Forms Elmah: How do I log form post data?

Is there a way to log the post request data in ELMAH? I am getting error emails, and while the error log contains the URL, request method, etc, I am not seeing the actual POST data. For example, Here is a sample Actual request: /bep/KotexCode/GetCode?stickerCode=1234532 But, the log only shows the request url and not the variable stickerCode. Thanks! Edit Sorry, I should have checked the project website, but it looks like this feature was requested.

Forms Spring MVC - command object binding question

I'm using a domain object as a command object in the web layer. In one case, this command object is backing a form that represents a partial update of the domain object. @RequestMapping( value = "/club/edit", method = RequestMethod.GET ) public String setupEditClubForm( ModelMap model, @RequestParam( "clubId" ) Long clubId ) { Club club = clubService.findClubById( clubId ); model.addAttribute( "club", club ); model.addAttribute( "action", "edit" ); return "clubForm"; } @Request

Forms Change GET-URL to canonical (mod_rewrite)

For my search engine, I have the page ... /index.php?q=TERM ... which displays the search results. Using mod_rewrite, I made it accessible via: /q/TERM The rule I used in the .htaccess was something like this: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^q/(.+)$ index.php?q=$1 This works well. But when I enter a term into my HTML form and click the submit button, I'm still redirected to ... /index.php?q=TERM How can I make my GET-form directly calling the new and short URL? Its code is: <form ac

Forms I'm not specifying the form action but it (automatically) gives different values in some cases

I'm creating my form using the Form helper, so the action of the form is specified automatically.... this form is used for editing a post.. so, the URL has the structure: and the form's action should be automatically generated as posts/edit/id but the problem is, in some cases, I open the HTML code and I find that the form's action is only posts/edit without the id which causes the update to fail... I spent a lot of time to figure out what situation brings this wro

Forms Dojo Dijit.Form.isValid() when adding fields by DOM Manipulation

I have a dijit.Form element on my page with two fields, name and comments where have just a require=true. Comments don't have validation rules. If i submit the form and check if it is valid it works. My problem occurs when i add fields name="columns" with DOM Manipulation. It validate when i'm typing, it shows that This field is required, but when i got my dijit.Form.isValid() it says that don't have errors, but it have, and it is showing me. What is happening? Why don't validate when i submit

Forms Zend Form renders an element with required="" which then is interpreted as required by the newest versions of browsers

Even when an element of Zend Framework has no setRequired() or has setRequired(false) called it is always rendered as <input ..... required=""> And seeing this code Chrome, Firefox and other newest versions of browsers while trying to validate the form before posting it, show the error message that the field is required (although it is not). It seems the browser detects the presence of the attribute required and does not care about its value (empty in this case). Additionally, I tried <f

Forms bada - Tab bar control

I am new to bada programming and I am facing some problems. I am currently creating an app that consists of 6 tab bar item, each of which have a different form and have different controls in each form. I have tried following the example on , however, I have set up all the controls in the form, but it does not respond and does not AppLog when I clicked on the button. Can someone please help me on this???

CMS for Extranet, Forms

I'm looking for a CMS for our extranet. We need users to be able to authenticate themselves and we'll want to design forms that submit data to a database. Just wondering what CMS systems people can suggest.

Forms Symfony 1.4 Custom Form

Just when I think I've got this framework down .... something that SEEMS like it should be so simple is thwarting my LIFE! Here's What I got: PageMeta: connection: doctrine actAs: { Timestampable: ~ } tableName: page_meta columns: id: type: integer(4) primary: true autoincrement: true site_id: type: integer(4) notnull: true meta_type_id: type: integer(4) notnull: true page_name_id: type: integer(4) notnull: true

Forms How to submit form with multidimensional array in playframework and to pass the variable to controller's action

I'd like to submit such form: <input type="text" name="features[txt][1]" value="aaa"> <input type="text" name="features[txt][2]" value="bbb"> <input type="text" name="features[num][5]" value="124"> and to receive the values in the save action: public static void save(Long id, (??) Map<String, String> features) {"%s", features); } Map<String, String> features - is the most successfull attempt of getting features variable. The logger says that i

Forms CakePHP 2.0 Determine which submit button has been clicked

In CakePHP 1.3 you can create a form with multiple submit buttons: echo $this->Form->submit('Submit 1', array('name'=>'submit'); echo $this->Form->submit('Submit 2', array('name'=>'submit'); and detect which submit button was pressed in the controller with: if (isset($this->params['form']['submit']) && $this->params['form']['submit'] == "Submit 1") { // first button clicked } In CakePHP, $this->params['form'] isn't set and the clicked button value doesn't

Forms access form update multiple fields

I'm using a form to update my table using ms access 2002, when I exit a field I would like access to duplicate the data to another field. For example, after typing address1 I would like the data to replicate to field address2. Saving time when most records have the same address in both fields.

Forms Symfony2 get entity id in a twig template from a different field_row

Here is the code used to create the form: $form = $this->createFormBuilder($city) ->add('name', 'text') ->add('images', 'collection', array('type' => new ImageType()) ->getForm(); City images property, is a collection of Image entity. Here the definition of ImageType class ImageType extends AbstractType { public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface $builder, array $options) { $builder->add('path', new ImageFieldType());

Forms Submit a form in Struts : in an iframe context and without having the form fields as attribute of the action

I have got a tricky problem. I have a page with three iframes, each one calls a struts action to display the content. Now, in one of the iframes, there is a (struts) form and a (struts) submit button. In another frame, an historic of the last actions performed by the user. When the submit button is clicked, I would like the form to be submitted and the entire page reloaded, so that the historic is up to date. Last problem, but not least : Let's say I have : - select1 : a struts select in th

Forms Symfony2 DataTransfomer that depends on second value?

I have a model where an Appointment object has a OneToMany relationship with a Reminder object. I want to embed a collection of Reminder forms in an Appointment form. The Appointment object has a property Appointment.Date. The Reminder object also has a property Reminder.Date. I made a custom type called "IntervalType", consisting of a "number" dropdown and a "unit" dropdown to use for the Reminder.Date input. The idea is that the user selects a number and a unit ("1 hour", "2 days", etc.). I

Forms Link out of radio button

is it possible to use a form with some radio buttons for linking to the selected page after submitting? So i selected the first radio-button, hit the buttion submit and got the the url /angebote.html Thx! <form id="aktion"> <div class="action-check"> <input class="radio" type="radio" value="angebote.html" name="suche"> <label for="suche">Ich suche ein Zimmer</label> </div> <div class="action-check">

Forms Prevent PO Box in form

I'm looking for a solution to prevent PO Boxes from being entered into the shipping details on a Big Commerce store, so I'm limited to using JavaScript. I've searched and found some solutions people posted but can't seem to to get any to work correctly. There is a tutorial someone posted on the BC forums, but it seems rather long for simple validation and even though I got it to work, it us still kinda buggy and doesn't always work.

Forms how to stop ajax calls if there's no changes made

Imagine the first time, the data doesn't matched and ajax has returned the request then sending an error message to the form, after that how do i stop ajax call if there's no changes made on the form/input? $("input[name=signup]").click(function(event) { if ($(this).attr('type') == "submit" && $(this).attr('name') == "signup") { formValidate = function() { $.ajax({ url: "/ajax/req-signup.aspx", type: "post", dataTyp

Creating Joomla forms without ANY 3rd party plug-ins

As a PHP developer quite new to Joomla, I have been running in circles trying to create forms on the web page. I can't find one proper source that easily documents the steps. But after a lot of searching, I found this: But I don't know where on my host these files go. Can some one please outline the steps... I'm not looking for complete code. Just something like: step one create html form create xml file with key

Forms How to create an open field poll on blogger

I need to create a poll/form with a few questions. The issue is that the possible answers are too varied to be able to predict them and put them as options (eg: "favourite fruit"), so I need it to be an open field option (as in the user can fill in his own answer). Then I need that input to be published on my blogger page/post. eg: Favourite color: Blue Favourite fruit: Apple Is there anyway to do that? I dont know which way to start looking, if in the direction of polls, questionnaires or f

Forms all my Symfony2 formbuilder entity fields are gone since upgrade

Did the form builder type entity change drastically since symfony2 2.0? Because this code used to return a list of all my entities of type "BizTVContainerManagementBundle:ContainerSize" and now returns nothing at all, except that empty value thing... No error message. I render the form with {{ form_widget(form) }} so nothing in the view has changed... $builder ->add('mainContent', 'entity', array( 'label' => 'Välj storlek på mainContent (kan inte ändra

Forms Barcoding in Ms Access

I'm trying to set up barcoding for inventory in access but i've hit a brick wall with formulas. I'm using a split form that pulls all the items at one facility (this is using a query), with the item details on top and a datasheet on the bottom. What I need to do when I scan the barcode (Barcode scan just sends a number and then hits enter): Show the item in question, Check off the item (in the scanned field) then at the top have it count the number of items to scan compared to the total number o

Forms Rails 3 break users edit into categories

I have a Rails3 app (I'm new to rails) that allows users to sign up by filling name, email, password, password_conf. Once signedup, I d like users to be able to edit more attributes through different forms, (Attributes such as an avatar image, address, etc..), in order to have an edit page which would not include too much information. What is the best way to create different forms for the user to edit attributes separately, for example: Edit General Info (name, email), Edit Password, Edit add

Forms Cakephp input form view as unordered list

I'm developing a website using cakephp 2.x. Now, I create a form using Cakedc/search. This form has input(select/dropdown list). But the list is too long, so I want the dropdown to be view as unordered list (< ul >< li >). Like in the lazada (search for brand): the code: <?php echo $this->Form->create('Product', array( 'url' => array_merge(array('action' => 'search'), $this->params['pass']))); echo $

Forms How to copy data from a form+sub-form to table in ms access?

I have created a form that has a subform attached. I have a button that runs a query to delete the record but first I want to copy the data from including all subform information if available to a table. I have used the following code but nothing happens. please! what am I have missing? Private Sub Command63_Click() Dim db As Database, delfile As Recordset, Criteria As String Set db = CurrentDb Set delfile = db.OpenRecordset("DelFile", DB_OPEN_DYNASET) 'add data to deleted taxpayer file t

Forms Not able to get reference to form in sencha

I am trying reset a form, on click of button. The button's functionality is defined in file seperate controller file. But on clicking button reset i get error "Uncaught TypeError: Object form1orig has no method 'reset' " Controller Ext.define('myapp.controller.form1', { extend: '', requires: [ 'myapp.view.form1' ], config: { refs: { form1orig: '#pressc', form1Submit: 'button[action=sub]', form1Reset: 'button[action=res]'

Forms Return form result from external PHP

I have a post type form with action to an external PHP that calculates a shipping tax. <form id="shipping_costs" autocomplete="off" method="post" action="tarif.php" target="blank"> <input type="hidden" name="serviciu" value="Standard"> All the inputs are hidden and the website that receives all the values calculates the tax. How can I retrieve the resulted amount into my website? Also, the website I work on is using smarty.

Forms CodeIgniter function form_open() in Smarty template

I recently started working with the Smarty Template system in my CodeIgniter projects. All works fine and I was able to echo strings and dates. But now I have a problem with the 'form_open()' function. view_login.tpl <form class="contact-form" action="login/process" method="post"> <div class="row"> <div class="form-group"> <label for="username">USERNAME</label>

Submitting forms containing multiple selects in Play Framework for Scala

I have a multiple select item in a Form. According to Play Framework's documentation, I need 'repeated values' to make all the selected options fit into a List[String] property of my data structure. case class MyFormData ( fq_cset: Option[List[String]] ) val myForm: Form[MyFormData] = Form( mapping( "fq_cset" -> optional(list(text)) ) )(MyFormData.apply _)(MyFormData.unapply _) I quote Play's documentation: When you are using repeated data like this, the form values sent b

Forms google app script simulate external form submit button

Is there any GAS example that explains how can I simulate the submit button of a given external site (not google site or form), and get the site results? I have a site that gives me any company address (Portugal), based on the company name: this is a public site and I only have to enter the company name, press a submit button and get the main address, if it exists. I need to find the addresses of about 1000 companies, and I would like to automate this boring task, since I have all companies co

Forms Shell Form Does Not Validate on JSFiddle

Ive seen this asked before. However I havent been able to come up with a solution. My form wont validate on jsfiddle and it gives me the shell form error any ideas? Thanks in advance! var error_count = 0; //main validation function function validation(form){ error_count = 0; var personalId = form.personal_id.value; var firstName = form.first_name.value; var lastName = form.last_name.value; var radio_length =; var checked=""; //check person

Forms Unable to access a Polymer form element

Attempting to apply this The problem I keep running into is that the document.getElementsByTagName("form") is not working for me. I can grab the <h1> tag just fine but not the form element. <link rel="import" href="/polymer/polymer.html"> <polymer-element name="test-ajax"> <template> <h1>test-ajax</h1> <form action="test"> <label for="test"> <input type="text"

Use unique user number in Google Forms

I want to send my clients in my database an e-mail with a request to fill in a Google form to research their needs for our service in the future. Every client has an unique ID already (for example EX0258, EA1405, EZ2815). I need a way how I can add this unique number in the spreadsheet that they will fill in. Of course, I can ask them to provide them by themselves, but this can cause mistakes in the information. What I am looking for is a unique URL for each user that provides the Google Form

Forms Silverstripe Login params

Im trying to style my login page. My login url is website/Security/login. Im trying to locate the 'login' piece of the url. What have i done wrong below? public function DisplayPageType() { $param = $this->request->param('Action'); if ($param === 'login') { return 'Login'; } Thanks

Forms Winform - How to make 3 rows with different colors

I am trying to make a Form with 3 rows, and make one of the rows with differnet color. The thing is when I try it, the row is not fully color`d, and the edges get the default background color. Example: How I want it to look like:

Forms Simple PayPal Payment Form or Email Link

I do all my accounting in Quickbooks Online and customers can pay invoices online. However sometimes I need to accept a payment that isn't tied to one specific invoice. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone can confirm which of these options are feasible and simplest/easiest way to implement. I'd like to avoid a PayPal Payments Pro Subscription as I will rarely need this functionality but if that's the only way, then so be it. 1) Send the customer a link to a simple payment form where either

Forms symfony custom form type with assets

I've created a custom form type in symfony2. This formtype has it's own template and this is working fine. The form type also needs some javascript on the clientside to work nicely. I would like to add this javascript to the page using the same template I use to render the widget. It's a bit more of a hassle to do this manually. I could add the javascript manually on each page, but it would be nice if that just happened automatically. I can't add the javascript just before or after the element

Forms Pop-up form that creates record that links 1:1 to main form

I have a pop-up form that opens using a button on the main form in a MS Access database. The pop-up form creates a new record (in a separate table) that needs to link to the current record in the main form. How do I set this up properly? The two forms (frmMain, frmWB) are based on 2 separate tables (tblMain and tblWB). The records have a 1:1 relationship (each main record can only have one WB1 record). The main form (frmMain) has the primary key [ID] The pop-up from (frmWB) has the primary ke

Forms Wrong Date Filter Applying in VBA Access Subform

I am having a little bit of a problem while applying a filter on date field to my sub form, my date and time on the table/form and PC are formatted as dd/mm/yyyy .I have a function that is called while pressing a button. My code looks like this : Function ThisMonth() Dim strFilter3 As String Dim dDate as String dDate = Format(Date - Day(Date) + 1, "dd/mm/yyyy") strFilter3 = "[Data] > #" & dDate & "#" ' Or I am trying to apply it like this , I tried to see what I get from dDate and

bootstrap grid system issue with forms

<div class="row"> <div class="form-group "> <label class="control-label col-md-2"><b>Shade</b> <span class="required"> * </span> </label> <div class="col-md-10"> <div class="checkbox-list"> <label class="checkbox-inline"> <input type="checkbox" id="inlineCheckbox21" value="br" name="br"> BR </label> <label class="checkbox-inline"> <input ty

Forms Anchor error on form - Symfony3/Materialize

Using Symfony 3.2 && PhpStorm.2016.3.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 I have a problem that I partially resolved on the phone number field in this twig form. I use materialize as the framework css for this project and I use the form of this framework. I would like to be able to anchor the view directly on the form after an error has been spotted. So far it works great with the phone number section but anyone else doesn't work. I tried to tweak my code as much as I can but still I cannot anchor my vi

Forms install4j: Form with dynamic count of items/objects

My installation involves 2 steps: Enter count of entities (could be number between 1 and 100) Enter some details for each entity (e.g. host, port, url, etc.) I'm able to create form for the first entity with all the input fields including validations and store entered details in variables. But I don't know how to simply reuse existing form to collect details for the remaining entities. I don't want to copy+paste this form (and variables) hundred times and use some visibility script to show o

Forms Filter collection in Symfony formtype

I have three entities: User, Organisation and OrganistionUser. I created an Organisation form with an embedded collection of OrganisationUsers. This is working. What i can't get to work is that only Users without an assocciation (to an organisation) are 'queried' and show up in the selectbox in the OrganisationForm. Details Entitie 1: Organisation class Organisation { /** * @ORM\Id * @ORM\Column(type="integer") * @ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy="AUTO") */ prote

Forms Angular form only works on app.component.html

I want to use a form in an component that uploads images, but I can only use form in my app.component.html. In my app.module.ts I have import { ReactiveFormsModule } from '@angular/forms'; imports: [ ReactiveFormsModule, In my app.component.ts I have: import { FormBuilder, FormGroup, Validators } from '@angular/forms'; rForm: FormGroup; post:any; // A property for our submitted form description:string = ''; name:string = ''; constructor ( private fb: FormBuild

Forms Scala Play! Form Validation With 2 Radio Buttons

I have created a Scala Play program and would like to incorporate two radio buttons onto the same form. Neither radio buttons are set a value when the page is loaded. The options for both radio buttons are either yes or no. I would like to know how to validate both radios so that Play accepts the form when: Only the first no button is selected and When the first yes and either the second yes or no button are selected. Any other scenario I would like an error to be shown using the bi

Forms Vue.js range slider, set v-model and get changes

I am putting a slider on my web form for users to enter how much they would like to rate a certain thing. I am using Vue.js and I am not sure how to set up a v-model on this and how to get user's entered value. <div v-else class="form-group"> <form action=""> <label for="formControlRange">Please drag the slider to decide how much you want to rate between 1 and 10</label> <input type="range" class="form-c

Xamarin.Forms TCP SocketOptions AccessDenied

i'm new to Xamarin Forms and I'm not able to undestand why this line of code gives me an 'AccessDenied' Socket exception: tcpAsyCl.SetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel.Socket, SocketOptionName.NoDelay, 1); If instead, I use: tcpAsyCl.NoDelay = true; the application seems to work properly! Others SocketOption like: tcpAsyCl.SetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel.Socket, SocketOptionName.ReceiveTimeout, _timeout); doesn't give me the same exception. My actual test configuration is this: Win7; V

Merge 2 pdf files and preserve forms

I'd like to merge at least 2 PDF files into one while preserving all the form elements in the original PDFs. The form elements include text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, drop down menus and others. Please have a look at this sample PDF file with forms: Now try to merge it with any other arbitrary PDF file. Can you do it? EDIT: As for the implementation, I'd ideally prefer a command line solution on a linux plattform using open source t

Forms Thymeleaf form not submitting to Spring boot controller

I am trying to submit a form to Spring boot controller This is the thymeleaf part: <form th:action="@{/change_password}" method="post"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-9 register-right"> <div class="tab-content" id="myTabContent"> <div class="tab-pane fade show active" id="home" role="tabpanel" aria-labelledby="home-tab">

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