Google analytics Best way to provide analytics to website users but only for their own pages

I'm building a blog of sorts. The client wants to provide analytics to users for their own posts, including views over time, location of viewers etc. Only the owners of a given post should be presented with information on that post. My initial thought was to roll my own. Now I'm thinking perhaps the Google Analytics API is worth investigating and have also been looking at Mint. Has anyone done this before, or does anyone have any advice on the best way to go about this? thanks! Edit: Just f

Google analytics How can I apply GA download tracking with Sitecore?

I'm posting this question to Stackflow b/c after doing much research into an answer to this very question online, I did not come across a straight forward answer and had to do my own sleuthwork to resolve this. Basically, Sitecore uses a handler file .ASHX for all files uploaded to the Media Library. Since the 3rd party GA tracking tool I was using (entourage.js or gatags.js) does not recognize .ashx as a whitelisted download file, it was not adding the appropriate GA tracking syntax to the GA

Google analytics GA tracking of 'add to cart's' on Opencart

I have an online chair store which is using the open source e-commerce solution opencart. I have set up Google Analytics for this website to track visitors, sales, referrals etc etc. Im sure most of you are more than aware of the power of GA. I don't want to track the amount of sales the website generates, that is already set up. I want to track the amount of times people added an item to their shopping cart and then maybe (not essential) how many of them went on to buy and how many didn't.

Google analytics Filter Data from a specific Referer in Google Analytics

I am using google analytics on my web site. I would like to see the traffic/counts of people coming from a specific domain. How I can set this up in google analytics? For example, my site is I would like to know how many people are landing on my site from (or get referred from Would be very helpful if someone was able to share steps to set this up in google analytics. Thanks so much -

Google analytics Google Analytics and return false

I'm trying to insert Google Analytics code into a website. This chunk of code gets put on every page: <!--Google Analytics account for all smithmicro sites--> <script type="text/javascript"> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-166807-32']); _gaq.push(['_setAllowLinker', true]); _gaq.push(['_addIgnoredRef', '']); _gaq.push(['_setCustomVar', 5, 'ecommerce', 'fastspring', 3]);

Google analytics Google Analytics - grant "server app" permissions

Using Google Analytics API - via. "server app" to fetch "WEB" data. But can't get the "APP" data out of the API, so I can see the mobile data too. When I'm using the console it works fine, but with my own account, and not that account the "server app" created. Got 2 profiles, "WEB" & "APP" and using "~all" to fetch all profiles. But can only see "WEB". How do I grant permissions for server account? Can I somehow test with that in the console, so I can see what data it should have got?

Google analytics dotnetnuke 7 and google's new universal analytics

the question I have is similar to This SO question. I know where to find the SiteAnalytics.config files and what they do. But I want to know how to use the new universal analytics code that google provides. The current DNN anayltics code is as follows: <script type="text/javascript"> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', '[TRACKING_ID]']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga

Google analytics How should I handle analytics.js with a premium Google Analytics account?

I have a client that runs a number of sites and I manage some of them. They are a large company so they have had a premium Google Analytics account for some time, likely because another project requested it and it was upgraded across the board. Enter me, one project we are working on is improving the data we track in GA. Step one of my plan was to upgrade to analytics.js & the new universal tracking code and to add ecommerce tracking. Seemed simple enough, I've already done it for other

Google analytics How to upgrade existing GTM account to Universal Analytics?

What is the exact process of upgrading an existing google tag manager implementation to universal analytics? I am referring to changes I need to make in Google Tag Manager after upgrading within Google Analytics admin interface. I am getting myself confused with a few things : For all existing tags with "Classic Google Analytics" tag type, do I simply change to Universal tag type or do I create a new universal tag type and replicate what I had in the classic tag? If i just need to switch the t

Google analytics Google Analytics statistics for one page on my website?

I want to display Google Analytics report of a particular page on my website ? Is there any code/script which will help me to achieve this? Precisely, i want to show TOTAL NUMBER OF VISITS & NUMBER OF UNIQUE VISTORS of a specific page on my website. If there's any other alternative (of Google Analytics) to achieve this, please do suggest?

Google analytics Query Google Analytics by User ID

Is there a way to query results using the Core Reporting API (v3) and filtering those results by the User ID assuming that it is being sent to Google Analytics properly? I've googled this question a lot and read a whole bunch of articles but I did not find one place that does that. Moreover, the fact that I cannot see the User ID anywhere in the reporting interface makes me doubt that this is even possible. I'm guessing I will have to dome something similar to what is recommended here in order

Google analytics Should I set the Tracker Name, Cookie Name, and Cookie Domain for my Tags?

My pages are setup with multiple GA trackers: ga('create', 'UA-XXXXX-1', {'name': 'tracker1','cookieName': 'tracker1', 'cookieDomain':''}); ga('tracker1.send', 'pageview'); ga('create', 'UA-XXXXX-2', {'name': 'tracker2','cookieName': 'tracker2', 'cookieDomain':''}); ga('tracker2.send', 'pageview'); ga('create', 'UA-XXXXX-3', {'name': 'tracker3','cookieName': 'tracker3', 'cookieDomain':''}); ga('tracker3.send', 'pageview'); In GTM, when I create Universal Ana

Google analytics Google Anlytics: Count views into default channel grouping "Social"?

I't like to track whatsapp visitors inside social network referrals. According to google analytics default channel grouping medium should match social ( that this works. However using a link like is not counted towards the default channel grouping Social in universal analytics. It shows up as campaign with utm_campaign unset. What do I have to do that those links are coun

Google analytics custom variable issue in google analytics

Hi am using the following code to track the clicks of the users using custom variable. But in my custom variables report the count is getting increased for user log in but not for button click event. Am storing logged in user id in a variable and passing in the custom variable method as the value. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#buybutton').on('click', function() { _gaq.push( ['_setCustomVar', 2, 'gaid', <?php echo(json_encode($userName));?>, 1 ] ); _gaq.pu

Google analytics Universal analytics by google send event report but it not received

I have a strange problem with google analytics. I've installed it on my site and it works fine, but when I can not track download events. So this is my code, $('#downloadButton').on('click', function() { ga('send', 'event', 'Download', 'Publication', title_); }); For button: <a href="" class="button" id="downloadButton">Download</a> After click button

Google analytics Problems with Google Analytics - Tracking not installed, but tracking, but no real time

I wanted to install google analytics on my new site. I've set up the site, and pasted the code into my html web page and got it online. I'm using the Universal code version. When I first put it up I put the code just before the but after uploading it, the real time views didn't work and it told me 'Tracking Not Installed' so i used Googles Tag Assistant which told me that there was a critical error - HTTP Response Error (something along those lines). I then removed the code and put it just b

Google analytics GTM Tag not getting fire - Link Click Event

I am novice in GTM. I created 2 tags : Link Click Listeners , Outbound Links. And has rule Outbound Link tagged in Link Click Listeners. My event is not getting fire. Here is the screenshot. Under Firing Rules : On the same page i have link which redirect me to the other URL for different domain. I wan to analyse the external link stats via google analytics any help

Google analytics Tag Manager Cross Domain Tracking with Classic Analytics

Have a lot of client sites that use a similar system of their primary domain with an external checkout software hosted elsewhere. Their analytics is filled with self-referrals from the primary domain. For example. I have a primary domain in which I have entire control. This has a Google Tag Manager implementation using Universal Analytics. The secondary domain, a booking system, uses classic analytics. I have no control over how the analytics on the booking system is implemented (aside from se

Google analytics Analytics API: How to define a segment by using event category AND event action

Question Is is possible to create a segment (not a filter) which contains only Session1 and not Session2. Situation ## Event Defintion Category Action Event A CatX ActX Event B CatX ActY Event C CatY ActX ## accured sessions Session1: Event A is fired Session2: Event B is fired AND Event C is fired Attemps sessions::condition::ga:eventCategory==CatX;ga:eventAction==ActX Would return both of the session. For session1 event A would fulfill both conditions. In

Google analytics Google Analytics Event Tracking Works But Doesn't Count As Goal Conversion

I'm using Google Analytics for tracking on my website. I'm having a bit of trouble with event tracking, I can see in the realtime tab that the event tracking is working: Event Category Event Action Events (Last 30 min) 1. email signup 12 100.00% But for my goal conversion with category=email,action=signup shows 0 goal conversions. Obviously Google Analytics can see the events happening but somehow they're not registering as goals. Has anybody else

Google analytics Incorrect page saved for visits on the index page

We have two nopcommerce shops running on pretty much the same code. Both of those have GA handled through GTM with more or less the same code, however for some reason on one of those two shops all visits to the index page end up being registered incorrectly. There are two index pages: Visiting redirects to one of the above. Anyway when I visit either of those two, analytics adds the domain name at the end for some reason, s

Google analytics Google Analytics - get unique users by country

I want to know, how my users are splitted by countries. In Google Analytics there is Audience/Geo section where I can see how many sessions I have from each country. But I want to know how many users I have in each country. I did not found how to view 'users' metrics in the GEO report. So, is there a way to get the users splitted by countries in GA?

Google analytics See AdMob revenue individually for each app

Is there a way I could see my revenue split down on to each app I have? I am very curious about which of my apps generate the most revenue, but AdMob only displays the total revenue made that day. I can not use Analytics because I have not implemented the SDK into any of my apps.

Google analytics I wish to create a custom event on basis of the existence of dataLayer Variable existes in Google Tag Manager

I tried few options that if dataLayer Variable like for example ABC contains .* or matches regex .* but nothing works. It either fires on all the cases or it doesent fire at all. I want a custom trigger that if a particular datalayer variable exists with any value that the trigger should be fired or it should not get fired.

Google analytics Domain name is coming after directory name in Google Analytics

Any idea why I'm getting many wrong landing page where domain name is after a directory name. Below is an example from Google Analytics microsoft/ linux/ mac/ Where as correct landing page should have been as below: Not sure if I'm loosing many visits due to this. Kindly give your expert advice on how to fix this issue.

Google analytics How to have Google spreadsheet add new data rows automatically after new Google Analytics report is run?

I'm using the Google Analytics add-on on Google Spreadsheets to automate weekly report recording on spreadsheets. I'd like to be able to record variables history from site launch to current date. I have scheduled my report to be run every Monday and retrieve the variable values for the past week. The values are written on a row in the report sheet. I want this row to be appended to another sheet where all previous rows have been recorded. How can I do this? Thanks for your help.

Google analytics Google Tag Manager enhanced ecommerce events requests

I need a detailed (hopefully) clarification about the working of Enhanced Ecommerce Events tracking via Google Tag Manager and dataLayer. Here I'm firing an "event" Analytics Tag, inside GTM, when the trigger below is verified: Here, instead, the Tag main properties: Those events are correctly fired when I do the appropriate "dataLayer.push" on my ecommerce button clicks. I know that because I get those ecommerce events data into Analytics, but I can't debug image requests directly. I ca

Google analytics Google Analytics unique events change when timeperiod is changed

I am tracking a number of events on a website and am trying to extract some analytics data via the api. The problem I have found can be boiled down to this scenario. If I want to know how many unique events have happened per day, I can run a query such as: ?start-date=2016-02-19&end-date=2016-02-24&metrics=ga%3AuniqueEvents&dimensions=ga%3Adate which will give me table of the number of unique events per day from Feb 19th to Feb 24th. In my specific example, I will have a row that

Google analytics About the infomation we can confirm by Google Analytics

In my EC site, product data have the information below.  ・Brand  ・category  ・Sub-category  ・Division  ・Style  ・Color-way  ・Gender  ・Season Can we send and confirm the information in Google Analytics? I searched in help, and think only we can send Brand,Category, Sub-category. BestRegards, Kazuhito

Google analytics google analytics page load sample zero

I'm using Google Analytics to track Page Load Times, but the most visited page has an Avg. Page Load Time of Zero. It also has a Page Load Sample of Zero. How is this possible given that it gets more traffic than the other pages and the other pages have non-zero values? How do I get the Avg. Page Load Time and the Page Load Sample to not be zero? Page Load Times

Google analytics How to create a channelpath in BigQuery based on events?

I want to create channelpaths in Bigquery on a user level. I want the path to end when a transaction occurs. The next visit will then start a new path. Currently I have one path per user summing all the transactions. See the provided code below. I've also included the current OUTPUT TABLE and the desired OUTPUT TABLE. My idea would be to create a new column that is counting the transactions. This value would start at 0 and need to be incremented by 1 AFTER a transaction occured. Then I would m

Google analytics Google Analytics onClick goal(event) tracking not working

Here's an image of the settings I have in the admin panel. And here's the code on the button, which is a form submit button. <input type="submit" id="so-submitso1519662919 so-submit" class="so-submit-class" value="Check" onclick="ga('send', 'event', 'buttons', 'click', 'Split Test A');"> I'm loading Analytics through Google Tag Manger. What am I doing wrong?

Google analytics Opting out from Google Tag Manager

We have Google Tag Manager implemented as below: <!-- Google Tag Manager --> <script>(function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'?'&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= ''+i+dl;f.parentNode.insertBefore(j,f); })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-XXXX');</script> <!-- End Google Tag Manager --> I'v

Google analytics How do you get percentage differences in Google Analytics between any two metrics?

Say I wanted to make a conversation rate report (pretend a baked in report doesn't exist). How would I generate a report that shows me the percent of one metric compared to another? In that case, percent of sessions that with transaction compared to total sessions? I want to apply the concept to several different reports and different metrics. For instance I have a custom dimension for form errors. If I see a large number of form errors all the sudden if could just be a large number of users all

Google analytics Updating Google Analytics Audience returns 500 from Management API (Python)

I am trying to update a remarketing audience segment on google analytics from sessions::condition::ga:pagePath=@/cart to (match regex) sessions::condition::ga:pagePath=~/cart But I keep getting 500 response from the management API, interestingly also I am unable to update via the UI either, the UI just keeps on saying 'Resource is not available. Please try again later. I don't have really anywhere else to turn to as the developer forum has been closed off and the issue tracker doesn't al

Google analytics doesn't match Total Unique Searches

I'm playing around with BigQuery google_analytics_sample data. I'm trying to retrieve the number of Total Unique Searches I'm seeing from the Google Analytics UI. I'm running the following query: SELECT AS Search FROM `bigquery-public-data.google_analytics_sample.ga_sessions_*` AS GA, UNNEST(GA.hits) AS hits WHERE (_TABLE_SUFFIX BETWEEN '20170101' AND '20171231') and IS NOT NULL and I got 441 when the UI show 607 Total Unique Searc

Google analytics doesn't match search page url

Still playing with the BigQuery google_analytics_sample data and demo shop website. When I'm searching for a product on the google merchandise store the page search URL looks like this /asearch.html vid=20160512512&key=cool&keyword=cool however when running the following query: SELECT as Search,, FROM `bigquery-public-data.google_analytics_sample.ga_sessions_20170801` AS GA, UNNEST(GA.hits) AS hits where

Google analytics How to get access to Google Analytics Real Time Reporting API

I filled the Real Time Reporting API Private Beta request access form many days ago but it seems that I can't access the API. I sent a request to but I get the following response: { "error": { "code": 403, "message": "Requests to this API analytics method analytics.gaapi.v3.AnalyticsDataRealtime.Get are blocked.", "errors": [ { "message": "Requests to th

Google analytics How to track from which area of ​the website does the users enter a specific page?

I would like to see from which area of ​​my web site does the users enter a specific page. For instance, I have this category page: /Nike-Shoes. There are many places that the users can enter to this page; Header menu, Main page, Parent category, Footer, Site search... How can I track how many users entered /Nike-Shoes from header menu, how many of them entered from site search etc. Besides this, I also want to track how many of them made a transaction. So I should be seeing the data like this:

Google analytics Google analytics custom dimension confusion

I am trying to add useful event logging to my webapp. I know it is recommended to use default google analytics events, but my case does not really fit well in the default events. In the documentation below: why do i need to configure a map with "Index" properties? I would think that i can just use the name configured in the custom dimension in the event parameters? What does this index even refer to?

Google analytics Confusion over Analytics and Tag Manager JavaScript snippets

I have pasted the following code in the <head> section of all of my pages to connect to Google Analytics: <!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics --> <script async src="*********-*"></script> <!-- Google Analytics --> <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag() { dataLayer.push(arguments); } gtag('js', new Date()); gtag('config', 'UA-*********-*'); </

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