Leading DotNetNuke news and forum modules?

I'm in the position of having to either recommend an existing or develop a custom news and forum module for a DotNetNuke installation. Both modules need to have the features you'd expect from such a module. Quite an open set of requirement, but that's all I have so far. I've been brought in to rescue an Intranet redevelopment project which already uses DNN, so that's non-negotiable. I've never developed for DNN before, so I don't know how easy module development is. Those with experience in

Dotnetnuke Postbacks not working in Dot Net Nuke 5.2.1 with javascript disabled

I am working on my first DotNetNuke website and there is a requirement for all the custom module functionality I am developing to be available with JavaScript disabled. However, when I create a module that contains a simple submit button, i.e.<input type="submit" />, DotNetNuke displays a critical error with JavaScript turned off but works as expected with JavaScript turned on. When I attach to the running process using Visual Studio, the unhandled exception is thrown from admin/Skins/Na

Dotnetnuke DNN upgrade version 7 skin failure

I have upgraded a site to DNN 7.2.1 following the recommended path from 5.6.8 If I stay in the skin MinimalExtropy, all seems fine. If I change even to the Gravity skin, much goes wrong: using "settings" on a page shows the settings dialog, but no changes are made on "update" it is impossible to change out of the new skin without renaming the skin folders on the site, forcing a return to MinimalExtropy. It appears that some part of the support for skins has disappeared. Any suggestions

Dotnetnuke DNN Blog Module not saving posts properly

The DNN Blog is not saving the posts anymore. I can see the latest post in the Manage Content/Data, and it says it is visible but once you are out of the edit mode it is not there. Now, when I click on the save the alert comes up that says ***Had an error talking to the server (400)), Bad request, Could not find stored procedure ‘toSIC_EAV_ChangeLogAdd’. What I did I updated 2sxc App and the Content module to 9.32.0, and had no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please? DNN Versi

NopCommerce and DotNetNuke

I have both nopCommerce and DotNetNuke installed on my server. All I need is to be able to share the users between both apps. can you tell me the easiest solution to make a bridge between them. Thanks

Dotnetnuke How to access Another Module's Content and Presentation Items after 2sxc v10.20+

Here is code that worked up through 2sxc 10.9.1. Though I am able to get the CmsBlock for the TabID, ModuleID and get that to .Render(), I need more. Here is the old code. Not sure it makes any difference, but this View is using the normal Link content-type and is running in an older version of the Content App (appx 3.03=ish). 2sxc has been upgraded and is now 11.22.0 LTS. I have removed unnecessary stuff, so I doubt this runs as is... @using ToSic.Razor.Blade @using ToSic.SexyContent.Environmen

What does the WSP stand for in the WSP model of development? (DotNetNuke Module Development)

I'm reading this tutorial on DotNetNuke Module Development, and I'd like to know what the acronym WSP stands for in phrase "the WSP model of development". I know what they are referring to when they say the WSP model of Development, it's the model of development where you hookup the entire directory structure of DNN to Visual Studio and develop the module from there.

Dotnetnuke 6 Ribbonbar Admin and dropdown gone

Above is the ribbonbar after I have logged in as a super user. The Admin option next to Host is completely gone The site is running DNN6, the skin is only in the site portal folder, and it seems that all admin modules and options have gone away. Even the header, which I set in Site Settings (under Admin), went away! Has anyone else had their admin options completely disappear on them? Is it possible that the skin is messing it up (all other sites use the same _default menu files and they work

How do you create session variables within a DotNetNuke skin?

I'm trying to create a session variable on the home page skin that will return either true or false depending on if the user has previously visited the home page in the current session. I then need to check the value and if this isn't their first time visiting the home page, I need to echo/print javascript. I've tried Session("HomePageSeen") = "false" Session["HomePageSeen"] = "false"; Also, it's a DNN6 site. My understanding is that DNN6 uses C# instead of VB. However, at the top of my .asc

dotnetnuke hide menu from page

I'm running a dotnetnuke project (v7.0) with 2 portals. I need to remove the default DDR menu from one page only. The menu works great now with multiple pages and sub-pages, however on 1 specific page , ie landing page, I don't want to show the menu. Right now I can think of 2 methods for achieving this: Create a new skin template, remove menu, apply template to that one page Use jquery to detect URL, for that page hide menu. I'd rather just code the logic inside the template file, but I'

Dotnetnuke DNN Search customization

How do I edit the default text 'Search...' that appears inside my search bar? I am using DNN 7.1 Here is my skin object: <dnn:SEARCH ID="dnnSearch" runat="server" ShowSite="false" ShowWeb="false" EnableTheming="true" Submit="Search" CssClass="SearchButton" />

Upgrade source version of DotNetNuke

What is the best way to upgrade a local development version of DNN source without destroying the database (pages, settings, module settings, etc..)? I'm currently moving from 07.00.XX to 07.02.00 and there is a tremendous amount of refactoring, seems impossible to just overlay the source. Is there a way I can do this with preservation of all settings, etc....or will I need to rebuild parts of the site?

Dotnetnuke Include custom folders using Christoc's Theme Template for DNN

I'm trying to build a DNN Skin with Christoc's Template and i need to include some new folders i created into the install zip. I'm inserting this tag in SkinPackage.targets <InstallInclude Include="**\<FOLDER_NAME>\*.*" /> But when building the install zip, the folder is not being included. Am I doing something wrong?

Dotnetnuke Advanced Url Provider and 404 error page

I have activated the Advanced Url Provider and a 404 error page in DNN 7.4.2. Works so far. But: I deleted a page (also from the recycle bin) from the third level, let's say the Url was http://www.example.org/Level1/Level2/deletedPage - When I enter that Url now, I would expect that the 404 error page is displayed (as it is when I enter http://www.example.org/xxx/yyy/zzz) - but no, the parent page is displayed (http://www.example.org/Level1/Level2), with the Url of the deleted page, and in the

Dotnetnuke How to create a hello world DNN module from scratch

I've been looking for tutorials on making modules for DNN, and all of them seem to suggest starting from a huge template and then adding what you need to it, but I'm sure there is a way to build a very small, lightweight module with just the barebones. Just use an ASCX view, and show it on the screen. What is the simplest hand-written "Hello World" DNN module? If you really do need a whole lot of extra stuff in a module for it to work, what is the cleanest way to get a module template? Backgrou

Dotnetnuke DNN PageLoadException with no stack trace

We have a custom module on a dnn page that throws a Page_Load_Exception but does not include a stack trace in the EventLog*. The exception occurs apparently before our module is loaded, and our module works fine in other environments. Is there a setting somewhere the disables or enables getting stack traces? Now, in development, if I force Page Load Exceptions, I do get a stack trace, but in trying to figure out why I looked at the DNN code and noticed this in PageBase.cs protected overrid

DotNetNuke module uninstall error

Every time I uninstall a DotNetNuke module and check the box to remove files, it completely kills my site. I'm running IIS7 on the x86 Windows 7 beta, and have had this problem with both 4.8.4 and 4.9.2. When the error happens, if I replace all of the DLL files in the bin folder, the site comes back to life. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? The error I get is as follows... Compiler Error Message: BC30002: Type 'IClientAPICallbackEventHandler' is not defined. Source Error: Line

Dotnetnuke DNN redirect Loop

I am trying to duplicate an existing DNN portal that I have for testing purposes by creating a duplicate of the database and duplicating the .net files into a new folder. After I copied the site and changed the webconfig to point to the new site and changed the alias in the database I am getting this error. This webpage has a redirect loop. The webpage at http://xxx.us/xxx/default.aspx has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies

Dotnetnuke Please Contact Your Hosting Provider To Ensure The Appropriate Security Settings Have Been Enabled On The Server

I am using Text/HTML module. I Click on Edit Text, Then i click on Image icon to insert image, Then i click on Browse Serve at Image Info tab, then i click on Browse button, then i click on Upload New File which result in below error : An Error Has Occurred When Attempting To Save The File F:\Newgen\DNN\DotNetNuke_Community_04.09.05_Source\Website\Portals\0\1365-little-cutie.jpg. Please Contact Your Hosting Provider To Ensure The Appropriate Security Settings Have Been Enabled On The Server.

Dotnetnuke Need guidance in debugging this DNN issue

I'm a beginner with DotNetNuke and am having trouble debugging this problem. We are using DNN version 5. On our local development machines our DNN site renders just fine. But we recently deployed to our test server and on there the site only renders fine when logged in as the Host. When viewing the site as just a normal visitor, all the styles are messed up -- it is just a white page with images gone and menus stacked vertically. Clues / Notes: We recently added a new .ascx and module

Dotnetnuke DNN project build and debugging

I have public_html folder with me which is DNN application. All folders are placed inside this html_folder. when i am trying to build the solution in Visual Studio 2010, it's giving build error. Can anyone please tell me how can i build the solution and debugging the same

Dotnetnuke 2SXC: PersonnaBar overwrites modal dialogs in DNN 9

The personnaBar in DNN9 overlays the left half of some of the larger modal dialog boxes. How can this be corrected? I have tried editing set.min.css directly by adding "padding-left: 4em" to the ".modal-dialog" class which works when applied directly with Firebug in Firefox, but does not seem to be read when the page is rendered. Any ideas?

DotNetNuke Action Form HTML

My company's site was built with DNN. Is there a way you can view the HTML of an action form within the CMS itself? I need to be able to export the HTML of our forms.

Dotnetnuke DNN 9 modifying roles

Does anyone know how to change roles of Unverified users to Verified ones on DNN 9 all at once? I have more than 900 unverified users and would like them to make verified ones all at once if possible.

Dotnetnuke How to create Dnn Text Editor as Rich Editor only?

I have a Dnn module that contains a Dnn text editor. I want to show that editor on 'Rich' mode only. I try: <dnn:TextEditor runat="server" id="txtUpdate" Width="100%" DefaultMode="RICH" Mode="RICH"></dnn:TextEditor> ..but it doesn't work once I set Basic Text Box option.

Dotnetnuke community installation

I have a dontnuke community website that was built long time ago. I have been task to migrate the website from windows server 2008 to 2012. I copied the website from 2008 server to 2012 and I create the website on IIS. I am getting an error on Configure Database Connection Connection Error(s): Index #: 0 Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider Class: 20 Number: 53 Message:

DotNetNuke Text/HTML module 'style'

How can I control what 'styles' show up in the 'style' drop down box of the Text/HTML module in DotNetNuke? Is there also a way to edit the 'styles' that are currently in the drop down box?

Dotnetnuke DNN portal alias with internal IP

I'm having trouble figuring out if/how I can an internal webserver setup for testing with mutliple DNN portals. I'm pretty new to DotNetNuke, so I'm not sure if what I want to do is even possible. My server is at an IP of I have the main portal set up with a portal alias of this IP. That site works fine. But then I have a couple other sites (lets call them A and B) to configure. I'd like to navigate to and to view these sites. Portal aliases to th

Dotnetnuke Edit page is not working DNN 7.00.05

I have downloaded latest version of DNN7(7.00.05) & configured it correctly on localhost as described in installation video but while clicking on edit page from menu item I was redirected on home page . I have repeated installation process many times to resolve this. but still this issue appears on edit page functionality. it is frustrating now. Any one have solution of this issue ??

Dotnetnuke DNN 7 Open a page/module in a modale

Working on DNN 7 , I have a grid where I display somes users infos. I would like to set an "edit action", to edit the user, like into admin panel. So I choose to make a modale into the same page. <rad:GridTemplateColumn HeaderStyle-Width="0" ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" AllowFiltering="False"> <ItemTemplate> <a href="#" data-id="<%#((CustomerViewModel)Container.DataItem).UserID%>" class="e"> <img src='<%=ResolveUrl("~/Icons/Sigma/Edit

Dotnetnuke DNN site running slow in dot net nuke version - 9.4.1

I have recently upgraded my website to the dot net nuke version- 9.4.1 but here getting performance issue, the website runs slow. I have searched for this and applied the performance configuration inside the server setting and also did the cache configuration at the page level. I have minified the files(Js and CSS) and have updated the setting value inside the host setting table. Thanks a lot in advance.

Dotnetnuke How to access 2sxc API from external non DNN website

I am trying to access a 2sxc api using postman but is not working for some reason. $2sxc(moduleContext) .webApi.get('app/auto/api/List/persons') I am using [Domain]/DesktopModules/api/2sxc/counterApp/List/persons But I get a 404 error. Using $2sxc does work. But I want to make a call from a non DNN-website. The code: Foto: 2sxc api controller

DotNetNuke (DNN) 1 module - 3 ASCX files scenario

I am new to DNN. I have created a DNN module with three controls (C#, .NET3.5) : Controller EmailRequest DealSuccess Controller checks ["ClientEmail"] cookie value AND if NULL redirects to EmailRequest control, if NOT NULL redirects to DealSuccess control. I need to wire these components in DNN. I have decided to create separate pages for EmailRequest, DealSuccess. Associating these controls and their respective pages, including building/assigning URLs and calling them, is bit ambiguous b

How to make DotNetNuke Captcha control to show an error if it left blank

I took a captcha control on my page : <dnn:CaptchaControl ID="CaptchaControl1" runat="server" CaptchaHeight="50px" CaptchaWidth="150px" ErrorMessage="incorrect" /> if captcha is incorrect the error message will be shown but if it left blank it shows no error.is there any way to make it show an error when it is blank? thanks

Dotnetnuke How can I pre-process text inside HTML Pro module in DNN 7?

I need to run a RegEx on the content of any HTML Pro module before the page loads. I assume the custom code would go into this file: /DesktopModules/HTML/HtmlModule.ascx -- "OnPreRender" looks like a good place to me. Is this the right place/file to modify? The purpose of the RegEX is to replace email addresses found in the text with a modified version of themselves, to prevent spambots from scraping them. (There used to be some modules available in DNN Store that did that, but they're now disc

Dotnetnuke facing problem in dnn installation on my local machine

I have downloaded DNN from (https://github.com/dnnsoftware/Dnn.Platform/releases) Installation version and configured in my local machine by following all steps as they are given. I have given all permission (Read/Write/Modify) but at Installation time it gives Error see this errore http://prntscr.com/ogmkfi I followed all steps before my last try then I do it well but this time I followed the same process but getting error

DotNetNuke Switching Between Multple Edit Modules

I have a custom module in DNN 7 that has a data structure where items belong to categories (called "sections", not DNN taxonomy, just a simple list of section names). The module edit screens work so that on the view control you may click on an edit link on each category, which loads the category edit screen (passing the category id). This works great, and when you save I use Globals.NavigateURL() to return to the view screen. This all works as intended. On each category edit screen I also have

Dotnetnuke How do you properly set a custom profile property in DNN?

I'm trying to save a custom property to an existing user profile in DNN 7, but the profile property is not getting set. I must be understanding something incorrectly. So, how do you properly set a custom profile property in DNN? UserInfo.Profile.SetProfileProperty("key","value") // I expect this to return "value", but it's always "" var value = UserInfo.Profile.GetProfileProperty("key"); // Even if I save it... ProfileController.UpdateUserProfile(UserInfo); // It always returns "" var saved

Dotnetnuke get ModuleName in Modul

I want to get the ModuleName in a DotNetNuke Module, but I'cant figure out how I can do that? I feel like it's very difficult to find information about the classes and how to do things in DNN? Are there any good and actual documentations around?

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