatever was chosen with button]; text-decoration: inherit">Link</a> Seems simple, but I cannot figure it out. To style elements with the color button of CKeditor (v.4), I can of course add this to config: colorButton_foreStyle: { element: 'a', styles: { color: '#(color)', 'text-decoration': 'none' }, } This w

How do I pass custom values to CKFinder3 when instantiating a CKEditor4 instance?

I'm having some trouble using pass to pass variables to my CKFinder3 (ASP) connector when using CKEditor4. I create my editor instance with: CKFinder.setupCKEditor( myEditor, { pass: 'testVar', testVar: 'nooice', ... }); but the variable just doesn't seem to make it over to CKFinder. If I add this code to the CKFinder config directly it does work though: config.pass = 'testVar'; config.testVar = 'nooice'; That's great, but the values I want to pass will be dynamic,

Get all elements of type in CKEditor 5

My editor contains custom elements, created like this: this.editor.model.change( writer => { const id = `a${ Math.random().toString().replace('.', '') }`; const autocomplete = writer.createElement( 'autocomplete', { 'data-id': id ); this.editor.model.insertContent( autocomplete ); } ); I want to get all 'autocomplete' elements at a later time in my plugin so I can read their content (they're editable elements). Is there something like querySelectorAll('autocomplete') for the

Set a value in CKEditor 3

This probably is a very very basic question but i can't seem to find anything about it in the manual. All i want to do is set a value in textarea converted to a CKEditor instance. I tried to pull out some javascript functions with NetBeans, but i couldn't find one that looked like setting a value. So I figured, lets take a look at the API description but nothing there eighter. So at last I've searched through the CKSource forums but strangly enough I couldn't find something there eighter. Does

Ckeditor CKFinder not uploading images

I'm trying to integrate CKFinder with CKEditor in a CodeIgniter application, and it looks like everything is working fine when you use it, but when I go to the folder (the default /ckfinder/userfiles is still set in the config.php file) there are no files there. Strangely though, if I click the "browse on server" button in the CKFinder dialog, I do see the images that I have "uploaded", but I have no idea where they are physically, because they are not in the specified folder. Here are my set

Ckeditor Controlling save button enabled/disabled state programmatically

How would I enable/disable the save button of CKEditor using external JS? I don't want to remove it completely, just change the appearance between gray and colored icon so that it's more user friendly. My save button is generated like so: CKEDITOR.plugins.registered['save'] = { init : function( editor ) { var command = editor.addCommand( 'save', { modes : { wysiwyg:1, source:1 }, exec : function( editor ) { if(My.Own.CheckDirty())

ckeditor not able to use custom config file

I have downloaded the latest ckeditor version 4.0.1. I am using this following code to set my custom config file. CKEDITOR.replace( textAreaId, { customConfig : 'suConfig.js', width : width, height : height, } it is not considering the config file and while rendering my text boxes are empty without editor. But if i use the default config file it works

Ckeditor 4 horizontal stretching

Using Ckeditor 4 is there a way to set the width of the editor for initial load but still allow it to be stretched horizontally? The little nub in the bottom right corner only seems to allow vertical stretching.

CKEditor disappears on partial postback

I have a page that shows a ckeditor in an update panel. My page is as follows: <form id="form1" runat="server"> <cc1:ToolkitScriptManager runat="server" ID="ToolkitScriptManager" EnablePartialRendering="true"></cc1:ToolkitScriptManager> <div> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Hello"></asp:Label><br /> <br /> <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional"> <C

upload and browse server button not visible in ckeditor

In my Ckeditor I amn't getting Upload and Browse Server button In Image.I am getting error as Error: TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null Source File: chrome://web-developer/content/overlay/javascript/overlay.js Line: 7333 In line 7333 of the said js is the following code WebDeveloper.Overlay.tabSelect = function() { // If a feature that uses the element information toolbar is active if(WebDeveloper.Dashboard.isOpenInDashboard(WebDeveloper.Locales.getString("elementInformation")

Browse Server button in CKEditor Image Properties Dialog box not visible

I have downloaded and installed CKEditor and CKFinder. When I click on Image button it launches a Image Properties dialog box. However I cannot see a Browse Server button. What could be the problem. Is it something to do with permissions. I am trying to integrate CKFinder with CKEditor. Please help me. I have given below the link for demo of CKFinder integration with CKEditor. In my application i am trying to integrate them together. I am using

Force Browser spell check onload in CKEditor 4?

I have enabled Native/Browser Spell check on CKEditor 4 . Problem is with SCAYT enabled it used to check the spelling of existing content in the editor on form load or editor onload . Now it doesn't give any red underline when I open the editor with some content having spelling mistakes . But Spell check works as I can see the spelling mistakes for any new content I write or paste into the editor . Is there a way to force the native spell check on the existing content while loading the editor ?

ckeditor custom context menu is not visible in read only mode

I created a custom context menu item with custom group as a plugin in ckeditor. The created menu item is visible in the editor during edit mode (readonly = false) but during read only mode the menu item is not visible. Am I missing something as part of configuration? Thanks in advance !

Can I load a CKEditor plugin from the CDN?

I am loading CKEditor from its CDN, called with <script src="//"></script> and CKEDITOR.replace("Content", {"customConfig":"\/public\/javascripts\/ckeditor.config.js"}) I want to use the Justify plugin. The CKEditor CDN Guidelines explain how to use custom, self-hosted plugins, but say nothing about how to use standard plugins. Do I have to download the Justify plugin (and any other plugins I may want) and host it myself, or is there s

Install a CKeditor plugin to Liferay 7

I would like to extend my Liferay 7 with a CKEditor plugin. I found this guide but I can't go over step 3 because I can't find any package/artifact containing the required DynamicInclude class. Note: I am not using Blade, I am using Maven so I need the correct dependency. Note 2: The plugin I would like to add is base64image.

Ckeditor issue calling setData during onchange event

I am trying to create a plugin that works similar to the tagging feature here on Stack Overflow. The plugin adds an onchange event to the editor and than checks the data to see if the user entered a tag and replaces any tags found with a div. CKEDITOR.plugins.add('tagit', { icons: '', init: function (editor) { var tags = ['MyTag'], tokens = []; editor.on('change', function (event) { var tokenUpdated = false; tokens = tokenize(event.ed

ckeditor 5 toolbar link item not working in ui-dialog

I call a UI dialog box from an another UI dialog to send an email to a user listed on the first UI dialog. This second UI dialog uses Ckeditor 5 to create the content of the email. All of the toolbar items work perfectly, but the link icon never shows the drop down to add a URL when clicked. I have spent a number of hours on Google and whilst I could not find an exact same scenario, there were a few articles that talked about a focus issue with the dialog and the editor, mostly in Bootstrap.

CKEditor 4: Replacing code when in editor view

My software allows people to upload images to a "Files" section on my site. I want to allow users to insert those images into a CKEditor 4 instance but I want to control where those images are hosted. Instead of inserting the following: <img src="" /> I want it to insert: <img src="[file:12345678]" /> I can then use PHP to control what URL will be displayed on the website. The issue is, in the WYSIWYG view of CKEditor, it shows as the image could no

Is it possible to change the black colour of CKEditor Toolbar icons(in the moono skin), like one can with webfonts.?

I have just upgraded to CKEditor 4.4.5 from 3.5, and notice quite a few changes !! One of the changes is the new skin called Moono which looks great. However it did get me wondering whether it would be possible to change the black in the menu icons to a custom colour, for branding reasons for example. We do this in the rest of the web application using a combination of Server code and CSS. Many thanks.

Ckeditor How to fill a rich text editor field for a Codeception Acceptance test

I'm trying to fill a rich text editor field (TinyMCE) within my acceptance test in Codeception. Using the fillField() function doesn't work as this 'field' isn't really an input field. It's an iframe, styled to look like a fancy textarea. How can I set some text into the body of the TinyMCE box? I think I'm looking for the addition of a $I->setContent(xpathOrCSS) function. Or does something else already exist to do this?

Need to disable bbcode parsing in ckeditor

I'm having a problem in CKEditor (version 4.4.6, installed as part of the ExpressionEngine "Wygwam" module). A website I manage for a rare book dealer includes book pagination descriptions that occasionally contain the string "[i]" (representing a page that would be a Roman numeral i in the sequence but doesn't actually have the character printed on the page). What appears to be happening is that CKEditor is interpreting this as bbcode and turning it into an opening tag, so the "[i]" doesn't ap

CKEditor - get attribute of element with Onclick

I'm trying to get the value of the attribute data-time-start when I click on the span. My FIDDLE : HTML : <textarea id="editor1"> <span class="sub" id="sub1" data-time-start="0">Hello </span> <span class="sub" id="sub2" data-time-start="2">My </span> <span class="sub" id="sub3" data-time-start="6">Name </span> <span class="sub" id="sub4" data-time-start="8">Is </span>

CKEditor multiple user access

Does CKEditor solve the problems of multiple users accessing and editing the same file? If so, are there any configuration options available? If not, what are the possibilities of implementing custom multi-user behaviour? Or, are there any alternative editors with similar features and multi-user support?

ckeditor bullets open and close double quotes

With CKEditor I need to give the user keyboard entry of bullets, left-double-quotes and right-double-quotes. I already provide the user with numbered and bulletted lists, they want stand-alone bullets. When I say left-double-quote, I mean “ &#8220 equivalent. When I say right-double-quote, I mean ” &#8221 equivalent. The user wants the ability to type these characters directly into a CKEditor textarea. How should I configure CKEditor to do this?

Copy and paste from Word into CKEditor 4.5.5 incomplete on Mac / Firefox

Copy and paste from MS Word to CKEditor works fine in all browsers on the PC. But in Firefox on a Mac, headings in bullets disappear and some other style issues are also ripped. My config is like this: CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) { config.format_tags = 'h1;h2;h3;h4'; config.toolbarGroups = [ { name: 'clipboard', groups: [ 'clipboard', 'undo' ] }, { name: 'basicstyles', groups: [ 'basicstyles', 'cleanup' ] }, { name: 'styles', groups : [ 'format'

Ckeditor How to enable all plugins

Having downloaded the ckeditor 'Full Package' there are 61 plugins in the /plugin directory but none seem to be enabled. How do I enable all plugins which ship with the 'Full Package'?

CKEditor : copy and paste email address that contains IMG tags

I having issue in copy and paste in CKEditor. Copied value contains img tag - Post : "<img/* /src=/images/star.png" When you copy and paste normally it works, but in my application there is link called as "Copy Email Address" on some post and then paste in ckeditor its pasting as an image. Is there a way to tell CKEditor to treat this as plain text and dont execute html tags ? Do I need to change onPaste or beforePaste methods in ckeditor.js file.? I really wanted to paste this as n

Hide and show ckeditor toolbar

I want hide and show ckeditor toolbar on demand how to hide Ckeditor toolbar onLoad? and first only show editor without toolbar then load as require?

CKEditor and file upload through the default file manager (filebrowserUploadUrl)

I've configured CKEditor so that it supports file upload by using the image toolbar button (configured the server upload through the filebrowserUploadUrl) or by using drag and drop. Now, I need to intercept the ajax request for the update so that I can add more info to the object that gets submitted. In the drag-n.drop scenario, there's an event (fileUploadRequest) which I can use to achieve this: editor.on( 'fileUploadRequest', function( evt ) { var requestData =;

CKEditor removes data-target from <a> in Inline editor

Im using the Inline Editor of CKEditor. I want a link that opens a custom modal. So something like this: <a data-toggle="modal" data-target="#myModal" href="#" style="background: #c21313; color: white; text-decoration: none">DESCARGAR LOS VIDEOS AHORA</a> The problem is that when I load it in the Inline Editor it shows like this: <a data-cke-saved-href="#" href="#" style="background: #c21313; color: white; text-decoration: none">DESCARGAR LOS VIDEOS AHORA</a> Im usi

CKeditor 4 Disable Profanity filter

Hello and thank you for your time. I have an issue where partial of a phone number is being replaced with asterisks (8008). I've tried to add config.allowedContent multiple places but it hasn't fixed the issue. Is there a file somewhere with a list of words that it checks for filtration? Thanks for the help

ckeditor automatically visually resize dropped image

Is there a way to automatically visually resize dropped image in the ckeditor4 (I am using 4.7)? Often, the dragged image is too big in dimension. True, it is resizable, but the user need to go all the way to right bottom corner to resize it. What I would like to have is: once the image is dropped, it automatically resize to max_width: 600px, and height changes accordingly. Is this possible? BTW, I am using django-ckeditor. Thanks.

Getting the currently selected element in CKEditor 5

I am creating a CKEditor 5 plugin for adding an id attribute to arbitary elements. I have taken a lot of inspiration from the TextAlternative plugin for Images (if you're not familiar with how it works I'd sugguest taking a look. I am recieving the following error: Cannot read property 'is' of null. As part of my UI class, I have the following: if ( !this._isInBalloon ) { this._balloon.add( { view: this._form, position: getBalloonPositionData( edito

Content-Security-Policy Ckeditor

Hello everybody thanks for reading. I have a problem with Ckeditor, Now i use Content-Security-Policy and editor do not show buttons like the image if i delete this line Header always set Content-Security-Policy: "style-src 'self'; child-src" work good now what can i do , do you have a idea? Please help me, thanks a lot.

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