Sending an email attachment in memory using OpenXML

I've got an Excel file that's built using OpenXML 2 and I want to send it as an email attachment. e.g. System.IO.MemoryStream stream = new System.IO.MemoryStream(); SpreadsheetDocument package = SpreadsheetDocument.Create(stream, SpreadsheetDocumentType.Workbook)) AddParts(package); //created using document reflector Saving the spreadsheet to a temp file using stream.WriteTo(new System.IO.FileStream(@"c:\test.xlsx", System.IO.FileMode.Create)); works fine. But trying

Email sendmailR: Submit encoded message to local SMTP server

I need your help in order to send email message that includes text in Greek, from within R, using the function sendmail {sendmailR}. I tried using the function iconv, like that but it didn't work subject <- iconv("text in greek", to = "CP1253") sendmail(from, to, subject, msg, control=list(smtpServer="blabla")) The mail arrives immediately but the greek characters are unreadable. Any ideas? EDIT Another question that came up: The second argument to accepts one recipient. What if want t

Email fetchmail/procmailrc filter by date

I have fetchmail grab my email from a pop account and send it to procmail. I have 'keep' set in my fetchmailrc file because i also use the email for outlook and i cant have fetchmail taking all my emails. My problem is i want to download just todays emails or at lease since last time fetchmail ran. right now i am trying to filter by date in the procmail file but it is not working. I am using fedora14 contents of .procmailrc SHELL=/bin/bash DATEZ="date +'%a, %d %m %Y'" :0 *^From.*\<(

VBA: Given an email address, how to look them up in the GAL?

I'm writing a VBA macro which will scan my inbox, determine who emails me a lot and then automatically add them (with a number of select fields) as a new contact into my Personal Address Book. To start, I've written some pretty simple VBA which looks through all the emails in the inbox and displays the SenderEmailAddress for those who are on the Microsoft Exchange server: Dim objEmail As Outlook.MailItem Set objNS = GetNamespace("MAPI") Set objInbox = objNS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox) Fo

Magento Transactional Email Links prefixed with x-msg

Objective Send out a Magento transactional email with a link back to the website with a variable on the end of the url. Process I pass a variable into Magento’s transactional email called link and display it using the following code in the email template. <p>link = {{var link}}</p> <a href=“{{var link}}” target=“_blank">click here</a> Problem The link is displayed correctly in the p tags e.g. However when i move the mouse over a t

nodejs, redis and mailparser wont parse an email

I am using mailparser by andris( I am sending an email via redis to an nodejs app. The mailparser for somereason is unable to parse it. What could be causing the issue? The code to get the email from redis. client is an instance of node_redis Client. MailParser is andris' mailparser. The email in redis is sent via another server, to whose channel i have subscribed. The email sent, when saved in a text file and parsed using andris' test.js, gives the expect

Is it possible to send email to an address that contains latin unicode characters with cfmail?

We need to be able to send an email with cfmail to an email address that contains a latin a with acute. I assume we'll eventually have to allow other Unicode characters too - a sample email address is foobá ColdFusion throws an error on this email address, which is technically valid. Since the acute a is a UTF-8 character, and the default encoding for cfmail is UTF-8, I'm not sure what other settings I would need to enable to make this work. Is this possible? The error I get is At

Email Mail Extension in yii-framework?

Which is the best Mail extension to send mail in yii framework? In yii site I got this type of extension wkd-swiftmailer yii-dkim swiftmailer mail phpmailer email mailer

Xinc wont email me

Do i need some configuration to make my CI xinc to email upong success failures or recoveries? I have a clean ubuntu installation

Automated handling of Un-Deliverable email

We are using a 3rd party email relay service to send mass emails to our client's subscribers. Problem is that when there is a "soft bounce" i.e domain accepts email and then subsequently bounces for whatever reason (as opposed to a hard bounce), the client's replyto/from email address is the one the undeliveable message goes to. Atleast with one client, we have the ability to host their email. So for example, is hosted by us and we can query the IMAP server to see t

Email What are the Curl SMTP command line arguments to support GMail TLS/STARTTLS vs SSL

I am using Curl.exe in an application to send emails. I need to support most major email servers. GMail exposes the following ports and Authentication methods. TLS/STARTTLS (sometimes called Explicit TLS): uses port 587 SSL (sometimes called Implicit TLS): uses port 465 I have gotten the Explicit TLS to work using the following command line: C:\>curl smtp:// -v --mail-from "" --mail-rcpt "" --ssl -u -T "c:\te

gerrit sendemail "Server rejected body"

After I configured my gerrit server with our SMTP server, I can not send email, can anyone help? I was trying to config my gerrit with SMTP server, after I checked with command "gsasl --smtp -a --connect= -p passwrod", I have confirmed that my connection with SMTP server is correct. After I configured it into gerrit.config, and restart gerrit. I tried to modify my first account's contact information by the webUI, I met a problem like "server xxxx rejected body". Then I checked

Images in Mailchimp email very large in Gmail

I have a MailChimp template I am working on for a client. In Gmail only, I get some images that are much larger than the stated dimensions in the template. In this example, the image is shown in Gmail at 600px x 120px but the <td> is: <td cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse:collapse;vertical-align:top" height="4px" width="600px"> <img src="" style="display:block;border:0;min-heigh

AT&T Email Text Messaging Service Severly Truncating Messages

When we send an email <10digitPhoneNumber> we get the following result FRM:<from email> SUBJ: <subject> MSG: <39 characters of the message> It's always 39 regardless of the length of the email or the subject. Have other people seen this behavior before? Is there a work around? T-Mobile will place the message in an image if the content is over 160 characters, and we're not even close to that on AT&T. But our user is on AT&T so we have to use AT&T's

How do I send the contents of my shopping cart in an email to my address?

Here is my script and my email script. It sends me the cart but if i have any more than two items it comes in as a blank email. Email php: <?php // Include MySQL class require_once('inc/mysql.class.php'); // Include database connection require_once('inc/'); // Include functions require_once('inc/'); // Start the session session_start(); $emailSubject = 'Order'; $webMaster = 'MY EMAIL; { $body = showCart(); $headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n"; $h

Email Fully Transition from One Gmail Account to Another

This feels like it should be pretty easy to do, but I can't figure it out for some reason... I am (slowly) moving from my account to I've got mail forwarding set up, so when I am logged into b, I get all of a's (and some other accounts') mail, but I also want to set up a filter & label pair so that any email that goes directly to a (and then gets forwarded) is marked with that label. This will work as a reminder for me to go the website that sent me this email and up

Email fetchmail forwarding to gmail via procmail - what is happening?

I've set up fetchmail with the following configuration poll protocol IMAP user "my_name" password "my_pass" smtpname "" ssl keep no rewrite mda "/usr/bin/procmail -f %F -d %T"' Everything seems to be working fine. No errors from fetchmail, and the procmail log contains the e-mails that I want to be forwarded to GMail (an example is pasted below). However, none of the mail ever shows up in my GMail inbox. I've checked the 'All M

Block unknown outgoing emails

I have installed webmin on my VPS. I'm hosting only one domain on that vps I use postfix as MTA I have this strange issue of unknown users sending emails from my server. The following is sample email headers from unknown senders, How do I stop unknown senders from using my server to send emails. (The amount of emails sent are in thousands) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Received: from User ( [])

Inserting a table into Outlook email using VBScript

I have a table in a Microsoft Word document that I want to insert into the middle of a message in an Outlook email. When I manually copy the table into an email draft, it preserves the formatting, but when I don't, the formatting changes into a list-style. For example, this is what the table would look like: 9898 Apple color 1394 Banana blue with borders, but in the email that gets sent, it shows up as 9898 Apple Color 1394 Banana Blue I had to add in extra lines above because

Email smtp, hidden 'rcpt to' value

received an email from a spammer addressed to a non-existent user in my domain, let's call it obviously the headers had been spoofed but i must assume the 'rcpt to' field was legit for it to reach me. i have all messages forwarded to my gmail from my domain's sendmail. trouble is nothing in the message source in gmail is showing which of my the legit email addresses the spammer specified to reach me. all i see in the message source is the bogus email. i can't reproduce this either.

How unique is mails conversation index property of the email

I am using Exchange Server Webservices Managed API to move all mails belonging to same conversation thread to a specific folder. Folder for first mail in the conversation is specified by the user which is when I store its conversation index and folder name in database. Subsequent mails in the conversation should be moved to the same folder by the code automatically. My problem is if it is possible that conversation index of two mails can be same if the conversation is originated from two differ

Mandrill Emails not reaching any mailbox, but Mandrill showing status 'Delivered'

Mandrill does not offer any support. I've sent them many tickets, but still no answer. I hope someone here will help me out. I'm sending emails through SMTP. I'm able to send few thousand emails in start, but after few thousands, no email reaching any mailbox. Mandrill activity showing that the email is delivered, but it's not and there's no email in backlog. I have limits around 50K/hour. I tried making another account after a day, and did some deposit too, but same thing happen with other ac

Email The database is empty. issue

My client firm is using lotus notes client application and that is sending email to users and the users are using microsoft outlook 2010. Email which is sending by lotus application when it comes to outllok it's coming as an attachment .nsf file. We understand that user has to save the nsf to local drive first and open to respond works, but user are not trained to do so. We need to solve this technical issue without having user save the nsf to local drive/desktop. When user clicks open on a

Need Google Script to send an email if specific data added to specific column

I have no background in programming, and am new to Google Scripts and Stack Overflow. I'd like to create a Google script which automatically sends an email when the word "No" is added to a specific column in Google Sheets. I have already created and tested the script which sends an email if "No" is added to my spreadsheet, however, I need this process to be automated so that my co-workers must not manually run the script each time. I would be extremely grateful if anyone would be willing to

Email Cannot send e-mail notifications on jenkins

I have installed Jenkins version 1.598 and email -ext plugin version 2.25 I want to send email notification when build is successful. When i make a build, the build is successful, and i can see following error on the console output: Email was triggered for: Success Sending email for trigger: Success Sending email to: ERROR: Could not send email as a part of the post-build publishers. javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host:localhost, port: 25, res

Email How to send e-mail with

I tried to use example (with my login and pass) from But every time I am getting error:\net\curl.d(3691): Failed sending data to the peer on handle 7F6D08. What's wrong? I tried to specify port (465) but it's not helped. import; // Send an email with SMTPS auto smtp = SMTP("smtps://"); smtp.setAuthentication("", "password"); smtp.mailTo = ["<>"];

Email Exchange Web Services (EWS) possible server URLs

I'm working on an application where the user logs in to his Exchange account. To save the user some monotony, I want to implement so that the entire URL of the server the user belongs to doesn't have to be given. E.g would result in However, I can't find if it is safe to asume that all possible URLs will end in "/EWS/Exchange.asmx". Is that so? Or do I have to try all the possible combinations I can come up with, to see if it work

Filter outlook emails until a threshold/count is reached

I get a set of alerts by email from a device anytime it has connectivity issues. It is typical to see about 15 email alerts every day for connectivity issues for several reasons. These are mostly ignored. However, when there is a connectivity issue that is severely affecting other systems, we get a lot more emails over the period the connectivity issue lasts for. Unfortunately, I can’t get my developers to fix or threshold this from the source. My question is: how do I create an outlook rule

Sending email laravel form

I'm trying to send emails with form details in. I succeed to send one with email information but when I'm trying to add more data, i get errors such as undefined var etc. After sending the mail, I'd like to redirect to a new view saying ' Thx for contacting us" before getting back to index. Any help ? :( Controller <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use App\Http\Requests\ContactFormRequest; class AboutController extends Controller { public function create() { ret

$BUILD_USER not expanded in Jenkins email notification

We use Email Notification plugin as the last build step. When the build is started manually in Jenkins, the $BUILD_USER will expanded properly and show the user name who starts the build. But when the build is triggered automatically by a new commit in GitHub, it shows like this? How can I fix this? Build Status : Fixed Build Cause : MANUALTRIGGER Build user : $BUILD_USER Build User ID: $BUILD_USER_ID Build Number : 57 Build Id : 57

Redemption in MS Access / Outlook (trying to include a separate message file in email)

This code is in MS Access (2010) VBA, using the Redemption library with Microsoft Outlook 2010. I had this process working before, but we recently had a Citrix upgrade that I guess reset something in my Outlook and now the process no longer works. I have a folder of .msg files which are basically pre-made email templates with all the proper formatting, images, text, etc. This is what I was doing before: Dim outlookApp As Object, namespace As Object Dim oItem, MyItem Set outlookApp = CreateO

Googlesheets: I need to assign a script to textbox that sends an email to an email address located in another spreadsheet

I'm sure this will be a frustrating post for some and I'm very sorry. I don't have any coding background and this will be one of the first scripts I've ever attempted. Thank you again for the help! What I need to accomplish is to assign a script to a text box that sends an email with the address located in another spreadsheet. Here is the setup: Picture 1. This is the spreadsheet and tab where I want the email address to be sent from using the textbox (with the E) located to the right of the "

Email Sender Name Differenet from Sender Address Oracle SMTP

I am writing a simple mailer program in oracle using SMTP. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE send_mail (p_to IN VARCHAR2, p_from IN VARCHAR2, p_subject IN VARCHAR2, p_message IN VARCHAR2, p_smtp_host IN VARCHAR2, p_smtp_port IN NUMBER DEFAULT 25) AS l_mail_conn UTL_SMTP.connection; BEGIN l_mail_conn := UTL_

Email How to fix SPF issue

So I'm using, which is great, except now I'm royally confused. The first time I ran a test, here's what it said (in the SPF section, where the problem is that: You are not allowed to use one of your sender email addresses) What we retained as your current SPF record is: v=spf1 a mx ~all It should be changed to: v=spf1 a mx ip4:some-ip-address ~all Need guidance? Visit the guide for cloudflare. When I clicked the link to the guide for CloudFlare, it literally said my new

Gmail is not receiving emails from SendGrid

I have a Django app set up to send emails from my contact form via SendGrid. The contact form should send emails to, which is an account using G Suite, so the client opens the email on Gmail. However, the emails from the contact form are getting stuck on SendGrid with status deferred or block. I tried changing the destination email from to and it worked just fine. I don't know what else to do. Here is my Activity Fee

SES verification email not received

I have a verified Domain in Amazon SES with a single email address. This address works fine and I can send and receive mails no problem. I want to add a second email address to the domain, so I have copied the original account settings. There is a Rule Set for the new address that send to a S3 bucket and to WorkMail via an SNS topic. I can send mails from this new address. However the status is pending so I cannot reveive. When I try to resend the verification email, the mail get sresent succe

How to send email with different subject lines for passed testcase and failed testcase using nodemailer

I need to send email with nodemailer after execution completion. At completion of all the test cases,even one spec gets failed, email subject line should state that test case has been failed. and if all the test cases gets passed then it should state that all test cases has been passed successfully. this.specDone = function(result) { if (result.failedExpectations.length > 0) { let mailOptions = { from: '"Mathur, Shruti" <>', to: ''

Email link to launch executable. Will my email get blocked as spam or dangerous?

Just wondering if anyone has experience in sending an email with a link in it to launch an executable. We have clients that require a license key of sorts to be emailed to them, I had an idea to send a link that would launch at executable on the local system and import the license automatically, but I'm assuming this would be blocked by virus protection or spam blockers. Am I right in assuming this? I am also up for other suggestions on how to import a long string of data in to a database eas

Email How to send Mail to Active Directory users in XPages?

First of all, I am not sure if this question is a Stackoverflow or Server Fault question so I ask it here. I have set up Domino with login as Active Directory using SAML 2.0. Users can access a webpage and login in using their AD information because I added the AD users to the ACL There is no users in domino directory. In my XPage I use @UserName() to display the logged in AD user and it is returning the híerarchial AD name nicely My question is now how can I access and email Active Direct

Email Not Able to send the mail on mailId which have numeric value, Its giving error : No recipients have been specified

Eg. System.InvalidOperationException: No recipients have been specified. at MailKit.Net.Smtp.SmtpClient.Send(FormatOptions options, MimeMessage message, CancellationToken cancellationToken, ITransferProgress progress) at MailKit.MailTransport.Send(MimeMessage message, CancellationToken cancellationToken, ITransferProgress progress)

Email Open GMail Account in browser from application with command line

I have an application with a dashboard containing all my personal accoounts (emails, forums, social networks, etc). Each account is stored with its username, password, login URL, etc. The accounts are listed on the dashboard. When I click on one of them, it opens the default browser to the login URL. Is there a way to directly send the username and the password as command-line params with the URL to login automatically to the concerned account when opening the login page? If yes, is it different

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