Implementing mostly-atomic ClearCase commits

I have a project where I need to perform a number of operations on a dynamic view. If any of those operations fails, or some error comes up in the program, I need to be able to back out the commits. The straightfoward way seems to be to simply put the commands into a queue and then, when my program finishes processing, execute the queue. However, I am concerned about some exceptional event interrupting the commits and causing an inconsistent dataset on the server. Or, in other words, I'm loo

ClearCase mutisite - My SITEB(hub B) crashed

Here is the situation, I have installed and configured ClearCase Multisite,I did a mkreplica from SITEA (/dev) to SITEB (/dev). My import went successfully on SITEB. I happen to do few syncreplicas too on Both( SITEA and SITEB). I had both configured on Win2003. Now the SITEB Operation system Win2003 happen with some OS related issues. Now I had recreate an Instance of win2003 and configured CC Multisite on it. Now since everything had been wiped out: I tried to do an mkreplica from SITEA /d

Clearcase What does mean by elements are skipped due to visible?

In Clearcase UCM , I was trying to do inter-project delivery. When delivery is about to be over, it shows some warning. 3 elements were skipped because they are not visible. You should determine why they are not visible before you complete this deliver or rebase operation. If these elements should be visible, cancel this operation, fix the problem, and re-run the operation. 27 elements were skipped because they are not visible. You should determine why they are not visible bef

Base ClearCase: Diff Between */... and

I am using base ClearCase and have a config spec question. Please consider these two rules (only one of which I would put in my config spec): 1 element /cl5_sw_ste/DCT/*/... /main/0 -mkbranch rel_drop5 2 element /cl5_sw_ste/DCT/... /main/0 -mkbranch rel_drop5 What is the difference between them? Thanks, Dave

clearcase branch type property in command line

Can you please help with cleartool command which can display following of branch type. State --> Locked, Unlocked, or Obsolete. Locked by Locked on Description Excluded users One of the task what i'm trying to do is add few more admin users to excluded list...(need excluded users list to append and send that input to lock command with -replace and -nusers)

UCM: How to create dynamic view (base clearcase) on arbitrary incremental baseline

Currently we use ClearCase UCM.. I am trying to evaluate possibility of using git in our project. I decided to create large repo with past three years changes from an integration stream. The pvob has 12 vobs under it. For purpose of evaluation(creating a worst case), I am putting all changes into single repository. I want to create a base clearcase view and then adjust its spec for every baseline on the pvob. This will then synched to git repository. Question in short: How can I create a ba

ClearCase moving triggers scripts to another location

I have to move the trigger's scripts from one server to another, on both linux and windows. As far as i know i have to use the ct mktrtype command with the -replace parameter, I've read on IBM web site that i have to use the same command that was used to create those triggers. How can i identify the command that was used. Here is part of my triggers: trigger type "REMOVE_EMPTY_BRANCH" 2007-11-27T15:29:00+02:00 by vobadm.ccusers@tlv-vob2 "Automatically remove empty branches" owner: ARRS\vob

How to mount a remote vob in dynamic view on clearcase

Trying to mount a remote vob on my dynamic view but getting Error when applying command cleartool lsvob getting this vob in the list and it is public command i am trying is cleartool mount \clinical cleartool: Error: The VOB storage directory "\servername\vob_store\clinical.vbs" was not found.

Clearcase How to permanently change an UCM activity name?

I wanted to re-name my activity name from cleartool command-line using the commands $ cleartool lsact 2016-04-14T17:10:17+05:30 foo_eg1 adam "foo_eg1" $ cleartool rename activity:foo_eg1@/vobs/fw-ucm activity:bar_eg1@/vobs/fw-ucm Renamed activity from "foo_eg1" to "bar_eg1". When I check for my activity name again:- $ cleartool lsact 2016-04-14T17:10:17+05:30 bar_eg1 adam "foo_eg1" I can see the older activity name still pointed here and from the below command too. $ ccase showact

Why Clearcase mkelem infinitely waits in windows?

I am trying to add a file to Clearcase via Cleartool command. I have executed the following command into my "cmd" C:\Users\MyUser\Desktop>cleartool mkelem "Z:\MyApplication\Impl\DataModels\Model\Build.Model.ps1" Creation comments for "Z:\MyApplication\Impl\DataModels\Model\Build.Model.ps1": It is infinitely waits without doing anything. If i do Ctrl+C it says interrupted. What am i missing? Update: I have tried with cleartool mkelem -c "some useful comment" option also. but still fai

how to backup and remove an clearcase activity

I need to remove the code changes of an activity from the child stream, which is shared among two projects. Wanted to remove code changes from Project A but I need to secure not to lose the changes in Project B Can someone suggest me the possible solution and the next steps to be taken care to get rid of this issue.

Clearcase Adding Checkout (recursively) to context menu not working

I'm doing like this ..... but i'm not able succeed... For the check out recursively option, do the following: Start the clearmenuadmin.exe utility (to do this, click Start > Run, and type clearmenuadmin.exe) In the Object type tab, select the directory object. Choose checked-in as the Object state Click the new button in the Available menu Choices pane, and then enter the following information in the appropriate fields: Menu Text: Checkout (recursively)... Help Text: Check out the selec

ClearCase config spec selection based on element attribute

In a ClearCase config spec, is it possible to select versions based on element attributres (not version attributes)? For instance: element * ...{SOME_ELEM_ATTR==SOME_VALUE&&lbtype(MY_LABEL1)} This doesn't work because the last part of the "element" spec is a version-selector, which only looks at version attributes. What I'm trying to do is partition my files into two or more classes, and have different "element" lines apply to different classes of files. I tried tagging all the ele

What are all the steps to migrate from Base clearcase to UCM?

We have to migrate from base clearcase to UCM. We have to move our Vobs from Base clearcase to Clearcase UCM. Few of the steps were suggested by other teams. Create PVOB Create Project under it Then they asked to move all the VOBs. Can we simply mount base clearcase vobs to UCM? Or is it better to create UCM vob and move all the elements from base clearcase? If any post or step by step guidance available to migrate from base clearcase to UCM, it would be helpful. Some body please sugges

Clearcase Rebase stream of another developer

Maybe this is a very basic question: I have notification that a developer has completed with his work. But the developer hasn't rebased his stream with the recommended baseline. Now before I want to do a "Deliver from Stream -> to default", I want to rebase his stream, which I can't do because of permission issues. What should I do to overcome this? Should I make an integration view in this stream to do the rebase? Would I be then able to do "Deliver from Stream -> to default" correctly? Mer

Clearcase Running multiple commands in a single cleartool session from a script?

The cleartool documentation mentions a "Single command mode" and an "Interactive mode". Single command mode lets you run a single command non-interactively. Interactive mode lets you run multiple commands within an interactive session? I need to run multiple commands from a script using the same session. More specifically, I need to run a cd command to switch to a view directory so I can run find -avobs. I can't use the single command mode, because the working directory is lost between each

Clearcase Clear Case Label Error

Applying label error cleartool: Error: label type "label_1" not found in VOB "\newvob" and no global type definition can be found. cleartool: Error: Unable to create label "label_1" on "newvob" version "\main\12".

ClearCase Checkin Message

In ClearCase GUI, when I tried to check-in, an empty comment field will be shown, which I can fill in check-in messages. Is it possible to set template for this message? For example, when the team need to checkin, below message will be shown, and each team member can just fill in the commit message. Reviewer: Test suggestion: Thanks

convert clearcase eclipsed file to a checkout

So the joyful sys admins like to lock down the vob between 9p-7a for backups... why, one can only speculate and loose hours of productivity.... oh wait that is happening anyways since the vob is locked for ... 10 hrs... anyways I digress. So I recently started using dynamic views and have been pleasantly surprised at how useful it has been with constant integration. But with my old snapshot views when the vob was locked I could always hijack a file and convert it to a check out later, but that

How to copy the contents of a label in Base clearcase VOB?

We want all label contents of Base Clearcase VOB. I created a View for the VOB and edited the config.spec document as element * checkedout element * label_ID element * /main/latest But it brings all the components associated with the VOB and not with the label. How to select only the elements which are labelled label_ID?

Clearcase Unable to deliver stream : error detected by clearacase subsytem

I am getting error while deliver operation for activity. PFA screen shot for more details. How would you avoid this error? Transcript, for search purposes: Unable to deliver stream "BMG_NONCE": error detected by ClearCase subsystem ccweb: Warning: Please ensure that the target snapshot view "Nonce_deployment_intg" is up to date and free of hijacked files. ccweb: Warning: The following activities contain only checked-out version: activity:Add_Payee_Mgmt@\BMB_PVOB ccweb: Warning: These ch

ClearCase: Housekeeping

In my continued quest to learn and tame our use of ClearCase [UCM], I have realized that every label, activity, baseline, stream and almost every view from the beginning of time is open and visible within our ClearCase setup. In a similar vein to this answer, I am under the belief that it could be beneficial to lock obsolete our old baselines at least. Is there an easy way to find baselines older than a certain date (from Windows in my case)? I've been struggling with the cleartool find, lsbl

Clearcase Creating UCM Component baseline - only for modified components

we have a single application stream with multiple components (UCM Composite baseline) in ClearCase. It has been split like Alpha Primary Component | |___W (Sub component - A application) | |___X (Sub component - B application) | |___Y (Sub component - C application) | |___Z (Sub component - D application) We use to Make baseline for whole project/stream (Primary Component- XXX_application_.002) through GUI it internally reflects in the corresponding components too (XXX_applcation_.002.yy

Clearcase When establishing a relative symbolic link, what does the "different versioned object base" error mean?

I am attempting to create a relative symbolic link via clearcase as so: ct ln ../../../some/actual/file.txt file.txt However, I get the following error: cleartool: Error: Source "../../../some/actual/file.txt" and destination "file.txt" are in different versioned object bases. In context of clearcase relative symbolic links, what does "different versioned object bases" mean?

how to remove a version in clearcase

I want to check out a directory , let's say /vobs/myvob/src/ to add a new file in this directory. But by mistake rather than checked out /vobs/myvob/src I checked out /vobs/myvob/scr/ and even worse checked in it. Then directory scr has a new version : scr@mybranch/1 (let's say I'm working on branch mybranch) After realized that I've made a mistake, I remove the newly created version by: ct rmver scr@myranch/1 then use ct ls parent_dir_of_scr to do the double check and I found although sc

Clearcase Find changes between labels

Using cleartool I am able to find all the files associated with a label using something like: ct find -avobs -version "lbtype (Build-Label)" -print How do I find all objects changed (including adds and deletes) between two labels?

ClearCase: Describe of vobroot fails in windows, gives "null meta type" in Linux

Running this command gives an error in Windows: H:\>cleartool describe -fmt "%[object_kind]p" "M:\\my_cc_view\\" it gives: cleartool: Error: Unable to access "M:\\my_cc_view\": Input/output error. Running the same command on a vob works: H:\>cleartool describe -fmt "%[object_kind]p" "M:\\my_cc_view\\vob1" directory version H:\>cleartool describe -fmt "%[object_kind]p" "M:\\my_cc_view\\vob2" directory version In Linux it gives: ; cleartool describe -fmt "%[object_kind]p" /view

How can a ClearCase directory version be determined for a given file version?

Because ClearCase updates directory version numbers when files inside are created, our config-spec generating script is failing (details omitted). So, as an example, given a file such as "/proj/src/scripts/", how can we determine the latest version of the scripts directory that contains that version of the file. Note: we're looking for a unix command-line solution that can be scripted.

Clearcase How does the 'Change Explorer' view work in RTC source control

I have a component which contains outgoing changes : When I right click this component and compare against the 'initial baseline' I get a list of change sets which comprise this component. This is displayed in the 'Change Explorer' view : Is this the list of change sets over time that have been delivered to this component or change sets that have been delivered to a baseline, or is it both ? By right clicking on each change set I see the option to 'accept' the change set. Should this cop

ClearCase Migration (Windows domain)

We are in the process of migrating our ClearCase environment from one windows domain to another windows domain. Host name will rename the same only fully dns name will change. Believe renaming a license server host does not invalidate the license; License depends on hardware-level machine identifier, not its network host name.

Clearcase view_server.exe(pid): Error: Unexpected error in VOB

Here is the error: view_server.exe(pid): Error: Unexpected error in VOB "<registry_host>:E:\ClearCase_Storage_e\vobs\AdmitOneIKE.vbs" op vob_ob_get_vob_owner_sid:error detected by ClearCase subsystem See vobrpc_server_log on host <registry host> While I try to create a new view in view server. It is unable to mount vob from registry server.

ClearCase + integration from source + dependency management

In the industry I work in it's customary to do integration from source (i.e. compile all libraries from scratch). This means that the source code tree has to be configured to show the appropriate content. I know that for binary integration there a lot of tools out there, tailored to the programming languages (Maven, CMake, Gradle, etc.). We use base ClearCase as a source control tool. How does one go about implementing dependency management when integrating from source? In ClearCase I would

merge of directories in clearcase

I merged directories in two different views using clearcase. The directories can have difference in the no. of files and subdirectories. After merge The listing of files merged on merge manager doesnot match with no. of files checkedout on to-clearcase view. ie. lsco on the merged-to view and No. of files checked out on merge manager(I didn't checkout any files prior to merge operation)

Clearcase How to filter the baselines(UCM) alone from describe command?

As we are having many components , I am trying to describe all the baselines using following command cleartool describe -l baseline:Baseline_2.1.0.13@\My_PVOB It provides output like follows "Build 13" master replica: My_PVOB@\My_PVOB owner: Admin group: ABC stream:Components_Integration@\My_PVOB component: Baselines@\My_PVOB label status: No Versions to Label change sets: promotion level: INITIAL depends on: Baseline_2.\My_PVOB (Comp1@\My_PVOB) Baseline_2.\My_PVOB

Clearcase can't read the foundation baselines?

This looks like a serious problem to me. I can't get the foundation baseline info on the integration stream. Can not view the properties/baselines in spider1_wells_integration in clearprojexp tool! I got the error message: Unable to read the foundation baselines

Clearcase Lock or unlock a directory and its content recursively

Using ClearCase, how can I lock (or unlock) a directory and its complete content recursively? (It seems to me that neither the GUI nor cleartool supports recursive (un)locking, so probably I would have to write a batch file recursing over all the content of a directory. Maybe I overlooked something?)

JVM error while installing clearcase

I am unable to install ClearCase version 8.0.3 in RHEL7. I have installed all the dependencies, and yet it still shows error. While doing ./ under the path /Clearcase/Setup/disk1/, it opens in Mozilla and shows the added error. JVM error while installing clearcase When I install through /Clearcase/Agent/ with ./install, it installs version 1.7.2 and does not shows list of versions when I click on show all versions. How can I get pass this error message?

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