Dialogflow es Hyperlink in response in Api.ai

I am exploring api.ai now a days for one assignment to develop chat bot. Is there a way to add hyperlinks as a part of default response? I do not want to use Google Assistant, Facebook Messanger, KIK,Slack etc but I want to include hyperlink as a part of Default Response. I explored various blogs but could not find desired answer.

Dialogflow es Dialog flow default response set to follow-up no

I'm new to dialog flow and was trying to build a conversational chatbot. The following is the example I'm working with. I created an intent "Q1" with question 1 as the user input. Later, I added a follow up yes and no intent for "Q1". When I test it, though it gives the correct answer for yes and no, I noticed that when I enter "thank you" after asking question 1, I get the output intent as Q1-no. Is there an explanation why the default is Q1-no instead of small talk?

Dialogflow es Use fulfillment outputContext parameters into a text response

I use DialogFlow with a fulfillment on an intent. The fulfillment has this response: { "outputContexts": [ { "name": "search-results", "lifespanCount": 9999, "parameters": { "foo": "bar", } } ] } On the same intent (that does not have search-results as an input context), I'd like to use the parameters returned on the outputContext from my fulfillment on the responses like that Unfortunately, when I

Dialogflow es Is it possible to deviate from a conversation flow and come back to the original flow in DF

I am trying to develop a chat-bot in google Dialog Flow where user deviates from the original conversation flow (CF) but ends up coming back to original somewhere in the middle. bot responses are in bold For example: original CF: hi -> how may i help you -> i would like to go travelling -> OK, i would suggest Europe. would you be interested? -> yes -> alright here's the price deviated CF: hi -> how may i help you -> i would like to go travelling -> OK, i would suggest Europe. would you be inte

Dialogflow es How do you escape commas in uploaded CSV's for Dialogflow?

Have what I thought was a simple problem, I'm not able to upload a CSV into Dialogflow's Knowledge due to the following error: CSV documents must have exactly two columns. The provided document has 3 columns. I realised quickly that for whatever reason Dialogflow didn't like the way I was escaping commas in each column. Consider the following example: This is column 1\,line 1,This is column 2 line 1 Validates via CSV Lint so it should work, but doesn't. I've also tried escaping commas w

Dialogflow es Unable to end conversation using expectedUserResponse field

I'm trying to end a conversation dynamically in my dialogflow action. I've tried setting the expectedUserResponse field to false but so far the only way I've been able to get my action to leave the conversation is to have the toggle button enabled for the intent in the dialogflow setup. I'm not using any SDK, only passing JSON back and forth in my fulfillment service. Here's an example of the json that's unsuccessful in ending the conversation: { "payload": { "google": { "expe

Dialogflow es Find out why my action is not responsing even if it is working in Dialogflow

I'm refactoring a library where I create the fullfillment of Dialogflow v2. In Dialogflow I see the response I am expecting. The "Fulfillment status" in the "Diagnostic info" dialog just says: "Webhook execution successful". However in the Actions Console I only get the response that my action is not responding. How can I find out what is going on?

Dialogflow es How to create a Facebook Carousel in Dialogflow as "Custom Payload"

I would like to create a Mockup Facebook Bot with Dialogflow without using a webhook. It's possible to define channel specific answers in Dialogflow. There you can chooses between pre defined response types or a custom payload. The custom payload for a simple button works, but when I try to create a caroussel nothing happens. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/send-messages/template/generic#carousel Where can I find out what is supported by Dialogflow and what isn't? Ho

Dialogflow es I can't change telegram token in Integration section of Dialogflow. "Bot was not stopped"

I have Dialogflow support bot integrated with telegram bot for our customer support. All worked fine. Recently token of telegram bot was changed. Of course, telegram bot now doesn't answer because token was changed and now it is not linked with Dialogflow. And I can't modify token in Dialogflow - field with token is grey-colored and cannot be edited. I can only click STOP in Telegram integration window where I can see "Bot was not stopped". Any suggestions? thanks!

Dialogflow es Allow for long user responses on Dialogflow using the phone gateway?

I am building an app that is trying to collect feedback from a community using the Dialogflow phone gateway. I want to collect long form user responses and allow the user to just say stop or hang up when they are done (allowing for a few sentences or longer of input). Currently, my message prompts the user and then automatically cuts the user off after one sentence/statement for the next intent. Is there an option to allow for long form dialogue or set up an event timer to allow for longer state

Dialogflow es How can i send Quick Replies to Facebook Through Dialogflow Fulfillment

I am trying to send Quick Replies to Facebook users through Dialogflow Fulfillment and I have not been able to achieve that I have tried a lot and have not succeeded Is there any help Codes i have tried: #1 : function QuickReplies(agent) { agent.add(“Select one”); agent.add(new Suggestion(“Quick Reply”)); agent.add(new Suggestion(“Suggestion”)); } #2 : function QuickReplies(agent) { const quickReplies1 = new Suggestion({ title: "What do you want to do?",

Dialogflow es Actions on Google - Location Permission

How do you request device location using webhook, and actions on google v2. Previously, I used permission_request field, but that is now deprecated, and not sure where it fits into the response object at. json response { speech: "", displayText: "", data: { google: { expectUserResponse: true, noInputPrompts: [ { textToSpeech: "Hello McFly!" }, { textToSpeech: "Good talk, Russ" }, { textToSpeech: "Alright, I'm just gonna go over here and hang out. Let me know if there is anything else I can do

Dialogflow es accessing a service which is hosted on the intranet

Hi I am new to Dialogflow. I am trying to do the following I am trying to create a simple bot application which would use a webhook to connect to an external service (hosted on my local webserver/ company server). Based on the documentation Docs it seems that the service has to be publicly accessible. Can I do this? Thank you

Dialogflow es How to determine confidence level in DialogFlow

When a user is responding to a question in DialogFlow, is there a way to obtain the confidence levels that was achieved for a specific phrase? Example: Q: What is the capital of Germany? A: Berlin I would like to read back how well the AI understood the user, e.g.: He said: "Boerlin" ---> 87.3% confidence level that he said "Berlin" Is there a way to read back this kind of information?

Dialogflow es How to create a search form with dialogflow

I am trying to make a search algorithm with dialogflow that could take any combination of: first name, address, phone number, zip code or city as input to a search algorithm. The user does not need all of them, but we will refine our search with each additional answer until we only have one result. Basically we are trying to identify which customer we are talking to. How should this type of intent (or set of intents) be structured? We have tried one intent with multiple parameters, but we do n

Dialogflow es Google Sign-In: how to easily decode token when using dialogflow-fulfillment library instead of actions-on-google?

I need to get the email address from Google user's profile. I'm using Dialogflow and I implemented google-sign-in procedure to get the Client ID (issued by Google to your Actions), and I'm also fulfilling actions.intent.SIGN_IN intent (as explained here). I do receive the Google ID token that contains the user's Google profile information, the problem is about decoding the token. If I were using Actions on Google client library for Node.js, I could just follow the example from google-sign-in a

Dialogflow es Dialogflow Intents Follow-ups not under right intent

For example if you have IntentA and you add 2 followup intents: IntentB, IntentC, it works ok it should add a context because it doesn't have an output context yet. But here is the problem. Sometimes if you add another one, for example a FallbackIntent, it just adds another context (SOMETIMES) and if you delete it in both(IntentA and FallbackIntent), so they both have the same context, meaning they should still be connected, and the hiearchy shouldn't change,but it still does. It still works per

Dialogflow es How do I format the @sys.date & @sys.time for a Facebook Messenger response in DialogFlow?

I have a demo bot which takes in the user's date & time as inputs, and just repeats it back to them. However, it gets repeated in the ISO-8601 format, which I don't want. I managed to format in the inline editor for Google Assistant, but it doesn't work in Facebook Messenger. Is there any way I can format it in the inline editor for Messenger as well? This is the code I'm using, it formats it correctly in the test console, but on messenger in still uses the responses that I entered in Dialo

Dialogflow es Actions on Google won't respond to explicit invocations

I'm developing an Action, let's call it "foo". It's a grocery list, so users should be able to explicitly invoke it like so: "ask foo to add milk" (fails) "ask foo add milk" (works, but grammatically awful) "tell foo add milk" (fails, even though it's basically identical to the above?) "talk to foo" ... "add milk" (works, but awkward) I've defined "add {item} to my foo list" and "add {item}" (as well as many others) as training phrases in Dialogflow. So it seems like everything should be con

Dialogflow es Set Lights from google action

I created an action which sends notifications to other smart home devices. It is a conversational action, i.e. i did not choose 'Smart Home Control' when creating the action. Now I want to control smart home lights, which are connected to the google account, with this action. For example when I say: "Leave a message for David", a specific light should be switched on with this action. Is it possible to achieve this? I figured it might only be possible to control smart home gadgets when choosing

Dialogflow es What could cause a custom fallback intent to not be triggered?

I have made a custom fallback intent with an input context "Con-Ser-Klacht-channelKeuzeInput". But when I test my agent, the default fallback intent is triggered even though "Con-Ser-Klacht-channelKeuzeInput" is active. I thought that more specific intents (i.e. more input contexts) have priority over less specific ones. So what could cause this behaviour? I have already checked for typos, but the active context is identical to the input context of the custom fallback. Here are the relevan

Dialogflow es Carousel item invoking another intent (not the followup actions_intent_option)

I need some help here. I have a google assistant food recipes bot with the following intents: [GET_RECIPES_BY_NAME] [GET_RECIPES_BY_CAROUSEL] -----[GET_OPTION] So, when the user says "I want a chocolate cake", the dialogflow invokes the [GET_RECIPES_BY_NAME]. When user says "See menu", the bot shows the carousel. But, when the user taps the item, the dialogflow is invoking the [GET_RECIPES_BY_NAME] too, not the [GET_OPTION]. It is using/returning the title instead of the option/key. [GET_

Dialogflow es Is there a way to show video in Dialogflow Messenger

I'm working on a Dialogflow Messenger integration and Im trying to see if there is any way of showing a You Tube video as one of the responses. As far as I can see there are no Rich Response Messages which support video. The only way which springs to mind is to listen for df-response-received events and then add the embed code on the fly which seems hideous. Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this?

Dialogflow es Ngrok url changes everyday I launch Ngrok

I must switch off my computer when I leave the office, then I have to start Ngrok the next day. The surprise is that the URL which Ngrok gives is different from the one it gave yesterday. So in order to test Dialogflow with a Webhook Fulfillment I have to change everyday the URL ! So how to avoid that situation ?

Dialogflow es Google Dialogflow is detecting wrong intent

We are implementing our customized chatbot using google dialog flow. I created some intents in dialog flow as below. Intent : DVR Training Phrases : Unable to play DVR Unable to play Recording Not able to list Recordings Intent : listings Training Phrases : Where are my TV listings Intent : movies Training Phrases : Unable to play Movies Unable to list movies Intent : new movies Training Phrases : New movies are not getting listed Very few new movies are ge

Dialogflow es Dialogflow bot not invoking on Google assistant/ simulator

I have dialogflow agent which when tried to invoke on Google assistant/simulator it say "We're sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again." In the debug section it says "Please turn on Voice & Audio Activity, Web & App Activity (including Chrome browsing history), and Device Information permissions for your Google Account at https://myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols". This permission is already enabled in my account. This same bot is working fine on other I

Dialogflow es How to fix an inconsistant Dialogflow account?

I did tests with Actions on Google and I've been redirected to Dialogflow to create my Intents. Unfortunately, I had to delete my project on Actions on Google and now I cannot create Intents anymore because I'm still on the same Dialogflow account and I cannot delete it as I get logout each time I try to remove an Agent.

Dialogflow es Dialogflow Giving Specific options as valid for intent

So I have scoured the internet and finding it very difficult to find a solution to my problem. The issue is, I have many intents and these intents are also filtered by contexts handled by the webhook. I am trying to find a way to have a list from the webhooks last call, whether it be in the context params or some other form from to use as a valid phrase to trigger the intent. These responses can be one word so doing @sys.any isn't viable, @sys.any also doesn't assign a key to a matched synonym

Dialogflow es How to implement Media Response with Dialogflow

I am using Dialogflow and would like to implement a media response in my project. I have tried to do so using the following link: https://developers.google.com/actions/assistant/responses but have been unsuccessful. How to do the implementation? const functions = require('firebase-functions') const {dialogflow} = require('actions-on-google') const TEST = 'test' const app = dialogflow({ debug: true, }) app.intent('test', (conv) =>{ conv.ask('we will now play a song for you');

Dialogflow es Google Assistant - Dynamic entities

We've recently had to pause our in-depth development with Alexa Skills,due to their Dynamic entities not being completey ready for the use case it was intended for (had confirmation direct from an AWS architect). Documentation of same: https://developer.amazon.com/docs/custom-skills/use-dynamic-entities-for-customized-interactions.html https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/alexa/post/db4c0ed5-5a05-4037-a3a7-3fe5c29dcb65/use-dynamic-entities-to-create-personalized-voice-experiences Regardless

Dialogflow es Random Order of Messages in Telegram Bot which is integrated with Dialogflow

I have created Telegram Bot using Dialogflow free account. Few weeks back it was working fine but now I am getting random sequence of sentences in case there are 2-3 sentences returned during single slot filling request or during fulfillment request. However sequence is correct in case I am testing this on Web UI of Dialogflow console but while on Telegram sequence is not followed.

Dialogflow es Contexts and Fallbacks on Dialogflow

Is it possible to set fallback intents using only contexts? The example would be the user asks a question which triggers fallback intent 1 "sorry I don't understand" The user then tries again with a reformulation of the question which then triggers fall back intent 2 "hmmm I still don't understand you, please leave your email and someone will get back to you right away" I have tried adding contexts but it is always the default fallback intent that is triggered

Dialogflow es Dialogflow Fulfillment - Mutiple Intents

I need some help in creating the fulfillment for the intents that i have created in Dialog flow. There are 15 intents that i have created and i have integrated them and tested and it works fine. I am stuck in fulfillment and unable to proceed since i am confused whether the fulfillment setup. Since has to be done for every intent that i have created i believe. I am unsure how to do this to complete by one click using fulfillment link on the left pane. does it work if i just directly click on fu

Dialogflow es Wrong intents are getting trigger on the inappropriate User input in Dialog Flow

I have few intents which are getting trigger on the inappropriate User input. Below are a few examples. Intent 1). Training phrases I have given When will I get a job abroad? Is there any possibility that I will be settled in foreign When will I settle in foreign This intent is getting called for user input I had a fight with my friend, will it settle down Intent 2). Training phrases I have given When my financial problems will over Tell me about my financial condition How will be my finan

Dialogflow es How to get dynamic response based on the result of the action performed in Api.ai?

I'm trying out few examples in Api.ai console. I see there are examples where the agent responds by using the values that are extracted from the user query or from the context. But is there a way to display response that is formed using the output of the action performed? For example - User: Is my pizza order confirmed? Action: check order status Response: Yes, it's confirmed (or "No, it's not")

Dialogflow es Using Dialogflow Inline Editor

I am a beginning user of Dialogflow and have two questions about the use of the Inline Editor: 1 - Where are the files shown by the Inline Editor stored? I assume they are stored within the Firebase database but not certain. 2 - Is any explicit "save" action required when using the Inline Editor? Thanks for any help. Jim

Dialogflow es How to set outputContext from inline editor in dialogflow v2 api

I'm setting the responses via the inline editor eg: function send_response(agent) { agent.add("This is a response"); } I would also like to set the outputContext via the inline editor as per the V2 api https://dialogflow.com/docs/fulfillment "outputContexts": [ { "name": "projects/${PROJECT_ID}/agent/sessions/${SESSION_ID}/contexts/context name", "lifespanCount": 5, "parameters": { "param": "param value" } } ] Wouldn't mind some advice on how

Dialogflow es Playing an audio file when using Fulfillment with DialogueFlow

I'm editing the Cloud Functions for Firebase on the Fulfillment page on DialogFlow. I'm trying to respond to an Intent with an audio file playback. Specifically I'm targeting the Telephony integration. I understand that a text message like <speak><audio src="https://actions.google.com/sounds/v1/alarms/bugle_tune.ogg"></audio></speak> Should play the audio. But what is the interface to send it back so it would work? Just using agent.add() doesn't seem to work (it read

Dialogflow es Dialogflow loses context unexplainably

I don't understand what happens with my bot, at some point during the conversation it loses some context variables. In the following screenshot, you can see that the variables school and campus are empty. That's weird because the reply the bot does is Voici les bourses disponibles pour IDRAC Paris Where IDRAC is the school variable, and Paris is the campus. I don't understand how the bot can both display the proper value (set previously by different Intents), and not have the value set.

Dialogflow es How to get agent-id in Dialogflow using API REST v2 or client library dialogflow

I need to obtain the field agent-id, the one that I see in the script when I enable dialogflow Messenger beta integration. <df-messenger intent="WELCOME" chat-title="pippo" agent-id="6c5d1958-6f24-XXX-XXX-XXXXXX" <----- language-code="en" ></df-messenger> I need it to automate bot creation. According to the v2 getAgent API I see no agent-id as a response back from the endpoint. Any suggestions? Thanks

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