Using preferences in Firefox

How do I access user preferences in Firefox? I have the following code: var control = document.getElementById(control_id); if (control) { control.setAttribute('color', nsPreferences.copyUnicharPref(prefstr, default_val)); } But when I run this, I get the following: Error: nsPreferences is not defined Source file: chrome://backgroundtoggle/content/options.xul Line: 9 I'm having trouble wading through the Mozilla documentation. How do I make this do what I want?

Firefox extension compatibility

I've encountered posts which have stated, "I'd love to use Extension A but it doesn't work with Extension B". Is this something that I need to be concerned about when building a Firefox extension? What are some of the common reasons for extensions to conflict with one another? What are the best practices to ensure that my extension plays nicely with all the other extensions?

Can I drag files from the desktop to a drop area in Firefox 3.5 and initiate an upload?

I've set a ondrop event on my drop area and it receives an event when I drag an image from my desktop to the drop area. However, according to the Recommended_Drag_Types document: A local file is dragged using the application/x-moz-file type with a data value that is an nsIFile object. Non-privileged web pages are not able to retrieve or modify data of this type. That makes sense, but how do I prompt the user to escalate pri

HTML5 video (mp4 and ogv) problems in Safari and Firefox - but Chrome is all good

I have the following code: <video width="640" height="360" controls id="video-player" poster="/movies/poster.png"> <source src="/movies/640x360.m4v" type='video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2"'> <source src="/movies/640x360.ogv" type='video/ogg; codecs="theora, vorbis"'> </video> I'm using Rails (Mongrel in development and Mongrel+Apache in production). Chrome (Mac and Win) can play either file (tested by one then the other source tags) whether locally or from

Firefox CSS Problems with IE6

I'm building this site and it looks good in firefox, chrome, IE8, but apparently it looks like death in IE6. Normally I expect everything to look a little different in IE6, but not this bad. I'm not even sure why it's getting so messed up. Anyway, I need to get the site to work in IE6, but the problem is I don't even have IE6 to test it or see what it really looks like. I've just seen screen shots. Any suggestions?

Firefox Change page before show

I'm developing a mozilla Add-on, and i would like to know, how to change a page that is requested by ajax before the response be sent.. Let's say that in stackoverflow i have a button and when i click call this function: h = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "somepage",true); h.onreadystatechange=function() { if (h.readyState==4) { alert(h.responseText); //I want change this result before the javacript alert the content... } } h.send(null) I hope you understand my question... th

Firefox plugin to convert POST request to GET?

I heard there was a Firefox plugin called "POST-to-GET" but I can't seem to find it. It is supposed to intercept a POST request and convert it to a GET request with the parameters appended to the query string. Does anyone know of a plugin that does this?

Should I test my application with older versions of Firefox?

In the interest of browser-compatibility checking, and given limited resources, is it worthwhile to test my HTML 4/CSS 2 web applications and sites with older versions of Firefox, or is it sufficient to test with the current version (v3.6 as at the time of writing)? If I need to test against older versions, why? What are the things that I need to look out for? UPDATE 1: This applies to a generally available audience and we can assume the browser usage patterns are the same as for the general p

Firefox Audio in html5 not working in FF4/Safari

I got this audio link in my html5 document: <audio src="" type="audio/mp4" controls="true" preload="metadata" title="Senaste sändningen från Radiosporten"> Senaste sändningen från Radiosporten</audio> It renders properly in chrome, but in FF4 it first flashes the controls normally and then I get a big "X". In safari, it seems to hang while reading metadata. Is there a problem with my audio-t

Firefox Geolocation API Alternative

The default source for geolocation in FF is set in about:config from the parameter geo.wifi.uri to the value of When the standard geolocation call is made in Javascript, e.g., navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(handle_geolocation_query,handle_errors); Firefox will query with my IP address (desktop) and return my approximate location. What I want to do is to set up a page on my own server that returns a specific geolocation;

Firefox add-on to display iFrame

I'm trying to create firefox addon which will add an icon near the address bar, and when the user will click it, it will show an iframe which I'll set. Something similiar to chrome extension, as like this: Thanks

Close only a specific tab with firefox extension

i'm developing a firefox extension and i want to be able to close a specific tab. For example if there are many open tabs in the browser o want to close only the tab with a specific url. I know that i can use gBrowser.removeTab(tab) but i don't know how to get tab object. On the other hand i can get the browser that corresponds to the url but the param of the removeTab() function must be a "tab object". How cat i get the tab object. Any ideas?

text-shadow in older FireFox versions

I have upgraded my FireFox to 9.0.1 so I can't checked what I am asking. I want to use text-shadow css inside my site but I don't know if it works in older FireFox versions like 3.5 . box-shadow effect for FF 3.5 was -moz-box-shadow.Is it -moz-text-shadow for FF 3.5 ?

Firefox How to switch to previous version of mozila using developer tools?

I am working on a project, which is under testing now. Need is to make Website compatible with all Modern as well as at-least make them compatible with 2 older versions of every Major browsers. For this I used IE F12 tools in IE, to Switch to IE 9,8,7 view. Now is there any Tool for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, which let me switch to its previous version for testing?

Firefox Elisp: Save HTML file and view it in one stroke

This sort of works, only you must already have that page open. Optimally, it would go to the correct tab or, if not available, open a new tab. To do this, I must somehow get the state of the browser (Iceweasel in my case). (I should check if there is a browser at all, I now realize. But that is easier, I can do that with ps.) (defun save-source-update-browser () "Save file, go to Iceweasel, hit F5." (interactive) (save-buffer) (shell-command "wmctrl -a iceweasel") (shell-command (

View locally saved content from Mozilla Firefox

When browsing with Mozilla Firefox and loading a webpage with an audio file, that audio file should be saved in a media cache locally, right? Is there a method or addon/tool for selecting, from Mozilla's display of the webpage, that audio file in the media cache and saving it?

Way in Firefox to show current window dimensions?

Is there any way in Firefox to show the dimensions of the current viewport? Ideally in the status bar and updating "live" as you resize the window, as this would be extremely useful for responsive layout testing! I've used "MeasureIt" but that requires you to draw with a ruler, which is tedious and quite possibly inaccurate depending on the ability and mouse resolution of the user.

Firefox. Stop response if it takes too much time

I'm using Selenium WebDriver and FireFox 19.0.2. In my tests some pages takes too much time to load all resources (pictures). Pictures are loaded after all dom elements required for tests are created. So I need some mechanism to prevent selenium wait for complete page load. I tried to use firefoxProfile.SetPreference("webdriver.load.strategy", "unstable"); but tests became too unstable. So my question: is there any options in firefox config to end up long responses or at least retur

Can't get video to play in Firefox

Using mediaElements.js, my video and audio test work fine in Safari/Chrome on the Mac but not in Firefox (14.0.1). See: All the controls load and when you hit play it looks like it's loading, but then that stops and nothing plays. To see if my .ogv and .webm files work I have a version of the page without MediaElement.js which is here: an

Firefox Compile XPCOM idl file using 64bit Ubunty based system

I'm working on a XPCOM interface for Firefox. To compile my .idl file using 64-bit Ubuntu based system, I couldn't find the specific Gecko SDK version. I tired to download "Linux x86_64" version of Gecko SDK from link in which I couldn't find "xpidl" file inside bin folder. This is the tutorial I followed. It would be great to hear where I'm missing.

Compass single-transition mixin not working in Firefox 22

I'm using Sass 3.2.9, Compass 0.13.alpha.4, and Susy 1.0.9 on this project. Here is the scss: .callout-image-wrap { @include single-transition(border-color, .5s, ease-in-out, 0); @include rem(border-bottom, 5px solid $mxn-light-blue); &:hover { border-bottom-color : $mxn-dark-blue; } } and here is the generated css: .callout-image-wrap { -webkit-transition: border-color 0.5s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition-delay: 0; -moz-transition: border-color 0.5s ease-in-out 0;

Firefox The selenium turned off running on the server

We have existing selenium tests in many projects but these were turned off due to problems running selenium on the server. Selenium has been updated a few times since then but it may be that the underlying problem is that we were continually re-launching firefox. i want to know if there is any other browser which i can keep running at backend and no need to open every time which sometime slow the server and at worse hang it. please suggest some solutions.

Firefox Can I prevent my toolbaritem from being placed in the new menu panel?

Firefox 29 will feature the new (and somewhat controversial) Australis interface. This new interface features a menu panel, replacing the application's main menu button from previous releases (see the Mozilla UX blog post why what is where for more). One of the challenging things about this new menu for add-on designers like myself, is that add-ons can be added to the menu panel, in addition to their usual spot on toolbars. For a toolbar-oriented add-on like I maintain (a search toolbar with a

Where can I find all the Firefox settings?

I have read from this official article that the prefs.js file "does not actually contain all of the settings." I wonder where is/are the file(s) where I can find all the settings of Firefox ? P.S. I am using Firefox-29.0.1 on Windows XP SP

Firefox How can I find a list of active plugins on a web page in a browser window

Say I open Youtube,and the video starts playing. How do I find out what in-browser and system plugins / resources are being used to play the music / video? Asking because on my Firefox, about 50% of the time, when I open youtube, it starts playing the audio of the page in the background, even as the video loads. So when the video is playing, there's audio with it, but there's the same audio, with a small delay playing in the background. I've tried disabling the extra flash plugin that most o

Robot Framework tests fail with "Firefox could not be found in the path!"

I use Robot Framework with Selenium Library. (Python27 and Firefox26). Sometimes when I start a test it fails with: Failed to start new browser session: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Firefox could not be found in the path! Please add the directory containing ''firefox.exe'' to your PATH environment variable, or explicitly specify a path to Firefox like this: *firefox c:\blah\firefox.exe It doesn't happen all the time so it's pretty strange. I checked the PATH environm

Pre-Open Links in a Webpage using Firefox Addon SDK

I want to pre-open HTTPS connections (using a proxy) to every server that is linked in a Webpage, so that when a User clicks on a link the connection to the server has already been established. Anybody got a hint how to achieve this with Firefox Addon SDK? I think I have to use a content script first to parse the Webpage for the links and then connect to every server using the '' class?

How to disable firefox's reader view from my website?

Today i updated my firefox to the latest version and one big feature is the reader view for desktop. We launched a webshop two weeks ago and now there is this tiny "reader view" icon. When i click on it i get an error-message. My team-leader wants me to remove this feature when visiting this site. is it possible to remove or hide the "reader view" feature from firefox when visiting my site?

Selenium/Firefox: Unable to bind to locking port 7054 within 45 seconds when running tests through parallel_tests

I have seven separate spec files (they are for all intents and purposes identical, login to website, navigate to page, look for element, logout) - running them individually completes without any errors. However, I want to be able to run all seven files simultaneously. And they MUST run locally on one single PC. I need to do this every day, so I need it to be a reliable process. I've tried several options detailed below all with the same issue. It all stems (seemingly) from running multiple

Firefox Add-on : Where to specify new version number

I am creating a firefox add-on using the addon-sdk-1.17. I submitted version 0.1 for review, which passed. Now I've made some changes to the add-on. Under my submissions, when I clicked on "Upload new version" and uploaded the xpi, I got a message saying "Version 0.1 already exists". Do I have to specify the version number in my project somewhere?

How to enable geolocation permissions for a website in firefox profile using selenium webdriver

While automating a site using selenium webdriver, i am required to allow the geo-location permissions to move ahead. I am not able to do it using capabilites of firefox profile. Image of the geo-location pop up Something like this public static String fileName = "/Users/Arjit/Documents/geoLocation.json"; WebDriver driver; FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile(); profile.setPreference("geo.enabled", true); profile.setPreference("geo.provider.use_corelocation", true); p

Display Issues with Roboto Font from Materialize in Firefox

I am using Materialize to style some of my web pages. I have noticed that Roboto font does not render correctly in Firefox (v43.0.3), but looks fine in Chrome. Both browsers are downloading the woff2 font file from my server, which this question seems to indicate should be the optimum choice for modern browsers. Chrome rendering: Firefox rendering: (I realize these low-res screencaps are not the best reproduction, the differences are much more apparent in the actual browsers.) In the Firef

Firefox Three.js Point cloud with transparency using a shader material disappears when adding non transparent cube

The behavior happens only on firefox. (I use the developper edition). I have some point clouds which need to use a shader with transparency activated. When I add a CubeGeometry to the scene without transparency it makes the point cloud disappear. I also noted that using a point cloud with a PointMaterial works as intended, but in my program I need to use shaders. If you use shaderMaterial on the cube in this part of the code: mesh = new THREE.Mesh(geometry, material); //mesh = new THREE.M

SVG box is rendered bigger than size + strokewidth (Firefox)

I use the SVG tag to draw vectors on an html page. It seems that Firefox (45.0) renders lines with a specified stroke-width larger than expected. I prepared an example with increasing stroke width, but the size which I can see in Firebug or FF object inspector are bigger, p.ex box size 100 + stroke width 10 results in object size 114. I expect 110 because the stroke protrudes on all sides of the box by stroke-width/2. <svg> <path d="M550,10h100v100h-100z" style="stroke-width: 10;

Cannot scroll in Firefox DevTools' Style Editor using scrollbar thumb

I have just started using the Firefox Developer Tools. When I am in the Style Editor, I can't seem to grab the scrollbar thumb to scroll through my style sheets. I assume I'm missing something but can't find what. I have restarted the developer tools, and restarted Firefox, but that didn't help. My cursor stays as if it is selecting text, even when I hover over the tiny scrollbar thumb, thus it doesn't let me grab the it. Obviously this is important as style sheets can have many lines! I am us

Firebug toolbar button is always shown deactivated since Firefox 51.0.1

Recently my Firefox got updated to version 51.0.1. Initially it was showing some reminder check (I'm not clear with that) related to Firebug, but I ignored it. Now, the Firebug toolbar button is always shown deactivated. I've reinstalled Firebug several times, but the result is always the same. Is there any compatibility issue? How do I activate Firebug?

Can I change the configurations in FireFox webextension

I want to build a Firefox extension that will need to change the configurations (about:config). It is not obvious whether I can change the configurations (about:config) in webextension? If not, is there any way to do this in the old development environment?

How to prevent Firefox tracking protection from blocking flickr-images I inserted dynamically with javascript?

Locally I have apache running, calling http://home/s.html There by Javascript I fetch the xml-file from a flickr-search. I visually want to represent the search, by inserting html in the s.html-page. The images are all blocked. Random example for blocked file: This is adressed in other questions here on stackoverflow, but not really answered for the following detail: Is it possible to somehow circumvent the tracking protecti

WebRTC app not working on firefox

I have a very tremendous issue in my app. App is using webrtc to create video connection between two people. Currently the app it's in the test phase. Everything is working fine on Chrome, but on Firefox there is a strange issue. When the second Peer connects I receive this error: Error adding ice candidate for pcInvalidStateError: setRemoteDescription needs to called before addIceCandidate I know that the error message seems to be clear, but how it's possible that on Chrome this error doe

Firefox How to fake mouse hover state with developer console?

There is a popup box showing a mini version of the cart with a few products. I need to debug it but it only shows if the mouse is over the div with class button dropdown-toggle. How can I fake the mouse hover so that the popup shows? I tried it like this: But it does not do anything. I also tried to set display to block, but this did not helped too.

SMIL animation doesn't work on a use element on Firefox

Although this animation is working on Chrome, Safary and Opera, it doesn't work on Firefox when I'm using the group: svg { max-width: 90vh; stroke-linecap: round; display:block; position:absolute; margin:auto; top:0;bottom:0;left:0;right:0; } path { stroke: black; stroke-width: 0.2; fill: none; } circle { fill: black; } <svg id="svg" viewBox="-50 -50 100 100"> <g id="slice"> <path d="M8.390747629378028, 4.0407710911278985Q16.337096335644915,1.5780476430

Createjs and Firefox 72

After updating Firefox (Firefox 72.0) an error appeared: "The buffer passed to decodeAudioData contains invalid content which cannot be decoded successfully." Apps don't work, because of this problem with audio playback. Has anyone encountered such a problem? Thanks.

How to make fixed size window in privacy.resistfingerprinting (Firefox)

In Firefox, I use privacy.resistfingerprinting = true. How can I set the window size (1024x768 or 1366x768 or another) that I need? So that I open the browser and the window size matches the resolution I need. What I did: Set the values to privacy.window.maxInnerHeight and privacy.window.maxInnerWidth. But the size is 1000x700, 1400x800, etc., i.e. not the one i need. Used privacy.resistfingerprinting.letterboxing with the specified resolution in .dimensions, it seems to work. BUT, this works

Rust doesn't accept input from stdin from native messaging - firefox

I am making a native messaging application, with the web API, from firefox. The extension is supposed to call an application that parses stdin and then calls my other rust app, based on some of the data it parsed, but for no apparent reason, the rust app doesn't accept input from firefox (it works when I do it manually). This is the code of the extension: /* On a click on the browser action, send the app a message. */ browser.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(() => { console.log("Sendin

Firefox WebProxy Autodiscovery Ubuntu 20.04

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 i want to set system wide proxy settings using WebProxy Autodiscovery for all the devices connected in a intranet. I have tried from Ubuntu OS Network settings did not work neither did setting in firefox worked, can someone help ?

Set permanent proxy for firefox with proxy authentication

I want to use a proxy with the Firefox browser. I have configured it from Firefox > Preference > Proxy Settings but after closing and reopening the browser the proxy was not working and in settings, I can see that it has been changed to No Proxy as defaults. Is there any way to set proxy and its credentials from Firefox files permanently?

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