How should I move queued messages from IIS to Exchange on different servers?

We currently have a company email server with Exchange, and a bulk email processing server that is using IIS SMTP. We are upgrading to a 3rd party MTA (zrinity xms) for bulk sending. I need to be able to keep sending the messages already queued for IIS when we switch to the 3rd party sofware. Can I simply move the IIS queue files to the Exchange server queue and have sending attempts begin automatically for them? If not, any suggestions on accomplishing this?

How can I automate creating IIS script mappings

I would like to automate the following task with a script to create an IIS script mappings for my project: Go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools Open Internet Information Services Right-click the Default web site and select Properties. In the Properties dialog-box select the 'home Directory' tab. Click on the configuration button in the Application Configuration dialog. Click on the 'Add' button. In the Add/Edit dialog-box, ensure the following settings are correct: for executable, pu

Iis IonicIsapiRewriter doesn't work on Windows 2008 but does in Vista

I am migrating my sites from a Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008 however the url rewriting application simply doesnt work when set up on the Windows 2008. Any ideas? I just get 404's instead of it trying to rewrite the url. I have tried using MS Urlrewriting module but it doesnt appear to work either as I have to use the app in Integrated mode as its a bit old school Any more ideas?! Could be server is 64-bit and my laptop isnt?

local iis for mass email newsletter and tracking the newsletter

One of my friend have 3000 email address of their customers. He want to send some email newsletter to them for some running offers and need my help. I know couple of paid services. Can i use local IIS SMTP server (win xp) for sending this email newsletter. Is there any problem in delivery of these emails. IS there any limitation of number of emails which i can sent through local smtp server. Any other problem please suggest

IIS, set dns name to IIS web site

How to set name to web site in IIS for browsing in LAN? I've tried to change in hosts mySite but it doesn't work (required page is not opened) I can remember IP addresses but other peoples do not want, so will be good to set friendly names. Operating System Windows 7, IIS 7.

How to read the active ISAPI filters properties of IIS

I want to know how many ISAPI filters are active on IIS. And I also want to read the metadata properties of these active ISAPI filters in C#. I have created an ISAPI filter dll and added it to IIS. I can see that filter in "inetmgr" but I want to get the same information through C#. Is that possible?

Classic ASP - Windows Vista - IIS7 - Permission issue

I've installed II7 + ASP Classic on my Vista business pc as I want to develop my own pctools (automate some boring manual tasks). Unfortunately, every time I try to WRITE into a .txt file I get this error: Path out = C:\Users\Carlos\Storage\bpmbck.txt Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046' Permission denied /pctools/cleanfb.asp, line 53 Line 53 contains set fileout = fs.OpenTextFile(pathout, ForWriting) Given that I'm running as an ADMIN and that the target folder is owned by me, I

Configure folder inside application as another application in IIS

HI, my main application uses windows authentication, i have it configured as "Integrated windows authentication" and "basic authentication" in IIS i also have a folder "register" which i have also configured as application, and set properties to: "enable anonymour access" and "integrated windows authentication" i put another web config in my register folder, and set authentication to forms: <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration> <appSettings/> <connectionStrings

Windows 7 IIS7.5 and asp application Error HTTP 404.0 - Not Found

I have a Classic ASP aplication and now I installed that on my new PC with Windows7 64bit and IIS 7.5. The problem is that when the app tries to open de dabase, I have this error: Error HTTP 404.0 - Not Found I tried to open the database from this path and it works correctly. The fact is that I have my asp aplicacion on inetpub\wwwroot directory, but the access database is on C:\ProgramData\MyApp\bbdd.mdb it would be something with permisions? I added a IUSR_XXX user but it is not working too

Is the SMTP virtual server deprecated in IIS 7?

It seems that in IIS 7 (7.5, Windows Server 2008 R2) the SMTP virtual server is a second-class citizen, only being configurable through the IIS 6.0 compatibility-mode management tool. This arrangement leads me to wonder whether the SMTP virtual server is deprecated, or otherwise "on it's way out". Is this accurate? Is the SMTP virtual server shipped with IIS being phased out? Is there a replacement on its way in?

Can't browse any website on IIS 7.5

I've just installed IIS on windows server 2008 R2. I left everything as default while installing. After installation however, I'm not able to browse any of the websites added. Even the default web site is not browsable. When i right click the Default web site then click Manage web site and the Browse nothing changes.

My Port 81 on IIS does not work when connected from the private static IP

Please help me with this. I'm trying to connect to IIS on port 81 and 8080 to work on windows azure from my windows phone device. My when I type it works when i type it works when I try it works when i type it DOESNOT work. My firewall is off. Please help me whats wrong. I'm sorry I'm bad at IT. Thank you.

Point multiple domains to one website on IIS7

This is not SEO related in any way please do not post any thing about SEO ranking as it is not a factor here. I have 2 urls and I need to support both urls for a certain length of time and rather than creating 2 sites in IIS I wanted to see if there was a way of doing this by hosting just a single site. I can not do any redirects on the urls and both urls will need to be active eg I can not have a user go to and be redirected new.we

Iis Is it possible to control request data?

I want to control request content(GET,POST) on IIS side. Is that possible? By control I mean filter characters or strings. Also is it possible to to check if request has only certain list of variables(e.g foo and bar for request http://site?foo=a&bar=b).

IIS Webdeploy: copy files to client

I am trying to copy some files to a destination Folder (which should be no problem with Webdeploy) and after that process I would like to get these files on the client (the computer which is starting the msdeploy process). There seem to be a lot of examples on how to copy files to a server, but I could not find any about geting files from the server.

Iis Red5 Media Server + jwPlayer not working as expected

hi i'm running the red5 media server on my win 2003 server, it's assigned to its own IP-address. i've set up a testcase using jwplayer for streaming a video, unfortunately it doesn't work as expected (works locally, ports are open, when using port 5080 i can run the red5-demos from external) i'm using the following settings for jwplayer: jwplayer('mediaspace').setup({ 'flashplayer': 'player.swf', 'file': 'test.flv', 'protocol': 'rtmp', 'streamer': 'rtmp://',

Iis wix virtual directories under default web site not uninstalled, conflict with other features?

I am building an installer using wix for several .net web applications. I have two features, one of which installs several virtual directories / applications under default web site in IIS. The second feature creates a separate website with a single virtual directory. The problem is when I install both features, the virtual directories (from feature 1) under default web site are not removed during the uninstall. The strange part is that if I just install feature 1 (exclude feature 2) the uninsta

Iis Visual Studio PublishProfile to delete files?

I'm deploying my website to IIS, using msbuild (as mentioned by Scott Hanselman here) like this: msbuild MySolution.sln /p:DeployOnBuild=true;PublishProfile=Production;Password=poo Which is mostly working fine to publish to my production server, or staging server, via TeamCity. However, if some files have been removed from the project they are not deleted from the server. So some things that should be generating 404 errors are just picking up the old, out of date, files. Is it possible to

Lightswitch IIS 7.5 Deployment - GetAuthenticationInfo

I am having an absolute nightmare with the "Load operation failed for query 'GetAuthenticationInfo'. [HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer]" error when deploying my applications to a new server. The apps I have are working and have been running for a while on another server. I have now got to move them to a new one, and I cannot get anything to work! I have been through all of the posts on this error and have tried almost everything to get this deployment working. Old Server: Win 2008 R2

Setup a redirection in IIS with parameters carried over

If I have a website like the following: https://xxx/section1/ https://xxx/section2/ https://xxx/section3/ But users may also access the URLs with parameters: https://xxx/section1/&p=1494943 I'm going to create a seperate site in IIS6 which will redirect any HTTP requests to the HTTPS website: request: http://xxx/ redirected to: https://xxx/ And in the same sense: request: http://xxx/section2/&p=1474724 redirected to: https://xxx/section2/&p=1474724 My question is, how can

Iis Unable to install Dotnetnuke website

Im trying to install a DotNetNuke website(Version 7.01) . Here is what i have accomplished till now. Downloaded install version of DNN 7.01 Unzipped the DNN to a folder(foldername=dnntest) in my wwwroot folder. Created a database of the same name(dnntest) in sql server 2008. Now when i try to install the website it throws up this following error. I followed this tutorial for the installation. My Config: IIS 8 DNN version 7.01.02 Community edition Sql server 2008(64-bit versio

Iis Running Ghost on Windows Server 2012 in port 80

I'm hosting couple of websites out of my cloud server. And I wanted to use Ghost for the 'blog' subdomain for one of the website. I've managed to install Ghost and the Development environment works fine in localhost. However, the Production environment which now runs at 2365 port opens perfectly fine at I need it to open at just the I've tried setting the port to 80 in the config.js and I get the Error: listen EACCES Even the ARR in IIS doesnt work

How do you turn on gzip compression for SVG files in IIS?

I have created a web.config file that successfully turns on static compression for text and message resources. However, the obvious solution shown below does not seem to have any affect on .svg compression (validated that gzip content encoding not set in response header for .svg files, but is set for .html, css, etc. via chrome developer tools). Here is my web.config: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <configuration> <system.webServer> <httpCompression

PhpMyAdmin 3.5.6 gives HTTP Error 403 in Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6

I have setup new server with following configuration. Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6 / PHP 5.2.17 / MySQL 5.0.51a / PhpMyAdmin 3.5.6 PHP working fine as phpinfo is displaying fine in browser. MySQL is installed properly. But PhpMyAdmin 3.5.6 gives HTTP Error 403 when try to access it in browser by following way. http://localhost/phpmyadmin356 OR phpmyadmin356 folder is under inetput >> wwwroot. Please help me to resolve this issue. I went through this

How IIS handle http request headers with same name

If I send http request with two same header name, for example: Accept: application/json Accept: application/xml Which one will be used by IIS? I have two windows server 2008 R2, and the IIS version is 7.5. But they have different behavior. One accept "application/json", and the other accept "application/xml“. So I want to know if there is configuration in IIS?

IIS serving 404 error with file extension in query string

I am hosting a web site for an old site that was created in classic asp. The site uses a rudimentary method of tracking visitor clicks on particular links by routing all links through a file called tracking.asp that records the link and then redirects the user to that url. So all of the links look something like this: tracking.asp?url=addresstoredirect.asp The site hasn't been modified in many years and has worked without problems. Recently the links stopped working and started serving 404 e

Accessing local IIS website in a workgroup from another PC using the host name

I've a local website in my IIS 7.5 and the hostname I specified as and have added the bindings as * and the IP of my PC Also added the host entry in hosts file Everything working fine in my local machine when I enter in browser. But my problem is I cant access the site from a PC in my same workgroup. How can I make it possible or what are the steps I've to do in both pc to make it work.

Iis How to convert from a separate .crt/.p7b file to a .pfx file

I have a problem on installation SSL certificate in IIS 7. I downloaded the ssl certificate from godaddy. I got zip file and I saw two certificate files with .crt and .p7b in zip file. I tried to install SSL certificate using Complete Certificate Request in IIS. After I installed it, I refreshed the server. When I checked the certificate I installed, it is disappeared in certificate list. I followed the instructions from godaddy support link. I tried many ways to install the certificates bu

I accidentally deleted IIS Express on my Documents folder

I deleted the IIS Express folder by mistake, now WebMatrix doesn't work. The only solution I found online is to open cmd.exe and redirect IIS to another folder to force automated creation: C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express>iisexpress /userhome:C:\MyDocs\IISExpress where C:\MyDocs is the new root location for your Documents folder. When I try to use cmd.exe as suggested I get this response "The filename, Directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect". How can I fix this?

Iis wildcard cert gives Cannot construct a X509SigningCredentials instance for a certificate without the private key from remote server

Windows 2012 R2 and IIS 8.5. Wildcard certificate...which is working on other servers. We have imported the certificate and used the utility to correct the private key. The certificate shows that it has a valid private key. We are using AD FS and trying to add this server. When accessing the data via https://serverdnshere/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml we get html 500 and the error...Cannot construct a X509SigningCredentials instance for a certificate without the private k

Why does IIS deny encoded characters

set request filtering on IIS to filter querying strings to deny special characters for example ">". Even thought in the link when the special character ">" is encoded as "%3c", why is the link still denied by IIS and generate a 404.18.0.0 error? It seems that IIS decodes url in advance, is any way to stop it from doing so?

Iis Teamcity server url returns 404

I installed TeamCity on a windows server 2016 machine and I assigned the to the serverUrl. I have IIS also on that machine that hosts my nuget server. When I type in it returns a 404. works fine Does anyone knows why? Thanks in advance

How can I remote test an Orchard tenant running on local IIS?

I use Visual Studio 2013 and IIS 10. Usually when I'm developing an Orchard website, I test it locally by adding an alias to my Windows hosts file and then adding a binding for that alias in IIS, e.g. hosts: mysite IIS: Type | Hostname | Port ------------------------------ http mysite 80 When I want to test on a different device I add a binding for some arbitrary port, eg 666, to the website in IIS without specifying a hostname. Then I open that port so

Use Chef to modify settings for all IIS sites running on a node

our ops team wants to make sure that all IIS web sites are (a) logging to the right place and (b) logging the right things. The most awesome IIS Cookbook allows me to do both of these things if I know what sites are running on this old box, which, sadly, I do not. So a fairly straightforward implementation could be: list_of_sites.each do |s| iis_site s do log_directory 'c:/fireplace' etc. end end But ... I don't know what sites are running on a given node. Ohai doesn't seem to

Iis Sitecore 9 Update 1 Web.Config MachineToApplication error after installation

Fresh from the installation process (SIF) several lines in the site web.config produce the following error: Parser Error Message: It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS. Source Error: Line 211: </namespaces> Line 212: </pages> Line 213: <membership defaultProvider="sitecore" hashAlgorithmType="SHA1"&g

Iis Haproxy sticky sessions

I'm trying to use Haproxy 1.6.3 2015/12/25 and sticky sessions. I did everything according to haproxy manual, but, unfortunately, checking client browser I see that cookies aren't being added (the balancer has to return me cookies in the response after the first request but it returns me nothing and works as nothing happened (without cookies)). Everything else perfectly works, but cookies don't. I've attached my haproxy.cfg: global log /dev/haproxy/log local0 log /dev/haproxy/log local1 not

Iis Web Platform Installer: Python Installer - Downloaded file failed signature verification and may have been tampered with

I'm trying to install WFastCGI 2.1 Gateway for IIS and Python 3.4 via the Web Platform Installer in Microsoft Server Manager's IIS Manager. Python Installer fails with the error: "This product did not install successfully: Downloaded file failed signature verification and may have been tampered with". Python 3.4.2 (32-bit) and WFastCGI 2.1 Gateway for IIS and Python 3.4 subsequently fail with the error: "This product cannot be installed because a product that it depends on did not install succe

Iis Application Request Routing: Why some sites return HTTP 404 some don't?

I want to add a load balancer to an existing project using Application Request Routing. So I made myself familiar with the concepts and created a local test-setup: IIS locally running on Windows 10: Installed Application Request Routing 3.0 with Windows Platform Installer Created server farm with following servers: <test-server-name>.de (Microsoft 2012 R2 Server: contains the project) (just to see if load balancing and url rewriting works because I don'

Why is my IIS default document not found MVC

I know there are a million similar/same questions here (I know that because I've read them) but I just can't figure out why my default document is not displaying. It used to; and if I enable the default web-site then that site's default page is displayed. The HTTP error code is 404. EDIT: Is it because I'm using "localhost" or top level domain? That is https://localhost/MyDefault.html works but I get a 404 from https://localhost. I believe/guess something in the following is the issue. It used

How to configure cache on IIS 10?

I have a website and I have enabled caching as follows : Cache enabled for the server Cache enabled for the website I'm testing In the response headers, I'm setting the web content expiration after 30 days for the whole website (there is no setting for any specific folder) Cache is enabled for the files .css, .js, .png, .woff2 Website browsing in incognito mode in Chrome Screenshots : When I browse my website, the first time it should load all the files, but if I refresh the page, f

Iis Coldfusion page executed twice

Hi I am having a strange problem. On our development server coldfusion pages are executed twice. This happens everytime. To find out what is causing this issue, I send an email containing the request details to myself like this: <Cfmail from="*" to="*" type="html"> <cfdump var=#GetHttpRequestData()#> #gettickcount()# #createUUID()# </cfmail> I get the following response when calling a page containing .cfm: content [empty string] headers struct TOMCATCGIHTTPURL000000006A6B

Iis ASP.NET Core 2.1 application ignoring request timeout defined in web configuration

I need to set request timeout on .net core application (version 2.1) hosted on iis. I set "requesttimeout" in web configuration file, but it is ignored. I tried settings on iis but without any luck. Is there a way to solve this problem? I found information that "requesttimeout" is ignored for inProcess model in .net core version 3, but not in 2.1.

Unable to access the IIS metabase. You do not have sufficient privilege to access IIS web sites on your machine

I am unable to load a csproj in VS2015. I get the Creation of the virtual directory http://localhost:<Port_Number>/ failed with the error: Unable to access the IIS metabase. You do not have sufficient privilege to access IIS web sites on your machine. error. I tried the following: Uninstalled and reinstalled IIS Gave access to %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\config & %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\config\Export folders Changed <UseIIS>True</UseIIS> to <UseIIS>False</

Blazor problem in IIS Windows Server 2012 - "An error has occurred. This application may no longer respond until reloaded."

I have a problem with the first login to the blazor server side application while the signalR connection is established with the application. The application is hosted on IIS Windows server 2012 (production server). When debugging an application in IIS Experss Visual Studio I do the same case and the error does not occur, everything works fine in IIS Express. Could there be any difference between IIS Windows Server 2012 and IIS Experess in SignalR methods?

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