Flash Is it possible to read only the first line of a file with Actionscript?

I've got a PHP-based site where we allow users to upload a comma-separated text file of data to be imported by some server side scripts. However, sometimes we need to adjust the column order of the data that is uploaded, and it would be immensely helpful if we could identify the columns in the CSV file before the upload takes place. The only way I can think of to access local file I/O is with a Java plugin or an embedded Flash script, and I'd much prefer the latter. Is there any way in Flash to

Flash server-side Shared Objects - LSOs

The Adobe docs (I can't find which) state that Flash can read Shared Objects (.SOL files?) off a server. This could be an interesting way to store data and retrieve it client-side. Any ideas on how to do this?

Flash rtmp and adobe media player

We have acquired hosting of a Flash Media Server for prototyping, and we are trying to stream videos using Adobe Media Player. While we know that this is possible, we are curious as to what steps are needed to do this: Do we need to create a server side app in order to stream, or can we just host the videos? We already have pre-existing feeds in AMP that currently consist of ordinary podcasts. We are aware that we will either need to modify the feeds or create new ones containing the urls to t

flash cs3 component problem

I have been using custom swc based components for my new flash game. I was nearly through with the engine development when I decided to update some of my placeholder graphics. I made the necessary changes only to find that my component wouldn't compile. I found this strange because I merely updated the graphics and some non-essential code needed to display the new graphics. Perhaps I changed a setting...? I fixed the problems the compiler reported and exported the new swc file. Success. I reloa

Solution to skew bitmaps in flash

I'm looking for a solution to skew images. Flash only allows skewing of vector-based objects. I tried to use matrices but could not get a propriate solution. The goal is to do something like a threefold-brochure which folds out in two steps. Does someone have a hint or example code for this? UPDATE! Maybe my message was a little bit wrong verbalised. Flash allows to skew, for example, a rectangle to a rhomboid. ------- ------- | | \ \ | | => \ 

use flash as proxy for e4x?

I really like processing XML with e4x, any other method I just get confused and can't seem to get it to work. So I was thinking about maybe making a proxy in flash to use to process xml with e4x (I would use this for JavaScript and maybe PHP if I could figure out a way). Basically passing it an xml object and an e4x expression and returning the results. Before I even start to think about how I could make this possible I wanted to know if this is a terrible idea? Is this a waste of time or could

Flash preloader for external as2 swf

all i need is a preloader to run and when it detects the swf is loaded it will stop and the map.swf will start to run. I have trawled the net for weeks with no luck. I have a massive 776kb flash map. I need a preloader to run prior to this map but it need to be a preloader independant of the map.swf. Please does anyone have any ideas at all. i really would appreciate some help. thanks in advance

perspective in Flash

I have an 2D image that I want to draw in true 3D, and spin around its centre. I'm using Actionscript 3 code (actually Haxe, no IDE), and I'm struggling to discover the values by experimentation. I have a DisplayObject. If I use rotateZ = 45, the object rotates around it's top-left, rather than centre; more complicated Display.transform.matrix things like rotate(Math.PI/4) work the same way. How can I rotate on the Z axis around the DisplayObject's XY centre? And how do I then get the persp

Flash Actionscript TextFormat resets when changing TextField.text

I have a TextField that is formatted with bold and blue. However, when I change TextField.text, the formatting of the textfield resets and I have to setTextFormat again. This is the code I use to set my TextField. myText is the variable for my TextField. (This is just part of my code; it is part of a function for my EventListener.) yourName = body_txt.text; myText.text = "This is the new text";

Flash Ask permission on f5

I've just been listening to music in http://listen.grooveshark.com/ website and tried to refresh the page and then it gave me message "Do you really want to refresh this page?". How is this done?

Is Flash programming good for GUI prototyping?

I used to think that Flash was a program for designers or just for web purposes, but now i am working in rapid prototyping for GUI and i am trying to learn some flash just to evaluate as solution for this kind of projects. I found very useful some graphical capabilities, like combine graphics and video together, modify pixels, good interaction with user input... what do you think? is flash good solution? or is limited because his web/designer origin? br.

Flash CS4 Actionscript 3.0 --- Make my script loop!

Here is my script... all I want to do is have it continuously loop! import fl.transitions.Tween; import fl.transitions.easing.*; yourwebsite_mc.visible=false; var uptodateFadeTween=new Tween(uptodate_mc,"alpha",Strong.easeOut,0,1,3,true); var uptodateRotateTween=new Tween(uptodate_mc,"rotation",Strong.easeOut,360,0,3,true); var uptodateXTween:Tween=new Tween(uptodate_mc,"x",Strong.easeOut,-250,200,3,true); var uptodateDone:Timer=new Timer(3000,1); uptodateDone.addEventListener(TimerEvent.T

Flash Preload a lot of tiny pics

I'm thinking about how to approach the problem at hand. There's a flash movie that requires a lot of relativly small images and I'm trying to optimize the time it takes for them to be preloaded. One thing I've considered it turning on KeepAlive in Apache on the server side. That works. But my mind still wonders if there's anything else ;-) So, what other approaches I may try? Is there a way to compress all those images and then unpack on client side? I have full control on both server and cli

Flash video streaming - getting my toes wet

I'm working on a project that will involve having a couple thousand short videos online. I haven't done anything with online video before and this is all a bit new to me, so I am looking for some general advice... I would like to use Flowplayer, and I would like to encode the videos as H264s. I am enamoured with Flowplayer's slow motion feature, which if I understand correctly, is only available using a Wowza server. I'm wondering: Is it advisable to use a delivery network of some sort? (F

Fullscreen Flash Mode

there is a flash application which has a "Fullscreen" functionality. That simply means that there is a link within the flash application called "Fullscreen". And when you click on the "Fullscreen" link a fullscreen mode appears. Here is the flash application: http://issuu.com/qslibrary/docs/qs-mba-career-guide-spring-2010?documentId=100428145108-725c3082ecc1401e89893c1d25d71182 Now what I want is to directly go into the "Fullscreen" flash mode by clicking on a html link (without loading the fl

flash 10.1 multi-touch: how to find the number of touches at a point in time?

i want to find out if the user is currently using more than one finger to draw on the screen. currently, the TouchEvent object doesn't have any property like touchCounts, which tells the number of touches on the screen. it just has a touchPointID, which helps to identify a particular touch. do i need to handle this on my own ? for eg: in the TOUCH_BEGIN event handler i could see how many different unique touchPointID i have received and update the count myself. or is there a better way ? t

Flash How to create a 3d point with 2 same way textured sides?

So I create a points cloud using no 3d engines but one baked into flash: import flash.display.Bitmap; import flash.display.BitmapData; var bmd:BitmapData = new BitmapData(400,400,true,0x00000000); var xn:Number; var yn:Number; var zn:Number; var norm:Number; var c1:Number; var c2:Number; var c3:Number; var c4:Number; var counter:int; var color:uint; while (counter < 20000) { xn = Math.random() * 400; yn = Math.random() * 400; zn = Math.random() * 400; norm = Math.sqrt(xn *

Flash Trouble adding video controls to video selected by XML comboBox

I'm much closer to my final desired outcome, thank you. Two remaining issues, when I hit previous and next, the name shown in the combobox sometimes gets out of sync. Also I can't seem to get the video scrubber to work. See it in action add index.zip to the link above to dl source files (don't have enough points to post 2 links) import fl.data.DataProvider; import flash.net.NetStream; var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection(); nc.connect(null); var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc); var vi

Portfolio problem on a flash template

I have another question about the same template as before. in my website. (www.nikstudio.cl) I need to show in the webpage's portfolio (menu "trabajos") show a few pictures. If you click the thumbnail picture you can see the full size version of that thumbnail. My problem are two: First the picture one and two are the same as five a six ( and i can't change it cause i don't find the place to do this.) And the second is when I copy and paste (in a new layer) of the movieclip "sprite 656" i get

How to save this rtmp flash video stream?

My sister wanted me to save http://esewingworkshop.com/video-lesson/overview-zipper-types flash video & couple more for offline viewing purposes and asked me how to save it. I immediately fired firebug in firefox but surprisingly the video source is not in the requests. http://hwcdn.net/m7n9i8d5/fms/videos/5_Standard_Zipper/B_Overview_of_Zipper_Types.flv.smil is the last request that is being made. response being: <smil> <head> <meta base="rtmp://fms006.lo1.hwcdn.net/m7n9i8d

Tell flash sandbox to only allow local

Is there a way to allow a Flash app to access local files? I've build an app that's just for local use and not for web use but i run into sandbox errors because the app consists of several .xml and .swf files. I understand this can be changed by telling the security settings to trust the app but it should be easy to use so this is not an option. I also know this can be achieved by porting the app to AIR but i really hope there's a simpler solution. The app (swf) is embedded in a (local) html

Flash TLS error codes in as3crypto

I am using TLSSocket (part of as3crypto). Every now and then I see this in my console: GOT ALERT! type=51 and then the socket will close. It appears that this is the error handling in TLSEngine.parseAlert. The trouble is, I don't know what the TLS error codes are. Has anyone seen this error before? If not, where can I find documentation on the TLS error codes?

Adobe Flash Player Problem

I have a website and I am having some problems with the Adobe Flash Player. I use a Youtube Video Player, when two of the videos are played in IE9 64-BIT, then it returns "A javascript on this page is causing the script to slow down or something like that". I wanted to know if someone has a solution to this problem. You can check this yourself if you have IE9 64-BIT @ Afghanistan

FireFox & flash extensions i have problem with externalInterface (

how i can communicate with my flash app ? i load in my extension flash some like this myDiv.innerHTML = <object…><param allowScriptAsses… etc …  flash load fine !!! now, i trace my externalInterface method var flashObject = document.get…("myFlash") alert(flashObject) <- okey - [embedHtmlObject …  alert(flashObject.myExternalMethod) <- native function its okey !!! try excute flashObject.myExternalMethod() and NOTHING !!! ((( externalMEthod not invoked !!! this problem ONLY on

Flash Reflection of a Point over a Line

I have been looking at how to reflect a point in a line, and found this question which seems to do the trick, giving this formula to calculate the reflected point: Given (x,y) and a line y = ax + c we want the point (x', y') reflected on the line. Set d:= (x + (y - c)*a)/(1 + a^2) Then x' = 2*d - x and y' = 2*d*a - y + 2c However there are two problems with this implementation for my needs: My line is not described in the form y = ax + c (so I'd have to translate it, which

Flash window.onerror=function like directive in actionscript to capture errors?

before i begin, i should mention my actionscript skills are about a 5/10. that being said, if you point me in the right direction, i should be able to figure it out. is there a way of capturing actionscript errors in a window.onerror like fashion? i already have an amf based logging system setup, both the sending and recieving end are working 100%. so getting the message to the server is taken care of. just need to know if its possible to capture the errors. i would like to capture any and al

Flash AS3 - Memory management

I have a question regarding AS3 memory management I wonder if anyone could help me with. Supposing I created an instance variable for a Class, in this case or type Sound: public class SoundStore extends Sprite{ var s:Sound; Then within various class functions I referenced this variable multiple times, each time I wanted to load in a new sound: s = new Sound(); Am I correct in thinking that each time I created a new Sound I would be overwriting the previous allocated memory? Thanks

using flashzlib into flash project

I am integrating flashzlib into one of my flash project. As mentioned in documentation of project. I have successfully generated libz.a and z.l.bc and pushed libs and headers in appropriate places. Now, I have written this small wrapper https://gist.github.com/65d3c7ff683b326ecd22. This compiles just fine using: gcc example1_as3.c -lz -O3 -Wall -swc -o example.swc This is included into flash project like this (uncompressedData is a byteArray): private var loader:CLibInit = new CLibInit; pri

Flash Compiler Does Not Allow Overriding

I have been assigned to work on a Java/Flash/BlazeDS project. When I pull down the project code, I need to run an Ant script as part of the setup. This script eventually compiles the Flash code, as seen below. <exec executable='"@{sdk}/bin/mxmlc.exe"' failonerror="true" > //A bunch of <arg> tags </exec> The sdk attribute used above points to a common folder that our company requires us to use. The path ends in /sdks/4.1.0. This Ant script is failing on the following er

Saving flash runtime data on the fly

I'm working on an application for users to record audio using a microphone and save it on our servers. I'm using Flash. As far as I can tell, there is no way for me to autosave for my users. How can I 'autosave' the recording without having my users click "Save"? Otherwise their recording could be lost if, for example, their browser crashes in the middle of a recording.

Flash How to run a POST request programmatically in python with a GUI ? (spynner, webkit...)

I have a web site with flash forms that I need to scrape. Instead of filling the flash forms, I would like to POST some keys/values to the URL that doesn't support GET requests. I use spynner to interact with the site, and spynner can have a GUI, but my search on google, stackoverflow, spynner github and in the spynner module are unsuccessful. If spynner can't do a POST request, maybe gtk or qt + webkit can do that ? Any real life code sample will be really appreciated.

HTML5 instead of Flash for advanced chat application

My company want to develop an advanced chat application that has: 1- Chat Rooms and users 2- Live audio streaming (one/two directions) 3- Live video streaming (one direction) 4- Private chat (between two users) 5- White board. We don't have any flash (action script) skills, so My question is : Can we use HTML5 with some aid like NodeJS + socket.io + Redis + PHP to do this?? and if yes , Where to start? Thank you for your help.

Flash sockets over SSL in IE9 seem to have a data limit

I'm using socket.io to initiate a cross-domain flash socket connection over SSL in Internet Explorer 9. When I initiate a connection, everything seems to work fine until I send the entire HTML web page of the client. If I never send this HTML over, the connection persists, and the connection works with sending smaller amounts of data. When I send the entire HTML page over, the socket.io logs show that it is cutting the sent HTML short, which is followed by info - transport end (undefined). I tr

Flash AS2.0: I can't instantiate a class except at compile time? Could anyone explain what this means?

I'm sorry, this is probably a bit of a daft question, but I'm trying to write an Actionscript 2.0 class that handles loading XML data and then makes it accessible to the rest of the application. However, this is the first time that I've written a class definition for anything that wasn't a MovieClip, and I'm running into a strange error. For instance here: class Main extends SEBanner { public function Main() { _root._quality = 'BEST'; trace(_root._quality + ' SWF Quality Setting.');

Flash What are the alternatives if RTMP and RTMPT both are blocked even at port 80

We are using cloudfront for video streaming(which internally usage adobe media server) with JWPLayer 5.9. At few of our clients location RTMP port 1935 is blocked, then it does fall back on RTMPT at port 80 but even then the error message was "server not found". So appears like RTMPT is also blocked. HTTP progressive download or HLS works on latest browsers not even IE8. Many corporate clients has IE8 as main browser. What are the other options(if any)? Help Appreciated.

Flash animation generated on demand by server

I have a big project ahead which main requirement is to generate a previously defined Flash animation but with different parameters, like text and images. This application would run inside a server for the sole purpose of generate SWF animations on demand by users themselves. I've found similar functionality in this website http://www.bannersnack.com. Would be great if someone could give some pointers about what kind of libraries, SDK or tools should I learn besides Flash.

Flash Using as3xls how to make only first row values bold?

I am using as3xls.swc for my datagrid to export as excel. everything went well but according to my requirement, the exported excel sheet should have the first Row values to be bolded because they are column headers. So, I tried in many ways but it did not work, can anyone just help me please. Thanks in advance!

Flash Is there a way to make graphic movement smooth without increasing refresh rate?

In a typical flash envioroment,the frame rate is 24. If perform an object moving from A to B in 2 seconds,and the two points is 600 pixels away, which means the object must move 600/(24*2) = 12.5 pixels every frame.That makes the movement like jumping or lagging,the effect isn't good enough. One solution is increasing the frame rate, If set it to 60, the speed would be 5 pixels per frame,it looks much better. Another solution is decrease the speed, If set it down to 2 or 1 pixels/frame, It wi

How are .swc files converted in to .swf files when "compiling" a Flash Builder application?

I have the unfortunate constraint that I have to put a Flex application on a server that will not allow . in its filenames. The Flex libraries (.swc) are somehow turned into .swf files in the process of 'compiling' the Flex application and their filenames are changed into <FRAMEWORKNAME>_###.##.#.##.swf and what I need to do is get those .swf files without the . characters. What I'm looking for is any leads whatsoever before diving deeply into Google Edit: I do not think that the libs

NPAPI flash plugin for usage with node-webkit

I'm trying to pack my web-app to all major OS (win+mac+linux) using node-webkit (https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit). My problem is with the NPAPI flash plugin. Currently it is being phased out by google and others, so I can't find a place to get it for all (or any) platforms (for win it's a DLL, mac it's something else etc.). I have to use Flash for some features of the app. Any Ideas?

Flash Loading a scene based on multiple shared libraries (234), one clip per library (with an Electron wrapper)

This is a mod of an old Actionscript app. I have 234 external libraries I added as clips to be imported onto one scene. The goal is to use electron for the launch of the app. The issue is that past a certain number, or for certain imports, the client stops loading. I don't know for certain what exactly the issue is, as sometimes specific clips seem to be the issue, and on the next test they seem to work. Is there a limited number of imports that can be loaded when using electron to run an Action

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