Content management system Multi language CMS?

Is there any CMS such as expression engine or wordpress that allows a user to click a button and convert all the text to another language (it would have to be human generated otherwise it has too many mistakes probably). I'd like to know if there are any good solutions out there that work for real world use, in like business company websites.

Content management system Single product free ecommerce CMS?

Are there any free ready solutions for a simple one-page ecommerce site selling only one product? Like this one: Updated: I don't want to use any third-party checkout systems like paypal or google. My customers will pay cash on delivery. So I just want to receive e-mail with customer's credentials.

Content management system Reusable Content Orchard

I'm looking to implement reusable content blocks in Orchard but can't seem to find any online resources documenting this process. Orchard has two default parts containers and containable. However, containables can only be assigned to one container. I've stumbled across a demo of setting up a Content Type of "Books" and another called "Reviews" which uses the containables/container example above. It does not show you how you can relate one review to multiple books.

Content management system silverstripe model admin content is not displayed to content authors

there is a model admin section in the cms. for the content authors the model admin section shows up in the sidebar (i´ve set Access to 'ModelAdmin' section in the Permissions for the Group.) But for some reason no DataObjects are displayed. Logged in as admin I can see them all. EDIT: this applies to GridFields in general: related data objects are not visible in gridfield for content authors. adding the canView function to the dataobject will help. Thanks, Florian

Content management system Combine Pmwiki with CMS

Currently we have a website based on Pmwiki, which needs to be expanded. The idea is to combine it with a CMS, something like Joomla. So we keep the data and wiki functionalities, while introducing user authentication system, discussion forum and other features. The question is, where should I start looking into the problem? Is there any books or blogs about how to combine web frameworks? Any suggestion will be really helpful!

Content management system CMS Made Simple - adding extra editing fields to Global Content Blocks possible

I am spoiled in using Advanced Custom Fields for wordpress. But now I am using CMS Made Simple since the client has it. I have the Global Content Block which suits me nicely – but there is only one field - and I would like to have multiple fields there to make it more functional. Is there any way to do this, or is there a better module to install for making this? Thank you. I have googled, but not found my way through on this one.

Content management system Ektron user change password?

I have a Ektron client with Ektron installed. They would like to add the functionality to change a password to something they want. Do I need to be concerned with the ektron part or just go ahead and make my edit? Is there an easy way to do that? Any links to information would be greatly appreciated.

Content management system Why to build own CMS?

On my first job interview, I was asked why did I build my own CMS? Why not to use one of existing CMS, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal...? At first, I was stunned. I couldn't immediately recall all of my reasons for building my own CMS, but this was definitely one of the main reasons: It's my code and if I want to change something in that CMS (which I often have to do, because each website I build needs CMS with different functions) it's not a big problem. For some time I've been using Wordpress and o

Content management system Java, PHP or ASP.NET, what is best suited for building Web Portals and CMSs?

I am going to work in a company, in which I will be the production manager. The main area of work would be building and developing Web Portals and CMSs. I have been programming in for a while now, but I have a fair knowledge of PHP and Java too. Now I am stuck which platform to choose as our platform of choice. I don't want to make mistakes, because it would to costly to change platform later on. My main criteria for choosing are: Available ORMs Template support Development time Int

Content management system What is he best way how to get the short version of an article?

What do you think? What's the best way how to get from administratior the short version of an article (in CMS)? I have 3 possibilies in my mind: 1) Create two textareas (WYSIWYG) fro the short and for the full version of article 2) The short version will be (for example) the first 100 words of article 3) To have one sepparator (like <hr>) and the short version will be the text from the beggining up to the sepparator (full version will be up to the end)

Content management system CMS with built-in A/B testing

I would like to start trying new layouts and visuals on web pages that I manage. So far I am managing all my pages via scripts on my local machine and just upload static html files to a hosting machine; I am happy to set up almost any basic CMS or "static site manager". What are some CMS (or a more basic platform for managing static html pages) that has built-in support for keeping track of multiple versions of a page and recording a user's flow from age to page?

Content management system Online app backend with client-friendly online CMS

There are a ton of online CMS services out there. And a ton of (new) backend-as-a-service products too. But I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I am building an app for a client. The app contains data about shops, products, and more. The client must be able to update this data (and not just one person: each shop manager needs to be able to log in and edit the data for their own shop). And of course the app must be able to access this data. Client edits data online This has to be extrem

Content management system Transform referenced XML

I have a pipeline question. I have a workflow where I have a master XML that references multiple XML files. It would be similar to a DITA map, but this is not DITA. I am having to run an XSLT on the master XML to prepare it for a downstream process for output to the web or other medium. Part of this transform includes resolving database file paths to relative file paths within the package that is exported from the content management system. I can perform the transformation on the master XML

Content management system Umbraco DropDown List

I have a requirement to store a list of designers with logos and some bio information in my Umbraco CMS. I created a document type called 'Designer' with all those properties. I'd like to now create a dropdown list with those designer names so I can associate it with other document types. How do I create this dropdown? I'm using the v7 of umbraco.

Content management system Umbraco - Media - Image not found

I've uploaded a couple PNG images to Umbraco via the Media section that I want to be able to show in a page but for some reason it cannot find the image, even when I go to Media and click on the thumbnail and it opens a new tab, it gives me a 404 error. However this works for JPG images that I've uploaded in the Media section. Other PNGs that I have, such as the ones in the images folder for the CSS, loads fine so it seems like it's just the images I'm uploading via the Media section. Is ther

Content management system Shopify Liquid - if product.template contains

I am trying to retrieve the template for a specific product while NOT on the product template page. I am on the collection page and am trying to adjust the Quick shop feature to only show the add to cart for products no associated with a custom template. For example, I've assigned a 'consultation' template to a group of products. However because I am no longer on the product template page, the Quick shop doesn't recognize the consultation product. Any ideas on how I can make this work other than

Content management system none of the versions of content item is visible in Sitecore CMS 7.1

We are facing very weird issue in Sitecore CMS site, we are unable to see the content of the item in any version any language in content tree.Even the templates fields are missing. Earlier it was working absolutely fine we were able to view all the items in content tree in all languages. We couln't find any thing in the sitecore log although we queried Master DB and the items are there in different version in item table. We restored the master DB and after that everything is back to normal but t

Content management system Relevant sling:resourceType for xtype:htmleditor

As we know that for: xtype:textfield-->resouceType:granite/ui/components/foundation/form/textfield xtype:textarea-->resouceType :granite/ui/components/foundation/form/textarea. I want this: xtype:htmleditor-->resouceType:? I have created one custom component with xtype: htmleditor so, that I can achieve font face like "Arial", "tahoma" etc and font size as well. The above xtype is for classic UI. But, when I was trying to create cq:dialog for touch UI using dialog converter tool I couldn

Content management system Framework for making a web-application who's content is managed

Is there a system (such as a development framework, Wiki or CMS) that enables you to build rich web applications, but where you can make all the text of the application content-managed? For example, there might be screens that display charts and statistics, and a data entry form, and a form for modifying properties of something. The unique code for each screen will be part of the application. However, content - i.e. paragraphs of 'help' text, headings, navigation - should all be managed. By m

Content management system Choosing a E-commerce CMS that does a good job at SEO and has variables the buyer chooses about the product after selecting it. See example:

I have never used a CMS before nor have I built a E-commerce site before so I have several questions regarding this and choosing one: My background: I am not a programmer: I am a designer and I am proficient with using HTML and CSS, as well as having some experience using and "tweeking" some Jquery Plugins such as sliders, picture viewers, to use in my markup. I need help choosing the right CMS to build a E-commerce site for a very small shop and my choice of CMS must meet these requiremen

Content management system How to migrate from MiaCMS to Joomla 1.5?

How do I convert from MiaCMS to Joomla? They both have a common ancestry in Mambo CMS (RIP). Now that MiaCMS is going the same way I need to move to something else and Joomla seems to be the best choice. There should be enough commonality to port over. And MiaCMS has a porting instructions from Mambo that could possibly be used to create a conversion script. I want to go directly to Joomla 1.5 if that is possible, although porting to Joomla 1.x and then upgrading would be an option. I tried to i

Content management system which CMS or component or module Use to sell digital products that need treatment after the clients buys

I wanna sell products online it's a service. Clients goes on the site he chooses the product after he purchases it he will log in in his frontend area and he will add some files to complete his order. and once the files and the informations are added to his order. the stuff will work on his case and deliver him a file when work done. that ile can be sended by mail or by downloading it from the frontend. the product has many states : 1-purchased 2-waiting for additional files from client 3-fil

Content management system Sitecore copied item displaying wrong content

I'm new to sitecore have been tasked with creating some ppc landing pages for a client who's developer has moved on. Their previous developer had created several of these pages in the past and the content is very similar so I have copied one of the previous pages and changed the content. The problem is that the copy is still referencing the content of the original page, i know this as if i change the content of the original the copy also changes too. The pages sub items are a mix of rich t

Content management system Modifying Hippo cnd file

I'm modifying some default cnd files in my Hippo CMS project. When I upload a new cnd to the console, autoexport works and creates a new .cnd file in my bootstrap configuration module. This happens with all cnd files but hippo.cnd. I manually created a hippo.cnd file in my bootstrap module and removed my local repository. But when I restarted the project all cnd were initialized well but hippo.cnd. Does somebody have a solution for bootstraping hippo.cnd file?

Content management system .Net based Content Management System for marketing department

I need to set up a CMS for our marketing dept. Basically they need a system that they can sharing documents with multiple users editing documents with multiple users tracking changes tracking/keeping multiple versions storing and organizing files The types of documents are : Illustrator, Photoshop, Pdf, MS word and Excel. I am in the process of evaluating different CMS to use. Since we are a .Net shop so the first requirement is Windows based. I know we can use Windows SharePoint Services

Content management system TYPO3 Extbase call new action

I have created my own TYPO3 Extension. This extension will show a list of files. In the backend i can create new categories. In these categories I can add new files. This works. But when I will link the download button to new controller action, it appears always an error. I created a new Controller (Classes -> Controller -> DownloadController.php). The file contains the following: namespace Mbdownloads\MbDownloads\Controller; class DownloadController extends \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Mvc\Controller\A

Content management system Magnolia Collapsible composite field with multivalue allows me to save but cannot reopen when editing

I have a not too complex form that is a Multivalue of a composite field and within that composite field there is a title and then a collapsible composite field with several fields below. The tree looks like this: - tab - composite - title - collapsible composite - field 1 - field 2 - ... I'm doing it like this because there are too many fields and ordering them with all the fields open can be a pain, so the idea is to have a composite field with a title and a coll

Content management system Should multiple regional websites all use the same database?

I'm developing a cms for a company that has multiple regional sites (us, uk, china, russia, etc..). Should I use a separate database for each of these sites or use a single database with a 'site' field in each table? My main concern is the table language encoding (ie, can storing strings in different langauges in the same table cause problems, such as sorting issues).

Content management system CMS just for backend

I'm looking for a CMS just for backend that lets you manage database tables with custom fields. I found Wordpress Pods similar to what I'm looking for, but I don't want Wordpress to manage my frontend (and Wordpress Pods don't look professional to me...) Is there something like this out there? Thank you. Sergio

Content management system Contao CMS gives 404 "Page not found" Error after Installation

I'm facing a problem with an installation of Contao CMS with Isotope e-Commerce. I've followed all steps outlined in the documentation here. But accessing the storefront always leads me to a 404 error as shown. I've searched all over the place but couldn't find any solutions to this error. Is there any way to solve this error or am I missing something here?

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