Ios4 Can I associate custom metadata with an ALAsset?

I'm building an iPhone app that, among other things, allows the user to take and store photographs associated with locations. I am currently using the ALAssetLibrary to allow the photographs to be stored in Photos and be accessible outside the app (on a computer for instance via the built-in mechanisms). There is not a lot of technical content out there for working with the ALAssetLibrary but from what there is I have managed to cobble together a working version of this. I have had to resort

Ios4 Decoding protobuf data from plCrashReporter

I'm integrating plCrashReporter into one of my apps to add crash reporting functionality. Essentially, if I detect a crash I gather the crash report as NSData... NSData *crashData; NSError *error; crashData = [crashReporter loadPendingCrashReportDataAndReturnError: &error]; crashData now contains the entire report. I can push this crashData into a PLCrashReport struct and read out parameters of it, but I'd rather just send the whole blob to my servers and look at it there. When the data r

Ios4 More iPhone 4 resolution scaling fun

So I have two images set to fill the screen - one at 320x480 (iPhone 3) and the other at 640x960 (iPhone 4). img.png (320x480) img@2x.png (640x960) In Interface Builder, I have img.png set to fill the view (it shouldn't be filling the iPhone 4 view, though, right?), and when I build and run, it is notably too small. So, when I do the opposite, setting img@2x.png as the img, a giant blue question mark fills the view. The project still builds and the image fills the screen, but is very

Ios4 Custom Graph API request on iPhone SDK

Is it possible to make a custom Graph API call using FBConnect? For example, [facebook requestWithGraphPath:@"me" andDelegate:self]; With this call, I can see my own details. [facebook requestWithGraphPath:@"me/friends" andDelegate:self]; With this I can see my friends. [facebook requestWithGraphPath:@"FRIEND_ID/picture" andDelegate:self]; With this I can see a picture from a friend with id=FRIEND_ID. Is there a possibility to make a custom Graph API call, to take id, picture, name an

Ios4 Selecting and Deselecting segment on UISegmentedControl?

I've added a segmented control as the right bar button item of my navigation bar. The control has two segments and I'm attempting to use the control as bar button items. So I was wondering haw can I deselect a selected segment once the user preses it. I've already tried setting the selectedSegmentIndex property to -1 when the action method is called but that is preventing the segment from even being highlighted. Any idea on how can can get the segments to behave like bar button item?

Ios4 facebook login view does not have any option to close it

I'm facing a strange problem here, i have used a sample code of graph api's (reallylongaddress-iPhone-Facebook-Graph-API-59e6399, Created by , which was available on github. And i faced these problems:- 1) I'm having a share button of my own , when i click on it to login to fb a white view (or popup ) apears for almost 5 seconds and it appears evry time when i click on share button to share something on my facebook wall, even if

Ios4 How to set availability property of an event to be added in iphone calendar

I am using [event setAvailability:EKEventAvailabilityTentative]; to add availability property for an event but when fetching for event either it is free or busy or tentative I M getting -1 value for [event availability]; on every event.Am I not setting the property correctly or not fetching the property correctly?Please help

Ios4 textFieldShouldReturn is not working in ipad

I am creating an application on IPad. I use a text field with default return key to write message.After writing a message I press return key..Then the keyboard dissappeared, but the method - (BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)textField {} does NOT get called. I have some code within the textFieldShouldReturn function... - (BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)textField { [textField resignFirstResponder]; [UIView beginAnimations:nil context:NULL]; [UIView setAnimationDuration:0.3

Ios4 Where to store different iOS icons in Phonegap?

I'm creating my various different icons for my PhoneGap app as outlined here: However, phonegap only seems to allow me to select icons for the launch screen and icon. Where should icons such as the iPad icon (icon-72.png) be stored? Thanks, -gearoid.

Ios4 how to find touch position is inside the shape in box2d?

pls any one help me i have create the edges in my project.i know how to check touch position is inside the shape if (fix->TestPoint(locationWorld)) { CCLOG(@"****touch inside shape***"); } but i want create hexagon shape and i need to ball create inside hexagon shape and move inside hexagon. i did ball move inside hexagon shape using below code: b2BodyDef groundBodyDef; groundBodyDef.position.Set(0, 0); b2Body* groundBody = world->CreateBody(&groundBodyDe

Ios4 "Type name requires a specifier or qualifier" error

I have the following code but can't compile it because I have a "Type name requires a specifier or qualifier" error" for (self). How to fix this error? I have compared it with the original code and there are no differences, so I don't know what's going on. #import "CurrentTimeViewController.h" @implementation CurrentTimeViewController { // Call the superclass's designated initializer self = [super initWithNibName:@"CurrentTimeViewController" bundle:nil];

Ios4 Is a timer mandatory for drawing OPENGL ES

I have a method called startAnimation: -(void)startAnimation{ 1: self.animationTimer=[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:1/60 target:self selector:@selector(gameLoop) userInfo:nil repeats:YES]; 2: //[self gameLoop] { The gameLoop method is like this: -(void)gameLoop{ [self updateModel]; [self render] { Now, a very strange thing happens. If I comment the line 1 and uncomment the line 2 in startAnimation method I will not get the objects rendered to my screen. I t

Ios4 AQGridView demo application can not work in xcode 4 and ios 4.3

I'm trying to develop an AQGridView in iPhone. I downloaded the .zip file of AQGridView from GitHub social coding site. The example application of AQGridView (ImageDemo, SpringBoard, ExpanderDemo) can't be run in Xcode 4 and iOS SDK 4.3. At compile time the error is showing: "AlanQuatermain-AQGridView-4072978/Examples/ImageDemo/main.m:14:5: error: unexpected '@' in program [3]" The error indicator is shown at main(). The code of main() is bellow: int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int

Ios4 installing the barcode scanner plugin for iOS phonegap

I'm looking to install the the phonegap barcode scanner plugin but I'm not quite sure where to start. I have already coded an app on the android using the same plugin so I'm looking to port this same app over to iOS. I was following a very easy tutorial for the android version so it was all straightforward and most of the hard work was done for me. But for the iOS version, it's not quite the same case. Can I get some help confirming if my steps are correct? Also, since this plugin supports both

Ios4 ffmpeg is failing to convert mov files from iPhone 4

I'm having issue with converting mov files from iPhone 4. Running this command: I, [2014-09-15T03:48:33.245231 #9676] INFO -- : Running transcoding... ffmpeg -y -i /Users/lun/client/bookagoo/public/uploads/5405e9b0486f75a36c100000/video/1410727644xqxzdoxf-IMG_0040_1_.MOV -ss 5 -vframes 1 -f image2 /Users/lun/client/bookagoo/public/uploads/5405e9b0486f75a36c100000/video/1410727644xqxzdoxf-IMG_0040_1_-edited.jpg E, [2014-09-15T03:48:33.321367 #9676] ERROR -- : Failed encoding... ffmpeg -y -i

Ios4 how to display facebook url's in touch site format in iphone

hi i want to display a facebook profile of another friend without asking him to show login dialog. i am using fbconnect api. if i give http://www format it is showing page in standard format if i use http://m it doesn't showing full content in mobile view. i want to use touch site on iphone app to show another user profile how can i do that in touch site? Pls help me thanks in advance

Ios4 IPhone how do display Leaderboard screen in my own game .... developed in cocos2d

i want to show leaderbord in my own game ....i am using following method for that but noting happen ... i am confuse with rootview controller as my game is developed in cocos2d so there is nothing like dat :( // Leaderboards -(void) showLeaderboard { if (isGameCenterAvailable == NO) return; GKLeaderboardViewController* leaderboardVC = [[[GKLeaderboardViewController alloc] init] autorelease]; if (leaderboardVC != nil) { leaderboardVC.leaderboardDelegate = self;

Ios4 How do I create custom cells for a UITableView

I am trying to create a UITableViewCell with multiple labels. I have been trying to do something similar (have "Name" and "Phone Number" left aligned and on two lines, then have "Age" right aligned in the cell and possibly vertically centered. I have tried the different UITableViewCellStyle styles but wanted to customize it so that the cell can contain 3 labels instead of just two. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Ios4 Is it possible to show two alignments in textview using iphone sdk?

In my app i need to show Arabic text and English text in a textview. The Arabic text should be right aligned the English text should be left aligned. Is it possible with a textview? I have tried using a webview instead of a textview, and I am getting what I need. But scrolling the webview is very slow.

How do I avoid excess battery usage under iOS4?

I am using the 'location' UIBackgroundMode to receive GPS background updates when the user presses the Home button. As a result, if the app is left in background mode overnight, the battery is consistently dead the next morning. I have told the locationManager to stopUpdatingLocation, but to no effect. I understand Apple doesn't want developers to use exit - in fact it seems to have little effect on the app other than to take it to the background - but I can't afford to have the battery die if

Ios4 Changing hue of CGImage using iPhone SDK

Is there a way to change the hue of a CGImage using the iPhone SDK? I've been trying to get this to work but haven't been able to figure it out. How do I go about accessing and modifying the hue associated with each pixel of a CGImage? Can anyone help me with this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Ios4 IOS : BAD ACCESS when trying to add a new Entity object

So i'm using coredata to model my relationships . This is the model in brief Type A can have one or more types of type B Type B has a inverse relationship of being associated with one of type A Type B can have one or more types of type C Type C has a inverse relationship of being associated with one of type B From a UI standpoint , I have a Navigation controller with controllers that successively sets up the first A object (VC-1) , then another viewcontroller (VC-2) creates a B objec

Ios4 MFMailComposeViewController and statusBar problem

I have an UIViewController with its view manually added to another view. When I display MFMailComposeViewController modally using : [self presentModalViewController:mailController animated:YES]; And then remove it, my view which presents the mail composer gets it's Y origin changed to 20. (Status bar height) I am unable to find why. Do you have an idea ? Thanks.

Ios4 How to get label's text

I am learning iPhone programming. I want to know how to get any value that label holds. In my case label text holds the float value (I am displaying that value from Slider's changed value). And I am trying to get that float value into a float variable. Thanks

Ios4 iPhone NSUserDefaults

I have stored some values in NSUserDefaults and now I need to check, using NSFileManager, whether a certain value exists in the defaults. If the value exsists then I need to skip some parsing, and display information in a tableview. Please help me figure out how to do this check.

Ios4 how to transform the values to show in graph according to pixels in iphone/ipad?

I need to show values in bar graph. I am drawing the bars using CALayer. And there are only three bars in my case. And the bar height changes for different values. I am drawing each bar as a rectangle of variable height( height according to pixcel value). I am able to draw the maximum height as 300 pix. But, the values in y-axis (height) are 1, 4, 10 1000, 230, 12000 in this way. How can I scale these values to pixel values? I have to show the values in y-axis ? Thank you,

Ios4 Migrate iPhone 3.1.3 app to iOS 4 compatibility (screen size and resolution)

I've developed an iPhone 3.1.3 app and I want to make it compatible with iOS4. Do I have to do something special? iPhone 3GS screen is 480x320 px and 163 dpi. iPhone 4 screen is 960x640 px and 326 dpi. Do I have to change my images resolutions and views? By the way, I've used iPhone 3 SDK. Now I'm going to install iPhone 4 SDK.

Ios4 UIBarButton differences between View and tableViewControllers?

I have a tab bar iPhone application. Tab bar #1 has a table view controller. It pushes a detail screen onto the stack. On the top right hand corner there is a UIBarButton that calls and action sheet. This is all built programmatically through code and all works fine. Tab bar #2 calls a table view controller than then loads a map view. The map view annotation callouts then open up a detail screen. On this screen, I'd like a UIBarButton. So far, I cannot get this to work. The button does not sho

Ios4 iphone resume application on UILocalNotification

I've managed to get the application I'm writing to present a UILocalNotification when it is in the background. Though when the application resumes, the user interface becomes inactive. Is anyone aware of how to get the application responding again having resumed from the background state? Thanks, Matt.

Ios4 MPMoviePlayerController causes flash of black at start of video

The movie plays just fine but there is a quick black flash right before it plays. Is this a quirk resulting from setting the controlstyle to MPMovieControlStyleNone? NSString *url = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"00" ofType:@"mov"]; MPMoviePlayerController *player = [[MPMoviePlayerController alloc] initWithContentURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:url]]; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(movieFinishedCallback:) name:MPMoviePlayerPlayb

Ios4 example of pdf creator

I have generated pdf programatically bt problem is text doesnt appear in pdf. PLz provide me simple example of pdf creator.

Ios4 Iphone drop down list

I didn't find the drop down list in iphone library.Instead of drop down list,is there any other alternative.please let me know. Thanks

Ios4 How to give color to each row in the tableview?

In my app i am using one table.Now i want to separate two rows by alternate colors.That means my first row will have white color,my second row will have gray color third will have again white color likewise...So please anyone have solution for it.Then please share it.Thanks in advance. Akshay

Ios4 How to play m3u8 format in iPhone

I have got a url and wanted to play in iPhone, with m3u8 format, I have successfully got the voice, however movie is not coming. I have used MPMEDIAPLAYER framework and other things.

Ios4 UIimagePicker and application freezing !

I am trying to take a picture with camera , but after capture a picture or cancel imagePickerView , my application will be freeze without any bug report or BAD_ACCESS or crash ! jut freeze !!!! here is my code : -(IBAction)takePic { if ([UIImagePickerController isSourceTypeAvailable:CAMERASUPPROT]) { USImage.hidden = YES; ipc = [[UIImagePickerController alloc]init]; ipc.delegate = self; ipc.sourceType = UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera;

Ios4 MySql with Mac os

I want to use MySql database as centralised database for storing user informations(credentials) for an iPhone application.MySql is not installed in my system.Can anyone tell me how to use MySql in mac os.

Ios4 How to get Image from a URL

Kindly tell me how can i get UIImage from a URL if i have URL from a JSon Get. I have been searching and found some tips but not succeeded yet. Kindly help me. Thanks in advance.

Ios4 How to resize navigation bar button

There are lots of posts on navigation bar but i need to resize it. Means in my application it get bigger with each view. But i want to keep it smaller in size with all views. How can i resize that and if possible put an image.

Ios4 What does __dyld_dyld_fatal_error_disassembly mean?

I have an Iphone app that was nearing its development completion and literally between "build and run"s this error appeared. I commented out all of the code that might be offending the simulator but nothing could make the error resolve. I put a couple of NSLogs in the app delegate to see how far the application was getting before it crashes and nothing appeared from the console. It appears the app is loading its splash screen and then dying. I'm an intermediate Iphone developer but I can not de

Ios4 My App Crashes and produce the 'NSUnknownKeyException'

my app crashes after execution of the following line of code:- [self.navigationController pushViewController:detailViewControllerObj animated:YES]; and it gives the following error message at the console window:-- 'NSUnknownKeyException', reason: '[ setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key detailDescriptionLabel.' i spend a lot of time to find solution but not succeed.. Please help me in finding solution..

Ios4 ios: Done and Cancel do not work on the second app tutorial at apple tut site

Version 4.3.2 of XCODE. This is causing me no end of headaches trying to figure out how to do the tutorial. I have checked the code against their code and it looks right. I downloaded someones else's copy and it works but with my copy done and cancel do not work. AddSightingViewController.m code looks like this #import "AddSightingViewController.h" @implementation AddSightingViewController ... - (IBAction)cancel:(id)sender { [[self delegate] addSightingViewControllerDidCancel:self]; } - (I

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