What's a good IDE for Erlang programming?

As far as I know there's Erlang plugin for NetBeans and Eclipse. Which one has the upper hand at the moment? Are there any other IDE for Erlang which I didnt mention, and how good are they when compare with NetBeans and Eclipse?

What IronPython IDE should I use?

This question probably looks a lot like IDE for ironpython on windows question here on stackoverflow. But I read the answers on that question I still have no idea what IDE I should use. What I'm looking for is to know pros and cons of a specific IDE. I recently started learning IronPython. The only IDE I used so far is IronPython Studio that integrates with Visual Studio. It was a logical choice for me because I use Visual Studio when I work with C#. One of the problem I have with IronPyth

How do you distribute the IDE and it's configuration within your Team?

I'm wondering how Software Development Team distribute their Standard IDE(s)? E.g. developing with Eclipse, custom Code formatter, svn Resository, Copyright Header.. At the moment my Team has a standard zip File which is then distributed withhin the developers. Problem: If one file, a Plugin or the IDE itself changes, e.g. new Coding Guidlines, Upgrade Eclipse 3.5.1 the whole distribution has to be done again. Every developer needs to unzip the bundel again. Imagine your working with differe

Ide PhpStorm error highlights in *.php files

Please can someone help me with PhpStorm issues? Recently the IDE has started to show multiple errors in my code, though it seems to be fine. Errors sounds like "Expected: semicolon", "Expected statement". Intellisense does not work for such files either. I didn't make any changes to the IDE settings. I use the 7.0 version. Thanks.

Ide How to disable the Issues pane in Qt Creator?

I find it easier to work with compiler output but the Issues pane in the Qt Creator pops up automatically after every compilation, hiding the useful information, forcing me to hide it every time. Is there a way to disable this behavior? I don't mind the errors being collected, I just don't want this particular piece of UI to show up every time when I don't ask for it. I'm using the Qt Creator 3.5.0 but it was like that in the earlier versions, too.

Ide Debug two different project at same time

I am starting to set up Xdebug with sublime-text2. In my case, I have two different applications those are integrated as one. Let's named A and B. I have XDebug set up for the project B and I can start to debug. From the A site there is a link to the site B, so I want start debuging the application A and when I click the link to the application B, continue debugging the application B. Is that possible? I am going to try this approach How can I debug two projects in eclipse at the same time?

Non Visual Studio F# IDE

Does anyone know of an IDE for F# development that does not involve me shelling out $300? I will gladly move to F# VS Express if they ever release one, but spending money to just get started with a new language is not in my budget.

Ide Prevent the run tool window from popping up everytime I run my tests

I run my tests a lot, most of the time all I need is the little balloon tip that pops up saying "12 tests passed" or "1 test failed". That's all I need, but the run tab demands attention, and sometimes takes focus, which is very annoying when I'm typing. I know I can hit escape when it takes focus, but I want to ignore the test results unless too many pass/fail. So, is there anyway to bury the run window until I want to see the results, or run the test in the background (but not outside of t

Ide How to Run Ada Code in GPS

In GNAT Programming Studio, how do you run the program? I see it compiled successfully, but I do not see where my program has started running. I would like to test it.

Ide starting bat file with test case but the cases are not executed

I tried to run the batch file but in all the aspects, turned out to be a failure.I use a FF4 version and ide 1.3.0 and also tried with FF 7. Pls help to identify the issue. The contents are. java -jar selenium-server.jar -multiwindow -htmlSuite "*chrome" http://google.com "C:\Software\Reel\Reel Suit.html" "C:\Software\selenium-server-1.0.3\results\result.html" pause It runs and a firefox window opens but it terminates without the cases. The result set is below.I dont wanna do this without ec

Ide PHPStorm disable html-syntax highlighting in PHP string

In PHPStorm 3.0, a PHP string like: $sString = '<div><span class="someClass">test</span></div>'; has HTML Syntax / opening and closing brackets highlighting. I would like to disable this behavior and display it as a string only. Anyone figured out where I can change this?

Changing the code font size in WebStorm IDE

I can't seem to find a way to change the code font size in WebStorm. I change the font size in options and it changes the menu and toolbar font size but not the actual code. Any ideas?

Ide Simultaneous paste and copy of selection text

Background I want to be able to select some text, hit a keystroke that pastes what is on the clipboard over that selection, but at the same time copying that selection to the clipboard. I often find myself doing this operation when switching variables, etc from place to place. Example First sentence here, I need to switch it with the second sentence below. (ctrl-c) ... Second sentence here, I am going to put this where the first one is. /////// First sentence here, I need to switch it w

Ide increase memory in phpstorm 9.0.2

How can I increase the memory of my phpstorm and what value should I put,so that it will make faster. here is my phpstorm.exe.vmoptions -server -Xms128m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=250m -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=150m -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:SoftRefLRUPolicyMSPerMB=50 -ea -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true

Ide How to host a Light Table server?

Does anyone know if it is possible to host Light Table on a own server, and how to do this ? It is an awesome IDE and it would be even more awesome if I can run it on a development server, allowing my teams to code in browser with Light Table :-)

Ide Atom autoclose-html how to force inline closing tags

Brand new to Atom. I see that I can force some html tags to close inline using the autoclose-html package. However, when I populate the list with tags to close inline, they are still closing on a separate line. How should the list be formatted? I see the defaults as default: ['title', 'h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6'] And so I first tried adding ...'p', 'span'] to the list, and it did not work. I then found a list in autoclose-html.coffee and added the same, to no avail. What am I doing wro

Atom IDE - Keybinding

I have disabled the default Atom IDE keybinding for the combination alt + f (In my keymap.cson): 'atom-text-editor': 'alt-f': 'unset!' How to make it to show [ character when I click alt + f?

Is Chaincoder IDE Compatible with Ubuntu 18.04?

I am learning hyperledger fabric and want to use an IDE for the same.While searching about it in google, i came across Chaincoder IDE, But according to the website, its only available for Windows 10(Pro or Enterprise) and MacOs. I am working in Ubuntu 18.04 so i want to know will it work in Ubuntu or not ?

Do you draw a distinction between text editors and IDEs?

I've seen several responses to questions asking for IDEs where text editors were suggested and vice-versa. That makes me think that people treat them as the same thing, where I draw clear distinctions. How do you define "text editor" and "IDE"? Do you see a difference between the two tools? Note that I accepted an answer which I think best addressed the concepts of "text editor" and "IDE". However, it's just my personal opinion of what best addresses the question and I will continue to check

Are there any text-editors/IDEs that support languages generically?

I'm looking for an editor/IDE that can provide features that are nice to have while coding (example: being able to click-through to function definitions) for languages that it is not specifically built for. By these, I have in mind languages designed for a very specific purpose and often only used by a small community. In other words, ones that would not have native support in most software. I realize this would require a fair bit of fairy dust but I don't think it's out of the scope of what's

Ide Qt Creator - same file twice without split

Is it possible to have multiple instances of the same file without creating a split in Qt Creator, e.g. like what 'Window->New Editor' achieves in Eclipse? After some searching I'm inclined to decide it's impossible, but maybe someone can prove me wrong? Often I'm all for splits, but sometimes I work on screens small enough that I would rather go through bother of additional click to view a larger area of the code at once.

Which IDE to use for Go?

Awhile back when Go was fairly new I played around with it a bit using Vi or Notepad++ as an editor, at the time there were no IDE's available. Now I'm planning to do some work with it and after a quick search found there are several options. After that I took a look at SO and found all the questions regarding Go IDE's were dated. So, now that there are some options it's time for me to ask; What IDE would you recommend for Go? Why? I don't care which OS(s) it runs on but please make a note of w

Ide Cursor not visible in code blocks?

I changed the background color of my code blocks editor to black, ever since i am not able to see my cursor, I tried to figure out which particular entity in settings->editor->syntax highlighting refers to a cursor, but to no avail, could you please tell me how to make the cursor show up again, I just need to know what it is called in code block jargon so that I can set its color to white.

Ide IronPython studio cannot change default font colors

I cannot figure out how to change the default colors in Visual Studio for python files. I have a dark gray background color and black Python code doesn't look very good on that background. I looked in Environment->Fonts and Colors in Option dialog but couldn't find the option to change IronPython colors. This question was a sub question in my stackoverflow question about IronPython IDE but I never got an answer.

Ide How to avoid automatic renaming of sub signature parameters in visual basic 6

In Visual basic 6, i declare a sub like this: Private Sub test1(ByRef XmlFooOutput As String) ... End Sub Aafter that, I declare another sub like the following one: Private Sub test2(ByRef xmlFooOutput As String) ... End Sub Automagically, the first method is transformed in: Private Sub test1(ByVal xmlFooOutput As String) ... End Sub So the XmlFooOutput parameter is transformed in xmlFooOutput. This is a pretty dangerous feature because methods like those could be mapped to diff

Ide kdevelop 4.0 : No project Templates

I have just installed kdevelop 4.0 on my Ubuntu machine and found that there are very few project templates (all are Qt related). I am not a qt developer and the previous versions of kdevelop had a lot of project templates. I am not sure how to get general C and C++ GTK templates. A Screenshot from a older version of kdevelop: http://www.euclideanspace.com/software/language/cpp/kdevelop/kd2.gif

Are there any embeddable IDEs out there?

I am making a file editor and would like to give my users a nice IDE in which to edit their html/css files on the browser. Is there any editor that works similarly to TinyMCE but instead of being a WYSIWYG editor it is like a mini IDE and has code line numbering, syntax highlighting, etc. ?

Ide Access FTP Server like Dropbox API does

In my quest for a suitable Cloud IDE, I came across SourceKit, a Chrome extension that lets you edit your Dropbox files using the Ace/Bespin syntax highlighter. It's great! Except I don't really use my dropbox public folder as my web server :/ So I looked into the source code and it's 100% javascript -- it uses the Dropbox API to send/receive files. The Dropbox API uses REST instead of FTP. So I thought - what if I could communicate with my FTP server using REST, just like Dropbox does? Then I

IDE for GPSS language

GPSS stands for General Purpose Simulation System. And it looks like that the language is more dead than alive (I didn't find good and actual blog or web site). I began studying this language a few weeks ago, and faced with the lack of good IDE. I have to work with GPSS World and a don't like this system. Does anyone know if there is any IDE or IDE-like system to work with GPSS? My dream is about intellisense, good run-time debugger, etc. P.S. Sorry, but i can't create a new tag 'gpss'. Than

What is a good free IDE that supports ASP highlighting and ZenCoding?

I'm a big fan of Eclipse. It supports ZenCoding, no problem. But there is only one plugin that supports ASP highlighting, and it does a really cruddy job of finding matching pairs, which is a pretty basic function. So, are there any other good free (or cheap) IDEs that have a ZenCoding plugin and work well with ASP? (Dark themes and sexy UI are a plus!)

Unable to set up rhino debugger as a project in my IDE

I am trying to tweak Rhino debugger work with my servlet so I downloaded the sources and for some reason I having some difficulties to set up the project properly in my IDE (intellij). I have tried to add both the SRC and the Jar file but it seem like there is an .internal. package that get in the way. For example: Global that somewhere along the inheritance chain extends from sun.org.mozilla.javascript.internal.ScriptableObject But who ever is using Global is expecting org.mozilla.javascri

Ide Finding the try for an except or finally

I'm dealing with some code that has fantastically long methods (10k lines!) and some odd use of try-finally and try-except blocks. Some of the latter are long by themselves, and don't always have the try at the start of the method. Obviously I'm trying to refactor the code, but in the meantime just being able to fix a couple of common pathologies would be much easier if I could jump to the start of a block and see what is happening there. When it's 20+ pages away finding it even with the CNPack

How to import *.xml code style into Webstorm IDE?

I am setting up my local workspace at the moment and I was wondering whether I could use the code styles found here (https://github.com/google/styleguide) inside my Webstorm IDE. When trying to import code styles Webstorm asks for JSCS config files. I have no idea what they are. Is there a way to import the *.xml-files as code styles? Thanks

Ide visual studio code real time live preview

We have been using Brackets editor for our front-end development tasks. One thing that we really like is the real-time live preview changes as we type the code in the editor. Recently we decided to look into React framework. We have checked out the Visual Studio Code, and Atom as an alternative to Brackets. But we really cannot find the real-time live preview feature from Brackets in any of these editors. And yes! we did check out the extensions/packages. Unfortunately none works as we wanted. A

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