Facebook graph api How can I exclude results from graph query?

https://graph.facebook.com/search?q=mark&type=user&access_token=2227470867|2.AQDzzvizJdnQFGlQ.3600.1315422000.0-100002485550696|SUNASlYr-pHh7ooE2c_omSxIhbU <---- returns all users with the name mark. How can I do the opposite? How can I EXCLUDE all users named Mark? I tried q!= and q<> but that did't work. Thanks...

Facebook graph api Accessing Test User Data with facebook graph api

I am trying to get the friends of a test user using facebook graph api but it returns only the ids of the friends but not other details like first_name, last_name etc. This works though with real users. I specifically pass the fields that I require (the request looks something like this): https://graph.facebook.com/me/friends?access_token=...&fields=id%2Cfirst_name%2Clast_name%2Cgender%2Clocale%2Clink%2Clocation%2Cbirthday%2Creligion%2Crelationship_status The access token is the token gra

Facebook graph api Don't understand "(#4) User request limit reached"

I'm not sure the cause of this error, and yes I've done lots of searching around for similar user's problems (they are error #17, or app limit reached). And I'm doing this on regular graph API calls (such as https://graph.facebook.com/me ), not necessarily FQL like others have run into. User request limit reached makes it seem like a per-user limit, but according to http://www.fb-developers.info/tech/fb_dev/faq/general/gen_10.php , #4 is "Application request limit reached" and #17 is "User requ

Facebook graph api Graph API not working

I just started working with Graph API and have it working to login, however not to do graph api calls. I have set the delegate (i think), but it isn't calling back the delegate methods i implemented. Here is my code: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import "Profile.h" #import "AppDelegate.h" #import "FBRequest.h" @interface HomeViewController : UITableViewController <FBRequestDelegate> { Profile *profile; AppDelegate *appDelegate; } - (void)request:(FBRequest *)request didLoad:(id

Facebook graph api Facebook App, Wrong access token

I'm using the Graph Explorer, and I'm choosing my application from the Application Drop Down List. I'm having to access this photo https://graph.facebook.com/399744030064153. When i choose the application, facebook automatically the access token for the app and I'm being able to view the photo details. However, in my php application, when i do $access_token=$facebook->getAccessToken(); $photoObj=$facebook->api("https://graph.facebook.com/399744030064153?access_token=$access_token");

Facebook graph api FQL stream table very inconsistent

FQL stream table is definitely inconsistent. In stream table doc, one can read Each query of the stream table is limited to the previous 30 days or 50 posts, whichever is greater. I tried this simple query SELECT created_time FROM stream WHERE source_id = A_FRIEND_ID which return me only 5 results (the last one is from Sep 4). Then, adding a simple LIMIT 20 to that query, like this SELECT created_time FROM stream WHERE source_id = A_FRIEND_ID LIMIT 20 return me instead 13 results (last one fro

Facebook graph api Graph API Explorer's FQL Query: comments_list only has recent comments

I am currently trying to archive a comments thread that is over 10,700 comments long. I am trying to generate the list of comments, so my search query was SELECT comments.comment_list FROM stream WHERE post_id = "<ThePostID>" However, the only comments returned were the most recent ones, i.e. those that you see when you see the post in the Group's Wall. Only the latest 49! Even the LIMIT 500 hack didn't help. Is there a way to access the older comments?

Facebook graph api facebook batch request with jsonpath

With Facebook, i need to know, who (which user) has commented on a post on a facebook-page. I make two requests with facebook-batch-requests in my javascript-file, the first for all the posts and with the second, I want the requests of each post. Nice to have, if i can choose just the posts which have some comments. FB.api('/', 'POST', { batch: [ { // all posts from page from last year 'method': 'GET', 'name': 'posts_page_year', 'omit_response_on_success': false, 'relati

Facebook graph api Are the new Facebook comment API changes for news feed stories, or only for comments on page posts?

In this FB Developer Blog entry: New APIs for Comment Replies, it says Last week, we launched comment replies on Facebook pages and profiles with more than 10,000 followers. This allows businesses and celebrities to engage with their fans more directly. Today, we’re updating the API so developers can build tools that make it easier for brands to monitor and respond to comment replies. When I go look at the new Comments API documentation, it says: Some objects are able to accep

Facebook graph api Use FB API to get the pages that a page likes?

I've been looking at the documentation for the FB API as it pertains to pages to see if I can get the pages that given page likes and all I can see is a field that lets you get the number of users who like a given page. But, I can't seem to find a field that returns an array containing the ids and names of pages that the page itself likes. This works fine in the API explorer when trying to get the likes of a users. I just use GET /me?fields=likes But, for a page... it doesn't seem to work.

Facebook graph api Graph OAuthException 1500 : The url you supplied is invalid

As of today, almost all of my app's calls to share links on user's feeds are failing with the following error: { "message": "(#1500) The url you supplied is invalid", "type": "OAuthException", "code": 1500 } Uisng PHP cURL, I'm posting to https://graph.facebook.com/{user_id}/feed and submitting a link parameter pointing to a valid, working URL (plus message params) etc. Strangely, I can issue a command line cURL request and the request seems to work correctly (at least I haven't

Facebook graph api Can a posting from a facebook app to a users timeline contain images?

I am using facebook-cordova -> "Simple Facebook" -> Facebook SDK -> Graph API from an android app and an IOS app. The functions I use in facebook-cordova to do the actual postings are named .feed() and .share(). They seems to be interchangeable on android i.e. result in the same graph api call in the other end. What I need is to add images to a posting, preferrably by url. (I have already managed to do postings without images, using app key and access token etc), When glancing the facebook S

Facebook graph api scribe oauth connection refused

I am trying to use scribe. Just copied the Facebook example it asked to paste the code, which I got in request after login to FB. as below And paste the authorization code here AQB7XIMSqkD_OjE_bbHAz4nWQxkuWrQLUmCsYcw5VW4Tlxti3PEA-8F7YGNLKhonX0tBzA2GaXpt7Mz7ym83j4aeXc6kCHurqSRVbB8DpXSjnnkh3cm3XwUHJEfuOeo3Zf_gEFOtlJDvET-b38ECz4Y4jke5gCSmu9NIndG376M4r4siNXGopHq8VO4fQSw9tg_1O27GR3CNSbKVrx1Mk-GqPIhVHg28Zt5zikthZ7l9t8zI_nXIo6T3F17FJxQGMT8NZL8kGh4fUmGAMKCHouP964b_67F6ddQ3K6u1C4KNdS

Facebook graph api Android webview shows blank screen after sharing the content on facebook wall ? I am using javascript sdk to share the Post

I am using the javascript sdk to share content on a Facebook wall: FB.ui({ method:'share', display: 'touch', href: 'www.adarshkr.com', redirect_uri:'www.adarshkr.com' }, function(response) { if (response && !response.error) { alert("shared"); window.reload(); console.log(response) } else { FB.init(); } }); Upon s

Facebook graph api Get "mutual friends" and "mutual likes" using Facebook's Graph Api (v2.8)

I am trying to get "mutual friends" and "mutual likes" between session-user(i.e. me) and request-user(i.e. some friend of friend) using Graph Api Explorer, but i am receiving an empty list. The urls I am hitting : for mutual friends : http://graph.facebook.com/[request-user-id]?fields=context.fields(mutual_friends)&access_token=[my-access-token] for mutual likes : http://graph.facebook.com/[request-user-id]? fields=context.fields(mutual_likes)&access_token=[my-access-token] Thanks in

Facebook graph api Facebook Graph Api returning empty data for Ad Insights API

I am trying to fetch reporting for the AdCampaign let's say with xyz id, I have valid access token with ads_read, read_insights permissions & everything else except page_messaging. The app with the permitted token is owned by same ad account as well. xyz/insights?fields=ad_name,.... No matter which fields I ask for, it always return me empty data set. { "data": [ ] }

Facebook graph api Facebook Graph API rate limit for page access_token blocks all my requests, how to get current page tokens?

I am trying to post to a Facebook page using the graph api and a page access_token. Before that I've done the app review for manage_pages and publish_pages and verified as an indivual. Current state after successful app-review is, that none of my known page access_tokens (I only need one for my app normally) is working any more, I cannot create a new one neither. The results I get, when I try to create a page_access token and the app is live: Page access tokens cannot be generated: Applicatio

Facebook graph api Fetch users media using the new Instagram Graph API on WordPress

Soo.. with the new changes that Instagram and Facebook have brought upon us, it has made it more complicated to have a module displayed on our website to just show the images from a user's feed. Long Story: Below, are the things that I have already accomplished: - Create a Facebook page and link Instagram account (Completed) - Create an Facebook App (Completed) - Create a Business Manager page (Working on verifications) I want to be able to display a users profile images depending on the user

Facebook graph api Is there a way to tell if its an Instagram creator or business account?

Recently Instagram introduced their new Creator profiles. Your Instagram account can now be one of the following: personal account, business account or creator account. Not everything which is possible with a business account is also possible with a creator account. So I need a way in my application to determine if it's one or the other. How can I do this?

Facebook graph api Is it possible to send and fetch Facebook messages using Graph API for v4.0 or greater?

I want to create a web application using PHP which will allow to connect Facebook accounts with my application and once they authenticated my application can fetch inbox messages of that user and can auto reply to the messages received against authenticated Facebook accounts. Also, allow user to send messages manually from my application to Facebook inbox. Is this possible with Graph API or any other Facebook API which will allow me to do above mentioned things. Some people was told that thi

Facebook graph api Real-time updates for friends change only

Using Facebook real-time updates I want to get notifications when and user (of my application) has connected with another (not necessarily of my application). It looks logical to subscribe using object="user" with fields="friends" which I did. The problem is the amount of notifications I'm getting (too many): it looks like I'm notified not only when an user connects/disconnects with another. Is it possible to get notifications ONLY for these types of events? Thank, George

Facebook graph api How to get Access Token with JavaScript API dynamically

I'm trying to publish an action for the Facebook Grahp in order to get my App approval.. Error: Publish Actions You must publish at least one action to your Timeline using this action type. So I created a simple page to publish the action (I got the code form: Graph API) and it's this one: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" dir="ltr" lang="de-DE" xmlns:fb="https://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml"> <head prefi

Facebook graph api Graph API not returning all photos

When I query photos I don't see as many photos as I do on Facebook. For example if I use FQL to find all photos with me in them, I get back about a 100 less photos than I see on Facebook if I look at photos of me. Is this a privacy issue? I have noticed that the some users don't have any photos returned. Is there anyway to get all the images that I can see on Facebook through the graph API?

Facebook graph api Facebook Javascript SDK show value of array

I'm trying to show the tags of a checkin in facebook javascript sdk, but shows only [object Object] because it is an array, I tried several ways to show this array, but could not. The following code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html xmlns:fb="https://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml"> <head> <title>New JavaScript SDK</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"

Facebook graph api Get posts from all my Facebook Pages?

I want to get the most recent updates from my liked Facebook pages (graph.facebook.com/me/likes/). I thought I'd got it working using FQL with the below statement SELECT source_id, share_count,likes, FROM stream WHERE source_id in (select target_id from connection where source_id=me() and target_type='page') LIMIT 100 However it seems that FB is filtering out a bunch of pages due to their various algorithms. Is there any straight forward way of getting around this? I'd just like to see all m

Facebook graph api Facebook different users posting to different pages as the page itself

I have a facebook application and want to use it to allow my users to post simple messages on a page. I used api explorer and made a few api calls to post but all that I post is not visible for other users than the one I am logged with and for not-logged-in users. I want my api-made posts to be visible for everyone, not just for the user that posted them. I mention that if I make a post using the textbox directly (manually) on the page then those posts are visible to everyone, even for non-log

Facebook graph api How can I tell if user has watched 10 seconds or more of YouTube video?

I'm using Facebook's open graph protocol to publish a "Xxxx watched this video" message on the user's timeline (with their permission, of course). According to Facebook's best practices for publishing this message, I shouldn't do it until the user has watched at least 10 seconds of the video. But, all my videos are hosted on YouTube. How can I tell if 10 seconds has elapsed? The only idea I had was to use YouTube's API to subscribe to the event when the video starts playing, then start an inte

Facebook graph api Get user email server-side facebook

So I want to get users email address with my server-side code.(I can get it on client side) My apps scope is set to: "scopes":["public_profile","email"]} What I'm able to-do at the moment is verify that the users token is valid. But I'd like to request the email as well - just to make sure on server side, that i can log the person in to my website. I use this address to verify the token belongs to my app: https://graph.facebook.com/debug_token?input_token=%REPLACE%&access_token=%REPLACE

Facebook graph api Facebook Graph API, Unable to post as a page due to permission issue

I have a facebook application, not yet submitted to FB for permission review. The app is intended to allow user to post and reply to other people's post as their own administrated page. Upon authorization, the application would request the following permission Publish action Publish Pages Manage Pages I used my own account, with tester role in the app, to granted all requested permission and verified the result in permission is indeed there in my app settings for the application. I h

Facebook graph api Facebook Graph api profile picture URL

I'm trying to display the profile pic of the logged in user but for some reason the url gets changed. This is the function i've put together function testAPI() { FB.api('/me','GET',{"fields":"picture{url},name"},function(response) { var url = response.picture.data.url; console.log(url); $("#status").html('<p>'+response.name+'</p><figure id="profilePicture"><img href="'+response.picture.data.url+'"/></figure>'); console.log(docume

Facebook graph api How to get all liked objects of an user including posts, photos, urls with facebook graph api

This is cherrie. I am facing an issue, regarding facebook feed reading. I need to access all liked objects of an user including posts, photos, urls with graph api."me/likes" returns only pages. In earlier versions, we can achieve this using "user_activities" permissions, but now it is deprecated. Is there any way to achieve this, with present permissions. Help would be appreciated.

Facebook graph api How to submit facebook app for review

We’ve created successful a bot and also can test with page token generated from facebook developer portal (the token must contain page_messagaging permission to be able to send reply message). But when we submit to facebook to review, it seems they use real account to test and the token doesn’t contain page_messaging permission. (log from our server says: {“error”:{“message”:”Unsupported post request. Object with ID ‘me’ does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not s

Facebook graph api Instagram - How to get media based on a given hashtag?

I am trying to write an Instagram app which among others will let me get media based on a hashtag. I already finished it, and only then noticed this message from Instagram in the developer page. Starting 10/1/2017, all permissions other than the basic permission will be unavailable to submit for or obtain. Query by hashtag needs the public_content permission. Looks like this is not possible anymore. Are there any other options? I tried to look for similar functionality with Facebook graph

Facebook graph api Error Handling for Instagram API

I'm trying to migrate from old to new Instagram API. Graph API has this page for Error Handling but I can't find corresponding page for Instagram API. I thought that both APIs use the same error codes but some Instagram API error codes are not documented in Graph API for example: curl -i -X GET \ "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.12/17841407629754967?fields=business_discovery.username(sdfsdf)%7Bid%2Cfollowers_count%2Cmedia_count%2Cbiography%2Cwebsite%2Cusername%7D&access_token=" res

Facebook graph api Get like_count & comments_count for specific media with Facebook Instagram API business_discovery

I would like to update the like_count and comments_count for a specific instagram post with the new Facebook Instagram API. We have the post id and other data stored in our database and would only need the data of that specific post. At this point I am able to get the like and comment count via this API call: https://graph.facebook.com/v2.12/xxxx?fields=business_discovery.username(jacqehoward){id,name,username,website,profile_picture_url,biography,followers_count,media_count,media.after(QVFIUlZ

Facebook graph api Extract my timeline posts from Facebook Graph API

I am trying to extract my posts, via Graph API from facebook. I used some basic code snippets but they don't work. I can not get my feed even in the Graph Explorer. It always says that I don;t have the permission and I have to submit my App for review and provide a video tutorial on how I use the extracted posts. But I want to extract just my posts, I don't care for anybody elses. Do I seriously need FB App review to do that? This is what I get with my token from my app: user/posts requires

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