Google chrome Boost and Nixysa

I'm writing a NPAPI plugins using Nixysa. I want to use Boost. For some reason, I don't succeed to include it. What I have tried so far: I have installed the Boost library through my package manager (Ubuntu), and then included it, like this: #include <boost/asio.hpp> When I do that, the code compiles successfully, but the plugin just not loading in the browser. No errors. How can I fix that? If there's any better way to include Boost, I'd happy to hear it. :) Thanks.

Google chrome Introduce load time delay in chrome extension

For a research project, I am coding a chrome extension where when I go to a certain url, it should introduce a load delay of 2 seconds. So basically I'd like the effect where the user types in "", they have to wait 2 extra seconds before the page begins to load. Is there any way to do this with chrome extensions? I've scoured the documentation but can't seem to find anything like this.

Google chrome OpenGL plugin crashes Chrome when the visible region is changed

I'm developing a plugin using FireBreath on Windows (for now) that among other things is displaying a webcam feed using OpenGL. I'm using a windowed plugin and I'm drawing from a separate thread. The code can be viewed here: Header file Source file

Google chrome "exclude_matches" in manifest.json does nothing?

I'm having a problem controlling what pages my content scripts are injected into. The chrome extension developer guide specifies that I can use an "exclude_matches" directive in my manifest.json to exclude certain pages from injection. However, this doesn't seem to have any effect. My content script still executes on pages that I have specified as ignored. I have put the steps to reproduce in a Gist. The code is also available on Github. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? manifest.json { "

Google chrome How long does Google Chrome cache a resource if expires and/or no-cache headers are not set?

We have been having a problem with Chrome caching a resource on our Glassfish server. The expires and no-cache headers are not being sent and the resource (an approximately 4 MB SWF file) is being cached by Chrome -- despite the presence of the Last-Modified header. Sometimes Chrome will get a 304 code, and other times it simply does a 200 (from cache). I understand the 304 -- Chrome is likely checking the most recent Last-Modified date with the cached version to decide. But other times it does

Google chrome Google Chrome Full Black Screen

I'm facing a weird problem. If a webpage includes jquery graphs or libraries the page loads with a full black screen. I can see the source code and the mouse pointer finds the buttons or links. I uninstalled and reinstall chrome with the latest version but still no chance.

Google chrome This WebKit bug is fixed in Chrome 18, right?

I am sorry to ask such an elementary question especially when I am almost certain I already have the answer.... but it seems like I am hitting the following WebKit bug: And yet I am using Chrome 18.0.1025.142, and as near as I can tell it is using WebKit 535.19, and if I'm reading that bug report page correctly, this bug was patched several WebKit versions ago... right? Does Chrome have like a really weird CORS implementation or something? I am g

Google chrome Default profile name in Chrome when using Watir-Webdriver?

I downloaded the Chromedriver then I extracted it to the right place (usr/bin), but I don't know what is the default profile name for the Chrome (Chromium) browser, so this line throw an error message: browser = :chrome, :profile => "default" I tried either "current" or my username instead of "default", but none of them worked. How can I start Chrome with my default profile? Because I don't want to start a new profile without the usual preferences, and saved passwords, c

Google chrome dojox.grid.DataGrid's scroll reaches at top when scrolling in chrome

I have a dojox.grid.DataGrid. In this the problem is when i scroll down in the grid with mouse trackwheel then it again loads the data in the grid and the scroll again goes to top. Here is my code : grid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({ id: 'grid_spark', store: store, structure: layoutBooks, columnReordering:"true", rowSelector: '0px', onRowClick:function(e){ var l_row = e.rowIndex; var l_cell = grid.getItem(l_row);

Google chrome Some of my fonts work, some don't (404 error) Chrome & Aurora

I use two fonts which came from the same website, are located in the same directory and are I use the same CSS to load both of them but one of them just won't load from the server. Everything works when I open the website locally. I want to make it clear that I do not host the fonts on a subdomain so my guess it's that it ain't a ACAO problem. Here's the code : @font-face { font-family: 'OpenSansLight'; src: url('OpenSans-Light-webfont.eot'); src: url('OpenSans-Light-webfont.eot?#iefix') forma

Google chrome Chrome not rendering space unicode glyph

I'm working on a project that requires using a single glyph font to replace the space (unicode 0020) in flow text with a special character. I've got this working beautifully in IE9+, Firefox and Safari, but Chrome is not behaving. Opera looks the same as Chrome but I don't have to support it. I have a webfont, made using Font Squirrel in the usual way, which just defines unicode 0020 (the space) and I use it in a stack like this: font-family:'My Replacement Space', arial, sans-serif; In all

Google chrome Send POST requests with Chrome

Is there a way to fake POST requests in Chrome? So far the best Ive seen is the extension called Postman which I think is BRILLIANT except for 1 detail that is critical. It doesnt download the other resources like CSS stylesheets and images. What other tool I could use?

Google chrome Can you display a PhoneGap app as a Screencast in Chrome Developer Tools

Can't find an answer to this anywhere. We have a prototype PhoneGap app that we deploy to Android devices. Using Chrome Developer tools we can debug it using the normal tools edit CSS etc and it will change the display on the device. This is all great but I was wondering is there a way to use the screencast tool that displays your phone screen within developer tools for a phonegap app. From what I can tell it on;y seems to be able to pick up sites open in Chrome on the android device. Any ide

Google chrome Chrome packaged app cookie access, legacy packaged app creation

I'm developing an application that helps user learn foreign languages. We have been using chrome hosted app + background page that was sending notifications (something like flashcards with words to learn) through webkitNotifications.createNotification but lately chrome have established their own rich notifications api (here is example github repo: which isn't available for hosted_apps and blocks webkitNotification

Google chrome Google Chrome - uploading apps to chrome web store but how to allow all domain with manifest.json?

I have Chrome web store package with zip file ready. But the problem is that manifest.json i need to allow two domain + all subdomains. This is the reference: Where its saying: "matches": ["*"] But how do i say in matches to allow two domain with all there subdomains? example: * and * { "name": "My extension", ... "content_scri

Google chrome Chrome Ignoring autocomplete='off'

I've created a web FROM but Chrome autocomplete is populating the info in the wrong places. Chrome (Version 41.0.2272.89 (64-bit)) Despite both the input field AND the form field having the autocomplete="off" attribute, Chrome insists on showing a drop down history of previous entries for the field. Sample From <form accept-charset="UTF-8" action="/something" autocomplete="off" id="something_form" method="post"> <div style="margin:0;padding:0;display:inline"> <input name="ut

Google chrome WebStorm debugging in Chrome

I am not able to debug my Karma unit tests in WebStorm. How can I fix it? I see this message when I click the debug button: I checked How do I know what's wrong. chrome://extensions shows: Clicking 'background page' shows:

Google chrome My flash player not autoplaying in Chrome version 45

With Chrome version 45, "Chrome Now Automatically Pauses Flash Content That Isn’t ‘Central’ To A Web Page". How does chrome determine 'Central' content? On my web page there is only one player on top left. This is flash based. The business requirement is to auto play the content whenever the page loads but it seems chrome latest version does not allow to autoplay the content and instead displays a Play icon on it. How does Chrome determines Central content? I tried to put the focus on the pla

Google chrome Chrome grey Text is unreadable

Yesterday my Chrome text color (for some sites, including stackoverflow) changed to an unreadable light grey color. I do not have any extensions installed. I tried resetting the Chrome Settings. I have tried adding a couple of extensions to improve the text color, but they do not help. Any suggestions? Screenshots at Thanks!

Google chrome How to prevent caching in Google Chrome with meta tags

Is it possible to prevent caching files in Google Chrome programmatically? I'd like to achieve the same effect as the option "disable cache" in chrome developer tools. Main problem is that I'm using external script (it can't be changed by me) which loads another script - putting additional (randomly generated) parameters into source url for that script won't help. So far I've tried to use meta tags: <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="max-age=0" /> <meta http-equiv="cache-cont

Google chrome Issue with Import/Export Timeline record on chrome dev tool

I recorded a scenario in Chrome Developer Tools, Timeline. I "save/export" the timeline to my computer, BUT i saw that the file is with 0 bytes (means that nothing is saved ). After that when i try to import the file i get an exception, regard to incorrect JSON format. How can i save the timeline and after that import it in chrome dev tools? Thanks

Google chrome WebWorker behaves slower in Firefox compared to Chrome

Subject. I have an application, where I spawn a single WebWorker and use it to unzip files in memory. I "postMessage" a single message per file I need, in WebWorker I access the in-memory archive and unzip file and return with postMessage the "Uint8Array" object back to main thread. In Chrome it works ok: the files come to main thread as soon as they are extracted from zip. But in FireFox there is a 30 second delay, the same delay I had before I rewrote application to use Web

Google chrome Chrome: Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type image/gif

I am developing a REST service using ASP.NET MVC 5.. here is a simplified code: [HttpGet] [Route("api/v1/qrcode")] [OutputCache(NoStore = true, Location = OutputCacheLocation.None)] public FileContentResult GenerateNewQrCode(int height = 200, int width = 200) { byte[] qrcode = ... some qrcode generation logic here ... return new FileContentResult(qrCode.ToArray(), "image/gif"); } You can try the API here: But Google Chrome keep displaying Resourc

Google chrome Why is chrome not picking up my proxy setting immediately?

I'm on windows, I have written a script which will switch the proxy setting of internet options by changing values in registry. I can confirm that the proxy setting is changed successfully, but chrome doesn't pick up the new proxy immediately, I use chrome://net-internals/#proxy this link to check, the proxy setting will remain as the last setting for several minutes. And after a several minutes, it'll refresh to the new proxy settings. Only after that, I can access the internet page correctly.

Google chrome Docker-compose makes system freeze with chrome open [Ubuntu 16.04]

My system specs: Ubuntu 16.04 docker 1.12.1 (client & server) docker-compose (1.8.0) google-chrome (53.0.2785.116) I have tried using several window managers (unity, awesome, gnome 3) and it happens for all of them. When following this steps: Open chrome docker-compose up UI freezes and system starts to hang and lag constantly, making impossible to work until reboot. However, if I use docker-compose up without chrome open and then opening it aftetwards it works as expected. If I need

Google chrome Selenium with Headless Chrome (2016) on TravisCI

Chrome has now a native headless mode. I'd like to set this up to run Selenium tests on TravisCI, without Xvfb. Are there easy to install Headless Chrome binaries on TravisCI, as most of recipes only start with compiling Headless Chrome from source Does Selenium need any specific hints when used with Headless Chrome

Google chrome Chrome Webdriver produces timeout in Selenium

I am trying to scrape a website using Selenium and Chrome's webdriver and this all worked fine until I switched to a newer Macbook. All of sudden, the webdriver seems to not recognize when the website is actually fully loaded. Error message goes as follows TimeoutException: Message: timeout: cannot determine loading status from timeout: Timed out receiving message from renderer: -0.003 (Session info: chrome=54.0.2840.87) (Driver info: chromedriver=2.25.426935 (820a95b0b81d33e42712f

Google chrome Saving data from a Chrome extension

I am trying to create a Chrome extension that looks like the image below. I want to save the Name and Id when clicking "+" button and I want to load all saved data int the onLoad event as seen in the upper section of image. I would also like to delete a particular row of data when clicking corresponding delete button. Saved data should persist when closing Chrome. document.body.onload = function() {["id","name"], function(items) { if (!chrome.runtime.error) {

Google chrome Automatic, soft hyphenation in CSS

In December last year, CSS3 Hyphens support supposedly came to Chrome. Also, IE should be on board, in addition to other major browsers. Update: Upon receiving the answers below, I understand that I misinterpreted the footnote on It says: 'Only supports the auto value on Mac for now'. I interpreted this as meaning 'On the Mac, only the auto value is supported for now'. But what is really meant is 'The Mac is the only platform where the auto value is supported for now'. /Update. H

Google chrome Why is Angular Material Dialog component not showing in Google Chrome?

The dialog box works fine in Firefox. In Chrome, the click event just displays a small empty dialog box with no content or buttons. I was working through this example when I had the issue. DialogComponent: @Component({ selector: 'dialog', template: ` <h1 md-dialog-title class="primary-color">hey title</h1> <md-dialog-content class="accent-color"> hey this is the content of the dialog </md-dialog-content> <md-dialog-actions&g

Google chrome No DNS - I just lost all edit info in wikipedia when submitting, is there anything I can do?

I'm in chrome. I submitted a long edit that I worked on extensively. I got: The site cannot be reached. I hit enter on the chrome address bar with and got the old page without my edit. Help!!! Is there anything I can do to retrieve the intended submittal text? ------- edited ----------- When I hit the BACK button on Chrome. It asked me if I wanted to leave the session. When I said yes it gave me the website I was on b

Google chrome Chrome issue SVG transform

I'm trying to position a svg rectangle with transfrom=translate(). When I tested it, I saw that it doesn't work in Chrome but works nice in Firefox. I also tried in Chrome with -webkit- but doesn't work either. In the code snippet you can see whats the problem when its open with Chrome. Does anyone now a workaround for this or am I doing something wrong? <svg transform="translate(100,0)"> <rect width="200" height="200" style="fill:blue;;stroke:black" /> </svg> <br&g

Google chrome GPU Memory leak in HTML5 canvas

I am trying to add a webgl canvas to a normal canvas using ctx.drawImage(webglcanvas, 0, 0, webglcanvas.width, webglcanvas.height); And what I see is there is a memory leak in Chrome task(Shift+Esc) manager. I was previously suspecting a library(fabric.js) but now after a lot of debugging found that if we add a webgl canvas to 2d canvas ,there is a definite leak in GPU memory. You can find more about this here The link will redirect a issue of fabric.js but if I use a normal 2d canvas inste

Google chrome Chrome Dev Tools Snippets - AUTOSAVE

Is it possible to enable autosave on snippets in chrome dev tools? It is infuriating when i accidentaly close a tab that dev tools was attached to where i had my snippets open and when i open dev tools again i've lost alot of work! Are there any flags i can set to enable autosave or somehow get it to save when i run the snippet? Just to be clear i am talking about the snippets under Sources/Snippets. I know i can "just" use the shortcut ctrl-s to save however that is simply not good enough, i

Google chrome Google Cloud Identity Aware Proxy (App Engine) - Strange web browser behavior?

I am seeing some strange behavior using App Engine with Identity Aware Proxy in Chrome (Desktop & Mobile) / Firefox (Desktop & Mobile) / Safari (Desktop) / curl (Desktop) I launched a static-file site on App Engine using these settings app.yaml: runtime: python27 api_version: 1 threadsafe: true handlers: - url: /(.*) static_files: index.html upload: index.html secure: always index.html: <html> <body> Hello World! </body> </html> I then used the clou

Google chrome How to tell what CLI switches has Chrome been started with?

I've asked a question previously where I've had a problem with using a CLI switch for influencing Chrome's security model. The question has received a good and helpful answer, but it didn't work for me. I am now unable to determine if the problem is with the answer not being correct or if my installation of Chrome is borked. To try to find out I'd like to start by checking if Chrome sees the CLI arguments I passed to it. Is there a way to use a running instance of Chrome and check what CLI swit

Google chrome How does NoScript block inline scripts?

How do JavaScript blocking extensions like NoScript/ScriptSafe block inline scripts? For blocking request to remote scripts (i.e. for <script src=""></script>) I can use webRequest API[1]. But that won't work for inline scripts. I assume I could walk the dom and remove or somehow temporarily disable <script> blocks without src attribute, perhaps by renaming the element. I tried to dig into NoScript sources and noticed that it has content script with

Google chrome cut & paste on Chrome with scripts

I'm trying to copy the contents of a sheet from one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet, both on My Drive using Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V. It copies the cell values and color but not the data validation or charts (I have tried paste special) How does cut & paste work on Chrome and should this also copy any apps script? Should I be using the web clipboard if still available and if so where is it?

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