Google maps google map API error.. so annoying

the website i developed yields the following error for street view google API: This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at I have tried to register the API using "" and "" but no luck.. any ideas how to solve this?

Google maps Map doesn't get displayed Google Maps API V3

Code with V3 API. function initialize () { if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) { var ch = new GLatLng (0,0); var myOptions = { zoom:7, center: ch, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP } map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map"), myOptions); directionsDisplay = new google.maps.DirectionsRenderer(map, document.getElementById("map")); directionsDisplay.setMap(map); } }

Google maps OpenLayers TimeLine Integration

i am developing an api which uses timemap library with openlayers.. i send my data in array and everything is good but when i zoom in or zoom out all points coordinate are changing.. the address of i have used api is OpenLayers -TimeMap you can see the marker is changing when zoom changed. how can i solve this problem thank u for your help...

Google maps maps api v3 best way to bind info window and links?

trying to figure out the best way to do this but can't seem to find anything useful. user comes to my site and runs query to find restaurants in their area. it plots markers to the map and outputs a list to the side of the map of each returned result in a search result div. the div list is about 300 pixels in height, so if the results are any more, it becomes scrollable. so user can scroll up and down the list if many results. How can I get it so that if a user clicks a link of a location o

Google maps flex actionscript multiple markers markers not matching tooltip or lat lng

I had this same issue when I created an application using google's javascript API and the solution was to have closure on the callback function creating the multiple markers. I can not seem to find an example for making multiple custom markers, with anything other than using some random math function to create the multiple markers. GlobalVars is a class that contains static public var types to keep up with however many addressess, lats, lngs, etc... I have tried using markermanager but it has

Google maps Google maps and google location autocomplete clashing

Am displaying a google map and below it have a text input where am using google's places autocomplete. I'm having problem where either the map is displayed or the autocomplete works, but am not able to get both working together :( jsfiddle here: The map there works fine but the text box autocomplete ain't. The location autocomplete works, but map ain't. I have a strong hunch am going wrong with the external Google Maps API JS source

Google maps Hide certain labels on embedded google map?

Im embedding a google map with the gmap3 jQuery plug in: How can I hide certain labels on the map? By hiding .gmnoprint with CSS I can hide the controls but I still need to hide the Map/ Satellite option and the icon of a man thats top left. For another view I need the controls to be visible so I cant hide gmnoprint. For this view I need to hide the 2 items mentioned above, and also the footer (which is visible if you dont hide .gmnoprint). This project is an i

Google maps Do Google API keys work with Google Maps web services, e.g. geocoding?

I'm using Google Maps web services to perform server-side (reverse) geocoding. I've got a browser-side and server-side Google API key from the Google APIs Console, which permits the Google Maps JS API to use higher request quotas, and enables pay-per-use for overages (successfully tested in-browser via JS). But the server-side key doesn't seem to work on web services requests. For example, this URL works fine:,-80

Google maps Google Maps | Code only runs localhost

I want to use Google Maps API v3 for a website I'm making... I've made and tried the code on localhost and it runs, then I've uploaded the files to my ftp and I signed up for an API KEY. All right. I've modified the google maps's src file, adding the key but it don't runs. I dont know to make it runs. I use AJAX. Is it right?

Google maps Filtering fusion tables using where clause

I am trying to filter a fusion table using the WHERE clause in order to display land areas below a certain size. I am not sure if it is a simple problem with the syntax but this filter will not work for me. Here is the code: var layer = new google.maps.FusionTablesLayer({ query: { select: 'Geometry', from: 4310315, where: 'rollingarea' < 400, } }); I have tried different variations such as where 'rollingarea < 40' & "'rollingarea' < 400" but cant get it to work. Any hel

Google maps Change Opacity of a Google Maps Tile Layer - API V3

Does anyone have a good example or suggested strategy for dynamic opacity control of a custom tile layer in the google maps api V3? If this helps to illustrate my goal or maybe inspire some solutions, here are some related example: google maps, but with wrong api (v2) an open layers equivalent Thanks

Google maps Load styles in Google Maps Wizard

Im using the Google Maps Wizard to customize the color of some maps I need to embed on an website. I got some JSON that loads ok but if I need to make a change I need to touch the code and load the map every time I change a value to see the results. Is there any way I can load the styles I already have on a .js file into the Google Maps Wizard or is there any third party tool that allow me to do that?

Google maps Compute the distance between polyline (route) and marker in Google Maps API v3

Is there any convenient way to compute the direct (shortest) distance between Polyline (the route generated by Google Directions) and markers that are NOT situated on that polyline? The only way I found out is to cycle through Polyline.getPath() vertices manually to calculate the shortest distance but it seems to be a bit harsh: var path = routes[0].overview_path; for (var i = 0; i < data.points.length; i++) { var latLngA = new LatLng(data.points[i].lat, data.points[i].lng); var sh

Google maps My google maps looks weird

I have this page here and the google maps looks weird, and when I say weird the information on the map is too big and cuts off (the the information that looks like it in a square word bubble similar to something you would see in a comic book.) My Question is, how would I move the map over to view the full information is there away to set a position on the map? Here is my google maps code: <iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=

Google maps Displaying multiple Google Maps asynchronously

I currently have a page which shows results of a search. When the user clicks on a result, details are fetched using ajax and loaded into the page. In these details, there is a Google map. Previously, I had the Gmaps script with callback in the details page. But I ran into this problem that the Gmaps script was inserted multiples times if the user clicked on several results. Now, I load the script in the results page and the details page calls the initialize function while passing all the nece

Google maps google.maps.Geocoder.geocode not always returns Australian postcode

I'm using the google.maps.Geocoder class to resolve Australian addresses entered into a free form input field: pass the entered address (such as "Parramatta") in the google.maps.GeocoderRequest.address field, call google.maps.Geocoder.geocode and then show all returned google.maps.GeocoderResult.formatted_address fields to the user so they can select one. Problem is that the returned formatted_address fields not always contains the postcode. Pass "Parramatta" into google.maps.GeocoderRequ

Google maps Google Maps - disable search box

I am using google maps to diplay driving directions to a dynamic location that is pulled from a database. The call to google looks like this I have been trying to find a way to disable the search box on the top of the page and also remove the top black bar that is there by default. I want the user to stay in the maps page and not wander to google search and potentially land in an unsafe site. Thanks! SMJ

Google maps Turn off google maps visual refresh interactivity

I've embedded google maps on to my page, and set visual refresh to true ( Works great, except the map now has all these clickable elements by default. For example: Attractions have bubble help, I've accidentally gone in to street view before, and so on. How do I turn these off? Thanks

Google maps Customizing google maps landscape.man_made color and keep the shading?

I'm trying to build a customized google map using API v3.exp. I want to customize the color of the buildings too but it seems that if I change the color of landscape.man_made, I 'm losing the beautiful shading effect in the buildings (different tones). See attached pics. Default color Custom color The json for StyledMapType object is var mapStyle = [{ "featureType": "landscape.man_made", "elementType": "geometry.fill", "stylers": [{ "color": "#808080" }] }]; Is there a possibi

Google maps Google Maps Fusiontable query where clause shows "data may still be loading"

I'm trying to filter some data in fusion tables and then show the result graphics. Code is: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>map</title> </head> <body> <div id="map-canvas" style="height:500px"></div> <script src=""></script> <script> function initialize() { var sloCenter = new google.maps.LatLng(46.119944, 14.815333

Google maps gmaps custom overlay that wipes out all the previous instances

I have created a custom overlay (a marker showing user pictures instead of the default baloon). Basically the problem I have is that, when adding more than 1 marker to the map, only the last one added is visible. Here's the code: function FaceMarker(latlng, userUid) { console.log("face marker", userUid); this._latlng = latlng; this._userUid = userUid; this._root = document.createElement('div'); = 'absolute';

Google maps Google Map Roboto Font in Greek site using Roboto

I have a huge problem with the rendering of the font 'Roboto' on the embedded google maps on my site: Last year we decided to use on our site the font Roboto to render our head titles and vignette. The site it's in greek language and so i loaded the fonts with greek extended: @import url(,700|Roboto:900|Tinos:700&subset=greek-ext,latin-ext); My problem now is: when my page load it does load the fonts right, but when it comes the

Google maps Google map text size is small

I have major difference between google map on 4.4 and 4.1.2/4.3 In 4.4 all the elements(icons on map, cities names etc) look normal but in 4.1.2/4.3 they are seems to be like 40% smaller. This is a web app with corodova/phonegap. I added screenshot describing my problem, the are taken in a same location with a same zoom. Ill be glad if someone can point me why this is so different between those android versions or any direction at all. I have two major problems: 1.The map is getting small with a

Google maps Changing titles of endpoint markers in a Google Maps route

I have a simple test webpage, which displays driving directions: It works well, but my problem is that the start and end markers of the shown route have the meaningless titles "A" and "B". I would like to use ReverseGeocoding to fetch the titles of the 2 route endpoints. So I have prepared the following code and the addresses are fetched correctly and are printed out using console.log: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0

Google maps IE jumps to Google Maps iframe position after page load

I have an embedded Google Maps iframe on a single page site. The iframe is located almost at the bottom of the page and works well on all browsers except IE. Whenever the page is loaded in IE, it suddenly jumps down the view to the iframe position. I have no JS written to do such behaviour and I have actually tried to remove all JS in order to isolate the issue, but it still happens. I also tried to put a small function on my document.ready() and window.load() functions to scroll to top as a

Google maps Is there an easy way of highlighting a region on Google Maps?

Other than drawing a polygon in Google Maps API, is there a way for me to get the "Northwest Washington DC" region on a Google map? When I search this area in Google maps itself, it has a nice highlighting effect which I like to replicate in my own website. The issue with drawing the polygon is that I wouldn't really know how to get the correct LatLng coordinates for the polygon's path!

Google maps Recalculate markercluster and downloadUrl

I am trying to fix the problem with out success. As you can see when you uncheck the VDSL or ADSL option the markercluster still having the same value. downloadUrl("php_to_xml.php", function(data) { var xml = data.responseXML; var markers = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("marker"); for (var i = 0; i < markers.length; i++) { var ThisMarkers = markers[i]; var lat = markers[i].getAttribute("lat"); var lng = markers[i].getAtt

Google maps Google Geocoding API returns ZERO_RESULTS for web-normalized address

I've seen several questions about getting ZERO_RESULTS for addresses that the user believes to be correct, which were resolved by correcting usage errors (e.g. failure to urlencode the address), or by tweaking the address to a form that google expects (e.g. spelling out "street" instead of using the ambiguous abbreviation "st"). But I'm seeing a couple of addresses where my original form gets corrected by on the web, which then shows the location on the map correctly. But feedin

Google maps Google Maps Geolocation API limited at 100 requests even with billing enabled?

Did Google changed recently "his terms" about the Google Maps APIs ?? My APIs were working fine and I had billing enabled even if I never was billed cause I never reached the free 2 500 requests / day allowed. Now it seems that we are limited to 100 requests / day + 1 request/second/user... and I believe my app is not working fine anymore because of this (unless the API keys could have changed with Google's changes?!?). Is there anyone who also has billing enabled and still is limited to 100

Google maps How to draw a Polyline on google map from other window

I'm trying to draw a Polyline on my map. The script that draws the Polyline is defined and called from a pop-up window. var route = new google.maps.Polyline({ map:, path: result.routeCoordinates, geodesic: true, strokeColor: '#00FF00', strokeOpacity: 1.0, strokeWeight: 2 }); "map" is defined as a global variable and when I'm debugging I actually see that the contents of window.par

Google maps Reach a primefaces gmap inside a pf p:dialog using javascript

I have a p:gmap inside a p:dialog <p:dialog widgetVar="vehicleTrackingDlg" rendered="#{sessionBean.vehicleTracking}" width="630" height="405" modal="true" appendTo="@(body)" resizable="false" header="Map"> <p:gmap id="map" center="30, 20" zoom="13" type="ROADMAP" fitBounds="true" style="width:600px;height:400px" widgetVar="gmap" rendered="#{sessionBean.vehicleTracking}" /> </p:dialog> I'm trying to get the 'gmap' variable in a javascr

Google maps does my application requires a google maps license if it only uses google maps links

I have a question whether my application requires a google maps license or not. I developed an app soon to be published on android and ios app stores, my app will be free of charge, does not require any subscriptions from the user, no login, and will be accessible to everyone for free. The application will contain ads. The purpose of the application is to guide the user to navigate using the street addressing system by entering a street number and building number, so it will open a google link f

Google maps How get the value from push pin image in Google Maps

When I search for a place it will display the location along with the number in the map pointer (overlay pin), but I want to print/retrieve that number. I cannot get the number because it is showing as an image, which does not have a corresponding attribute value in the HTML page. See the screenshot bellow: <div class="gmnoprint" style="width: 26px; height: 43px; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; opacity: 0.01; cursor: pointer; left: 809px; top: 249px; z-index: 291;" title="">

Google maps Vuejs return data from marker.on to data

I want to store data to the v-model when you pick up the marker and drop it. The console.log works fine but this.latitude doesn't and also the hidden field is not filled. How can i achieve this? <input type="hidden" name="lat" v-model="lat"> export default{ data: function () { return { lat: '51.8778909' }, addMarker: function (lat, lng) { var latlng = new L.LatLng(lat, lng) marker = new L.marker(latlng, {draggable: 'true'})

Google maps Automatically show street view map when inputting an address

I want to put in a street address, and have it programatically determine the coordinates and heading for the purposes of generating a street view map. does this, so I know it can be done. From the docs: function initialize() { var fenway = {lat: 42.345573, lng: -71.098326}; var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), { center: fenway, zoom: 14 }); var panorama = new google.maps.StreetViewPanorama( document.getElementById('pano'), {

Google maps How to extract location name from lat and lon

I have extracted longitude and latitude using geolocation plugin in flutter. But now I need to create name of place from those longitude and latitude. I tried using geocoder plugin, but final coordinates = new Coordinates(latitude, longitude); var addresses = Geocoder.local.findAddressesFromCoordinates(coordinates); var first = addresses.first; above line is giving error saying getter first is not defined for class Future<> print("${first.featureName} : ${firs

Google maps Google Fusion table alternative

I am using google fusion table (which is auto-updated from google sheet) to generate a map with javascript API but as we know google is turning down the fusion table service in December. so I need to update my javascript code to display the map. My google sheet data is like state, county, group, geometry AK, Aleutians, 5, '-163.03943,55.45072 -163.03316,55.44276 -163.0298,55.43134 -163.02794,55.42083 -163.03001,55.4128 -163.0345,55.4037 -163.04121,55.39468 -163.04921,55.38195 -163.05912,55.371

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