Iis 7 Configure an IIS Site to default to non-root directory?

Say I have a directory structure like so: /public /public/company /public/globals /public/globals/images /public/jobs /public/jobs/it ... etc. What I would like to do is to be able to configure an IIS Site to load from /public/company when visiting the domain root. I know I can change the site to /public/company, but if I do that, I can't seem to reference the /public/globals directory to obtain images, videos, and other items used across the site. The other problem is accessing /public/jo

Iis 7 Classic ASP Impersonation problem on IIS7 Windows 2008 server

I am trying to write to a file on a server (web05) from a classic asp site running on Windows 2008 serer on IIS7 (webadmin). This fails and web05 logs an anonymous logon attempt during the course of the save operation. Webadmin's site is running on an app pool in classic mode with a domain user as the process account. The process account has rights to "Trust this user for delegation to any service (Kerberos only)". The same applies for the web05 and webadmin servers. The site is using Window

Iis 7 How can I turn on DynamicCompression feature of IIS programmatically?

I'm making an installer program for my web application. My web application uses CSS and JS heavily, so I want to enable both Static and Dynamic HttpCompression for IIS7/7.5. It needs 2 steps: I can modified the web.config, put <httpcompression> tag, it's ok. DynamicContentCompression must be turned on in Windows Feature to make httpCompression work. Static HttpCompression is enable by default in IIS7 and IIS7.5, but Dynamic HttpCompression is not enable by default (although it's avai

Iis 7 "System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format" thrown when filling a dataset through IIS 7 but no error in Cassini?

Visual Studio 2010 Express, ASP.NET MVC3, C# with an ODBC data connection on Windows Server 2008 R2. This code runs as expected when using Visual Studio's built-in web server, but fails with a "System.FormatException" when run through IIS7. OdbcConnection conn = new OdbcConnection("Dsn=MyDSN"); OdbcDataReader reader = null; string result = ""; try { conn.Open(); OdbcCommand cmd = new OdbcCommand("select * from my_table limit 3 offset 10", conn); cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;

Iis 7 Need help setting up simple Virtual Directory in IIS7

Noobie question... Using IIS7, I am trying to create a virtual directory for the folder that contains my video files, but can't get my head around how it is done. For example... The existing address is http://www.mydomain.com/members which points to C:\wwwroot\mydomain\members I need http://www.mydomain.com/flash-members to point to the same path. The existing IIS path to the members folder is Server\Sites\www_mydomain_com\members (has application icon) Any help is appreciated.

Iis 7 anonymous authentication on iis7 LOGON_USER is empty

I have a application on iis7 using anonymous authentication. I want to retrieve the LOGON_USER from the server variables. It is currently empty. Microsoft suggests how to populate the values of serer variables in this post. But that is for iis5 & 6. How to do it in IIS7? Actual problem I am trying to solve is: the application is for intranet and internet users and is a sitecore application running on iis7. If I use windows authentication, I get the domain and username and I can bypass logi

Iis 7 How to create a virtual directory underneath a folder in IIS using wix

I want to create virtual directory foo underneath the following existing IIS structure using Wix. //Default website/mywebapp/editor In the above snippet, 'mywebapp' is a web applicatoin and editor is a non-virtual folder inside that. My new virtual directory 'foo' needs to be created inside that non-virtual folder 'editor' I am using IIS 7 and Wix 3.5. Can the above be done using tags or do i need to write a custom action to do that? Thanks in advance

Iis 7 IIS rewrites .html URL to ColdFusion - how do I get a query string?

I'm taking over a ColdFusion application and I'm having some trouble with the rewrites. The site is on an IIS7/CF9.0.1/SQL Server stack. Helicon manager is handling the rewrites. Most of the URLs are written to an html file, so we'd have something like /profile.html The URL gets rewritten by this line: RewriteRule /([^\?]*?)\.(html)(\??)(.*)? /default.cfm?name=$1.$2&$4 [I] The problem occurs when there's a query string like /view.html?id=123. The query string should be written by the

Iis 7 HttpModule to serve file on different server

I would like to create an HttpModule that can serve a file that is on a different server. Server A is publicly accessible and receives a request for file.txt. This file is on server B and Server A will serve it to the user. Server B is not publicly available. What would be the highest performance method of accomplishing this with an HttpModule? I could let Server A download the file from Server B and stream it back to the user. That would require a lot of resources from Server A to do that.

Iis 7 IIS 7 Creating New Website

I'm trying to learn IIS and I'm creating a basic website locally on my computer. Here's what I did... Open IIS 7 Manager Right Click "Sites" Click "Add Website" Set "Site Name" Set "Physical Path" with a file called "default.htm" (c:\inetput\site1) Set "Host name:" to site1.com Click OK When I try to go to my new site1.com (not www, I've yet to set that binding) I keep getting a message saying that the server "is taking too long to respond". What am I doing wrong? P.S. - I'm using Windows

Iis 7 Trouble setting up IIS for ASP

At first I enabled all settings in IIS, the default page of IIS could be viewed but when I tried to view pages in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MyWeb, I used to get a 404 error. Then I tried: ASP ISAPI extensions Request filtering It didn't show me the default IIS page even. Then I tried: ASP ASP.NET ISAPI Extensions Default document Static content Request filtering It showed me the default page but when I tried to view files in the directory, Chrome said that the link appears to be broken. At pre

Iis 7 Custom 404 page for ASP.net site on IIS7 for non-asp.net URL

I have asp.net site with custom 404.htm. It is configured with customErrors section to handle aspx. <customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="404.htm"> <error statusCode="403" redirect="404.htm" /> <error statusCode="404" redirect="404.htm" /> </customErrors> <system.webServer> <httpErrors> <error statusCode="404" path="404.htm" /> <error statusCode="500" path="404.htm" />

Iis 7 IIS 7/ASP.NET 4/MVC 3 Preview 1: random "Could not load file or assembly" errors

I'm using the new Razor ViewEngine with ASP.NET 4/ASP.NET MVC 3. In both Cassini on my local machine (Win7 x64/VS 2010), as well as IIS7 (Windows Web Server 2008), I'm randomly getting "Could not load file or assembly" errors. With Cassini, rebuilding the solution generally fixes the problem. In IIS7, recycling the application pool generally fixes the problem. It is always the same assembly - a "Core" project of mine that is referenced by the ASP.NET MVC project. The solution hierarchy looks

Iis 7 Why am I getting server errors when I enable Authentication on static files?

I am upgrading my site to IIS7, .NET 4.0 and Integrated Pipeline and am having some issues. I have a sub application (virtual directory on a remote server) in my IIS install which contains static files, and I want it to be authenticated using WindowAuthentication where as the rest of my site will be using FormsAuthentication. It has a web.config that looks like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <configuration> <system.web> <authentication mode="Windows" />

Iis 7 FTP to IIS 6 Server from IIS 7 Server ASP.NET MVC

I have very little experience with IIS 7 and FTP on IIS 7. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Our application is being developed using ASP.NET, C#.NET, MVC, Oracle, Visual Studio 2008. I am trying to upload files from the local machine to the Server using FTP. We have 4 servers and 3 of them are running Windows Server 2003(IIS 6) and another one is running Windows Server 2008 (IIS 7). I am able to upload files (.jpg, .pdf, .txt etc..) using FTP (webrequest) to all the servers. I am able to

Iis 7 iis7 website accessed externally downloads files to server instead of local machine

I've a site set up in IIS. It's allows users to download files from a remote cloud to their own local desktop. HOWEVER, the context seems to be mixed up, because when I access the website externally via the IP, and execute the download, it saves the file to the server hosting the site, and not locally. What's going on?? My relevant lines code: using (var sw2 = new FileStream(filePath,FileMode.Create)) { try {

Iis 7 SMTP virtual server doesn't show in MMC and in IIS

I installed a Windows 2008 r2 feature - SMTP server. All seemed OK and it shows in the list of server features installed. Now I need to configure it (let's say a port or name) and I don't see SMTP virtual server item in IIS 7 or in MMC. And of cause it doesn't work when I tried to test it with telnet. Please help. How to get the thing working so I could see its propeties in IIS?

Iis 7 Unable to publish to Http Remote Repository

I think this might be an IIS7 permissions thing, but I'm tagging it with OpenWrap because I might be wrong. When I try to publish a wrap to an HTTP repository I get the following error: PS C:\OpenWrapExamples\Ninject> o publish-wrap -Name Ninject -remote MyHttpRepo # OpenWrap Shell # Copyright © naughtyProd Limited 2009-2011 # Using C:\OpenWrapExamples\Ninject\wraps\_cache\openwrap-\bin-net35\OpenWrap.dll ( Publishing package 'Ninject-' to '

Iis 7 Is IIS7 Web Deploy Management Service accepting requests on 8172 or port 80 (or both?)

Our support team have enabled the management service on IIS 7, windows server 2008. Remote connections are enabled and the connections port is 8172. If I hit https://localhost:8172/msdeploy.axd I am prompted for a password. If I run C:\Program Files\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy V2>msdeploy -verb:getSystemInfo -source:webserver,computername=https://localhost:8172/MSDeploy.axd,username={username},password={password} -allowUntrusted -debug I get a 401 error. If I run C:\Program Files\IIS\Micr

Iis 7 ASP.net web services (.asmx) and parallel processing

We have written a web service method which returns the Graphic Images generated using the Microsoft WPF (hence STA model). This is working absolutely fine apart from the load balancing. When the multiple user try to access it at the same time, some of the users gets the Error Message ( Error 503). Anybody knows how can we improve this to handle multiple client requests (>1000)? Can we use the parallel processing technique to run the threads on different CPU processor (64bit server with 4 core p

Iis 7 Basic authentication. one user for each website on the server

I have deployed 2 websites on a server (windows Server 2008 R2 Standard). I want to use a Basic windows authentication for them For that I enabled Basic Authentication in the IIS Manager. I have created 2 users one for each site. How can I make that only User1 can access website1 and user2 can access website2 Currently both users can access both websites. I just want 1 user for each Thanks a lot for any help

Iis 7 Bundling not working for mapped virtual directory

We have a site where CSS and JavaScript are bundled into /Content/ and /Scripts/ directories respectively. Both of these are also mapped targets of virtual directories in a separate domain, which is used for static resources (so cookies aren't served). The problem is that in our production environment, where compilation -> debug is set to false (so bundling & minification is enabled), the relative URLs work fine and become served from the bundling system, but the static domain URLs (usi

Iis 7 ASP.NET MVC4 only showing @RenderBody content on IIS7

ASP.NET MVC4 only showing @RenderBody content on IIS7 Setup: I've got a VM running Windows 7 upon which I've installed IIS7, MVC3 & MVC4 with Web Platform Installer. I've added a new website in IIS using a .NET 4.0 application pool, and then used the Visual Studio 2012 publish option to publish an MVC4 web app to the website's root directory. The problem is that the only output I am getting is whatever is in the individual views. There is no layout, nothing other than the @RenderBody conte

Iis 7 Where or how can I get more information about an error 500?

I have managed to publish an asp.net-5 app on a server with IIS, but now I get a 500 Internal Server Error. How can I get more information on what's wrong ? In the wwwroot/web.config, I have added: <system.web> <customErrors mode="Off"/> <compilation debug="true" /> </system.web> <system.webServer> <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" /> <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" /> <asp scriptErrorSentToBrowser="true"/&

Iis 7 Configuring IIS7 to server both a wildcard ISAPI DLL and static files

I have an ISAPI DLL that is configured in IIS for wild card mapping. When a request URL corresponds to a static file, I want IIS's StaticFileModule to serve that file. When the file doesn't exist, I want the ISAPI DLL to handle it. The handlers section of my web.config, located in the root of the static files hierarchy, looks like this... <handlers accessPolicy="Read, Script"> <clear /> <add name="SomeIsapiDll" path="*" verb="*" type="" modules="Isap

Iis 7 Image path containing space not being found

Theres an image on the homepage of my site with the path: /Images/Advert/advert one.jpg This has been displaying on the page in the last week, but now the image cannot be found. I've checked the location, and its not been removed. I simply changed the path to: /Images/Advert/advert-one.jpg And now the image is found! Why does having a space in the path prevent the browser from finding it? There are people other than myself who have access to the server, so its possible they have changed a

Iis 7 Insufficient permissions for web.config

According to this article (method 2, item 6) I'm supposed to add computername\IIS_IUSRS as the role allowed to read my web.config file. I'm not sure if it's true, though, because: I've seen other web sites on the current server that don't have that set in security tab but still are accessible more importantly, I still get the error 500.19 related config data invalid with extension config file insufficient permissions (0x80070005). (At this point I'm only trying to serve a static HTML page,

Iis 7 ADODB Connection Fails on Windows 7 but Not XP

I have a simple program to test opening a connection to excel file using ADODB. This is ASP Classic using VBScript. Here is the code: <%@ Language="VBScript" %> <% Response.buffer = true %> <html> <body> <% 'Name of the excel file exceldb="AW_Test.xls" excel_file_name=Server.MapPath(exceldb) response.write(excel_file_name) Set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") cn.Open "Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)}; DriverId=790; DBQ=" &excel_file_name &

Iis 7 IIS7 URL Rewrite multiple domains to a single domain including google analytics referral code

I am trying to elegantly capture a large number of domains that need to redirect to a single domain for example: mydomain.com, www.mydomain.com, mydomain-eu.com, mydomain.eu all to the main domain: www.mydomain.co.uk This I can do fairly easily in IIS by creating a site - binding all the domains and doing a redirect. However there is a catch. The client wants to track where those redirects came from in google analytics. So they need some parameters passing in the redirect URL,

Iis 7 How to Enforce HTTPS For ASMX Service

I have a number of existing ASMX web services running on IIS7, and want to change them so that all requests and responses must be made over HTTPS. The site is also running other pages like PHP and Classic ASP, so I can't just change the site root to serve HTTPS pages. How can I set this per ASMX serivce (application), so that if somebody visits http://www.mydomain.com/MyService/ServiceName.asmx it either redirects them to https://www.mydomain.com/MyService/ServiceName.asmx or returns a 404 er

Iis 7 https redirecting to http

We're using Microsoft ARR with offloading for managing our new web farm. The site is split into 2 applications. 1 holds the content management system and the other holds the purchasing system. These need to be separated for functionality purposes. The link connecting the 2 has https in the url but when the page loads it's on http. If you manually change the url in the address bar to https then it works so why would it be loading the link as http in the first place? Hopefully this isn't too vagu

Iis 7 ASP.Net Application Idle Timeout and App Pool Recycling

I have the following job schedlued to run every minute using hangfire to try and keep my site alive but it still seems to idle out? I've just checked the hangfire dashboard and looks like the job never ran over the weekend presumembly because no one visited the site (note it's an intranet application) try { var url = "http://xyz.domain.com/myapp" var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url); request.Timeout = 6000; request.AllowAutoRedirect = false; request.Method

Iis 7 unlimited sites on IIS7? is that localhost or virtual?

ScottGu says "One nice feature of IIS7 on Windows Vista is that you can now have an unlimited number of sites on a box" in his post: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/04/06/tip-trick-enabling-ssl-on-iis7-using-self-signed-certificates.aspx Does that mean I can run my site on: http://localhost/ And have more than 1 site like that? I have to use different port #'s though right?

Iis 7 the Access problem by no-WWW

my problem looks strange. when I enter www.upitr.com in browsers, it works, but for upitr.com, It works just in FireFox and Safari while it doesn't work in IE and Chrome. Any ideas? Thanks

Iis 7 Could not load file or assembly while running in IIS 7.0 on a 64 bit OS

I am trying to host a web application in a Windows 2008R2 server on IIS7.0 which is 64 bit. I had been running my application on IIS 5.1 XP machine which is 32 bit. I have my DLLs built with the 'x86' option and also I have enabled "Enable 32 bit applications" to True and also set the managed pipeline to Classic in the application pool of my webservice. Now I get the following message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Web.Services2, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKey

Iis 7 ASP will not run unless logged into console

I am moving an existing ASP application from IIS5 on Win2003 to IIS7 on Win2008. After going over all the install notes and setting up ASP to run, everything worked fine while I was logged into the console. As soon as I log off the console, no ASP application will run. I get a 500 error even though normal .htm pages will render from the site fine. I tried a simple page with only a response.write " Hell " and it fails with a 500 error. I set up Failed Request error logging and it just says 5

Iis 7 WIX 3.6 IIS 7 installer causing 'Site 1 has no root application defined, so the site will be ignored.' error on uninstall

I am using Wix 3.6 to install a Web application to IIS 7 and the install works correctly but when uninstalling the application either with Add/Remove Programs or with MSIExec I get the following error in IIS. There was an error while performing this operation. Details: The application '/' does not exist. The error in System log is as follows. Site 1 has no root application defined, so the site will be ignored. The log file on uninstall when using MSIExec and the /qb option shows just this on

Iis 7 WMI access to IIS7

We have an internal tool that enumerates the IIS sites and applications for a server. It uses code similar to this: using (var serverManager = ServerManager.OpenRemote(serverName)) { var site = serverManager.Sites[siteName]; // This is slow // And just starting to enumerate Applications is incredibly slow foreach (var application in site.Applications) { // ... } } The problem I'm having is that when the Sites collection is accessed, the response time is really slo

Iis 7 Error connecting Database in dotnetnuke v7.4.0 after upgrading

This is my code to connect DB and dotnetnuke site(v7.4.0). I used this same connection when I upgraded from v6 to v7. But after upgradation, it shows me error Dotnetnuke Error ...Database Connection failed.. I don't know whats the error. I am running my site from IIS localhost like C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sitename .. Can anyone tell me the solution? Thanks in advance..

Iis 7 Avoiding upload of files larger than 10mb

Is there any way (probably a module) that can make IIS7 rejects a post with a file larger than 10mb? My ASP.NET application has an upload page, and the file cannot be larger than 10mb, I believe that I can check the size of the file only after everything was already sent to the server. An IIS7 module would be the right choice for this, anyone knows about one?

Iis 7 WIndows Authentication not working

Newly installed IIS on a clean windows Server 2008 R2. Installed all security option. Then for the default web site authentication, enabled windows authentication and disabled all others. Then when access the default page iisstart.htm, it should give me a popup for authentication message. but when I access the test page like: http://localhost/iisstart.htm, there is no popup. same as enabled Anonymous Authentication. How to fix it?

Iis 7 Custom 404 page being ignored in IIS7?

I just cannot get custom error pages to work. I've tried so many snippets from around the web.. but to no avail. I've seen something about disabling the net 3.5 errors which override, but not sure if it applies to me. in my web.config I have this <customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="custom404.html"> <error statusCode="404" redirect="custom404.html" /> </customErrors> And I have an .html file there with code in within the root. I just get the generic error 4

Iis 7 sql statement issue after url rewrite

I am implementing URL REWRITE (IIS 7) in a client's website. but I have a problem with the sql statement. before I had this: select * from 360 where titulo='"&request("titulo")&"'" and it was ok. an example of titulo was "Fiexpo Latinoamérica" my old url was portfolio.asp?titulo=Fiexpo Latinoamérica but now my new url is /portfolio/fiexpo-latinoamerica I use ASP replace to remove the spaces and change them with an "-" among others simbols. so now, my sql statement does not

Iis 7 How to get WeekDayName based on date

I am busy learning ASP. I cant find any good documentation (As good as the PHP docs). So This is what I am trying to do: pseudo code: dayname = WeekDayName(daynumberfromdate(31-1-2013)) I cant find a function that can do this.

Iis 7 IIS7 Virtual Directory gives 403 Forbidden Access Denied

I have some issues with IIS7 setup that I hope someone can help me with. I am developing an ASP.NET MVC5 application which consist of 1 web application and 1 web api application for handling REST calls. They are on the same solution in Visual Studio. While developing, they run on the localhost with two different ports as usual. Now that I am deploying to a web server, I planned to have them running like this: Web app: http://mydomain.com Web api: http://mydomain.com/api So I created a site o

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