Selenium clicks not working with GWT

I run GWT OBF (thus this isn't the problem), but when I use Selenium (tried both IDE and RC) my clicks don't get recorded. The component I'm trying to click is a <div>, but nothing happens. For instance, in IDE I am sometimes (very seldom, like one in 50 clicks) able to register a click on different tabs (contained in <div>), but never able to replay the test with any resulting click. Help!?!

Problem using in GWT project classes from other project/source folders

My project contains 2 source folder, one is generic J2EE application another is smartCleintGWT, I want to use some already existing DTO classes from first source folder (src) Note that class used on client side and on server side of GWT project! When I do that I getting error [ERROR] Errors in 'file:/C:/..Projects/Admin/DMX/src_console/com/ho/nod/client/' [ERROR] Line 7: No source code is available for type com.dmx.synch.server.descriptors.DMXLicense; did you forget to inherit a

Solution for Numeric Text Field in GWT

I need a text field very similar in behavior to Gxt's NumberField. Unfortunately I am not using Gxt in my application and GWT 2.0 does not have a Numeric text field implementation as yet. So that currently leaves me with an option to simulate a NumberField by filtering out non-numeric keystrokes using a keyboardHandler. Is this the the best way to approach the problem? Does anyone here have a better solution/approach in mind? Thanks in advance :)

GWT Compilation

When we compile a gwt application, the compiler do some permutation Compiling 6 permutations Compiling permutation 0... Compiling permutation 1... Compiling permutation 2... Compiling permutation 3... Compiling permutation 4... Compiling permutation 5... I am not getting this what is this six permutation ?

Place GWT application on Jetty

Can someone help me to place my GWT application on Jetty. I am not using maven. I have libraries in my build path. First I am taking the war folder already exploded and copy it in jetty/webapps, then in folder context. I have placed a folde named BiddingSystem in folder web apps, it is an already exploded folder and not a .war file In folder jetty/context, there is a file test.xml I am renaming the file to BiddingSystem.xml and also editing content of BiddingSystem.xml, finally the content

Gwt How can I put a widget in a CellTable Cell?

I am using CellTable to show my records but now the thing is I want show a select box when user clicks on a cell. One more thing is that select box is my own widget, not a predefined. Can you please suggest to me any method of doing this?

How far will GWT AsyncCallback execute while waiting for the response?

If I were to call from a function (all written in Java): public int hello() { int a = 1; executeCallback(); // C: Question lies in this range return a; } public void executeCallback() { // A: random code to execute before asynccallback randomClass.randomMethod(int a, int b, AsyncCallback<ReturnType>() { onSuccess(); onFailure(); }); // B: random code to execute after asynccallback } I understand that the stuff in comment A will execute, and concurrently the non synchr

Gwt Use ClientBundle image as background-image

I'm trying to use an image from a ClientBundle as a background-image in a UIBInder template. I used this discussion as a guide, but was unable to get it to work. In my Java class I have: public static interface PriceButtonStyles extends ClientBundle { String paidIcon(); @ClientBundle.Source("paid_button_53x31.png") DataResource paid_buttonAsDataResource(); } @UiField PriceButtonStyles priceButtonStyle; And then in the corresponding template file I reference it like: <ui:sty

Smartgwt DataSource with gwt requestfactory etc

Does anyone have a working example of using the new GWT constructs for RequestFactory with a SmartGWT DataSource for databound widgets ? If possible I would like to make a generic data service that contains methods for listAll, getByExample, getByPrimaryKey etc. I beleibe it should be possible ??? If using RequestFactory would it make sense to ditch the datasource altogether and work directly with the widget fields ? Cheers, Andy

change font size of a flextable in gwt

I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the font size of a flextable in GWT? I've tried numerous attempts and looked online everywhere but no solution seems to work. I have a flexTable in GWT, and a number of labels like... user_info.setText(5, 0, "Organization:"); Currently I've been trying to write a style in a CSS page with the code .smallFont { font-size: 6pt; background-color: #66ff66; } I set the flexTable to that style and the background of the table changes, but the fo

GWTP Gatekeeper and the UserService

I am having a problem using the Gatekeeper feature of GWTP. Following the example gwtp-sample-tab I have created the client code. But now I am still wondering how to notify the client side if the user has successfully logged in? (I am using the Google UserService.) Could anybody please provide me a litte example? Thank you very much!

How do you get a gwt label to fill a grid cell?

I have a gwt label and I place it into a gwt grid. I have some events on the label. So I need the label to fill up the entire grid cell... otherwise the mouse over events won't trigger. Currently I am doing a setWidth("100%) and setHeight("100%) on the label. This gets the label to fill horizontally... but I can't get the height to fill the grid cell. How do you get the label to fill the entire grid cell (horz and vert)? isn't there some sort of CSS property I can change to 100%? The farthes

GWT & XSRF Protection

I'm looking at possible solutions to protect my GWT app against XSRF. If I understand GWT's solution correctly - it makes available a Servlet which you use to both generate the token on the client-side (when calling your RPC endpoint) and to validate on the server-side (when the call hits your service). Does this solution only cater for RPC calls? Surely we need it to cover all user generated requests to the server? Any other recommended XSRF solutions (I'm also looking at OWASP's CSRFGuard)?

GWT/Grails Project Structure

Does somebody already have some experience embedding gwt in other client pages except the standard html file? I want to use gwt as front end and grails as backend. Communication should be handled over rest json interface so that is loosely coupled. How do i structure my project at best? Should I create 2 independend projects or should I stick them together? At the beginning I had some problems with debugging my gwt application as it was part of the grails project. Now I copied the compiled js

Dynamically updating content of GWT Composite widgets

I created a widget that is a subclass of Composite and has a com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Viewport in it. Into this viewport I added my header component, a LayoutComponent (initially empty) and my footer component. I initialized the composite widget by calling initWidget at the end of the constructor that sets everything up ... something like this (some code removed for readability): public class MyComposite extends Composite { ... public MyComposite(...) { viewport = new Vi

GWT Java Emulation

I have some code which uses java.awt.Color. I want to translate my Java Code to GWT. So I will emulate java.awt.Color in my GWT Project. One approach is to write a module called java.AWT.gwt.xml whose source path is awt and a class called java.awt.Color. The other approach is to create a folder and create java.awt.Color class inside that path. Eclipse will show errors. But compiler will work. Which one is appropriate way to add java.awt.Color for GWT?

Using mozImageSmoothingEnabled by the help of JSNI in GWT

Gecko 1.9.2 introduced the mozImageSmoothingEnabled property to the canvas element; if this Boolean value is false, images won't be smoothed when scaled. This property is true by default. ctx.mozImageSmoothingEnabled = false I want to use this property in GWT. How can I implement public static void setMozImageSmooting(Canvas canvas, boolean value) { ... } by using JSNI?

Best practice for bringing together GWT source into a WAR using Maven

I'm currently in the process of splitting our rather over grown project down into its consecutive parts. The intention is that each separation becomes its own Maven project. There will be a parent Maven project that's responsible for ensuring all the correct parts are compiled and global properties are shared. With this in mind, our GWT code will be self-contained within its own project, and will be compiled using the GWT Maven plugin. Another project will be responsible for creating the WAR f

GWT-Platform Gatekeeper and Nested Presenters

I would like to know some things about gwtp gatekeeper: if canReveal() method returns false, what happens? In my tests, i've been redirected to the defaultplace, i can change it? having nested presenters, like: MenuPresenter - Only visible for admins. HomePresenter - Visible for admins and normal users. When the logged user is a normal user, i want to only "not display" the menu presenter, is that possible? thanks

How can I translate Widget tag attributes in GWT UIBinder ui.xml files?

I'm tring to enable i18n for the GWT application. The UI forms in this applications are described with ui.xml files (with UIBinder). I read this manual and was able to process simple cases such as < span >text< /span> which was used as plain html. But I can't deside what shall I do with widget argmuments, i.e. < g:button text="Save" /> Manual supposes to insert <ui:attribute name="text" description="

How to wrap elements under a GWT HTMLPanel

Let's say I create an HTMLPanel with some HTML like: <p> Blah blah <span id='1'>more html... </span> </p> Now I want to attach an event handler to the span. I want to see it as an InlineHTML GWT widget. I tried: HTMLPanel html = new HTMLPanel(stringOfHTML); parentWidget.add(html); String id = "1"; Element span = html.getElementById(id); InlineHTML wid = InlineHTML.wrap(span); // -- error here html.addAndReplaceElement(wid, id); The second-to-last line dies with

Gwt How can i do target on PopupPanel widget and it's children widget?

I am using PopupPanel in GWT for example(popup) and one widget button for example(B1) add in this popup.When i target my mouse pointer on label For Example(lbl) then popup is show causing onMouseEnter and this popup hide when mouse pointer away from this lbl but i can not target this popup add button B1 because of mouse pointer away from this lbl popup hide. So my question is that how can i target popup widget and its children widget for enent? i use popup.isModal onMouseLeave but is not worki

google gwt JsArrayInteger (JavaScriptObject) use via JSNI

I'm relatively new to gwt and I have a problem using JsArrayInteger. Here is my code: package; public class StockWatcher implements EntryPoint { JsArrayInteger a; public void onModuleLoad() { a = (JsArrayInteger) JsArrayInteger.createArray(); a.push(1); a.push(2); a.push(4); a.push(5); test(); } public static native void test() /*-{ var p = [1,2,3,4,5,

Deploying GWT application to Godaddy

I have read through all I can find but doesn't just work out for me. Does anyone by chance know a detailed step-by-step instruction to deploy GWT to external domain servers like Godaddy? I am using maven to manage my app. I can run it in dev mode but when I try to copy over to tomcat, does not work. Please help.

gwt decorated tab panel not showing the tabs properly

I have create a DecoratedTabPanel in GWT <g:HorizontalPanel ui:field="hpnlTab"> <g:DecoratedTabPanel animationEnabled="true" ui:field="tabQuran" width="499px" height="281px"> <g:Tab text="Quran"> <g:HTMLPanel width="249px" height="262px" ui:field="quranTab"> <!-- <div class="{style.qFrameMiddle}" id="middleFrame">--> <div ui:field="quranText" class="{style.quranText}">

How to use in-page HTML anchors with hashbang URLs (in GWT)?

I have a little problem with implementing in-page HTML anchors while also having bookmarkable URLs via hashbang. The description is easy: I visit some URL of my application:!mycontent On this page there is a lot of text and I need some HTML anchors for navigation. In old-style HTML I'd write <a href="#myAnchor">AnchorText</a>. But when I click this link in my GWT application, the URL changes to: GWT Pl

Defining GWT CellTables with UiBinder

If I define my CellTable in MyView.ui.xml UiBinder file like this: <ui:UiBinder xmlns:ui='' xmlns:g='' xmlns:c="" ui:generateFormat='' ui:generateKeys='' ui:generateLocales='default' xmlns:p1=""> ... <g:HTMLPanel>

Can gwt analyze dependency like maven does?

How can I get GWT to provide the same dependency insights as mvn dependency:analyze? Maven can report about dependencies (Used undeclared dependencies and Unused declared dependencies). I'd like to get GWT to do the same because determining missing inherits in my gwt.xml proves difficult. Is there a good way for the system to analyze dependency state? Thanks Peter

GWT Editor and GXT Grid Not Sending Newly Created Proxy Entities, Only NULL Values

Does anybody have a solution to why I would be saving nulls to a OneToMany List on a server entity through a GXT Grid that contains a ListStoreEditor sub-editor? I've followed the Sencha Example, GridBindingExample to a tee. public class MyEditor implements IsWidget, Editor<FooProxy> { interface Binder extends UiBinder<Widget, MyEditor> {} private static Binder uiBinder = GWT.create(Binder.class); public interfac

Updating a cell from another cell in DataGrid GWT without redraw or refresh

I am creating application that contains a DataGrid which has 4 columns (name, hours, rate, total). What I want is to update the total cell whenever the hours or rate values changes. you may say: object.setTotal(object.getHours() * object.getRate()); ...but I want to know how to update the cell value itself without redrawing the row or the DataGrid. Is this possible? I got the answer: I used DOM to access the control and update the value. of course I named each control in the DataGrid, for e

Implementing SSL or HTTPS in GWT

I am building an application in GWT. I need to implement SSL or HTTPS in application as security is the key factor of my appln. Any suggestions will be helpful.

Selecting a listbox dropdown item in GWT

I have a GWT view from which I grab the value of a dropdown and store it in a DB. The dropdown has the values "one" "two" "three". When I go back to the same view and I have "Two" stored in the DB then I want "Two" to be the selected item. However the only way I can get this to work at the moment is by iterating through each item in the listbox to find the one which matches and then set this as the selected one. Is there a better way to achieve this? I don't want to have to save the selected i

Gwt Google Visualization : how to show some icon at the top of a column

I have a simple bar chart in my app, and I need to place some ".", some icon, or anything else at the top of my bar. Here is the code: DataTable data = DataTable.create(); data.addColumn(ColumnType.STRING, "Year"); data.addColumn(ColumnType.NUMBER, "Sales"); data.addRows(2); data.setValue(0, 0, "Work"); data.setValue(0, 1, 14); data.setValue(1, 0, "Sleep"); data.setValue(1, 1, 10); BarChart barChart = new BarChart(data, options); vpnl.setHeight("500px"); vpnl.add(barChart); And here is the

Enable GWT.UncaughtExceptionHandler in production mode

In my GWT app, I have an error logger similar to // Handle all exception errors GWT.setUncaughtExceptionHandler( new UncaughtExceptionHandler() { @Override public void onUncaughtException(Throwable e) { Window.alert("caught it!"); } }; This code works perfectly in host mode but in production mode it is compiled out as described in the documents.

GWT displaying many menuItems

I'm having a MenuBar with n MenuItems. So if n is an high number I have many MenuItems. So I'm searching for an way to display them under my conditions. for example: n= 8 *After n=5 the List splits in to blocks: |------------| |------------| |n=0 | |n=6 | |n=1 | |n=7 | |n=2 | |n=8 | |n=3 | |------------| |n=4 | |n=5 | |------------| and not |------------| |n=0 | |n=1 | |n=2 | |n=3

GWT program not running

When I run my project I get the following error: Could not find or load main class I have already installed the google plugin with the sdk's and GWT designer. I am not understanding due to what this error is occuring?

Smartgwt 3.0 update to 3.1 running error

After I put the smartGwt update to version 3.1 running appear such a mistake: [ERROR] [hnwdmp] Unable to load module entry point class com.smartgwt.client.SmartGwtEntryPoint (see associated exception for details) (TypeError): $wnd.isc.Date.setNormalDateDisplayFormat is not a function at at

Change row mouseover color of the GWT Grid when selected

When a button is pressed, i change the background of a few rows in a Grid component, I've achieved it so far, but, when the user mouses over the selected row, it does not show the color that is set, how to change the color of the mouse over item to match the selected item color? Code here so far. for(int i=0;i<grid.getStore().getCount();i++){ Element row = (Element) grid.getView().getRow(i); row.getStyle().setProperty("backgroundColor", "#FFFFFF"); } for(int item:items){ Element

Will server's memory waste if we create a DialogBox then Hide it, then create & hide it many times (GWT)?

As you know there is no Close method in DialogBox. Look at this code: myButton.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {DialogBox myD=new DialogBox(); } ); There's a hide button in DialogBox myD, so when users click Hide, the system will call myD.hide(); Look at this action: User clicks myButton, then myD popup, then the user clicks Hide button to hide myD Will server's memory waste if the user does the above action many times? Will it create a lot of garbage in the server's memory? if it wi

GWT Layout issue

I wrote below code, I could not set the panel to the rightmost side of the container. I want control in moving the panel all the sides, like east, west, north and south. public void onModuleLoad() { Viewport viewport = new Viewport(); viewport.setLayout(new FlowLayout()); viewport.add(createContainer()); RootPanel.get().add(viewport); } private Widget createContainer() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub LayoutContainer container = new LayoutContainer(); container.

how can i get parameter from post method in gwt

I have a html page and i am sending some parameter using post method. now i want to get these parameter on gwt client. is there any method in gwt to get post parameter on client.? i use following code <html> <body> <form action="http://localhost:8080/popnnn/js.html" method="post"> <input type="text" id="foo" name="foo"> <input type="submit" value="Send" name="submit" id="submit"> </form> </body> </html> and in my gwt code TextBox text=n

how to open a new browser page in GWT

I want to open new Page in browser which will be some component . like I am in a page "MainPage "its a composite Now on a click of a button I need to open a new page "DiagramPage" (its a composite) I dont want to use a full MVP (as these are the only 2 pages in my app). Secondly when I am in DiagramPage (with the click on a button in MainPage). from Diagrampage when I click on Browsers back button , It should take me back to MainPage and with all the things saved, Like whatever checkbox I

What is the best solution to hide the ugly Gwt Crawlable Url (the one use hashbang)?

I just discovered that google adword does not allow the hash bang (#) in the destination url of Adword Ads. If the url contains # then u can't advertise ur page in Google. So we need a way to hide the hash bang (#) in the url but still be able to let the the spider to know that our app is the Ajax-based app. So what is the best (ie simple but very effective) solution to solve this issue?

Gwt Getting the record being edited

I am using a custom validator like as: CustomValidator duplicateValidator; duplicateValidator = new CustomValidator() { @Override protected boolean condition(Object value) { getRecord(); //* .. code to validate this record here *// } }; But my page gets stuck in a loop, and by using Firebug, it stucks on getRecord(); part, also the getRecord() == null. Is there another way to get the record

Gwt The value ie6 was not previously defined

Getting error as: Loading inherited module 'com.sencha.gxt.ui.GXT' Loading inherited module' Loading inherited module 'com.sencha.gxt.core.Core' [ERROR] The value ie6 was not previously defined. To solve this i added extend-property name="user.agent" value="ie6" in my gwt.xml. But this is throwing below error. [ERROR] Element 'extend-property' beginning on line 13 contains unexpected attribute 'value' [ERROR] Failure while parsing XML

Gwt SimplePanel and child widgets

I have a question about the SimplePanel and its child widgets. I am catching the following Exception SimplePanel can contain one child widget In my code, the unique element that inherits from the SimplePanel is a ScrollPanel which is used as follows: scroll = new ScrollPanel(); scroll.add(internalVerticalPanel); internalVerticalPanel2.add(scroll); The "internalVerticalPanel" object is composed by an HorizontalPanel and Labels. Is it not possible this combination? Thank you very much in ad

GWT - java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpectedly unable to access Enum.createValueOfMap via reflection

I am new to GWT and i imported existing GWT web project into EClipse IDE and tried to compile it through "GWT Compile" in Eclipse but I am getting below exception. Project looks to be properly set up in Eclipse. I am using GWT 2.7.0. I tried to find solution for this but could not find the exact matching one. Could anyone please help me in resolving this? [ERROR] Unexpected internal compiler error java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpectedly unable to access Enum.createValueOfMap via reflection.

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