jboss-esb fs-listener jbm message queue overflow

We have a jboss esb server which is reading files from the file system in a scheduled way (schedule frequency of 20sec) and convert them into the esb message then we parse the message. There are some other providers/listeners (jms) and services configured on the esb servers. When there is an error in one of the services it effects the above process. File system provider (gateway) is working fine but the jms-listener who takes the gateway messages are not working and lots of messages are accumul

Jboss How to easily test a EJB using JUnit

I want to test an enterprise java bean (that should later be deployed to a JBoss server) using JUnit. But I don't exactly know how tools I can use for this. Plain JUnit fails because of the missing EJB Container and the caused lack of needed injections. Googling a bit around lead me to a library called JBoss EJB embedded container, but it seems that it is obsolete. I also couldn't find any source or binary files to download. So please help, what's a easy way to locally generate a "mock" contai

How to use hudson + maven + cargo for deploying application to jboss server?

I would like to use hudson with maven plugin to deploy application to Jboss 6 server this way: Hudson calls maven clean install tasks In the pom.xml file is defined cargo plugin (version 1.0.6) The cargo plugin has defined execution redeploy for phase install with goals stop and start (in this order) Everything works fine - the project is cleaned and then installed, then the jboss server is stopped (using cargo:stop) and started again (using cargo:start). During the start goal is the war wit

Jboss Two web apps on one domain with different context roots?

I have a problem. I have two web apps deployed as wars. Let's call them app1.war and app2.war. I would like app1.war to be accessed at the URL www.website.com and I would like app2.war to be accessible as www.website.com/anotherapp. I have my domain name ready. Virtual hosting does not seem to help here. I am running JBoss App Server 5.1 and Seam 2.2.0. I am working on integrating a forum (deployed as a war) with my app (deployed as another war) and therefore need to use single sign on and

Resteasy (JBoss AS 6) validation

I'm looking for a good pattern of providing custom validation of input for Resteasy services. Let's say I've this service: @Local @Path("/example") public interface IExample { public Response doSomething ( @QueryParam("arg1") String arg1, @QueryParam("arg2") Integer arg2); } which I've implemented: @Stateless public class Example implements IExample { @Override public Response doSomething ( String arg1, Integer arg2 ) { ... } } What's the best practice to validate arg1 and arg2? My

Required jars for invoking an EJB on JBoss 7.1.1

I have been following the tutorial here: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS71/EJB+invocations+from+a+remote+client+using+JNDI It has helped a lot with getting a JBoss 7.1.1 project with EJB 3.0 started. I have the server up and running fine with my EAR. The problem I'm having now is with the client. I don't think I have all the required JAR's in my classpath. I'm getting this error: http://pastebin.com/0mMBKjGJ I found this tutorial: http://middlewaremagic.com/jboss/?p=1177 which has a l

Jboss IllegalStateException: No EJB receiver available for handling

I have a client appication and a server using JBoss AS 7.1.1. On startup, my client connects to the server just fine and gives me a remote interface to use. However, when I try to run a function through the interface I get this exception: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.IllegalStateException: No EJB receiver available for handling [appName:GrahamsProjServer,modulename:GrahamsProjServer,distinctname:] combination for invocation context org.jboss.ejb.client.EJBClientInvocationC

Jboss 5.1 GA won't start

I downloaded Jboss 5.1 GA Windows version, set JBOSS_HOME and tried to run the default coniguration without making any changes. The process seems to fail, even though the last line in the console log says that it's started. I see errors in the log and >< won't load. Am I missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Excerpt from the console log: incomplete deployments (SEE PREVIOUS ERRORS FOR DETAILS): DEPLOYMENTS MISSING DEPENDENCIES: Deployment "Cache

Jboss What is the Max Pool Connection size if no Max Pool Connection is set in -ds.xml?

Does anyone know what the default value is of the max pool size within the -ds.xml file? As you can see below we only have minimum set to 0 with no entry for maxium. I'm worried the vendor who configured this was thinking no maximum entry means unlimited. Im wondering if no entry takes the default value Jboss assigns. I'm not sure what that value is. Reason i'm concerned is because I'm getting this error: Njavax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException: Error obtaining connection: org.

jboss 7 (eap 6) wmq.jmsra.rar ejb3 mdb configuration

I want to specify the location of a queue (queue manager & queue name) in my server configuration. I have an MDB working with only the following; the MDB: @MessageDriven(name = "smis2/DelmeMDB" , activationConfig = { @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destinationType", propertyValue = "javax.jms.Queue"), @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destination", propertyValue = "java:/jms/queue/CLQ"), @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "useJNDI", prope

Which JBoss application server's version is stable and latest?

I am new to JBoss application server. when I go for download the application server in the website. I am seeing the below servers list in the top EAP built from AS 7.3. EAP 6.2 Maven Repository. EAP 6.2 Quickstarts. kindly help me. Which is the best one. otherwise, shall I go for any other open source application server. Thanks

JBoss 7 admin console stuck at loading

I just installed Jboss 7.1.1 on my machine. Since some other program is using port 9990, I updated the port to 9995.Then I hit http://:9995/console, the page is stuck at the loading (a spinning loading on the page). This is the log,I didn't find anything really an error. Could anyone tell me how to fix this issue? Thank you. This is the log I have. 00:20:00,160 INFO [org.jboss.as.configadmin] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 26) JBAS016200: Activating ConfigAdmin Subsystem 00:20:00,160 INFO [or

Unknown error thrown from JBOSS 7.1.1 version while deploying war file to it

Cannot get how this error come out. No reason no brain sence from te 17:52:58,395 INFO [org.jboss.modules] JBoss Modules version 1.1.1.GA 17:52:58,604 INFO [org.jboss.msc] JBoss MSC version 1.0.2.GA 17:52:58,665 INFO [org.jboss.as] JBAS015899: JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final "Brontes" starting 17:52:59,554 INFO [org.xnio] XNIO Version 3.0.3.GA 17:52:59,554 INFO [org.jboss.as.server] JBAS015888: Creating http management service using socket-binding (management-http) 17:52:59,563 INFO [

JBOSS 7, avoid security checks and alerts

I would like to know how to avoid or delete all the Vulnerability alerts that Jboss is giving me. I want to disable ALL vulnerability alerts. Which configuration file should I change and how?

Jboss Caused by: java.security.PrivilegedActionException: GSSException: Defective token detected (Mechanism level: GSSHeader did not find the right tag)

TO acheive SSO, we just need to modify Jboss Spring security files and placed kerberos setup configuration. but we are unable to figure it out why GSS exceptions are occuring. Kerberos and jboss are running in different machines. Please see the code of spring files, are we did any mistakes in it? krb5.conf File [libdefaults] default_realm = LAB.LOCAL dns_lookup_kdc = false dns_lookup_realm = false permitted_enctypes = RC4-HMAC aes128-cts aes256-cts arcfour-hmac-md5 defa

Jboss How can I stop inflight exchanges in camel using something like hawtio?

Using JEE7, Wildfly 8, ActiveMQ 5, Camel 2.13.2. While developing, occasionally tickets will get caught in some impossible circumstance and will retrying 5, 10 times, cluttering up the logs during development. Or, alternatively, I'll need to reboot the application server and will have to wait 5 minutes for inflight exchanges to timeout. I've started using hawtio and with the level of detail presented about Camel, it seems like I should be able to cancel/delete/flush/purge those and move on wi

Jboss Full frequent garbage collection in wildfly 8.2.0 Final

We moved from Jboss AS 7.1.1 to wildfly 8.2.0 Final. After upgrade, we are seeing full frequent garbage collection on running 60 user load test. Full gc were not able to recover any memory. On analysis we found that org.apache.jasper.runtime.BodyContentImpl is having 1 gb of retained heap. We found root cause in PerThreadTagHandlerPool.java . Patched TagHandelrPool diff --git a/src/main/java/org/apache/jasper/runtime/TagHandlerPool.java b/src/main/java/org/apache/jasper/runtime/TagHandlerPool.ja

Jboss Application runs into a Redirect Loop error WildFly8

I was trying to migrate the server from Jboss 4.2.2 to WildFly-8.2.0. Facing some issues while deploying the war file. War is getting deployed, but url rewriting creates issues. For 4.2.2 the same had been written in a file called rewrite.properties in side the localhost folder. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^(.*)[.]([a-zA-Z]+)$ RewriteRule ^/home/(.*)$ /home/index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA] As per some documentations, I cam to know that we can create a undertow-handlers.conf to my ROOT.war/WEB-INF/ fol

Jboss How to delete JMS Queue filestore

I'm using Jboss Messaging with Jboss 4.2.2.GA. I have some problem with QUEUE, when i restart server, some persistent message will continue process. Now I want delete it but i don't know where it store ?

packaging maven project jboss fuse

In my project I connect to a mysql database. To deploy my jar on jboss fuse I need to add mysql-connector-java to the deploy folder. Do you have an idea how to package my project to deliver a single jar?

wsdl file not deployed in jboss eap 7

I have been trying to migrating from jboss eap 5.1 to jboss eap 7. My .war file has been deployed successfully but not my .wsdl file. I have used jboss-deployment-structure.xml with the below code: <jboss-deployment-structure xmlns="urn:jboss:deployment-structure:1.2"> <deployment> <!-- Exclusions allow you to prevent the server from automatically adding some dependencies --> <exclude-subsystems> <subsystem name="webse

Jboss How to fire dependent rules in drools xls decision table

PROBLEM : I have three rule tables in Decision Table (Spreadsheet) the rules of first two rule table defines which rule is to be fired from the third rule table. In First rule table according to some conditions, I have updated the fact and this fact is used to fire a rule from second rule table. And in ACTION column of second rule table I have updated the fact and I want to fire rules in 3rd Rule table based on this updated fact, but because of updated fact the rule from the first table fires ag

jhipster - war deployed on jboss server

I'm trying to deploy my jhipster .war on a jboss 6.4. I can access to the main page but cannot log in. I have the message "Failed to sign in! Please check your credentials and try again". On the Chrome console i have this error : http://localhost:8080/myapp/api/authenticate?cacheBuster=1492172408521 404 (Not Found) But this works fine with the mvnw command on the embedded server(tomcat). What is the problem with jboss ? edit: jhipster version : 3.12.2. Monolithic application. Jwt authenticati

Couldn't connect to Webspshere MQ from Jboss EAP 7

I am using Jboss EAP 7 and IBM MQ 8.0. When I try to connect to MQ from the Jboss I am getting below issues. 15:27:29,872 ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 68) Context initialization failed: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'inputConnectionFactoryCache' defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/xml/spring-config/spring-config-unit.xml]: Cannot resolve reference to bean 'EventConnectionFac

Jboss Camel Spring Boot Actuator Not Working In Container

I'm using this Camel example as a reference and changed the Initializer to extend SpringBootServletInitializer so that I can deploy to JBoss EAP 6.4. When running this as a SpringBoot application: The Spring Actuator endpoints like /info work. /health even returns the health of the Camel Context, however Camel Actuator endpoints like /routes return http 404. When deploying to JBoss: None of the actuator endpoints work. They all return http 404. The problem is not unique to the demo, all

How to specify that a JBoss WildFly deployment should load its lib module with services imported?

I have an ear file with a structure like this that I'm trying to deploy in WildFly 17: my-application-ear.ear |-- my-ejb-jar-1.jar |-- my-ejb-jar-2.jar |-- lib/ |-- my-library-jar.jar |-- ... |-- META-INF |-- MANIFEST.MF |-- jboss-deployment-structure.xml my-library-jar contains content under META-INF/services that the standard classloader doesn't load by default. I'm trying to use the services attribute to allow the classloader access to the META-INF/services directory, but

OData $search support in Teiid vs Jboss Data Virtualization

I'm looking to use Salesforce to, using Odata, connect to Teiid+Wildfly, which in turn connects to SQL Server. When I read the documentation for Teiid 13, under limitations, it says OData $search is not supported. http://teiid.github.io/teiid-documents/13.0.x/content/client-dev/OData4_Support.html The following feature limitations currently apply. search is not supported delta processing is not supported data-aggregation extension to specification is not supported $it usage is limited to only

How in jboss write traces to separate trace file

How in JBoss to write traces to separate file? I would like to see traces about org.hibernate.SQL and org.hibernate.type in separate trace file. I added next appender and categories to jboss-log4j.xml but it does not help - jboss still writes traces into server.log. <appender name="HIBERNATE" class="org.jboss.logging.appender.DailyRollingFileAppender"> <errorHandler class="org.jboss.logging.util.OnlyOnceErrorHandler"/> <param name="File" value="/u1/trace/sql.log

Jboss What should I do with custom Log4j appender dependancies

I've written a custom log4j appender that creates a new Solr document for each log entry and I'm having problems deploying it to JBoss. The source is viewable on github but the real problem is trying to use the appender from JBoss. The relevent bits of jboss-log4j.xml look like this: <appender name="SOLR" class="com.stuartgrimshaw.solrIndexAppender.SolrIndexAppender" /> <root> <priority value="${jboss.server.log.threshold}"/> <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE"/> <

Use a later version of JavaMail in JBoss 4.2.3

What is the best way to use a later version of JavaMail than the one bundled with 4.2.3 (which seems to be 1.4 or 1.4.1). We need a feature only introduced in 1.4.4 for use in server-side code. One option is to simply upgrade the jar in the JBoss server/lib directory, but is there a way to get it to work appropriately with JBoss's classloader infrastructure to bundle the later version in the .ear? This will avoid regression testing JBoss with a new library in the server/lib.

Jboss How to call the startup bean at the end of the bean initialization chain in SEAM

These are the last set of lines which gets printed post the JBoss SEAM application startup on JBoss 6. @Name("myStartup") @Startup @Scope(APPLICATION) @BypassInterceptors public class MyStartup { @Create public void create() { System.out.println("SERVER STARTED SUCCESSFULLY"); } } My intention was to print the above message (on JBoss 6 console) after SeamFilter initializes. How should I do this?

JBoss AS 7 simple hello world application

I am trying to get a simple JMS "Hello world" application to run. I would like to try it out on JBoss Application Server 7 but i am not able to run it. Jboss as HornetQ embedden in it and i started it using the following command: standalone.bat --server-config=standalone-preview.xml I think the problem is most likely to the way i have configured the queue within JBoss. Here are the steps i did. Configure queue Quene name: testQueue JNDI name: queue/test The queue configuration has an op

JBoss AS 6 multiple ejb jars in same war - how to config?

I am trying to figure out how to configure my war so that it successfully deploys all my EJBs (EJB 3)in JBoss. The EJBs are found in multiple jars within the war. Could you show me an example on how to config this? In other words, what is the file that I need to edit so that JBoss knows that there are multiple jars containing EJBs. Thanks!

Let JBoss 5.1 send Accept-Encoding: gzip with JAX-WS

I have a JBoss 5.1.1 server which needs to send SOAP messages to an outside party. This party has provided some WSDL files that I have used to generate the WebService code from. This is all working just fine. However, now I need to enable GZIP support for the SOAP messages. In theory, it's as simple as adding an "Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate" header to the SOAP requests' HTTP messages. The outside party will then send the response with GZIP encoding. However, I haven't found a way to make JBo

Error when deploying an .ear file containing an MDB to JBoss

I am getting the below error while deploying an enterprise archive jar (.ear) to JBoss 7. Can someone please give me pointers on how to resolve this. The JBoss log is 14:44:30,812 ERROR [org.jboss.msc.service.fail] (MSC service thread 1-2) MSC00001: Failed to start service jboss.deployment.unit."Demo2.jar".PARSE: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.deployment.unit."Demo2.jar".PARSE: Failed to process phase PARSE of deployment "Demo2.jar" at org.jboss.as.server.deployment

How to translate JBoss / DROOLS rules to CLIPS clp

I need to convert from rules defined as DROOLS .drl files to CLIPS .clp. As I understand, it should be possible to convert DROOLS rules into ruleML, and ruleML into CLIPS .clp. I understand well that the matter is more complex than converting between file formats. But as far as I dived into the matter (reading papers and info found on the net) it should be well possible. However, this is just not my domain (yet) and the matter is too complex for me to get going without practical advise and e

How to make Bean Validation 1.0 work with JBoss AS 5.1?

I have a problem with using Bean Validation 1.0 in JBoss AS 5.1.0. When I use Hibernate Validator 4.3.0.Final, the following exception occurs when I try to validate an object : NoSuchMethodError... when trying to call org.jboss.logging.Logger.getMessageLogger(Class type, String category) The problem is that : - Dependency tree for hibernate-validator 4.3 contains : +- org.hibernate:hibernate-validator:jar:4.3.0.Final:compile | +- javax.validation:validation-api:jar:1.0.0.GA:compile |

Jboss Wildfly 8 cluster in standalone mode on different machines

I am trying to create a standalone cluster in Wildfly 8. I am referring to http://middlewaremagic.com/jboss/?p=1952. I was successful in creating the cluster on same machine, but can't create the same on different machines. I started the server on both machines as follows: 1) On machine 1 > Go to cmd > jboss-wildfly\bin > run following command: standalone.bat -c standalone-ha.xml -b -u -Djboss.server.base.dir=../standalone -Djboss.node.name=nodeOne( is IP of mach

Cluster with Infinispan Server 7.0 and Embedded in JBoss AS7

I'm having issues clustering Infinispan (via JGroups) across different servers. When I try this kind of cluster: cache-container configured in subsystem config on Infinispan 7 standalone server 1 (based on Wildfly) cache-container configured in subsystem config on Infinispan 7 standalone server 2 (based on Wildfly) ...each node joins the cluster fine (I can see the via the output produced by I'm assuming JGroups). However, when I try this kind of cluster: cache-container configured in in

Meaning of name attribute in JBoss MBean xml descriptor

JBoss 4/5 MBeans such as NamingAlias are defined in XML as follows <mbean code="org.jboss.naming.NamingAlias" name=":service=NamingAlias,fromName=queue/original"> <attribute name="ToName">queue/linked</attribute> <attribute name="FromName">queue/original</attribute> </mbean> Paying attention to the attributename=":service=NamingAlias,fromName=queue/original I see the parameters service and fromName. Following the instructions to create a custom MBe

Permissions error when using cli in Jboss wildfly and docker

I have extended a docker images, and when building the dockerfile, I call the Wildfly CLI to add a datasource. Then, when I try to run the dockerfile, I get the below error: ========================================================================= appui-dev-local | appui-dev-local | JBoss Bootstrap Environment appui-dev-local | appui-dev-local | JBOSS_HOME: /opt/jboss/wildfly appui-dev-local | appui-dev-local | JAVA: /usr/lib/jvm/java/bin/java appui-dev-loc

getRootLogger() equivalent in JBoss Logging

I am migrating an application from Weblogic to JBoss EAP 6.4. The application originally used Log4J and an external logging configuration properties file. From what I understand, using Log4J would require the log4j.xml or log4j.properties file to be packaged inside the EAR and it would prevent us from changing the logging configuration at runtime. Currently, I am ok with using the JBoss Logging subsystem to do the logging. However, the application has calls like: Logger rootLogger = Logger.g

Jboss How do I replace ActiveMQ Artemis with a standalone ActiveMQ in Wildfly 10?

I want to use a Standalone ActiveMQ instead of the built-in ActiveMQ Artemis on my Wildfly 10 server but I can't get it to work. I've deployed the ActiveMQ resource adapter "activemq-rar-5.14.1.rar" and in standalone.xml I've created a resource-adapter: <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:ejb3:4.0"> <session-bean> <stateless> <bean-instance-pool-ref pool-name="slsb-strict-max-pool"/> </stateless> <stateful default-access-t

Jboss @PostConstruct called on Stateful EJB invocation but not Stateless Why?

This question is an offshoot of another that I posted a couple of weeks ago: log4j2 logging of code in EJB jar on JBoss EAP 7. In that post I posed a problem and eventually a solution for logging initialization on EJBs deployed as EJB jars (not EARs) onto a JBoss EAP 7 Server and invoked from another servlet. These EJBs are invoked through local interface. The solution I presented in that link worked beautifully for the first EJB I tried it with, a Stateful EJB. the @PostConstruct-annotated

Jboss lock-on-active not working as expected

Rules are not fired even Once when lock-on-active is set true. Should it be fired once? I expect the Rule 1 to be fired once when using lock-on-active. (Note: I have added the codes used to execute the rules ) Rule rule "Rule 1" lock-on-active true ruleflow-group "Group A" when $c: Product() then System.out.println("Rule 1"); modify($c) { setAmount(1); } end rule "Rule 2" lock-on-active true ruleflow-group "Group A" when $c: Product() then System.

Why does Jboss EAP 7 load previous and actual configuration and so on alternately?

I have an angular app into a war, deployed works fine. But sometimes it serves the correct files and sometimes not. Evaluating the app, I request for a file mifile.js, sometimes it returns the current file, but other times it gives me back the file of the previous version. I've tried with Postman and I realize that. I have made a configuration in JBoss which puts an http-header to the file and reboots the server. Sometimes the current correct file is served with the custom http header, and some

JBoss_Keycloak_"404 - Not Found"

I am stuck with a JBoss-Keycloak issue. Posting this with the hope that someone who has encountered this may have some idea on what could be going wrong. Details are below. Environment - OS - $ sw_vers ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.14.5 BuildVersion: 18F132 JBoss EAP 7.1 - running with adapter and on localhost:8080 with hello.war deployed Keycloak 7.0.1 - running on localhost:8180 Issue - . Getting "404 - Not Found" for a simple hello.war (with KEYCLOAK as the auth-

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