Resize the JQGrid column at runtime

I need to resize the JQGrid column at runtime. For eg: the column width for the column was 100px when it is loaded. I need to change it to 200 afterwards. Please help.

jqGrid edit using formedit disable fields based on value of another field

When the user clicks on Edit in jqGrid, the form which opens has a few list boxes and text boxes. Depending on the value in a List box a couple of text boxes have to be disabled or set to read only when the form loads. I got the piece working for the onChange event on the listbox to toggle the textboxes to disabled/enabled, but I am struggling to do it on the form load. I tried using the aftershowform, which already has a event handler, so I created another event say for example aftershowform2

jqgrid generate xml from grid data problem

I have a question regarding the question: enter link description here I added 'datatype:"local"' to my grid and it worked , i got the xml , but it did include inside of it the checkbox column i have in the grid. this is my code: <script type="text/javascript" > var MyExportToXml = function (grid) { var dataFromGrid = {row: grid.jqGrid ('getGridParam', 'data') }; var xmldata = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>\n<row

Is it possible to modify the colModel after data has loaded with jqgrid?

I've got a jqGrid where I need to change the model after the data is loaded, but before it's parsed into the grid. In otherwords, I think I want to do it in the loadComplete handler. I see this approach: Setting JqGrid's colName and colModel from JSON data, but I'm have a bunch of grids already written that use the "load data with jqGrid" approach, rather than the "pre-load data and pass it to jqGrid" one used there, and I'm hoping to avoid re-coding, or making this one different. (Hiding a

Stopping columns resizable in jqgrid

How I can make all the columns of jqgrid not resizable? Currently I think every column I've to specify the property { resizable:false }. Is there anyway I can specify for the entire grid?

jqGrid in IE 9: How to enable scrolling after key is released

jqGrid is used in virtual scrolling mode. If Page Down or ↓ is hold down for some time, released, and pressed again, scrolling in Internet Explorer 9 does not work anymore. After key is released, jqGrid loses focus. To continue scrolling, jqGrid needs clicked again. How to keep focus in jqGrid after key is released in IE 9 ? In FireFox focus remains in jqGrid as expected. grid.jqGrid({ scroll: 1, datatype: "json", mtype: 'POST', autoencode: true, gridview: true, pager: '#pa

jqgrid: how send and receive row data keeping edit mode

jqGrid has employee name and employee id columns. If employee name has changed, server validate method should called to validate name. Current row columns should be updated from data returned by this method. If employee id has changed, server validate method should called to validate id. Current row columns should be updated from data returned by this method. Preferably jqGrid should stay in edit mode so that user has possibility to continue changing, accept or reject changes. How to impleme

JqGrid Width resizing Issue with Browser resize

Can I set JqGrid width in a way that it automatically resizes with browser width. Have tried using this. autowidth:true, ..... $(window).bind('resize', function () { $("#table").setGridWidth($("#table").width()); }).trigger('resize'); Resizing isnt working as expected, When I resize the browser I expect grid to resize accordingly to that of browser width. UPDATE: $(function () { $grid = $("#table"); $grid.jqGrid({ url: '../../Services/OrderSer

Jqgrid After add dialog is not closing

Below is my code, and I need to close the add/edit dialog after a submit. It's updating the server and reloading the grid in both the cases, but it is not closing the dialog: jQuery("#toolbar1").jqGrid({ url:'category/getcategorylist', datatype: "xml", colNames:["Name","Description","Id"], colModel:[ {name:"cname",index:"cname",editable:true, width:250, align:"center",xmlmap:"categoryName"}, {name:"cdescription",index:"cdescription", editable:true,wi

True scrolling data in JQGrid not working with MVC 3

Can someone help me with this issue? I have a jqgrid(4.4.0) and I want to implement true scrolling. The problem is that it only loads datarows once, meaning the first page only. So when I scroll, it doesn't fetch the other pages. I have checked this issue and still not working. Here is the jqgrid: jQuery("#deptProjectsGrid").jqGrid({ url: '@Url.Action("GetUserProjects", "TimesheetByWeek")', datatype: 'json', mtype: 'GET', colNames: ['Projekt', 'Oprettet af'],

JqGrid BeforeShow event of add dialog variables reset

I call the following function before the add dialog is shown; after clicking [+] on the JqGrid. MVC Controller grid configuration ordersGrid.ClientSideEvents.BeforeAddDialogShown = "initAddDialog"; The function makes an Ajax call to create a new order record either with or without a linking id, dependent on whether an existing order was selected when the [+] button was clicked. The purpose is to make available the id necessary to make another Ajax call to retrieve additional linked informat

jqGrid getLocalRow return false

I'm creating a JQgrid with datatype local and I want to get row values from editing row using getLocalRow or getCell but I always get false. This is my grid definition: jQuery("#rowed5").jqGrid({ datatype: 'local', data: mydata, loadtext:"Cargando...", height: altura*0.4, width: anchoDefecto*0.9, colNames:['Cuenta', 'Subcuenta', 'Importe', 'Signo', 'Clave', 'Documento', 'Doc. Referen

Jqgrid Get page number of a specific record

I'm trying to find a way to get the page number of a specific record. This is my problem, after I add a new line I reload the grid, with sorting on, the new line can end up on any page. I need to be able to find the page number of that specific record, so I can navigate to its page and select it. How can I do that, without having to load every page until I find it.

jqGrid - Populating a treegrid with local data without using name:value format

I am posting this for others who have a similar use case and looking for a solution. I welcome any feedback to my solution or if you have other ideas to solve the same use case. Problem: I needed to populate a treegrid with local data. Here is the link to my use case. The format of data required to populate a grid locally is: var mydata = [{column1:value1, column2:value2}]; However, I wanted to avoid putting all the column names in "mydata". Instead, I wanted to use the data format as is

Calling "groupingGroupBy" function cause jqGrid to go into infinite loop. Better suggestion?

When the script used ajax to retrieve saved setting from the database and use it to populate the jqGrid layout setting. That's when it go into infinite loop. Upon some research, it turned out the "groupingGroupBy" function (in jqGrid source code) use "reloadGrid" trigger which doesn't mix well with jqGrid's "beforeRequest" event. I welcome better suggestion. Thanks... Here's the code... $('#' + jqgridSpreadsheetId).jqGrid({ url: jqgridWebUrl, datatype: 'js

Jqgrid Do not submit the for using beforeSubmit function

I have a beforeSubmit function in edit options. Code of the function is like below beforeSubmit: function (postdata, formid) { var myGrid = $('#list'), selRowId = myGrid.jqGrid('getGridParam', 'selrow'), IsIssued = myGrid.jqGrid('getCell', selRowId, 'Status'); alert(IsIssued); if (IsIssued == true) return [false,"lll"]; else return [true,"ll"]; } But the problem is that this always submits the form. What I want is that, if (IsIssued==true) then do not

jqGrid : is it possible to group a multi-value field?

Is this possible with jqGrid ? rowItem 1,fieldVal : "ValueA", ... rowItem 2,fieldVal : "ValueA ValueB", ... rowItem 3,fieldVal : "ValueA ValueC", ... rowItem 4,fieldVal : "ValueC ValueB", ... (separator is space for fieldVal) Try to have a unique single group column with each category as one field value like this : + ValueA rowItem1 rowItem2 rowItem3 + ValueB rowItem2 rowItem4 + ValueC rowItem3 rowItem4

Jqgrid Add check boxes in Jquery grid view

I have the following code in page which binds the data to j query grid. Now i want to add one more column for check-boxes to the existing grid and when i select some check boxes and press some button .. i need to get the selected row values . I have seen some tutorials for this they mentioned about some formatter .... but they are not clear Please help me to achieve this. Thanks in advance. Code: $(document).ready(function () { $("#btn_GenerateEmpList").click(function () {

JQGrid with Rich Text column

I'm building a JQGrid based solution for my SharePoint 2010 site and need help in incorporating a RichText inline editing functionality for one of the column. Most the examples are pertaining to plain text and didn't come across anything with RTE option. Thanks in advance for your help!

Cancel edit event in jqGrid inline edit

I'm using jqgrid inline edit in which i have a scenario to invoke the "cancel edit" button event and throw a message "Are you sure to cancel?". //Code: //Unload the grid. $('#CommentsData').jqGrid('GridUnload'); //Comments grid start. $("#CommentsData").jqGrid({ datastr: tableSrc, hoverrows: false, datatype: "jsonstring", jsonReader: { id: 'CommentId',

jqgrid call a custom function when clicked on save button in place of edit url

Below is my code onSelectRow : function(id) { $("#order_list").setGridParam({ 'editurl' : 'clientArray' }); } }); jQuery("#order_list").jqGrid('navGrid',"#pjmap",{edit:false,add:false,del:false,search: false, refresh:false,cloneToTop:true}); jQuery("#order_list").jqGrid('inlineNav', '#order_list_toppager',{add:false,del:false,edit:true,search: false, refresh:false,cloneToTop:true, viewtext:"View", edittext:"Edit", savetext:"Save", cancelte

How to restore the row with cell values in inlinenav jqgrid

It is possible to restore the row of inlinenav jqgrid with my own cell values(hard coded values) as we do restore row with rowId like, $(#grid).jqgrid("restoreRow", rowId); I have a row with three columns, i want to restore my row with my own cell data. Is there any way to do so? Please help me achieve this. Thanks.

How to add jqTree on jqGrid search form

I use jqGrid on my page and use jqTree ( for Division property. On search form for the property I create jqTree element in that function: var divisionTreeInit = function(elem) { console.log("divisionTreeInit"); var tmp=$(el).tree({ data: divisionTreeJSON, autoOpen: 0, }); $(el).on( '', function(event) { console.log(; $

jqGrid Problem Binding Subgrid

I have a jqGrid that is not correctly displaying the subgrid rows. When I load the page, the regular grid rows display fine as well as the plus sign next to each of them, but when I click the plus button to expand them, the "Loading..." message just remains and nothing happens. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I am trying to do it on client side (loadonce: true). Here is the code for creating the grid: $("#Grid1").jqGrid({ // setup custom parameter names to pass to server prmNames: {

Why jqGrid is very slow when number of rows displayed increases?

When I display a small amount per page, it's quick and very good. When I increase it to 100 or more it starts getting slow. At 1000 it's unbearable! This is the code used for drawing the grid: $("#stSearchTermsGrid").jqGrid({ mtype: "POST", postData:{}, datatype: function(postdata) { $.ajax({ url: 'ajax/ajax_termsSearchGridSimple.php', data: postdata, async: false, dataType: "xml",

problem displaying the search toolbar in jqgrid

Hi I am having problem displaying my search toolbar for the jqgird, I have tried several methods that were offered online, and I see several people have used what I am using successfully, can someone please look at my code and let me know where and what I might be missing, I did not add any code in the controller class for the search, also I am using those scripts:jquery-1.4.2.min.js, jquery.jqGrid.js, jquery.searchFilter.js, jqModal.js, jqDnR.js (orignially taken from PHill HAACK's website) I a

How to force action buttons to appear in same row in jqgrid

Action buttons are added to jqGrid columns using colmodel below. Column width 45 is sufficient to hold both buttons in same row. Edit and delete buttons appear in separate rows and row height in increased. For unknown reason there is empty space before both buttons, there do not appear in left side in column. If inline edit starts, save and cancel button also appear in separate rows. How to force buttons to appear in same row witohut increasing column width ? grid.jqGrid({ colModel: [{name:

how to show tooltip in jqgrid edit/add form buttons

I tried grid.navGrid("#grid_toppager",{}, { bSubmit: 'Submit', editCaption: 'Edit', title: 'Save changes (Ctrl+S)' } ); but Save changes (Ctrl+S) tooltip does not appear if mouse is over Submit button. how to show tooltip in edit and add form submit buttons ?

in jqgrid select, i'd like to set another edit form field to the selected value then set the selected value to selected label

in a jqgrid edit form field of type:'select', i'm setting another edit form field with the selected value (the value that is sent to the server) using the editoptions: dataEvents:[{type:'change',fn:function(e){$('input#STID').val(this.value);}}]} I'd like to then replace the selected value with the selected label. I thought the following would work by adding the statement to the dataEvents function, but it does not: this.value = this.label; How can this be done?

How to set optimal width for labels column in jqgrid edit and view forms

jqGrid edit and view forms row labels (they are same as column captions ) are set at runtime. Sometimes they are narrow and sometimes wide. For narrow labels column width in too big. There is too much empty place between label text and value field. It looks like labelswidth: '30%' value is hard coded. How to adjust edit and view form labels columns width automatically so that if all labels are narrow, column width is smaller ?

jqgrid open subgrid only if there is some data

here is declarations of my subgrid: subGrid : true, subgridtype: 'json', subGridUrl: 'manuf_subgr.php', subGridModel: [{ name : ['Package','Sticker','Manufacturer'], width : [85,50,100], params: ['Catalogue'] } ], gridComplete: function() { var timeOut = 50; var rowIds = $("#schedule").getDataIDs(); $.each(rowIds, function (index, rowId) { if(rowId.row_cnt != 0)

jqgrid drag line issue

everyone, I used jQgrid which is amazing in my project and found one issue on draging the column to resize in Chrome(Version 25.0.1337.0), it was like the drag line deviating from the header line when I was trying to resize the column, below is the screenshot the red line is the drag line, and the blue one is the header column bar, more strange about that is when I moved mouse to the drag place which was exactly the blue column bar and begun to drag, the mouse icon which should like()disapper

Search Dialog box in jqgrid

I am using the search dialog box in jqgrid. The columns which has search attribute set as true will appear in the search dialog box.Can we have just column names instead of select drop down of columns in the search dialog box of JQGRID ?

Jqgrid Disable the Dropdown on clicking on RadioButton

I am making a RadioButton in JqGrid , now i want to disable another column on the click event of radiobutton { name: 'Result', index: 'Result', width: 30, editable: true, formatter: 'dynamicText', edittype: 'custom', editoptions: { custom_element: radioelem, custom_value: radiovalue } }, $.extend($.fn.fmatter, { dynamicText: function (cellvalue, options, rowObject) { var returnValue = "" if (cellvalue == '1') { returnValue = 'S'; }

Jqgrid Clicking on the Delete button in navigator to delete offline data

I just tried deleting a few selected rows by clicking on the Delete button in the navigator of a grid, but I got a warning message in the confirmation popup saying that the url is not set. I am wondering if the navigator supports deleting offline data without setting a url. Maybe I can override the default delete function? Thanks.

JqGrid Set Focus on SelectRow not working

I have a jqgrid which i need to focus on the clicked cell rather than the first editable cell when the user clicks on a cell with in a row. I am using this code posted by oleg but it is not focusing on the selected cell. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <title>

Button in jqgrid

I have been using ng-grid for displaying data and now migrating to jqgrid. I'm a newbie to this tech and I have tried creating a button which performs some other action like validating and opening a new form. I could invoke my Angular JS variable in that button. Can someone help me? function ActionitmGridformatter(cellvalue, options, rowObject) { var itmgrid= ""; return itmgrid; } $scope.itmgrid= function(row){ alert("hii"); ... }; Also the above itmgrid variable is inside the contr

Pop up a custom form with custom data on click of a cell in jqgrid

I have a grid control displaying data about a Company. I want one column to be "Employee". On click on the any cell of "Employee" column I want to pop up the one Form called "Employee Details" and would like to feel the data. How can I do this? As I understand the modal form on click of a jqgrid cell deals with data only related to that row. I want to show different data on the pop up form, i.e. other than the grid data. Pl help. Shivali

JQGrid, Edit Url

I am new to jQuery, and I need to use jqGrid in my project. I have one problem with edit/delete/insert; I have only one URL, editurl, then in the controller I am using the oper property to decide whether it is an insert or delete operation. But I want to have a separate URL for the edit, delete and insert operations in jqGrid. Could you please let me know how to achieve that? Client side code: $(document).ready(function () { var lastsel2; var grid = jQuery("#list5").jqGrid({

jqGrid - Setting select value in edit form

I'm having a hard time trying to set the value of a select box in the edit form. For example I have my colModel set up like this. colModel:[ {name:'communication_id', key: true, index:'communication_id', width:30}, {name:'communication_type_id', index:'communication_type_id', width:30}, {name:'communication_type_select',index:'communication_type_select',hidden:true,width:150, editable:true,edittype:'select',formatter:'select',editrules: {edithidden:true},

Jqgrid xml data population

I have an arraylist with multiple arraylists of different sizes in it. I need to populate this data in jqgrid which accepts xml input. What can be done to achieve this

Jqgrid pdf generation from dwr json data

I call a method using dwr, where i l load a grid. That grid data must be generated in the form of a pdf. LogsDataHandler.fetchEmailList(id1, id2, date1, date2,function(data){ } the return data must be generated as a pdf. Any help ?

jqGrid Format Cell While You Type

Is it possible configure jqGrid to allow format cell while you type. I am trying to implement something like this Money Mask jquery library functionality. When users enter price values when editing cell, I want to the cell to format as they type.

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