Want to allow Joomla Super Admin to log into other registered accounts - how to do it?

We've created a highly customized Joomla 1.5 based site and want our super administrator to be able to log into registered user accounts so we can provide better phone support and help them configure their accounts remotely. This will obviously take some coding. Ideally we want a link from the admin side that will take us to the front end and automatically log us in as the registered user. We'll lock it down by IP address and also have some sort of password as well. Where does the login

Joomla How do I pass a querystring parameter to a link in an article?

We have some banner ads linking to an article in Joomla and they are passing a reference code in the URL, like this: index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=378&Itemid=249&ReferenceCode=WB6074 Inside the article, we're linking to a signup form on another web site and we need to pass the reference code in that URL's querystring. How do I do this? Is there a way to embed PHP in an article? If so, then I could just use $_GET["ReferenceCode"] to stick that parameter

how to update mootools version in joomla 1.5

I don't know why joomla is not updating mootools with their updated version, joomla 1.5 still use mootools v 1.1, i tried to replace it with latest mootools version, but results are horrible, website stops working, everthing gone worst. so please suggest me how to update mootools version into joomla without any problem.

How to enable my Joomla extension?

When logged in as Administrator and trying to install a Joomla extension it fails giving this error message JFolder::create: Unable to create destination At another Joomla site it works, and one difference is where it works Joomla is setup with default English and where it fails setup is in Swedish. Can you recommend how to troubleshoot and proceed? I tried with 2 different extensions and both work on the English joomla and not the Swedish.

joomla help with template and admin

I have been handed a joomla site and i dont know anything about joomla (yeah i know). Ok so im in the admin. I have looked at the template and the edit html for the template. There is text in or related to this element Code: <jdoc:include type="modules" name="search" style="xhtml" /> . How do i edit or access this to change the text in or related to this element? likewise with this element: <jdoc:include type="modules" name="partners" style="xhtml" /> Any help is going to be

Update a Joomla 1.5 module to Joomla 1.6

I know how to create a module for Joomla 1.6. But I have heard that it's possible to add a set of Joomla 1.5 parameters and a set of Joomla 1.6 parameters in the same XML installation file to make only one package compatible with 1.6 and 1.5. I tried this trick but the XML file isn't valid. Can you give an example of a XML file compatible with Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 ?

CCK For joomla 1.6

I need a recommendation for a CCK(More Applocation builder) module for joomla 1.6. these are my needs. Muliti language support(include rtl). Form builder that allows create multiple content nodes (Like Articles). Well documented and simple API for template side. Fields such as: image,upload,movie,rich text and date. I saw that drupal CCK creates table per field, I would like to avoid that. I don't mind paying for such module. Thanks

Joomla 'component not found' install error

I made a component that was working find on my local machine but when I tried to put it on live site it gives me '404 - An error has occurred. Component not found' error that doesn't seem to go away. I have tried everything from installing from different admins to putting the files directly to server but nothing works. I even tried installing it on another joomla site but that doesn't help either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Joomla 1.7 Authentication from external app

My aim is to check that a Joomla username and password is valid from my external application. It is not necessary that the user is logged into the system, just that their account exists. I decided to create my own authentication plugin based on the Joomla Authentication (JOOMLA_PATH/plugins/authentication/joomla). I only changed the name: <?php /** * @version $Id: joomla.php 21097 2011-04-07 15:38:03Z dextercowley $ * @copyright Copyright (C) 2005 - 2011 Open Source Matters, Inc. All

Joomla Seminar Component customisation

I am using the Joomla Seminar component , http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/calendars-a-events/events/events-registration/8426 I would like to retrieve the query to return the organiser's name, thus search the query across the component files. I get stuck at this function :$config = &JComponentHelper::getParams('com_seminar'); How do I retrieve the SQL query from here? Any pointers appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Whether to choose Joomla or not for a job portal

I am currently looking to get my job portal (www.jobsinajiffy.com) revamped by an outsourced contract. In its new version, it would use LinkedIn and Twitter APIs and would also have microsites for employers with videos and blogposts. I have to decide between Joomla and hand-coding/PHP for the portal development, since competing contractors have suggested these two approaches. There are several opinions out there regarding what to choose but none of them address a site like this. I am reaching o

Joomla Component to setup plug in params

I would like to know if it's possible to pass params to some plugins using a component. My 'Application' contains 2 plugins (system and content) and there are a few params which are the same in the 2 plug-ins (eg : Facebook API key). So I was thiking about making a component to configure the plugin params, so there is only one configuration for the user. Is is possible to do that ?

Joomla Display full article using ajax through readmore

Basically joomla articles show excerpt and a readmore link. Upon click the readmore the the full page loads. But can the full text be loaded on the same box when readmore is clicked. As in a slider using ajax? Is there any module or plugin that already does this?

Changing the content of a Joomla module on homepage

I have been asked to make a "one-off" change to the link on the homepage of a website that is running Joomla. The trouble is I am not familiar with Joomla administration. I was hoping it might be similar to WordPress, where I might have to modify a template file, however this does not seem to be the case. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to change the content of a module on the home page of a Joomla site? When I view the module settings in the Joomla admin there does not appear

How to get Module params in component area in joomla2.5

I want to get the module params in component area in joomla 2.5 Here my code : jimport( 'joomla.application.module.helper' ); $module = &JModuleHelper::getModule('mod_module'); $moduleParams = new JParameter($module->params); print_r( $moduleParams ); I try to print the $moduleParams...Its display nothing.I got this code from the website http://www.themepartner.com/blog/25/retrieving-plugin-module-component-and-template-parameters/ Is there anyother way to get the params us

Joomla CURL in PHP Code

i have developed a component and i need to make it secure as it should no longer be used for more than one URL for which the component has been purchased. Can it be done by PHP Curl code or any other way to make it restrict for users ?

Joomla Proper way to include JHTMLString class?

What is the proper way to include the class JHTMLString in Joomla 2.5? jimport('joomla.html.html.string'); and jimport('joomla.html.string'); doesn't work. The only way I've managed to include this class is through: JLoader::register('JHTMLString'), pathtotheclass); Could this be a bug or am I missing something?

creat new options to joomla component when creating new menu item

I searched internet for good explanation how to create additional options when creating new menu item. For example: i created component to sell chips of different companiens when creating menu option it to show only chips of company xyz and not from all companies. Similar work-flow is when we want to add article as new menu item. Field where 'Required Settings' is. Please show me code responsible for it or good tutorial .

changing template in Joomla after any customized theme

I am new to Joomla.Although i am very good in PHP.I got a source code of one joomla project with customised theme.but when i change this theme to any other existing default theme of joomla.It gave me a message that default theme successfully changed but it did not work on a site.Site keeps its old them.Can any body help me with this.

Find path where Joomla! is installed on the server

I'm new to website maintenance. I'm currently using Joomla! with the momentum template and would like to change the template logo. As I understand it I need to replace the current logo file, which can be found in /templates/rt_momentum_j15/images/logo/dark. I'm using JCE File Browser (through the control panel) to peruse the files on the server. There is no 'templates' folder in the root, and I believe this folder can be found where Joomla! is installed. How can I find where Joomla is instal

Joomla 2.5 add new module instance through code

I would like to create an instance of a module through code by passing necessary parameters.,i.e., instead of adding from admin interface module manager,I want to add through code. how to do it? Please help me.

how to make horizontal tabs joomla 3.0 using jhtml::tabs

can someone help me to create horizontal tab in joomla 3.0 component i m using this code $options = array( 'onActive' => 'function(title, description){ description.setStyle("display", "block"); title.addClass("open").removeClass("closed"); }', 'onBackground' => 'function(title, description){ description.setStyle("display", "none"); title.addClass("closed").removeClass("open"); }', 'startOffset' => 0, // 0 starts on the first tab, 1 s

Joomla registration error

In the website http://www.ple-intl.com/NewUpgrade, I am using joomla 2.5 & getting an below error during registration It registered the user but, does not send the activation link, however it is set as a self in user options. when user click on register after filling form it shows an 404 error. (personally i dont change any thing core, & i dont want to but i am getting an error i checked all the things) Some Plugin Information I installed virtue mart in it, but every thing is defua

How to build a Joomla extension ?

firstly i want to know f there is any difference between Extension and Plugin and Module Then i want to Know how To Start with This ? what tools and Knowledge i must have and What is The best Martial For This ?

Joomla 2.5 Add Option Groups to Article

I'm playing with Joomla 2.5.9 (The latest 2.X download). Do you know how you can add additional menu's to the "Article Manager: Edit Article" page? (This is in the Administration) Their API gives me some hint on several things but I am don't know what this right "Slide Down Option Area" is called in the Administration. In the right area there are things such as: Publishing options Article Options Configure Edit Screen Images and Links etc.. I want to know where to start to add my own,

joomla third level menu 2.5

i am working on a joomla website and seem to be having a bug with 2.5. I want to keep proper hierarchy in the menus so i have tags under "search" like so parent - main page for area "static" search - search page for advanced search tag - tag page tag - tag page *I am using k2 for the tags I have the menu setup like that, however when i make a module to show from the third level, nothing shows. However when i change it to the second level with sub items, the third level will s

How could I fix these broken RSS head links in Joomla 2.5?

I am in this weird situation where the links to RSS in a page appear wrongly formatted. The page is a job search tool in a company. In lines 12 and 13 you can see the links are <link href="/index.php/bolsa-trabajo/rss/1?type=rss?format=feed" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Todas las categorías Feed (RSS)" />and <link href="/index.php/bolsa-trabajo/rss/1?type=atom?format=feed" rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="Todas las categorías Feed (Atom)" /> Wel

Joomla Error 500 "View Not Found" when using SEF and URL Rewriting

I am writing a custom component. I have the view employees. Under this view, I have two layouts, default and modal. I have a menu item in the toplevel of the main menu, Employees that points to my employee view: index.php?option=com_mycomponent&view=employees which resolves to domain.com/joomla/employees and displayes the default view as expected. Now, inside my component I want to link to the modal view, and I do so using JRoute and this url: index.php?option=com_mycomponent&view

Joomla HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

http://www.songdew.com/artist.html .This is the link of my web site .Its working fine .but when i check this with seobook.com it is showing 500 internal error bellow is the link for ithttp://tools.seobook.com/server-header-checker/?page=single&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.songdew.com%2Fartist.html&useragent=1&typeProtocol=11 how to resolve it.main page is working fine .i checked ht-access and js files also.but still the same

Limit Joomla 1.5 Database Query to Current Year

Below is one page of a Joomla 1.5 extension another developer created quickly that ultimately works like the core Joomla Related Articles but a bit more custom. The code is not very pretty but it works. It shows the title and date for the latest 5 articles that are tagged with the same tag on the current page being viewed. The only problem is it shows articles from 2013 and 2012, since there are only a couple 2013 articles. So ultimately it should show 5 related items only from the current year.

joomla 3.0 Call to undefined method JUtility::getToken()

I got this error while creating a joomla logout link. Here is my code please help if($user->id){ $token = JUtility::getToken(); $linkout = JRoute::_("index.php?option=com_users&task=user.logout&".$token."=1"); } and echo $linkout to anchor tag

where Joomla content builder record storing table can be found?

I have explored all table with prefix contentbuilder in joomla 3.1 database but the form records(i.e data entered in forms) are not present in any table. where as other form details like storages, views, form elements etc are showing there presence. for view which i am testing is for backend view. so kindly help me in finding out where content builder is storing data entered in forms. forms i am using are content builder forms not breezing one.

How to define a link in joomla Module Manager?

I am using Joomla to develop our website. I have a link to show current openings page. In that current openings page, I place a link "Apply" and assign the link "http://rtbi.in/index.php/contact/jobs". When i save and run that link redirects into "http://rtbi.in/"22http://rtbi.in/index.php/contact/jobs/"%22". It Adds Some special characters automatically (the '%22'). help to overcome this issue

Can't see my captcha in my Joomla 3

I already changed system>global configuration>default captcha>captcha-recaptcha,took my private key and public key from google.com/recaptcha,pasted them to my captcha plug in but there is no result,just see the word captcha and no more!

Manually Removed Joomla Component but Title Still Showing Up in Extension Manager

I had a component cause a bunch of errors at installation in my Joomla website. I tried the normal way of removing it by visiting the extension manager and clicking uninstall. This did not work, so I visited these two locations and deleted all the files: ../administrator/components/com_badcomponentname ../components/com_badcomponentname I then went into phpmyadmin and dropped all the tables that were associated with com_badcomponentname. The only thing that is left is the listing in the ex

Can't get id of module in Joomla 3

I try to get id of module by position in templates/mytemplate/index.php (Joomla 3.3.3) and use the code: jimport( 'joomla.application.module.helper' ); $module = JModuleHelper::getModule('top'); echo $module->id; but I get nothing. What's wrong?

Joomla articles and modules not showing on small screens

I'm really quite new to Joomla and I've encountered a problem. On my homepage the article is showing just fine, but all the other modules (except for the menu bar) disappear when I switch to a smaller screen size. On my other pages the article doesn't even show anymore, just the menu bar. I'm using the purity III template. I have no idea what's going on since the settings in the layout of the template indicate that all modules that are showing on a desktop should also be displayed on a mobile de

how can i running site on 3 languages in joomla

I have the site running on 3 languages, my component should be able to show translated items of my component realestates --realestate(items) - en-EN --realestate(items) - de-DE --realestate(items) - fa-FA Would a good workaround be to extend my items table with a column translation which keeps the translation language code and each time the query would take this into consideration? For example: select * item from realestets where translation = 'en-EN' or there is a better way to do this?

Missing "options" button in Joomla! update component

I'm trying to migrate from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3. To do so, i follow Joomla 2.5 to 3.x Step by Step Migration on docs.joomla.org. But i have a weird problem that i fail to solve by myself. There is step: Go to Components → Joomla Update. (It should say no updates found. If it doesn’t, update Joomla to the latest version and test. Then do another backup.) Click on the Options button at the top right corner. Problem is, i have no Options button shown there. Can somebody explain me why? And wha

Joomla All Pages of Website are Flickering

I don't know why, but all the pages of my website made in joomla are flickering. Do you guys have idea how can i fix this issue? I tried unplushing some plugins but still not work http://www.btoresearch.com/ Thank you ;)

Joomla content edit call stack and URL routing

I am using Joomla 3.x CMS. I have SEO enabled. I am also routing the URL so that article IDs, category and category IDs are hidden. Hence a typical article with an alias of my-alias will have the URL: http://localhost/my-alias. I am doing this routing in a system plugin in method onAfterInitialise(). All aliases in the system are ensured to be unique. Now when an article is being viewed, anyone with access will see an edit URL as follows: http://localhost/my-alias?task=article.edit&return=so

Joomla blog load in article, is it possible

I am using joomla and have created a blog in my main menu using "CATEGORY BLOG" . I would like to post part of that on my frontpage, is that possible. For example can i have "Category blog" as part of an article ??? That would be quite helpfull Thank you in advance.

Products disappeared from the category page after adding Multi Vendor Marketplace For Virtuemart - Joomla

So, before i added "Multi Vendor Marketplace For Virtuemart - Joomla" the products would show on the page and on the category page that the product was, after i added it they're still on the main page that shows all products but they don't show on the category that they are. There's some prints of me adding a new product to show what i really mean. I defined the Name and the Categories and checkmarked "Published" Screen cap 1 I defined the Stock, Low Stock Notification and Availability Date S

Joomla - How to add / set module exactly in a specific location

I want to set "Booking Module" module exactly where it was before like in the attached picture.image module It was where there's {module Booking Module} but when I try to set its module position, I'm not seeing any position into backend related to that. Here is the web-site

How can I manually remove a joomla 2.5 extension?

I accidentally installed a more recent component of J2XML designed for Joomla 3 into my J2.5 site... and now I have no idea how to remove it. The only Admin page that works is the main Admin page... all the other admin pages are blank... I'm assuming it's logging the error somewhere, but I have no idea where that would be. Can I manually remove the extension/module? What database tables should i remove? I have already removed the folder of files, but I'm not familiar enough with the Joomla db

Joomla Loading just registration component in a modal

I need to be able to display the registration part of the com_users component within a module. Redirecting to the registration is not an option (design requirement.) I have found the JComponentHelper, but documentation seems to be lacking giving me enough information figure things out. $component = JComponentHelper::getComponent('com_users'); I have created a basic module for making this work but I'm not having any luck at the moment. Help? EDIT: I've managed to get it to display the form

Joomla Use a Field value in a Query (Seblod Query plugin)

I'm using the Query plugin that lets me create a Query field on my List & Search. I have a hidden field with ID 'id_number' which I'm trying to use in my query. When I check the Page Source(Ctrl+U on Chrome), the hidden field has the correct value of id_number which is '22865'. The part of my Query is- WHERE [MATCH]p.pid||$cck->getValue('id_number')[/MATCH] AND (ban_reason in ("", "active")) When I print this query out using the Debugger, the Query is using the literal value and que

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