Java me Can A Midlet invoke another Midlet?

I been looking around and at sources like this one they say that a Midlet can invoke another if they are in the same suite, or if they are in the same namespace and in the same jar file. I do not understand what a Midlet-Suite is? Also after searching through the web I did not find any documentation or code examples for One Midlet invoking another Midlet.

Java me Java ME Application running fine in Emulator but crashing when deployed to N70. Any way to identify the reason for crashing?

I have developed a Java ME application for CLDC platform. It works fine when executed in an emulator. But when i deploy it to my N70 phone the application doesn't start at all in the phone. In my application there are some 14 classes and am creating an instance of each and putting them in the vector on application start. The classes just have one variable and 2 methods. Can this creating of lot of instances be the reason for its crashing? Is there any way I can find out the reason why the appl

Java me Push Registry not working on nokia N86 after rebooting the phone; works on N97 and Expressmusic

I have written a simple midlet that invokes itself after a socket connection from a server program. I am using Push Registry to do this. It works fine on all the test phones I have immediately after installing. but if I reboot the phone, the push registry stops working on N86 whereas it is working on the other test phones that I have viz. N97 and ExpressMusic 5800. Has anyone faced such a problem before? Any kind of help will be appreciated. btw, after going a little deep into the specification

Java me Fill 2 color for background with Canvas J2ME

Im new in J2ME, and i very interested in canvas because it can do a lot of work but i have trouble is define coordinate X and Y I try to fill my screen with 2 color Green and Gray but it miss a part above screen: I need you help Thank you!!

Java me LWUIT Calendar. set time on selected date and find difference in milliseconds

I have loaded the calendar in my LWUIT based UI. Thanks to this thread. It is neat. when i select a certain date i want the calendar to close and the selected date to appear in my original form in dd-mmm-yyyy form. I want to take this selected date, set the clock to 1200 hrs (afternoon) on that day and find the time in milliseconds elapsed between now and 1200 hrs on the selected date. something i have earlier asked here but for a desktop java applications using netbeans 7.1.2. I find that

Java me How to create the custom Calendar in LWUIT?

Currently in LWUIT, I can use Calendar. But I can't add the notes on particular dates. How to create the custom Calendar in LWUIT? Because I need to show the birthday notes on LWUIT Calendar and want to show the birthday notes when user select that particular dates. See this sample image, Is this possible to create like above sample Calendar in LWUIT?

Java me How can I receive incoming sms in JavaME?

I'm developing an application in javaME and I'm trying to receive incoming sms but there is a way to catch them that is working only with ports and there must be two applications but I want to send sms in a phone without using javame application to other phone that hasn't javame application. I want to receive incoming sms without using port. How can I do this, is it possible?

Java me Question about OSGi for embedded

I am going to work on the OSGi-based Embedded/Mobile applications. I have some confused questions need to be clarified. (1) Can Equinox run on J2ME environment or not? (2) How to start the Equinox OSGi container under the pure J2ME environment (not JDK and JRE installed)? (3) Can I use some external jars / Third party's jars (which is based on JRE classes) for the embedded application? Thank you!

Java me j2me SDK3 for AWT/Swing application

I try to development an embedded application with Eclipse + J2me SDK3 + CDC. When I am trying to create a Frame or JFrame, there is an error says "Could not read environment variable SUBLIME-PROC-ID". Who know what's the problem? Thanks in advance

Java me J2ME app File size

i have doing j2me app using LWUIT lib. it get nearly 600kb. then i have use net-bean default Obfuscation tool. but still it size is not less than 430kb. any idea?

Java me get the device information programmatically in j2me

I want to fetch some information in J2ME programmatically. Whether it is possible to get all the information. I had done some search and got this link:- But it is giving be only few data like configuration.platform. I want all the data. Features Device platform. (android, iphone, blackberry, windowsmobile) Maker of this device. Model of the device. Version of the OS on this device Country device is from (obtained by querying the SIM card)

Java me how to add a textBox and a TextField to a form in j2me

i want to display both TextBox and TextField on the screen at a time but i am unable to add TextBox to form. is there any way to display both of them at a time. that is textBox at the top and TextField below it. plz help me. i will be pleased if any code is given thank u in advance

Java me Create File in any Path on Mobile Device

I want to create a file on mobile phone and the file path is determined by the user. In my mobile phone (Nokia) the list is that: Phone Memory:/ , C:/ , Memory Card:/, E:/. The file is created in Memory Card:/ and E:/ but in the other path I get error. This application will run any mobile phone and if I experienced this problem for only one mobile device I might this problem for all mobile device. How could I deal with? Thanks...

Java me What is "Java error. Invalid format"?

I have made my own application in J2me to my mobile phone. The previous versions of this application works perfectly. But now (after a few changes in source code), when I copy this appplication to my mobile phone (Smasung gt-s7550) I get: Java error. Invalid format and the application doesn't start. Do you know what it means?

Java me SMS sent from j2me not recieved by non-java phones like android and gsm modem

I need to send a pattern like "username,password,0,1,1,1,0,1,0" using sms from j2me app to a gsm modem that is not in my control. It is used to reserve foods. If anyone send a sms to provided number of the gsm modem using any mobile phone normally (like how you send sms to anyone), it will reply an answer. My problem is sms sent from my j2me app is received by any java phone, but the gsm modem doesn't get it (as I didn't receive the reply and the food is not reserved). Same as gsm modem androi

Java me LWUIT 1.4 : Internal error with Virtual Keyboard

When I click outside the virtualKeyboard when it is shown then I got a Dialog showing this message : An internal application error occured : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException : Component is already contained in Container : Container[x=0 y=140 width=240 height=180, layout = BorderLayout, scrollableX = false, scrollableY = true, components = [VirtualKeyboard$1, Container]] The error occured after showing more than once the virtualKeyboard. I looked my code but I didn't find any word BorderL

Java me In LWUIT, a white rectangular background appears when the button is pressed, how to remove it?

Using LWUIT, I have a Form (form1) which contains a Button (see the silver arrow at the bottom of the Form in the left image below). This Button is constructed using an image which has a transparent background to give the effect of a non-rectangular Button. When the Button is pressed it shows another Form (form2). But unfortunately, when the user presses this Button, a white rectangular background appears for a few milliseconds in the background of the image. see the right image below: The

Java me Need some help in parsing this XML in J2ME platform

Below mentioned is my XML, <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <soap:Envelopexmlns:soap=""xmlns:xsi=""xmlns:xsd=""> <soap:Body> <Response xmlns=""> <Result> <mp_response> <data signature="something"> <outcome errorcode="0" errordescription="" errorsolution=""/> someth

Java me handle external volume keys in J2me

Can you please give me some idea about why S40 device does not get external volume key events? I have this phone: Nokia 5130 XpressMusic - Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 Nokia 3110 Classic. - Series 40 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 Both devices have external volume key but don't know why it's not working. I tried below link which explain S40 5th edition FP1 support. So in my case Nokia 5130 not working. Why? External volume keys - Nokia Java Developer site MIDlet volume control in S

Java me Lwuit class not found error.Please help me to solve it?

Im very new to "LWUIT" for "J2ME". I installed eclipse pulsar in my system.I also installed sony ericsson j2me sdk. The normal j2me is works fine. When I use lwuit in my j2me project. Then it will not working. I'm creating new project namely "lwuit2" in my eclipse pulsar. Then I select my project from project or package explorer, then right clickt Then I click libraries tab, then I click add external jar button, then I choose the lwuit path where I store the lwuit.jar then I click ok. It is s

Java me Java ME Runnable object takes up memory although not made an instance yet

I am facing a strange problem with memory in Java ME. here is a part of my code: int variable=1; while (true) { if (variable==2) { display = Display.getDisplay(this); MyCanvas mc = new MyCanvas(this); // MyCanvas is a runnable object mcT = new Thread(mc); // new thread for MyCanvas mc.repaint(); display.setCurrent(mc); mcT.start(); // run thread } if (variable==1) { // Do some other stuff } } The problem is that although still the

Java me Generating a random hex string (of length 50) in Java ME/J2ME

My app needs to generate a hex string to use as a session ID. Java's SecureRandom doesn't seem to be working ("java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/security/SecureRandom: Cannot create class in system package") I thought of doing something like this: byte[] resBuf = new byte[50]; new Random().nextBytes(resBuf); String resStr = new String(Hex.encode(resBuf)); But the method nextBytes(byte[] bytes) isn't available for some strange reason. Does anyone have a means of generating a random hex

Java me Redisplaying recordstore into a LWUIT list after exit from app

I have written a LWUIT application that involves two RecordStores recordStore and recordStore2. Two methods method getRecordData for retrieving all records of recordStore, method getRecordData2 for retrieving all records of recordStore2. Two Radiobuttons rb and rb2 are added 'ButtonGroup' called group A.TextField called 'tf'. Additionally, a button for adding a record for either recordstore or recordstore2 after rb or rb2 is selected; text which must written into tf TextField as a record

Java me Displaying Map on Lwuit nokia s40

I'm using Lwuit to develop app on nokia s40 SDK 2.0 I have to add a Map to my application.. So i hav used the code given below but the screen doesnot display anything. I get a blank screen. How can I display this on lwuit form or container? (the code runs completely and exits without errors & 'END' is printed) ApplicationContext.getInstance().setAppID("ruKXq--------Sbgq"); ApplicationContext.getInstance().setToken("kWRp_Vp---------AG7rw"); Display display = Display.get

Java me Out Of Memory issue in J2ME

I have developed a J2me(LWUIT) project. It Contains more than 200 fields in a form and it takes memory internally around 10laks. When midlet starts, I haven't memory for further process. In My Application i have reused some form(Implemented inheritance, Child form extended Parent form). How to tweak code for out of memory Exception to avoid. Kindly give me your suggestion to solve its issues.

Java me My location application not working

I created an application in j2me to get the current location of a device and I sent it to a nokia phone whenever I launch it, instead of showing the current longitude and latitude of the device it will open a bluetooth connection. Please help me with that what went wrong?

Java me j2me network connection

I have read in many places that network connection in a j2me app should be done in a separate thread. Is this a necessity or a good to have? I am asking this because I could not find anywhere written that this must be done in a separate thread. Also, when I wrote a simple app to fetch an image over a network and display it on screen (without using a thread) it did not work. When I changed the same to use a separate thread it worked. I am not sure whether it worked just because I changed it to

Java me Good J2ME Project Design

On a project targeting as many feature phones as possible (Nokia 3110 Classic, Samsung E250, Motorola SLVR L7, etc.), how should it be designed at a high level in terms of code structure? I don't mean in terms of per-handset support, as we are using Polish for that. I'm an experienced C# developer moving on to J2ME development within my company. Several months ago, management hired in a senior J2ME developer, as the existing developers lacked any J2ME experience. I'm now joining that team with

Java me can't play mp3 with j2me SDK 3.0 emulator built-in NetBean 6.9.1

I have try this code but it not work with ClamshellCldcPhone1 (MIDP 2.1, CLDC 1.1) With "pattern.mid" file it work but with "s.mp3" file it didn't I known ,The Player has load data of (s.mp3) but not play, I have put s.mp3 int package "audio" , size of s.mp3 is less than 1MB. Can any one help me? /* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package hello; import; import; import javax.microedition

Java me Representing tables in the LWUIT browser

I am trying to have a horizontally scrolling table within a HTMLComponent as the tables can be wider than the width of the mobile phone and I don't want the user to have a wrapped table. I set setScrollableX(true) for HTMLTable, but I am having a lot of problems getting focus in and out of the different components. Any tips on how I would go about achieving this?

Java me j2me platformRequest()

I am trying to call a url by using platformRequest() function. It works but only when I exit the application. I click on the url and then nothing happens but when I exit the application, the browser opens and the url also opens.

Java me Problem with J2ME RecordStore update, delete operation

I create a List showing data from a RecordStore. I tried to update a record and the re-display the list (re-open the same RecordStore), but the updated item doesn't change (still contain the old data). I also tried to delete an item and the deleted item is still displayed in the list. I run the program using emulator from NetBeans 7.0 with Java ME SDK 3.0 This is the code for updating the record public void updateClient(Client cl) throws Exception{ RecordStore rs=RecordStore.openRe

Java me LWUIT: How to assign Label to the Textfield

i want to assign a label to the TextField. I am using the following code TextField textField = new TextField(); Label label = new Label("Pick a unique username"); textField.setLabelForComponent(label); textField.setConstraint(TextField.ANY); form.addComponent(textField);; the above code is not showing the associated label for the TextField. How can it be done ?

Java me GPRS Setting in J2ME

I am creating a Java ME application to connect to server. My problem in HttpConnection setting issue. how can i dynamically configure gprs setting in my application.Opera mini browser dynamically get connection setting. how can i do same in my application ?

Java me RTSP live streaming from IP Camera

Is it possible to see the live stream of an IP camera using RTSP ? Example URL: rtsp://public ip:554/1363e66e.mp4 The encoding is mp4 h.264 baseline profile at 320 x 240 resolution. I followed the Wiki link here. But I get the error: Prefetch error -2 When I try to play using real player on the nokia e72, I get the error: 'General: System Error'. Please let me know what I can do about this. There are no video players on Ovi store that can play the stream either but I am able to play the st

Java me How to lock the landscape mode in j2me app?

I want to show my app only in portrait mode. I have to restrict the landscape mode in my app. There are separate attributes for each devices. For Nokia, Nokia-MIDlet-App-Orientation : Portrait. For Samsung, MIDlet-ScreenMode : Portrait. After adding these in JAD, I tried to install it in Nokia C5. I am unable to install it. I am getting Compulsory attribute missing error because custom JAD property shouldn't start with MIDlet-. I am unable to install it because of MIDlet-ScreenMode : Portrait

Java me LWUIT Form with multiple Components

I've added multiple components to my LWUIT Form one by one,but the problem is i am not able to display those added components one by one as like i appended in my code,i am able to display date and my image on a single row(side by side)some times title and date on a single row,I am getting the details from Rss File. How to display those components like i added in my code one by one, but not 2 components in a single row? thanks.... Here my code: Label pubDate = new Label(detailNews.getPubDate

Java me What does this HERE maps error mean?

I am developing an app using the HERE maps api. I copied and pasted the code I found here since I wanted to get a feel for how to use the api. Here's the startApp() method protected void startApp() throws MIDletStateChangeException { System.err.println("1st line of midlet"); ApplicationContext.getInstance().setAppID("my id here"); ApplicationContext.getInstance().setToken("my token here"); System.err.println("before display"); Display display = Display.getDisplay(thi

Java me Detect Smartcard removal in J2ME (JSR257)?

I'm using the J2ME contactless API (JSR257 - javax.microedition.contactless.*) to read smartcards on a Nokia phone. The following code works just fine and the targetDetected method is called as expected when I put a card on the phone: DiscoveryManager dm = DiscoveryManager.getInstance(); dm.addTargetListener(this, TargetType.ISO14443_CARD); public void targetDetected(TargetProperties[] tps) { logger.log("found card!"); } However, I'm wondering if there is any way to get a callback when th

Java me Menu images does not show in hardware player but does in software players and PS3

I'm developing a blu-ray menu with java (BD-J). I developed a simple loading animation. when running it on PS3, soft players (PowerDVD, TotalMedia Theatre, ...) and some hard players (Samsung ht-c6950w), there is no problem and it runs like a charm. But when running it on other hard players (LG, Panasonic, Samsung,...) nothing happens. You cannot see any image on the screen.

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