Eclipse plugin How do I remove icons from menu items in an Eclipse RCP-based application?

I am working on an Eclipse RCP-based application, and we have decided that we do not want any of the menu items to display icons next to the text. The problem we are seeing is that the standard actions like Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and so on all display the default icons for the corresponding actions. Is there any way to tell the action management infrastructure to ignore the icons? My brute force solution to this was to rebuild the SWT so that MenuItem.setImage() was a no-op, and then in

Eclipse plugin IDE for Firefox Add-ons Development

I have been working on firefox add-ons for quite a long time and its been a real headache to use notpad++ for development. Is there any suitable IDE or plug-in for eclipse available.And just like we do **Run on Server" for dynamic web-projects,Is there any way that, I do a change in any of the sorce file and it automatically creates the .xpi file and installs in firefox?

Eclipse plugin eclipse JDT setting the project

I am a beginner to Eclipse JDT. I was going through some tutorial and found one good example for creating the java file. In this below example in which project they will create the package and java file. I could not see any code pointing to any of the project name. Please make me understand if I am wrong. I just run the below example. I could not see any output.. AST ast = AST.newAST(AST.JLS3); CompilationUnit unit = ast.newCompilationUnit(); PackageDeclaration packageD

Eclipse plugin KNIME node extension fails to execute: "Support code location could not be determined"

I'm creating a node extension for KNIME with the KNIME SDK (which is just an adapted Eclipse). I'm done with my code, I tested it in Eclipse, it worked perfectly. So I exported it, copied the .jar to the subfolder dropins in my KNIME installation, and started KNIME. Made a new workflow, added my node, tried to execute it and then the following error appeared: Execute failed: Support code location could not be determined. Could not convert from URL to URI location. URL Location: file:/C:/Progra

Eclipse plugin How to set two selection providers in one view

I have a view where I have two tree viewers. In the createPartControl() how I can set the selectionProviders for both the views. It takes either one of them. Here is my snippet. The View code: IWorkbenchWindow workbenchWindow = PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getActiveWorkbenchWindow(); IWorkbenchPartSite activePartSite = workbenchWindow.getActivePage().getActivePart().getSite(); activePartSite.setSelectionProvider(inputTreeViewer); activePartSite.setSelectionProvider(compositeTreeViewer); // Here

Eclipse plugin SWT Composite appears on the right

I am developing an plugin for eclipse with a view, I need to make this view scrollable. I found how to make it scrollable, but the composite appears on the right side of view. How to fill all view? My code: public class Comp2 extends Composite { public Comp2(Composite parent, int style) { super(parent, SWT.NONE); final ScrolledComposite sc = new ScrolledComposite(parent, SWT.H_SCROLL | SWT.V_SCROLL); sc.setLayout(new FillLayout()); sc.setExpandHorizontal(t

Eclipse plugin Eclipse RCP 4 adds new tab/part in an IEventBroker handleEvent

In a normal command handler I can add new tab/part as this code: @Execute public void execute(Shell shell, EPartService partService, MApplication application,EModelService modelService) throws URISyntaxException{ MPart part = MBasicFactory.INSTANCE.createPart(); part.setLabel("New file "); part.setCloseable(true); part.setContributionURI("bundleclass://"); List<MPartStack

Eclipse plugin Why does headless PDE Build omit directories I've specified in's bin.includes?

One of my Eclipse plug-ins (OSGi bundles) is supposed to contain a directory (Database Elements) of .sql files. My shows: bin.includes = META-INF/,\ .,\ Database Elements/ (...which looks right to me.) When I build and run from within my interactive Eclipse IDE, everything works fine: calls to Bundle.getEntry(String) and Bundle.findEntries(String, String, bool) return valid URL objects; my tests are happy; my code is happy. When I build via headless a

Eclipse-plugin: How to add a command at a specific location in a toolbar using menuContribution?

Is there a way to add your command at a specific location in the main toolbar using locationURI ? What I'd like to achieve is to add my menuContribution after say the (File,Save, SaveAll, Print) so that it remains there and doesn't keep shifting to different positions drastically. I am currently using <menuContribution locationURI="toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.main.toolbar?after=additions">. This always adds your contributions at the end of the list in the toolbar. I have trie

Eclipse plugin bring page to foreground? multipage editor

I'm develpping an RCP user interface. I have a multipage editor in which pages are editors (EditorPart). From a first page in my multipage editor I want to open a second one if a button is pressed. I've managed to do that but the problem that I'm facing is that the created page is visible only if we switch to it, i.e only the tab is visble.. what I want is to directly switch to the new page automatically after its creation. In other words, how can I bring the new page to foreground exactly when

Eclipse plugin Force Eclipse (Helios) to use a newer version of SWT at application runtime

I'm developing an RCP project using Eclipse-Helios. The version of SWT that is installed (in the plugins directory) is [org.eclipse.swt-win32-3.6.2, & org.eclipse.swt.jar] I require new API functionality that is only available from swt-3.8. (specifically, I wish to set the custom colours, for an SWT color dialog before opening.) I have downloaded 3.8.1 from the SWT/Eclipse downloads site [ ] The SWT download is

Eclipse plugin How to add dependent jars to deploying plug-in

I would to like to add the dependent jars to the update site plugin project in Eclipse. I followed but, it does not address the above issue. How to deal with the dependent jars with deploying plugin? Anybody please help with ideas. Thanks

Eclipse plugin How to reopen ViewPart?

I am working to make an Eclipse Plugin. I used a plugin project template that generated a View class which extends ViewPart. I think that it is part of SWT. My problem is that the View is like a window inside of the main Frame which has buttons for close, minimize. I clicked on the X button of the View by mistake. Now I cannot make it visible again even if I relaunch the Eclipse Application. Now, my Eclipse application looks like this: It had some panels and buttons before. But I cannot mak

Eclipse plugin Project dependency error when using my local p2 repository with necessary jar files

I have created a eclipse plugin and I am in need of converting the eclipse plugin project into maven so that I converted it into maven with the help of Tycho.when i try to execute as eclipse application it works fine.But when i try to maven clean it fails. [INFO] Scanning for projects... [INFO] Cannot complete the request. Generating details. [INFO] Cannot complete the request. Generating details. [INFO] {, osgi.os=linux, osgi.arch=x86, org.eclipse.update.install.features=true} [E

Eclipse plugin How to Embed GEF4 MVC Logo Example in an E4 application

I want to create an Eclipse4 app that uses GEF4. More precisely I want to use the GEF4 MVC Logo Example sources into my app. I have imported the GEF4 sources, the compilation is ok. But when I want to refer to the example view, or whatever I try with my custom code ; I have runtime errors... !ENTRY org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench 4 0 2015-05-06 14:11:12.430 !MESSAGE Unable to create class 'org.eclipse.gef4.mvc.examples.logo.ui.view.MvcLogoExampleView' from bundle '78' !STACK 0 org.eclipse.e4.core.

Eclipse plugin How Add jar file to eclipse plugin?

I want to write a plugin in eclipse that sends active window title to a port when active window changes. For this purpose I have to add jna and jna-platform-win32 libraries to my plugin. This libraries add in compile time but when I want to use them in run time libraries not worked. How can I solve this problem in eclipse?

Eclipse plugin Associate java editor with java files in your custom plugin project

I'm have a plugin for Eclipse that creates a non Java project. Everything is working fine for my plugin. Now I need to add some Java files to my non java project and capability to edit the java files using the default java editor. Since it is a non java project I can't use the Create a Java class wizard and even if I create a .java file it does not open in a JAVA editor. Is there a way to create a Java class using default wizards and edit the java files using default Java editor for a non JAVA

Eclipse plugin Custom File creation Wizard implementing INewWizard throws NPE when called from Handler

I am extending the NewFileCreation Wizard and I am able to call it from Select a Wizard in Menu Option. But When I am calling the same from toolbar using handlers I get a NPE. Is there a way to call the New File Creation Wizard from toolbar because it seems that the wizard container is getting populated from select a wizard container fields which are not available while calling from toolbar. Shell activeShell = HandlerUtil.getActiveShell(event); IWizard wizard = new CustomProje

Eclipse plugin How to close Eclipse e4 Part,When Preferences Window is opend

When I open Preferences and update config I need close "old" Part. But I encounter a problem. Eclipse throws an exception that tells me it does not active Window! What should I do? !STACK 0 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Application does not have an active window at org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.ApplicationPartServiceImpl.getActiveWindowService( at org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.ApplicationPartServiceImpl.hidePart(ApplicationPartService

Eclipse plugin I can't get a AST from c source code using cdt plugin eclipse

I need to get an AST from the source file using the getAST () method. I created a .cproject because I thought if it was the one that was missing, but it still made the same mistake. In this part of the code: ITranslationUnit tu = (ITranslationUnit) CoreModel.getDefault (). Create (iFile); Is returning Null in tu, I believe the error is because of this, but I do not understand why it is returning Null if I am testing with a CDT project with .cproject. I also do not understand IFile, because it

Eclipse plugin How to automatically start a plugin in an RCP product?

I have an Eclipse RCP product which consists of several plugins and features. One of those plugins is a background service that I want to automatically start when the product is launched. I have tried a couple of things. There is the "Activate this plug-in when one of its classes is loaded" option inside the manifest file, but since there is no reference to this background service from my main plugin, it doesn't work. There is also the "Auto-Start" option in the plugin list in the run configu

Eclipse plugin Forms API in eclipse rcp4

I'm trying to use FormToolkit for creating components and add them in section widgets for better look n feel in RCP4. But with this nothing is rendered on wizard page at runtime and there is no error also. Questions: Is it possible to have forms api into Eclipse RCP4?

Eclipse plugin Retrieving information of all the callers of method in java

I'm trying to get information of all the caller of specific method of class programmatically and came across solution given here. But as per latest release of the project org.eclipse.jdt.ui (3.21) consisting those classes used in above example are not present. The classes were part till 3.13 release. Are those classes refactored or removed because of defects introduced?

Eclipse plugin What's the best approach to incremental compilation when building a DSL using Eclipse?

As suggested by the Eclipse documentation, I have an org.eclipse.core.resources.IncrementalProjectBuilder that compiles each source file and separately I also have a org.eclipse.ui.editors.text.TextEditor that can edit each source file. Each source file is compiled into its own compilation unit, but it can reference types from other (already compiled) source files. Two tasks for which this is important are: Compiling (to make sure the types we're using actually exist) Autocomplete (to look u

Eclipse plugin Component Diagram for an Eclipse plugin

I need to draw a component diagram for an Eclipse plugin, but I'm not sure how to do that. I found this diagram. I think I could draw something similar using the UML 2 notation for my plugin, replacing "Your tool" with the name of my plugin and "Their tool" with the name(s) of the plugin(s) my plugin uses. What do you think? Thank you very much! PD: Yes, I have read about component diagrams, but I'm really lost here. Edit: for example: I'm developing a plugin using Xtext and Xpand and MySQ

Eclipse plugin How do I install a plugin from a local .zip or .jar file in Aptana Studio 3?

I have a locally packaged plugin that isn't available from any update server (I built and exported it from source code, using Eclipse.) The plugin installs and works in the Eclipse environment. Now I'd like to use it in my standalone Aptana Studio 3 installation. Is there a documented method of installing a .ZIP or .JAR file containing a working Eclipse plugin into Aptana Studio 3? If this is well-documented elsewhere, a URL is all I need! :D Edit: I realize there may be many reasons why t

Eclipse plugin SWTBOT switch workspace

I am using SWTBOT with tycho-surfire to test an eclipse application. The tests runs individually fine, but when I combine them I need to switch the workspace after each test, or specify somehow a specific workspace for each test. When I try to switch the workspace from inside the test with this code: <code>"File").menu("Switch Workspace").menu("Other...").click();"Workspace Launcher").activate(); String workspace = bot.comboBoxWithLabel("Workspace:").getText() + "/Res

Eclipse plugin How do I change the name of menu item that is contributed by an eclipse plugin

I'm developing an RCP application. In our application we are using the Eclipse Packing Project's Eclipse Marketplace. There is one command for showing the Eclipse Marketplace. Using plug-in spy, I found that its ID is org.eclipse.epp.mpc.ui.command.showMarketplaceWizard. The display name on the menu is "Eclipse Marketplace". The Product Manager doesn't like that and wants it to just say "Marketplace". Is there a way to change the name of this menu item?

Eclipse plugin Error when running XSLT with eclipse

When I use eclipse xsl development tools to run xsl transformation, it reports the following error. But using saxon there is no problem. SIt would be appreciated if some expert can provide possible solution. 12:44:14,714 INFO [main] Main - javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory=null 12:44:14,725 INFO [main] Main - java.endorsed.dirs=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk- 12:44:14,744 INFO [main] Main - launchFile: /gpfs/work01/work/scratch/users/feifan_liu/.metada

Eclipse plugin Eclipse plugin for play 2

I am a beginner with Play2 framework and Scala. Is there any eclipse play 2 plugin available? If yes, then please provide me the link for the same. I am used to Eclipse and have never used Scala before;hence in a confusion like how and where to start from. Looking at the Play2 Doc, sems like working in command prompt IDE which is very difficult (though I have tried yet) Please let me know the eclipse plugin for Play2 or some other IDE helpful for this. Regards,

Eclipse plugin Eclipse Debug Plugin

I want to make an embedded application running on a hardware board. The target is Eclipse CDT, which uses the GDB to debug any remote embedded application. I am totally lost on how to start this project the possible options which I can think of are as following. Try to Develop a debugger from scratch Develop a GBD sprite and somehow make eclipse cdt-gdb recognize it and able to debug our board. Extend the CDT debugger, so that we can get more custom views. But we will need GDB sprite also in

Eclipse plugin install google eclipse plugin from command line using archive of the update site

I am trying to install google eclipse plugin from command line using steps from I copied google eclipse plugin archive for eclipse juno into following directory :- /home/ricky/_softwares/DevelopmentSoftwares/eclipsePluginsDropinsZipsFeatures/gae/ Now, i am trying to install google eclipse plugin from command line using below command :- ./eclipse -clean -purgeHistory -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.dir

Eclipse plugin Missing eclipse plugin when building ADT

I am trying to build my own ADT according to this tutorial: How to build an Android SDK & ADT Eclipse plugin When I run the script I get these errors: generateScript: [eclipse.buildScript] Some inter-plug-in dependencies have not been satisfied. [eclipse.buildScript] Bundle [eclipse.buildScript] Missing required plug-in org.eclipse.cdt.core_0.0.0. [eclipse.buildScript] Missing required plug-in org.eclipse.cdt.ui_0.0.0. [eclipse.buildScript

Eclipse plugin How to implement just some basic keywords highlighting in text editor?

I'm a novice programmer trying to learn plug-in development. I'd like to upgrade the sample XML editor so that some words like "cat", "dog", "hamster", "rabbit" and "bird" would be highlighted when it appears in an XML file (it's just for learning purpose). Can anyone give me some implementation tips or suggestions? I am clueless.. (But I am carrying out my research on this as well, I'm not being lazy. You have my word.) Thanks in advance.

Eclipse plugin Lotus Notes Java plugin create a delegate meeting

I have a code that creates a meeting on a Notes calendar. I want to recognize if I'm in a delegate state (create a meeting on someone else calendar [and I don't know in advance who it is]). Now my code creates it automatically on my users calendar (the user I log in with), and it looks like that - NotesUIWorkspace nui = new NotesUIWorkspace(); session = NotesFactory.createSessionWithFullAccess(); DbDirectory dbdir = session.getDbDi

Eclipse plugin Reuse Project Explorer' view for your custom plugin project

I am working on a eclipse plugin and reusing the 'Project Explorer' view to display the tree content. I have few questions to make it best possible reuse: How can I disable the sort - currently 'Project Explorer' view sort tree nodes which I dont want. Is thr a single place where i can change the flags or something? Or I will have to implement a View Sorter ? How can I save the expanded state of projects the way it does for a java project , i want the same to implemented for custom plugin pro

Eclipse plugin Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-assembly-plugin:2.6

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-assembly-plugin:2.6:single (build-layout) on project igLink: Error reading assemblies: Error locating assembly descriptor: src/assemble/layout.xml [ERROR] [ERROR] [1] [INFO] Searching for file location: Y:\primefaces\workspace\igLink\src\assemble\layout.xml [ERROR] [ERROR] [2] [INFO] File: Y:\primefaces\workspace\igLink\src\assemble\layout.xml does not exist. [ERROR] [ERROR] [3] [INFO] File: Y:\primefaces\workspace\igLink\src\assem

Eclipse plugin Not getting unresolved conflict notification popup alert box in Subversive (SVN in eclipse)

We are a team that just started working with Subversion using Subversive in Eclipse. I have learned from this guide, (See Resolving Conflicts) that a notification popup alertbox is to be shown when two people make changes to the same file and then try to commit them, resulting in a conflict: In our installation we are not getting this alertbox. I imagine that it may be a setting that we need to set. Does anyone know how to get this alert box to be shown?

Eclipse plugin Velocity Plugin For Rational (RSA 7.5.5)

I Am new on Velocity, and added its plugins folders (org.apache.velocity_1.7.0, org.vaulttec.velocity.ui_1.0.3) after extracting them from there jars , and put them in the plugins folder for my Eclipse (RSA) in that path ("C:\IBM\SDPShared\plugins"). but the .VM file opened using default editor not the plugin and can't find auto-complete there. Note: i also can't see velocity view under Window -> show view -> other. so please advice how to get solution for this

Eclipse plugin Some features of Xtext-based editor don't work on files outside a project

I've written an Xtext-based plugin which works well when I open files inside one of the projects in my workspace; however, when I open a file outside the workspace (via File -> Open File...), some of the features don't work properly: I get syntax coloring but I don't get syntax errors. Quickfix options don't work, probably because context.getXtextDocument() returns null and I rely on it for my quickfix proposals. There might be other things I'm missing, but most other features, such as conte

Eclipse plugin Eclipse plug-in/product - force top-level coolbar layout?

I have an Eclipse product defined in a plugin - it does not define its own Application class (i.e. no custom implementation of IApplication). I am using some dynamic drop-down items in the main toolbar, defined in plugin.xml. I am building the Product using the Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler) platform. At runtime, I would like the toolbar items to show which of the drop-down items are currently selected. For generic items, I use an icon, but for non-generic items I would like to show some identifying text

Eclipse plugin How to add an item to the refactoring popup menu in Eclipse plug-in

I have written a simple Eclipse plug-in and wanted to extend the Refactor (alt+shit+T) menu with a new item that would invoke my code. Unfortunately, after having spent hours researching the possible solutions, I have failed. I tried some solutions suggested online, but none worked, maybe because I'm using the latest Eclipse Luna and from what I understand the refactoring menu is (was?) defined as something called action sets, and it's apparently deprecated now. I was able to extend the top-l

Eclipse plugin Eclipse RCP vs Eclipse PDE

What is difference between a eclipse plugin environment and eclipse rcp plugin? I am confussed that when you launch any eclipse plugin as eclipse application , it is nothing but you are running a rcp application. Please help me in correcting both the context.

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