Events How do you add a key handler to a GWT FlexTable?

I'm trying to change the row highlighting in my FlexTable using KeyCodes.KEY_UP/DOWN. This doesn't seem to work (based on 1809155): public class KeyAwareFlexTable extends FlexTable implements KeyDownHandler, HasKeyDownHandlers { public KeyAwareFlexTable() { this.addKeyDownHandler(this); } @Override public void onKeyDown(KeyDownEvent event) { GWT.log("onKeyDown"); // check if up/down & do something useful } @Override public HandlerRegistration

Events Setting the field values to be returned to Splunk server using java

I am using java rest api sdk to retrieve events from the Splunk's search app. I retrieved the field called splunk_server during search time and i set the value for it. Then i tried to format the log message in a key=value pair pattern. eg. splunk_server=remoteserver. I wanted the value for the splunk_server that i set to appear for the new event added to splunk. But the default value appeared instead. Is there any way to set the value for the splunk_server and show the value i set in Splunk se

Events how can i get the values of the current item in sharepoint 2010

I have a list(registration) with fields like username,pwd ,name,age etc. i want to send a mail to admin with all the fields (username,pwd,age etc...) when a new item is added to the custom list.i tried by using added event but i am unable to get the values of the newly added item. it is entering into the if loop but at the next line i am getting an error object reference not set to any instance. Thanks in advance i am new to SharePoint public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventPropertie

Events How to override wxProcess::OnTerminate

How can i override wxProcess::OnTerminate function to receive events about process teminating with wxWidgets? I tried to create class overriding wxProcess and function OnTerminate, but there is no events about it. How can i override it? Thanks!

Events Windows store apps tapped event is very slow

After running some performance tests on my new windows store app, I realized that all tapped-events are much slower than the pressed-events. I have no idea why, but the problem is: I need it. I can't use the pressed-event instead, because sometimes I need to implement a right-tapped event. When doing a right-tap the (normal) tapped-event will be ignored. That's what I want. Unfortunately the pressed-event will not be ignored, but always called. So - what can I do now, any ideas?

Events Magento 1.7 - Change downloadable product url after successful order

I'm having a lot of trouble to change a downloadable product url after a successful order. Right now I'm listening "sales_model_service_quote_submit_after" and trough : $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder(); $items = $order->getAllItems(); foreach ($items as $product) { $links = $product->getProduct()->getDownloadableLinks(); foreach ($links as $link) { $link->setLinkUrl('My New Url'); } } I'm trying to set a new one. It works but it seems to be

Events How to detect a new incoming connection with Netty 4.0.x?

How can I detect a new incoming connection with Netty 4.0.x? Here is a code of a simple server: public static void main(String[] args) { EventLoopGroup bossGroup = new NioEventLoopGroup(); EventLoopGroup workerGroup = new NioEventLoopGroup(); try { ServerBootstrap b = new ServerBootstrap();, workerGroup) .channel(NioServerSocketChannel.class) .childHandler(new ChannelInitializer<SocketChannel>() { @Override

Events ractive child components

I'll try and make this as short and sweet as possible. In Ractive.js, how can I listen to a custom event on a component's parent. --or-- How can I fire a custom event on all child components.

Events Event-driven MVC application

I have a MVC application which uses events(hooks) and I have a question about when to trigger an event. There are three options: trigger in models(this approach will mess-up the code, but gain a little more flexibility) trigger in controllers(after or before calling some models) creating a new layer of abstraction between controllers and models that extends my models and trigger the event(decorator pattern) Thank you

After Insert events for pre-2007 MS Access

I need to execute a script (some sort of macro or VB script) that posts data to a different server every time a record is added or changed on a local MS Access database. This is trivial on a 2007 or later .accdb file with After Events but I need to accomplish the same effect on a 2000 formatted .mdb file. Does anyone know of a way to simulate an 'after create' event on this older database type?

Events Polymer paper-toast "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'size' of null core-overlay.html"

I had this issue with paper-toast element on my local dev(but could not replicate it here on Then I found solution that works for me, but could not tell why it works. Just placing that finding here, don't have questions: when placed inside 'core-change' or 'change' listener paper-toast threw this error: <script> document.querySelector('.validation').addEventListener('core-change', function(e) { console.log('validation core-change'); toast_element = document.getEleme

Events Check Data with Esper + Twitter4J

I am using Esper with Twitter4J to process Data from the Twitterstream. Now I want to compare current Data with all Data from the last 10 seconds. I want to check, if someone posts two or more Tweets in a time slice of 10 seconds. Whats Statement for such a check? Or do you check such outside of the Esper Statement? My statement is right now: String expression = "select user, sum(ctr) from seconds) having user IN (select user from seconds))"; I know that t

Events Oxid eShop event handlers

I am trying to create some tracking events on OXID eShop Framework on a custom module but I can't find any event handlers or something to put the code on some custom pages, without editing the core files. What I want is to make some custom API calls if I am on product page, category page, basket, etc. Is there any way I can handle this in a custom module?

Events Handling ScrollEvent on TableView takes too much of the CPU Time

I have a TableView named tableVerre and I want to have every row of it checked for a criteria ( stock column value ) and execute some code on them as I scroll so I wrote this code but it makes the program consume a lot of CPU time, I'm not familiar with Lambda expressions so is there a simpler way to write this ? : tableVerre.addEventFilter(ScrollEvent.ANY, new EventHandler<ScrollEvent>() { @Override public void handle(ScrollEvent scrollEvent) { stock.setCellFactory(column

Events Consume Hyperledger composer event in Angular Based Application which uses REST API

I am little new to UI freamework so please help me understand is there a way to consume an event if I have build the plain angular based app, which uses the composer rest api for UI (note: not a Node.js application) Because as per documentation it says: Node.js applications can subscribe to events from a business network by using the composer-client.BusinessNetworkConnection.on API call. Events are defined in the business network model file and are emitted by specified transactions in the trans

Events Get the new resource id after an event has been dragged or resized in FullCalendar

I'm using FullCalendar with the Scheduler plugin and I'm trying to get the new resource id for the event that has just been dragged or resized. If I console.log the event argument of eventResize or eventDragStop functions I always get the initial resource id of the event. Any idea how can I achieve this? Bellow is the code I have so far: $('#calendar').fullCalendar({ schedulerLicenseKey: 'CC-Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives', locale: 'ro', header: { left: '',

Events Implementation of event listener - assembly vs high level language

Assembly: Consider the Intel 8080. To handle an interrupt (for example from the keyboard), you simply have the keyboard pull the 'INT' pin high and place a 'vector' on the databus. The vector points to the location of the interrupt service routine (ISR) in the assembly program code. See this answer for more details. High level language: Consider the concept of attaching event listeners. For example consider Javascript's keydown event listener. An example: document.getElementById("demo").addE

How to handle events in skia?

I am intending to use skia for an app. How to handle events like web input box click, wheel events etc in Skia ? What are the possible events in skia? How to handle events in skia?

Events Can DB2 tell a web-app when a table data is updated?

I have a table of non trivial size on a DB2 database that is updated X times a day per user input in another application. This table is also read by my web-app to display some info to another set of users. I have a large number of users on my web app and they need to do lots of fuzzy string lookups with data that is up-to-the-minute accurate. So, I need a server side cache to do my fuzzy logic on and to keep the DB from getting hammered. So, what's the best option? I would hate to pull the enti

MouseLeave LostFocus events Silverlight

I'm writing a Windows phone 7 Silverlight Application. and i have to set Visibility of my Stackpanel to Collapsed when mouse leaves this control. But this event occurs even if i simply click on my control without mouse movings. Lost focus event doesn't work too. How to achieve my goal? Thx in advance!

Events Registration in Drupal Sites

I am making a drupal site and have a custom content type Event. I want user be able to register themselves at the event page. For this there is a module namely Event Manager . But this module is not present Drupal 6.x release. Is there some other workaround of this?

Events Swing send an event programmatically

How can I do to create a custom event and send it programmatically to a component? E.g. If I had a JButton and wanted to create an ActionEvent or a MouseEvent and than send it as if an user had pressed on it which code I'd to use? The following code not work: JButton btn = new JButton("Click..."); MouseAdapter my = new MouseAdapter() { public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) { area.setText("Button clicked!!!"); } }; btn.addMouseListener(my); MouseEvent me = new MouseEvent(btn,

Timers or timed events for backbone.js Views

I am trying to build an automatic carousel as a Backbone.js View so that it slides every so often. Ideally what I would like is a timer event. Something like events{ "timer 5000" : "slide" } I don't see this happening. I tried firing the function from the outside. window.setInterval(carouselView.slide, 5000); That works. BUT, I can't access the instance of the view anymore. If i do a console.log(this); it gives me Window. I guess this is because the function is being called from W

Hashchange events with the Back Button in the Backbone Router/History

I'm using the following system configuration: Chromium 14.0.835.202 on Ubuntu 11.04 using Backbone 0.5.3 A Backbone Router with the following routes and callbacks defined: , routes: { '': 'handlerRoot' , 'second': 'handlerSecond' } In this system I'm having the following behavior: If I access the 'root' (the home), the 'handlerRoot' is called. OK, it was what I was expecting. If I go to 'second' (#second), the 'handlerSecond' is called. OK, it was

Creating events with the Facebook Graph API

I'm trying to create an event through the Facebook Graph API and I keep getting an "Invalid Parameter" error. I cannot figure out what the problem is. Here is the code: FB.api('/me/events','post',{access_token: accessToken, name: name, start_time: startTime},function(retVal) {}); This is the response: code 100 message "(#100) Invalid parameter" type "OAuthException" What am I missing? Thank you

Backbone events on model firing on collection (Double firing)

A Backbone app which I'm developing has a collection and a model, and associated views for each item. When I click on the PostView, unexpectedly, the event fires on the collection without any wiring. I figured I'd need to bind an event to the model, then have that fire an event on the collection. Is that not the case? Does a collection automagically inherit events fired its child models? I'm uncertain, but I think it has something to do with the nested views,

Events jQuery change event not firing from keyboard?

I have this dropdown, I want to alert/log something when the value in it is changed. What happens is when I click the dropdown with mouse, and selected any other value, the change event is fired. But when the focus is in the dropdown, and I press up and down arrow, it changes the value in dropdown, but the event is not fired, and the alert is now showing up. Here's the code <select id="drpDay" name="drpDay" style="background-color: white;"> <option value="1">1</option>

Events How to progate an event to a children

I have code like this: public void handle(MouseEvent event) { //if (event.getEventType() == MouseEvent.MOUSE_CLICKED) { if ( ( event.getEventType() == MouseEvent.MOUSE_PRESSED )&& (event.isPrimaryButtonDown()) ) { x1 = x2 = event.getX(); y1 = y2 = event.getY(); line = new BoundLine(pane, event, x1, y1, x2, y2); pane.getChildren().add(line); //line.getEventDis

Events emberjs: how to trigger a custom event in a View

I would like to turn a primitive event (a click) into a semantic event, like "deleteTodo" This is described here, but not how to implement :( I have the following code: App.TodoView = Em.View.extend({ click: function(e) { this.trigger("deleteTodo"); } }); { match('/').to('index'); }); App.IndexRoute = Ember.Route.extend({ deleteTodo: function(e) { // this code is never executed :( } }) ; After I perform the 'click', I see t

Datagrid events not working inside a titlepane

I am new to Dojo and trying to create Datagrid that can be expanded on click. So, I have decided to put the datagrid inside a titlepane, so that the datagrid can be shown on expanding titlepane. titlepane works great, i can set the data grid inside. Everything fine so far. The only problem is, I couldn't get the click events inside the datagrid. ( i couldnt do row selection, sort, etc.) I am using dojo 1.8.3 and here is my code function(taskListModel){ var tasks = taskListModel.getData();

Events How to unbind an external event when a controller/$scope is destroyed?

Supposed I have a controller for a page that is being rendered into an ng-view. This controller binds to some events of an external source (such as an application-wide message bus) to update its model. This basically works very easy: function MyController ($scope) { $ = '…'; externalSource.on('foo', function (data) { $scope.$apply(function () { $ =; }); }); } The problem is: How do I unbind the controller from the external source once the view

Events backbone console log event triggering

I've got a underscore/backbone/require application and I would like to output all events that are triggered through backbone to the console (in other words: pass each event through console.log function). I've tried wrapping it with underscore and manually replacing the function. Neither this: console.log(Backbone.Events.trigger); var trigger = Backbone.Events.trigger; Backbone.Events.trigger = function(name) { console.log('Event', name, 'triggered.'); trigger.apply(this, arguments); }

Events PyQt Application load complete event

If my structure looks like this... from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui from PyQt4.QtGui import QDialog,QImage,QPixmap from PyQt4.QtCore import * from PyQt4.QtGui import * from appView import Ui_View # this is designer .ui file converted to .py via pyuic4 cmd class AppWindow(QDialog, Ui_View): def __init__(self): QDialog.__init__(self) # Set up the user interface from Designer. self.setupUi(self) self.setupEvents() def setupEvents(): print ("setting

OpenLayers 2 Touch events for Windows

I'm using OpenLayers 2 and touch events (panning, pinch zoom, etc) are working fine on iPads/iPhones but not on Microsoft Tablets/Phones. I tried implementing a solution offered on this DotNet Blog, to no avail. Specifically, I'm trying to get OpenLayers 2 touch navigation working on a Microsoft Surface Tablet. Any ideas?

Events OpenLayers 3 catch tiles loaded event

How can I catch the tiles loaded event in OpenLayers 3? In OpenLayers 2 this could be done by catching the "loadend" event from the baselayer of the map:'loadend' , false, function(){ });

Vaadin: how to avoid cascade valuechange events between fields

I have several fields in a screen, that are partially dependent each on other by validating rules. If user changes one field then I can affect another fields using setValue(). But I am fighting with the problem, valueChange event is fired from setValue() just as from user activity. My example: I have four fields "activity_status", "schedule_date", "start_date", "end_date". By editing any one field I want to affect another three fields (changing status, setting or shifting dates). How to avoid re

Configuring discovery events in gridgain

I configured to listen to discovery events in gridgain using remoteListen method but when i call future.get() i get the following exception here is the exception stack trace lass org.gridgain.grid.GridException: Failed to serialize object: StartRequestData [prjPred=null, clsName=null, depInfo=null, hnd=org.gridgain.grid.kernal.GridEventConsumeHandler@7f977fba, bufSize=1, interval=0, autoUnsubscribe=true] For more information see: Troubleshooting:

Events Incomplete task before HOST ends with CPU device

I have got only an CPU Core i3 with two cores, so I can only work with CPU, not GPU. I want to test a simple example using OpenCL with a simple add kernel. But here is my problem: After allocating platform, CPU device, etc, I do the following: 1) clEnqueueNDRange() enqueues a kernel task and assigns an event to the completion of this task using the last parameter. 2) clSetEventCallback() using CL_COMPLETE links the callback function to the aforementioned event. Normally, the callback functio

Events ZF2 Remove anonymous function from event manager

In my module's onBootstrap function I have attached an anonymous function that is hooking into the dispatch.error event (for logging purposes): $eventManager->attach('dispatch.error', function($e) { //Code here }); I am now setting up Unit Tests and do not want the logging function to run on test requests. How do I remove this anonymous function from the event manager? From the documentation: attach [snip] The method returns an instance of Zend\Stdlib\CallbackHandler; t

Events What event fires when a player stands on a block in Roblox?

I want to change the colour of a part when a player stands on it but instead of putting the script inside the part can i put the script in the workspace and identify the part from an event, like Humanoid touched or something? The reason is that i have 100's of parts which need to react to a touch event so i don't want to put the same script in each part. Pseudo-code might be Player touch part event fired Identify part from event and change colour of part Thanks

JavaFX Window Keeps Receiving Mouse Moved Events even When Obscured

Should a JavaFX partially obscured window still receives mouse moved events in the a portion of the window that is obscured by another window? This seems like odd behaviour. Adding extra windows (javaFX in the same application or other applications windows) results in odd and unpredictable behaviour Am I doing anything wrong? Is there away of avoiding this behviour? package obscuredmouseevents; import javafx.application.Application; import javafx.scene.Scene; import javafx.scene.control.Text

Events EventHandler OPC UA

i'm trying to communicate a server to a client using opc ua, it works fine until the point I want my program to return values. Im using a OnNotification function: public void OnNotification(MonitoredItem item, MonitoredItemNotificationEventArgs e) { // Debug.Log("Entre aqui"); foreach (var value in item.DequeueValues()) { // Debug.Log("Entre aqui otra vez"); //Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}, {2}, {3}", item.DisplayName, value.Value, value.SourceTimestamp, value.StatusCo

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