Accessing document.body of parent window from within IFrame

I have a script in an iframe that listens for movements of the mouse from document.body as follows: $(document.body).addEvent('mousemove',this.refresh.bind(this)); This works fine from within the IFrame, but I want to also track that the mouse is being moved outside of the Iframe. Anyway to do this? I am using MooTools.

Controlling scrolling in iframe

Can you help me with my problem regarding iframe because whenever the iframe is scrolled till end, and the user clicks a control inside the page within iframe, and page content is on the top of the page, the user needs to scroll up the iframe just to see the content. Are there any properties that I can set or code that I can do so that the iframe scroll bar goes back to top whenever an event is triggered inside the form?

software integration pitfalls when using iframe

There is a portal and now I would like to add a completely stand alone web application to that portal. One approach would be to simply put the whole thing in an iframe. But besides showing the web app in the portal its user/login management needs to be integrated, so that a portal user can log in on the portal and when he navigates to the web app, he shall already be logged in on the web app too. What are the basic steps in approaching this? And what problems come to your mind? thanks for your

PayPal integration with iframe-based cart

We use PayPal's Payments Pro NVP API to provide seamless credit card and paypal processing on our site. We've created an iframe-based cart widget that our customers put onto their site so their users can purchase items and pay via our Paypal account. While credit card transactions work fine, we're seeing issues when a user tries to pay with their the PayPal account. The API uses a redirect when clicking the PayPal logo but then PayPal's code seems to run a framebusting script and the transac

YouTube iframe embed not starting in HD

I'm trying to embed an HD YouTube video but no matter what I try, it only ever seems to load the 480p version. According to YouTube, embedding an HD video is as simple as adding hd=1 to the URL: <iframe src="//{videoId}?hd=1" width="960" height="720" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This, however, does not seem to be working, at least in my implementation of the iframe: <iframe id="video-player" width="960" height="720" src="//

in dojo, not able to send multiple files using FileInput and iFrame

I am sending a multipart request using FileInput and iframe var _newForm; if(dojo.isIE < 9 || (dojo.isIE && dojo.isQuirks)){ // just to reiterate, IE is a steaming pile of code. _newForm = document.createElement('<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">'); _newForm.encoding = "multipart/form-data"; }else{ // this is how all other sane browsers do it _newForm = document.createElement('form');

Display Linkedin article in an iframe

I would like to display a Linkedin article in an iframe on my website but when I use the iframe, it is just displaying a blank page. Does Linkedin have make security for Iframes? Is there something I can do to display an iframe like that? This is my code: <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="100%" > Don't work </iframe> Thanks in advan

Iframe Looking for examples of SSO implementations without redirects and pop-ups

I've spent a whole afternoon looking for real world examples of SSO logins which work without redirects or pop-ups - and had no luck. Does this mean they do not exist or do I just suck at searching? I want to be able to login from to as well - without redirects or popups. I am looking for real examples not instructions how to pull it off. Thanks so much.

How to receive data from an Iframe in Dart?

I know that the only way to communicate with an iframe is using the postMessage method as follow: iframe.contentWindow.postMessage("my message", window.location.href); but I would like to know how to receive data from the iframe after any change on it.

TinyMCE iframe encodes contents

Inserting an iframe into TinyMCE with HTML contents rather than a src attribute encodes everything and breaks the contents. Eg: inserting this via the View Source or Embed plugin: <iframe><p>hello</p></iframe> Will result in this when you view the Source again: <iframe width="300" height="150" data-mce-fragment="1">&amp;lt;P&amp;gt;hello&amp;lt;/p&amp;gt;</iframe> Is there any way to stop this or a setting in the init which causes this? I

iFrameResizer - readyCallback seems never called

I am trying to use method readyCallback() in iFrameResizer, but it does not seem to work. When I add the callback to parent iframe object, it is never called: iFrameResize({ log : true, checkOrigin: false, minHeight : 800, maxHeight : 4000, readyCallback: function(){ // (!) never called console.log('ready parent callback .. '); }, messageCallback: function(data){ // works OK console.log('message callback .. '); console.log(da

Joomla website, iframe videos can not be displayed on Safari

When I use an iframe on my page to show a Vimeo video, it works in Chrome and Firefox but does not work in Safari Desktop. Here is the error: An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. I have checked all similar questions and can't see any solutions that work. Specially this code: <object> <param name="movie" value="[VIDEO_ID]"></param> <embed src="[VIDEO_ID]" type="app

Adding iframe to google code project hosting wiki page

Is it possible to add iframe inside google code project hosting wiki? I wan't to embed an external application using iframe in my google project page. My idea is to create a google wiki page and add the iframe in that page. How to do it?

What is the correct way to get innerHTML of iframe

After googling a lot I have tried various ways to get innnerHTML of an iframe but none is working at least in Chrome 7.0 and neither in Firefox 3.6 Basically I am implementing a file uploader using iframe within a form and with the target of the form set to the iframe so that the response from server gets added to the iframe. Then I registered an eventHandler for "load" event which is where I want to check the response for which I require the innerHTML of the iframe. Following are the various

JAWS not announcing loaded iFrame content?

I am working on a web application which uses iFrames (please don't ask me to use something else, not my decision). There are two frames, a navigation frame, and a content frame (top down). The navigation frame always stays the same. When a user clicks a link, causing the content within the content frame to change, JAWS does nothing. What I want JAWS to do, is announce the content (at least the heading) of the new page. I've looked up WAI-ARIA tags and have been trying various JavaScript t

iFrame Click event not fired

How to catch click on an iframe using JQuery. I have an Amazon banner, and I need to close its container DIV when the user clicks the iframe. I've tried 'contents', onclick on iframe, binding the event but nothing works. When I click the iframe it opens Amazon's page on another tab, but the click event never fires. I put a breakpoint and alert just to make sure. I am using latest JQuery version 1.9 and tested it on Chrome. I also thought about capturing a global click ($(document).click) and ch

Iframe Remove uploading template in Blueimp fileupload

I'm using Blueimp fileupload plugin within iframe. At the time of file upload(drag and drop or choose file), it shows an uploading progressbar, and after it shows uploaded info. Is it possible to remove or hide ever the uploading progress bar(template)?. Thanks

Issues with using an iframe to show chrome extension UI on a web page?

I am developing a chrome extension that is meant to work on all web pages. As part of its functionality, it needs to show a UI on any given page. Currently, to do this, I append a div (containing the UI HTML) to the page from the content script. The issue with this is that the styles of the containing page get applied to the extension's UI, causing it to look different on different webpages. Two approaches to fixing this issue: Apply specific styles (marked as !important) for the extensio

Adjust height of iframe with angular application

I have an iframe pointing to my angular application. I need to resize the height of the iframe based on the height of its contents. The iframe and its host are on the same domain, so there are no cross-domain issues. I would like to know the height of my angular application when the initial data has been loaded and notify this to the iframe container, so the height can be appropriately set. I use ng-init to set my angular-applications initial state when the document is first fetched. $scope.

Identifying iframe-unfriendly sites in rails — even when x-frame-options is missing from header

Background: I'm working on a rails app that will open up articles inside the app itself via an iframe (with a navbar at the top from my app, kind of like StumbleUpon). But I've noticed some websites that publish articles (examples:,, prevent themselves from being loaded in an iframe by setting X-Frame-Options to SAMEORIGIN or DENY. My current plan to work around this is to look at the header for the link and examine it to see if it contains X-Frame-Options.

Safari Version 14.1.1 does not load fonts in IFRAME

Does anyone know what happened with latest Safari Version 14.1.1 (16611.2.3), why it stopped to load fonts in IFRAME: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" dir="ltr"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title></title> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </head> <body> <iframe width="600" height="300" sr

Is this possible to only load an iframe after user begins scrolling?

The code below is the code for our Facebook iframe embed , I'm wondering if someone can provide the javascript so that the iframe only loads AFTER user scroll? This is only a problem in DESKTOP because it's visible within initial viewport but I can save this loading until user scrolls --- the Facebook embed is the heaviest thing left on our pages. <iframe id="fbwidth" class="lazy hidden-xs hidden-sm" data-src="<?=$user

Display Documents in an IFrame

A colleague set up an intranet application where the users can upload documents. These documents are displayed afterwards in an IFRAME using <IFRAME src="document.doc"></IFRAME> - of course this only works in IE. While this works with some users, others (including myself) do not see the document, but rather a download dialogue allowing them to download the document. I vaguely remember that there was a recent security issue with displaying MS Office documents in IFRAMES, but could no

how to set iframe src to local file

I have an iframe in my HTML, where i would like to play mpeg/mpg files from local folder, but i can't load the video into the iframe. when i set src="", it is displayed in the iframe, but if i try src="file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/jgabotero/Desktop/sample.jpg" it doesn't display the image. How can i set the src property of iframe to point to local files, specially the ones stored in IsolatedStorage? Thank you in advance. -- julie

iframes and reloading

I recently seen a flash game application that posted a score to a db and there was an iframe that reloaded when the score was updated it was simple but i cant seem to find anything on google, and the page was taken down- how car i achieve this myself?

is IFrame crawled by Google?

I have iframe that it is source is got from servlet response, so does the content of the iframe will be crawled?

Iframe Is there a way to hide the standard Facebook Chat Bar (without going offline)?

We're building a Facebook app that is basically a web integrated chat client on a canvas. However, every time a message is entered or received in the app, a corresponding chat window pop up or notification occurs on the standard Facebook chat bar. Is there a way to hide the chat bar or at the very least minimize the chat windows? Thanks in advance.

Iframe Cross-Domain PostMessage communication: parent undefined

Having an ugly https url on a shared hosting, I've been trying go around the javascript cross-domain restrictions using a proxy iframe and the postMessage() method. Sending messages from the main page to the child seems to works perfectly at first . The problems arise when I try to answer. The source property of the MessageEvent is undefined, window.parent and are also undefined. Therefore, I have no reference to the parent window and no way to send the result of the request. Any h

Iframe Importing CSS inline

I have the following line in my code in an attempt to load styling into an iFrame: <iframe style='color:blue;margin-left:30px;@import('../../custom/courses/css/stylesheets/course.css'); /> There are two problems: Is it possible to import code using the @import as I am attempting to do above The html code in my browser outputs the following: <iframe style="color:blue;margin-left:30px;@import(" ..="" custom="" courses="" css="" stylesheets="" course.css');</iframe> So, my css u

fancybox iframe content cant be loaded second time

I´m having issues with displaying/loading iframes the second time in fancybox. I´m embedding various Contents from different Social Media Plattforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. within a fancybox popup. When I click the button once to show me the popup. Everything works without issues. The iFrame loads and is displayed. When I now close and try to open the fancybox again, the popup appears but the content is not. To insert the iFrame I´m using jQuery.html. I don´t even know wh

Protractor: How to locate elements on the second nested iframe

Using Protractor for nonAngular page I am facing a problem with modal element location from an iframe, which is nested in another iframe. I'm trying to locate the element and I always get Element not found error. Page source: <iframe ... ... <iframe frameborder="0" ... <html <head <body <div id="viewport" style= ... <div id="modal" class=" unit ... Page object: this.layout = element(

Iframe why does body.scrollHeight automatically increase but not decrease

My iframe.body has a scrollHeight property which I believe is read only I don't understand how it gets set. When I modify the iframe.body.innerHTML with some larger HTML, I notice the iframe.body.scrollHeight increases. Great! When we set $('#previewWindow').height(iframeDocument.body.scrollHeight) this means that the scrollbar is the right height for the new larger content However.... When I modify the iframe.body.innerHTML with some smaller HTML, I notice the iframe.body.scrollHeight remain

Typo3 9.5 / iFrame embed in RTE

Is there anyway to embed an iFrame in the RTE in typo3 backend? I want to embed google maps and not have to use an extension, so is there any way to do this? I tried using RTE.default { proc { allowTags := addToList(iframe,embed,script) allowTagsOutside := addToList(iframe,embed,script) entryHTMLparser_db.allowTags < RTE.default.proc.allowTags } } in my Page.typoscript but unfortunately it didn't work. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?

Feature Policy Safari - Iframes - Youtube - ReactJS

I am working on my website and noticed an error that I cant figure out that deals with Feature Policy. In Google Chrome, I do not receive the error but in Safari I do. "Feature policy 'Fullscreen' check failed for iframe with origin '' and allow attribute ''." I went and added "allow="autoplay; fullscreen"" to all of my youtube iframes but this has not solved the issue. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have also used allowFullScreen and allowFullScreen='a

Recommended Electron App configuration - iframe? webview? local server? other?

I am building my first electron desktop app. It creates a formatted document/book from spreadsheet data to either be printed or made into a PDF. I am trying to figure out the best way to prevent performance loss from reflow/repaint when having a large document(lots of divs). I have found that if I have the book in an iframe then I do not suffer reflows/repaints from UI changes and can control when to have it loaded. If I try to create a PDF however I will only get the amount of the iframe that i

Iframe changing height

I am trying to get an iframe to automatically resize once a user clicks a link inside of the iframe. How can I do this?

IFrame on Classic ASP page, all other content being hidden somehow

I have an already existing asp page that I would like to add an IFrame to. The problem is wherever I add the frame in the Body, everything past that point no longer displays. If I take a table that is already there and copy it a second time I see the table twice on the screen, but if I take the contents of the second table and replace them with an IFrame then everything else on my page below that point goes invisible. Anybody have an idea what might be causing this behavior? </HEAD> &

How to make sure that content is only rendered within an iframe

I am wondering how to make sure that I only ever show/render the content (send the code to the client) if the content is loaded in an iframe in a real browser, similar to the way Facebook checks when to display their like buttons and other social utilities. There, when trying to simply load the content using curl, even when sending cookies, session details and user agent details, it still returns nothing. When trying to load the content outside an iframe, one receives nothing. How can that be a

Iframe Adding a label to crm 2011 form

I want to add a label to crm 2011 which displays the value of one attribute available on the form with a certain style. I plan to do it as below Add an iframe as a web resource. Now once the form load completes , edit the source property of the iframe and append the value as a query string parameter to it. 3.After that access that query string parameter in the html web resource and set it on the label. Now my question is : Can I use normal javacript (document.getElementById ...)inside the

@font-face in an iframe in IE9

I've been struggling with an issue for days now. I have a webfont kit from fontsquirrel. IE9 won't load the fonts when I load the containing webpage in an iframe. Weirdly enough, when I load the page in the browser itself, it does work. No errors in F12 developer tools. The code: <style type="text/css"> html, body { margin: 0; padding: 0 0 1em 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; /*overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: auto;*/ overflow: hid

CasperJS Closing iframes / Scripting parent from iframe

I have an iframe on my page that pops up to allow the user to insert some data into the parent page. When the user clicks the "Add" button in the frame, it calls a parent function to close the frame and insert the data. Casper is able to find the "Add" button in the frame, but when I click it, nothing happens. Fairly sure I'm doing this right. Possible bug/not supported by Phantom maybe? Code: casper.withFrame(0,function() { this.waitForSelector('.button[name="add button"]'); }); casper

Navigating parent page from iframe in Backbone js

In iframe (which is my sidebar) I have some links which when clicked, I want to change the parent page as per user selection. If I had just used href to navigate then I would have done it easily using window.parent.location.href but I'm using App.navigate instead of href for navigation. My code look like this return App.navigate("exercise/" + numberSelected , { trigger: true, replace: false }); I want similar alternative like window.parent.location using App.navigate.

Iframe Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit framing

I'm going to create a website which — in addition to its own content — would have links (in iframes) to the world biggest newspaper websites like New York Times, Financial Times and some other. But I've faced with a problem of framing permission. For example, NY Times shows me an error Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit framing. I have read many forums and didn't found a workable solution. Tried to add Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN into .h

Iframe not showing website in Asp .Net MVC5

Hi I am developing website using asp .net mvc5 but when I am using IFrame it is not showing any results. After googling and reading some documents I have found that MVC5 stops Iframe by default. I have found some answers on stackoverflow and other blogs but nothing works for me. Please check where I am doing mistake: Here is my Code: public ActionResult Index() { return View(); } My View: <iframe width="482" height="500" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" id="paymentFrame" s

Iframe Tumblr embeded posts return Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'

I have been using tumblr embed in my website for quite some time. However, recently it stopped working. It throws this error: Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny' Even their own embed endpoint is throwing the same error: $$postId/embed I don't think this is ssl issue. My site is served over ssl and tumblr blog is marked to always serve on ssl. Any idea how to fix this? Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181

Sharing Redux store to multiple iframes using window or global scope

I have multiple iframes which need to share state, so that changes to the state in one iframe is reflected in the other iframe. I was looking into redux and having that globally scoped on the window so that both iframes have access to the store but wanted to get a second opinion and if anyone has experience doing this how I would go about it?

is tencent (video) doing something nasty in iframes?

On some websites (hosted on servers within China) I am displaying some tencent videos in iframes. Tencent video is a similar service like youtube but works in China. to display a video on your website you get a little code snipped similar like this: <div class="video-container"><iframe class="video" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></div>

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