Crystal reports Strange CrystalReportsViewer toolbar behaviour

I have a problem with the CrystalReportsViewer's toolbar that puzzles me. Let's say I have a report that consists of five pages. If I click the next button, I get to page two as expected, but if I press it again, page two reloads! I can click the last page button and get to the last page, but if I try to go to the previous page from there, I end up on page one again. So, no matter how many pages my report has, I can only get to the first, the second and the last one! These problems began w

Crystal reports How I can generate a Horizontal Crystal report

I’m have a problem/question regarding how I can generate a Horizontal Crystal report in next format: I have a object “sale” which have next elements/parameters: a. Ariel; b. Tide; c. Persil; d. Colgate; e. Orbit; f. Aqua Fresh; … h. SaleDate; The object have elements which can be grouped: a. Arial + Tide + Persil = Detergents b. Colgate + Orbet + Aqua Fresh = ... Dental stuff (something like this). Accordantly to Crystal I will get a report which will be generate a i

Crystal reports Is there any way to print all pages of a Cross Tab Crystal Report through the .NET Crystal API?

We are printing our Crystal Reports via the Crystal .NET API PrintToPrinter method. Recently it was discovered that when printing Cross Tab reports (reports that span multiple pages horizontally), only the first page is printed and the other "virtual" pages are not. We can preview the Reports fine in the .NET Crystal Report Viewer control and they show the wide report we expect, but when we print using the PrintToPrinter() method the output is definitely not what we just saw in that preview. Onl

Crystal reports Limit rows fetched when designing a new report

Is there a way to limit the number of rows fetched from a table when creating a report with the Report Wizard? Say I have a table with a million records. I use the report wizard to select this table and some fields. Before I can get to the step where I can use the select expert; Crystal Reports fetches everything record to render on the report. This can take 5 - 10 minutes of just waiting. Is there some setting to limit how many records can be fetched during design time? Or is there some o

Crystal reports error at runtime setting the size of an array in crystal reports

I've got 2 arrays; shared stringvar array dkrowarrray; shared stringvar array newArray; I know that the first array contains 10 elements. When I try to set the value of newArray I get a runtime error (Error in formula deltakrow: 'shared stringvar array dkrowarray; ' An array's dimension must be an integer between 1 and 1000). I'm trying to set it like; numbervar dkrowarraysize := count(dkrowarray);//I also tried ubound here. redim newArray[dkrowarraysize]; When I prescribe the value li

Crystal reports How to detect if a section is suppressed in Crystal Reports v 11?

I have a CRv11 report with two Group #1 footers (a & b) showing different information in each. I have written some simple formulae controlling a shared variable to determine which footer displays: if the report is at its summary level (all suppress - drill down ok sections are hidden) I want it to show Group #1 footer a and if certain sections have been drilled into I want to show Group #1 footer b. I've put a formula in the Report Header which sets the shared variable as 1 - this shows Gr

Crystal reports How to change alignment of a report field in crystal reoport at runtime

In a crystal report, I want to set alignment of a fields accordingly. How can i do the same at run time? That's nice.This is working.Thanks.I did same, and code is shown below. var fo = rpt.ReportDefinition.ReportObjects["InvoiceComment"]; fo.ObjectFormat.HorizontalAlignment = Alignment.LeftAlign; if (ds.Tables[0].Rows[0].ItemArray[19].ToString() == "Right") fo.ObjectFormat.HorizontalAlignment = Alignment.RightAlign; else if (ds.Tables[0].Rows[0].ItemArray[19].ToString() == "Center")

Crystal reports Sending Auto Cut in EPSON Thermal Printer from Crystal Report

I am trying to use Crystal Report for printing to EPSON Thermal Printer TM-T88IV using Windows Driver (EPSON Advanced Printer Driver 4.52ce). OPOS was not chosen for certain reasons. I am using SAP Crystal Report 2011, though I have Visual Studio 2010 installed as well. The printer setting for PaperSource (Printer - Printing Preference - Document Settings - Paper Source) is set to DOCUMENT[Feed, Cut]. The report is cutting fine at the end of the report. However, my requirement is to have a rep

Crystal reports Creating an extra slice in pie chart in crystal report

I have a SQL which counts the number of rows. Say the result is 80. I would like to have a parameter that is user-input, to be the total. Lets say the user enters 100. How would I use the two numbers, 80 and 100, to create a pie chart that shows the data takes up 80% of the total? I cannot find a way to add custom slice in a pie chart in Crystal Report, is it even possible? Thanks!

Crystal reports Crystal Reports 7 CrossTab Suppress Column

I'm trying to modify a report created in Crystal Reports 7 (which I know almost nothing about). I want to use a CrossTab, as this seems to be the best way to accomplish what I want. I have a column with three possible values: A, B, C. The cross tab creates three columns. I want to suppress C. How can I do this? Also, is there anyway to create rows based on one field (i.e. a PK value), but display another - like a description? For example, if a list of states have a PK value of 1-50, I want the

Crystal reports Converting string to date in Crystal Reports

I'm new to Crystal Reports, I'm trying to extract and display month and year from the string (In DB the data type of the column is varchar). Following is an example of the data. 05-JAN-12 AM I need it in following format Jan-12 I have used cDate to convert the string to date format but was unsuccessful, maybe I didn't do it right way.

Crystal reports Crystal Reports can't import the given Data Source

Source Can't Binding to my Crystal Report : int j = ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count; ReportDocument rd = new ReportDocument(); ConnectionInfo info = new ConnectionInfo(); info.DatabaseName = "DbName" info.UserID = "UserName"; info.Password = "Password"; rd.SetDataSource(ds); rd.VerifyDatabase(); rd.Load(@"C:\Users\Abhinavu\Documents\Login\Login\Rpr1.rpt"); crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = rd; crystalReport

Crystal reports Epicor Newbie looking for direction

I am an Epicor and Crystal Reports Newbie. I have started working with these programs a month ago, when I was hired. I am still trying to figure out how you know whether you are trying to customize a BAQ, Dashboard, etc. How to know where/when to make a new BOM report and such. If anyone out there has some tips, I would greatly appreciate it. I feel slightly intimidated by the program but am also determined to learn my way through it. Thanks!

Crystal reports Join rows in to a string in crystal report formulae

I have a rows of phone numbers like below Number 11111111111 22222222222 3333333333 4444444444 I want to concatenate these in to a single string like blwo 11111111111,22222222222, 3333333333,4444444444 When i use the formulae in Crystal Report stringvar text :=''; if(InStr(text,{CONTACTNUMBERVIEW.CONTACTNO}) = 0 ) then text := text + {CONTACTNUMBERVIEW.CONTACTNO} + ","; if OnLastRecord then text := Left(text, len(text) - 1) else ''; text; It did worked, however, its p

Crystal reports Listing multiple values from the same record multiple times in crystal reports

I have a PDF "student record" that we need to print the values on. Because of this, all values must be printed where they are listed on the pdf and I can't just put everything in a list format. I have attached a screenshot of the bottom lefthand corner of the PDF as an example. Obviously, grouping wouldn't allow me to print out different values of the same record like this. It probably wouldn't allow me top specify which record goes on which line exactly either. Is it possible to make a form

Crystal reports In Crystal Reports I am looking to have a header footer then header footer with linked info but different Sums

So I know it is not possible to do header 1 detail footer 1 header 2 detail footer 2 But I am trying to make a form that shows Invoices Invoice#, Date, Status, Total, Balance Due Info Debits total: Credits Date, Reference, Total, Balance info Credits Total: Balance due: Balance due being debits - credits. I was able to get the invoices but I can not figure out

Crystal reports How to Suppress Header

I am working with Crystal Report, I have data which is grouped. Below I am attaching the designer view of the report. The issue is: my header repeats on every page, if my Sub report goes to second or third page, or as long as it grows.. How should I suppress my header if the detail portion of the report only occupying the first page ..?

Crystal reports Crystal Report: Get Minimum Date

I have this concern using Crystal Report which I am not really familiar with. Here's my scenario: I have an existing report to update, I need to add a column (ETA) which has a datetime value. It may return more than one rows per Item No, I need to get the minimum date only per Item No from the result rows. I already tried some solution mentioned here but found no luck. I used a suppression formula for the Details section of the report, but haven't succeede

Crystal reports Format Cell Phone number on Crystal Reports

I searched for a formula to format 10 digit cell phone number on Crystal reports.The output should be this type-(856)854-8098.The formula was: Picture(ToText({Command.Cell Phone},"##########"),"(xxx) xxx-xxxx") When I applied it on my report it gave an error on the highlighted part saying "Too many arguments have been given to this function" Please suggest,how should I modify it to work properly.

Crystal reports Crystal Reports: Sumarize formula field

I would like to have a formula field like the following If Count(Employees.Trainings, Employees.EmployeeID)>=1 Then Employees.EmployeeID Else Null My goal is to do a count on this formula so that I know how many Employees have completed at least one training. Apparenlty this is not possible in Crystal Reports. Is there a workaround? I would like my report to look something like this: Department Employees Sum(days) Employees who have at least one training Department A 25

Crystal reports crystal reports: suppress page footer and keep group footer when only one detail section exists

i'm fairly new to crystal reports, so i'm trying to include conditions for the first time. i am running a report that will often have two group groups for which i would like subtotals for dollars and percentages (group footer) and then total dollars (report footer). i am trying to accomplish two things: 1) when there is only one detail section, i would like to only show my subtotal values 2) also, in this scenario, i would like the text box to change to "total" rather than "subtotal" i belie

Crystal reports Certificate error in Crystal Reports

After the last upgrade of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio, every time I open the report in design view I'm getting multiple certificate errors (see picture below). The errors comes from the SAP web site, which indeed has certificate expired. But I cannot find any references to this site in my project. How to get rid of them? This doesn't happen on all computers, only on mine. Posted this question in SAP forum - no answer. Thank you.

Crystal reports Crystal Reports Incorrect Grand Total

I tried looking for the answer but all the questions were more complicated, needing more complicated answers. I'm trying to find the sum of a column in Crystal Reports, putting it into the footer, but when I do it gets a grand total that is totally incorrect. For example, i want to find the sum of the column balance, which has only got one row with £0.68, but CR puts £69.36. I have had to suppress the duplicates, so that probably has something to do with it, but since i'm new to everything code

Crystal reports How can I select every first data of time in every-dates? on crystal report

I want to select all first data of time in every dates with the type of f1. How can I do that on Crystal report? Do I need to create an SQL Expression? Or any suggestions? ID no. Employee Name Dates Time Type 389 Escano,CL. 16-Aug-20 7:45am F1 389 Escano,CL. 16-Aug-20 7:47am F1 389 Escano,CL. 17-Aug-20 7:45am F1 389 Escano,CL. 17-Aug-20 7:47am F1 389 Escano,CL. 18-Aug-20 7:47am F1 389 Escano,CL. 18-Aug-20 7:49am F1

Crystal reports Spacing Issue Crystal Reports 2008

write a report in Crystal however I cannot seem to get rid of the spacing before and between lines for the field "DetCommentDescript". I have supressed the field, placed the field in a textbox and tried to supress it however nothing seems to work. The following shows the layout of the report and the output in which I have highlighted the spaces. The report should look like the following: I have not used any formulas or groups, etc. I have supressed if blank in sections but am not getting

Crystal reports Use output in Cross Tab to create a formula Crystal Reports

I have a cross tab in which I am trying to create a GM % formula. Right now my output look like below: I am trying to create a formula for GM % which would technically be (@GM/SLS)*100. But when I add this formula in the summary field of the cross tab I get an incorrect result. My desired output should look like below: is there any way to get this kind of output in the above picture?? any help would be appreciated.

Crystal reports Field problem in Crystal Reports

I dragged a field into the details section, but it shows only one row and repeats everything that is there in the details section and then it shows the next row. I want that CourseID2 should come just below CourseID1 and nothing else should be repeated.

Crystal reports Change the definition of a 'Week'?

I'm generating an overtime report, and while Crystal Reports can group an employee's shifts into weeks, it uses a standard Sunday-Saturday week; I need a Monday-Sunday week(ie, Sept 12-18th inclusive). Is there any way to change this setting, or am I stuck with writing a complex formula?

Crystal reports How to split the group

Using Crystal Report 7 Single report (not sub report added, group by id) ID Value total 001 100 2000 002 300 1000 003 400 4000 ...... I have n number of rows, i want to make first 2 rows subtotal, not each 2 rows, report should display 1st row, 2nd row then 1st & 2nd row subtotal, then 3rd row, 4th row, 5th row to nth rows.... Expected Ouput ID Value total subtotal 001 100 2000 002 200 3000 ------------------- total 300 5000 0 003 300 1000 ...... How to do it in crystal report.

Crystal reports How to calculate a ranking in Crystal Reports?

I am designing a student management system, and I'm trying to design a report that represents a report card. What I want to do is get a report that will display all the subjects and marks per student and the rank of the student based on the sum total marks of the subjects. Here is an example of the information I would like to display: Student Physics Chemistry Total marks Rank 1 77 90 167 3 2 90 98 188 1 3 90 98

Crystal reports extracting data from crystal reports file into sql

i need to extract data from thousands of crystal report 2008 files into SQL database. data i need is name of the crystal file stored procedure crystal is using Server Database SP used Fields displayed Summary info such as Author Keywords,Comments,Subject Parameters and so on. Does anyone have any idea how i can accomplish this and maybe a code example.i was told this can be done using VB but no idea how to do it. any help is greatly appreciated

Crystal reports Crystal Reports - Formula Workshop

I have created a crystal report which groups products based on order number. I have created a formula which displays the text 'Partially Completed' or 'Fully Completed' based on whether a field on each product called 'Difference' equals 0 or not. If 'Difference' is 0 then 'Fully Completed' is displayed and vice-versa. What I need to do is to display the corresponding message for the overall order number (i.e. if any of the products for an order have a difference != 0 then display 'Partially Co

Crystal reports Data Not Showing in Preview, but Does Show in Field Data

I have a crystal report which I created a data source link to from an ADO.NET connection. Within the dataset is a table called vendorPP. When I drag this field onto my report, and hit preview, no data shows. If I right click on the field and say browse field data, I can see the vendors email address that I would like to appear on the report. I am placing the field in a page header. I have checked the font color, and verified that field is not suppressed in any way. I can drag other Fields on t

Crystal reports New line return in Crystal Report

Im creating a report based on crystal report.. I'm wondering how can i return a new line like for example im a field which is bound to a a datatable where in if the number of text reach the maximum width of the field it would carry to the next line?. Like if i had a text that is "Representation and other incidental allowances" since it exceeds the width of my field , i want to display like below: "Representation and other incidental allowances" Hope someone could help me!.. Thank you!

Crystal reports Formatting rows of crystal report output

I am a new to crystal report (2008) and need help on my formatting problem. I have output sample as below in crystal report: srNo Name ID assigned_number ================================== 1 aaa 111 1 2 bbb 222 2 3 ccc 333 3 4 ddd 444 23 5 fff 445 32 6 ggg 432 1 7 ffr 435 2 8 rty 654 43 9 ttt 434 33 10 trt 343 1 11 rre 346 2 12

Crystal reports How to detect the last page before the header record changes

I need to place in the header of a crystal report, the number 0 or 1. 1 if the page is the last page of the current record, else 0. i.e I have multiple records that each have a varying number of detail lines. Each record starts on a new page with a repeating header. If the detail lines span more than one page, I need to write a 1 on the last page of the record header and a 0 on every other page header. I've tried using the following in a formula field to detect the next record's primary key

Crystal reports Embedding QR Code in a stand alone Crystal Report

I would like to embed a QR Code on a stand-alone Crystal Report. I'm planning to embed information from the report (like Name or Address) that will be stored in the QR that will be generated in the Crystal report. Can anyone point me in the right direction or link to any resources explaining how to do this?

Crystal reports Crystal Report formula issue :How to split multi line text value in to the array and how to fetch it by forloop in

I have one field in a dataset which has a multi-line textbox value. I want to split that record, store it into an array, and when I fetch the value from the array by a for-loop, I want to prepend a "*" to each line. I have written a formula for that but it's working only for 2 values. After that it's not working and I'm not able to get how to retrieve the value like this. I want the result to be: * 123 * 234 * 786 But I'm getting the result: *123 234 786 my formula is Local StringVar

Crystal reports Pass Value from one sub report to another sub report

I want to get the sum(qty) from sub_report a and use it in sub_report b because I will show them like this: Banana PHP 10.00x1 10 - sub report a Tax PHP 3.00x1 3 - sub report b PHP 2.00x1 2 PHP 5.00x1 5 Banana PHP 10.00x1 10 - sub report a Tax PHP 3.00x1 3 - sub report b PHP 2.00x1 2 PHP 5.00x1 5 After I merge this the result below because it shows the same data Banana PHP 10.00x2

Crystal reports view sql produced by crystal reports

I am developing reports for a system using Workforce Time and Attendance. The system uses an Oracle database, Crystal Reports, and (I think) Business Objects. My reports use parameters. I want to know how those parameters are being used. Is there a way to see the actual SQL that's being sent to the database server? Please don't respond with Database | Show SQL Query... That shows me the SQL I created (with the parameter names). I want to see what the database server is receiving.

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