Jquery ui jQuery UI Dialog Queries + jQueryUI Queries

I have setup the following jQuery UI Dialog within my document.ready() section, i.e: $("#dialog").dialog({ autoOpen: false, bgiframe: true, resizable: false, modal: true, buttons: { 'Ok': function() { $(this).dialog("close"); } } }); 1) My question is which I am unsure of, is that within my javascript code, I have a counter, which when it hits

Jquery ui JQuery Tab - Make Selected tab clickable

I basically need the current selected tab to remain clickable (meaning the link should still be active). The content in the tab is loaded through ajax and can change, so the way the person can "refresh" the content it by clicking the tab again. But the default settings make the tab not clickable once it's selected, which makes the user have to click on another tab then back to refresh the content. I appreciate any help, thanks.

Jquery ui Dynamically Set Title On Dialog

How do I take "myval" and have it as the title of the dialog? I've tried passing it as an argument when doing dlg.dialog('open', myval) and no luck. I've also tried passing it as a parameter but with no luck either. I'm probably doing things in the wrong way, however.

Jquery ui Strange jQueryUI dialog error

I have dialog created like this $('#add_error').click(function(e) { $('<div>') .load('/someaction/format/html/') .dialog({ title: 'Some title', modal: true, width: 385, close: function() { $(this).remove(); } }); e.preventDefault(); }); It works ok, but every third (not really sure if its really third) time I click link to open dia

Jquery ui Is JQuery UI meant to work only with Google Chrome??? (How about IE and Firefox??!)

I'm using "Jquery UI 1./Dan Wellman/Packt Publishing" to learn JQuery UI. I'm working on the 'Dialog widget' chapiter. After I've completed a series of exercises in order to build a Dialog widget (using Google Chrome), I then tried my work with Internet Explorer and Firefox. The result has been disappointing. Chrome was perfet With Internet Explorer, (1) the title of the Dialog widget did not appear, (2) The location of the dialog widget was not correct (given the position: ["center", "cen

Jquery ui jQuery UI Sortable Question

I am trying to build a sortable navigation tree using jQuery UI Sortable. I have it working great in Firefox with no prblems. In IE it works pretty well, however, there seems to be some inconsistent issues when trying to move an item with a nested list down in its navigational tier. The list doesn't expand to create a drop point for the list in motion and it often fails, however, sometimes the sort works anyway. I have played with this for longer than I care to admit! Does anyone have any ide

Jquery ui jQuery datepicker UI getdate() - How do I just output date only and NOT Wed Oct 06 2010 17:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Currently this code is working but not as expected: $("#start_date").datepicker({ dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd', onSelect: function(_date, _datepicker) { var myDate = new Date(_date); myDate.setDate(myDate.getDate()+8); $('#estimated_hatching_date').text(myDate); alert( myDate); } }); The first issue is, how the date is presented. Currently that code above alerts Fri Oct 01 2010 17:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacifi

Jquery ui How to upgrade a custom jQuery UI theme?

I created 2 custom themes with themeroller for JQuery UI 1.7 with themeroller. Now that I update to jQuery UI 1.8.5, I want to make sure that also my themes are updated. How can I automatically re-generate/update my custom themes with themeroller?

Jquery ui How can one change the url for a jquery ui tab added via 'add' and 'tabTemplate' functionality?

I might be making this more difficult than I need to but I am in some need of assistance. I have some jquery ui tabs which are added via the add functionality. these tabs are via ajax. I have a tabTemplate set as follows on the initial addition of the tabs. tabTemplate: "<li><a href='#{href}'>#{label},/a><li>" And the add tab functionality is done via $tabs.tabs('add', 'http://thanksforyourhelp/greatly/appreciated/, some_title_var) If a form is submitted on that tab

Jquery ui jquery droppable only one child

I am new to jQuery and I am working with the droppable API. I want to have a group of divs that can all hold one and only one droppable item. I've set the class of my droppable divs to inv. I can drop items into the divs but I can find a way to reject a drop once in the drop function. I want to be able to detect that my div already has a child and if it does revert the dopped element. my code currently looks like this $( "div.inv" ).droppable( { drop: function( event, ui ) {

Jquery ui jquery ui: ajax page + slider content (part2)

Following up on this post I made earlier. I have found out the answers for all the points. But I still have a small tweek that I cannot get it right - That is the percentage value that I need to pass it into the slider - var percentage = Math.round(offset.left / (scrollContent.width() - scrollPane.width()) * 100); scrollbar.slider("value",percentage); The percentage should increase everytime when I move the slider handle to the right. It is fine when I load the first two ajax pages (the per

Jquery ui Make a JQuery disabled button enabled with proper styles

I have a JQuery Button, disabled by default and I need to enable it on certain event. My problem is that when I just simply remove the attribute 'disabled' the button maintains the disabled jquery css styles. I removed them by hand: $('[id$=btnDowloadXLS]').removeAttr("disabled").removeClass("ui-state-disabled").removeClass("ui-button-disabled"); But, then the button is not the same as an active button, onMouseDown it doesn't take the proper style. I figured out this solution $('[id$=btn

Jquery ui JQuery ui autocomplete not working with code igniter

What I want to do is simple. I want the user to be able to put in a name and while inserting code igniter and JQuery ui looks up the database and starts posting recommendations .. So this is what I got so far with a bit of help from someone here on stackoverflow .. But its still not working at all. The Jquery ui command $("#update-text").autocomplete({source:"<?php echo site_url('userProfile/autocomplete');?>",dataType:"json", type:'POST'}); The form containing the text field in the ph

Jquery ui tagcompletion like stackoverflow

Working example Bug add an item that exists in the list add an item that doesn't exist in the list add an item that exists in the list by clicking arrow key or clicking an item with mouse notice that all items are erased and everything starts over. I am building this on top of a solution provided to me in another question. I've taken the code from that example and modified to my needs. however, now I am having the issue stated above. What can I do to avoid having the list erase all ite

Jquery ui jquery UI draggable/sortable and HTML5 content editable attribute

When I use JQuery UI's draggable/sortable feature at the parent element....and when applying contenteditable attribute at the child item....the selection feature doesn't works.... <div id="parent"> <div id="child" contenteditable></div> </div> $('#parent').draggable(); i.e. focus or active features do not work....without the dragging/sorting features of jQuery UI...focus and active features works at content editable applied element..... OK.....I found the solution he

Jquery ui How to position a form above an element

I have a wall that shows messages from users in two columns. Each message is a div box. I have given the id of each box the id of the message. When a user clicks edit for a message a form should be place on the page using Ajax. The form is as wide as the two message columns. If a user edits a message that is on the left column I can insert the form before this message to the left. However if the message is on the right I need to insert the form at the beginning of the left message and above

Jquery ui Hide Spanned Rows

Here...The code i have added to filter the anchor link is not working.. And i want to know how to hide the spanned rows <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { //Add click event for Hide anchor //This code not working.... why?.. $("table tr td a").filter(function () { return $(this).text() == "Hide"; }).click(function (e) { RowHide(this); return false; }) //working..but want to have filter.. $("table tr td a"

Jquery ui jQuery radio buttons disappear after click in IE and FF, works fine in chrome

I have multiple sets of jQuery radio buttons on a jQuery modal dialog. Clicking one in each set hides or shows divs. Anyway, they work perfectly in Chrome, but in FF and IE, they work hide/show the divs properly... but they start disappearing as they're clicked. I've tried adding plain radio buttons that do nothing, but they still disappear individually as they're clicked. Am I missing some sort of declaration? I would post the code, but it can literally be a copy from the jQuery website fo

Jquery ui jquery ui timepicker onChange Event

i am Struggling with onchange for JQuery ui timepicker plugin: http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/ I am using the following code. $(document).ready(function () { $('#CutoffTime').timepicker({ stepMinute: 15 }); }); // Trying to catch the change event $(function () { $('#CutoffTime').change(function () { // do something heree }); }); // my HTML <input type="text" id="CutoffTime" /> For some reason it seems to go in an infinite loop? is there a b

Jquery ui jQuery UI datepicker conflicts with tooltips

I'm using the jQuery UI datepicker and the tooltip function from the same collection. Both work perfectly for my application. Except where they both try to work. When I hover on the icons for previous or next months, I get a tooltip popping up that says "Prev" or "Next". When I click on the previous-month icon the tooltip stays visible, completely covering the month and year headline. (On the next-month icon it stays visible but it doesn't interfere. Much.) The function of these icons is absolu

Jquery ui Simple fields Wordpress plugin should have multiple group selection at a time

If you are familiar with WordPress plugin then It might be a quite easy task: I am using Simple field WordPress plugin ..its quite fine for me ..But what I need is multiple checks of a group at a time from the selection of groups.. Like when you have install the plugin it asks to make a group and then you can make fields accordingly .. so on your post you will see a section for selecting a group and only of those group fields will be shown.What I need to select two groups at a time from there..

Jquery ui how to disable dragging behaviour for some of the sortable elements

I have following div elements and I would like to sort only elements which don't have class="nodragorsort". <div id="1" class="one"> <div>one </div> <div class="nodragorsort">this should be fixed </div> <div class="nodragorsort">this should be fixed </div> <div>one </div> </div> Am connecting multple divs using connect with in jQuery sortable. I want some of elements present in a div not to connect with other sort di

Jquery ui Inconsistent Sorting: Using jQuery UI Sortable

We have hierarchical items here with a series of TR structure and not in a nested table structure. So we need to have the functionality to drag and drop items with the same level or a function to sort same level items. For example I'll try to move Item 1.1 below Item 1.4, that row must be displayed below Item 1.4 together with its children items(Item 1.1.1 and Item 1.1.2). It will work but if you will try to move the children items, it will not work. And we should also be able to sort/move the

Jquery ui jquery UI tabs and Datatables making multiple ajax calls

I am using Datatables to display 4 separate and dynamic tables on 4 tabs using jquery. Everything works but the problem I am having is that upon clicking on each respective tab, datatables makes 4 ajax calls at the same time (viewed via firebug) which is causing lag for the selected tab/table. I'm not sure were or why it's firing for each of the tabs - any help is apperciated html for the first two table tabs: <div id="tabs"> <ul> <li><a href="#tabs-1">Instructions

Jquery ui jQuery autocomplete displays ID instead of name

so I have this jQuery script which fetches content from a database, and it needs to show the product name (my table has productid and productname). But instead of showing the product name, it shows the product Id. How can I fix this ? Here's the jQuery code :- <script> $(function() { function log( message ) { $( "<div>" ).text( message ).prependTo( "#log" ); $( "#log" ).scrollTop( 0 ); } $( "#birds" ).autocomplete({ source: "search.php", minLe

Jquery ui jQueryUI Accordion - Header Text and Slide

I'm playing around with jQueryUI Accordion for the first time and I'm trying to make simple expanding div, which switches it's header text and sliding to the bottom of the content, when expanded. I have the default h3 header saying 'More' and I want it to change to 'Less', when the div is expanded and revert to 'More', when it is closed. Also, the header should slide down and stay below the content, when expanded. I've been searching for 2 days with no luck. Change text by @Irvin Dominin aka

Jquery ui JQuery UI: draggable element is transparent. How to make it not?

I am using JQuery UI 1.10.3 to build a list of draggable elements. When I drag an element over another element, I notice that the white area of the dragged element is transparent and I am able to see the element beneath. How to make it not transparent? Here is jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/mddc/UW5E2/4/ <ul> <li id="draggable">Drag me down</li> </ul> <ul id="sortable"> <li>Item 1</li> <li>Item 2</li> <li>Item 3</li>

Jquery ui jQuery UI: change resizable handles after init

Consider an element is initialized with jQuery UI resizable widget $(selector).resizable({handles:'se'}); And later the handles are changed $(selector).resizable('option','handles','sw'); The result of console.log( $(selector).resizable('option',handles') ); shows sw But it seems the resizable widget does not reflect with this change. Is there a way to somehow refresh the resizable widget after such modification?

Jquery ui Lightbox2 Swipe gesture for touchscreens

To my great surprise Lightbox2(http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/) does not support swipe gestures out of the box... I was not able to find any add on in order to support this behavior. Anyone has any suggestions a side from changing the entire plugin? :)

Jquery ui JQuery UI .show('slide') not animating correctly

I am trying to make a div that slides out nicely when you mouse over a "trigger". It is appearing in full, then quickly disappearing and sliding out again. I can't seem to figure out the reason for this behavior. If needed I can put a sample up in a bit. Test case is up here. This is happening on all major browsers except IE6. HTML: <div class='wrap'> <div id='navtitle'> NAV>> </div> <div id='nav'> <div id='navlist' cla

Jquery ui jquery progress bar : non determinate one

I am using jQuery progress bar. However I want to use it more like a spinner. I can't really predict when the task will complete. So I need a non determinate progress bar. jQuery UI progress bar only works when you know how much is done. Is is it possible to use jQuery UI progress bar in such a way that when bar reaches 100% then it starts again. I have everything theme rolled so it would be nice if I could make jquery UI progress bar work rather than using a different plugin.

Jquery ui jQuery UI dialog form answers remain when box is closed

I want to use a jQuery UI dialog box to handle part of my form. I want the code to work something like this. <form id="MyForm" name="MyForm"> <input type="text" id="Input1" name="Input1"> <input type="text" id="Input2" name="Input2"> <div id="dialog"> <input type="text" id="Input3" name="Input3"> <input type="text" id="Input4" name="Input4"> </div> <button type="button" onclick="$('#dialog').dialog('open');">Fill out 3 and 4</button> <

Jquery ui jquery accordion setting option after init

I am using jquery accordion.But setting some options after initialization is not working for me. For eg : $( "#accordId" ).accordion( "option", "animated", 'bounceslide' ); is not working. But is is working for some other options like : $( "#accordId" ).accordion( "option", "active", 2 ); Can anyone suggest any reason? I am using jquery 1.6.2 and jquery.ui.custom.js 1.8.16.

Jquery ui keep dynamically added elements after postback

i got a big problem with jquery and the postback. i'm dynamically adding html elements to my page. e.g. JQuery UI Tabs. but after postback ALL dynamically added elements are gone. how can i keep all of these elements after postback and also the values of textboxes and datetimepicker? greetz Tobi EDIT: e.g. i'm adding some JqueryUI Tabs with this code: $(function () { var $tab_title_input = $("#tab_title"), $tab_content_input = $("#tab_content");

Jquery ui JQuery Autocomplete without using label, value, id

Is it possible to have JQuery Autocomplete work without using conventional id,label,value? For instance, I do not wish to use: [ { "id": "Botaurus stellaris", "label": "Great Bittern", "value": "Great Bittern" }, { "id": "Asio flammeus", "label": "Short-eared Owl", "value": "Short-eared Owl" }] but rather: [ { "my_id": "Botaurus stellaris", "first_name": "Great Bittern", "last_name": "Great Bittern" }, { "my_id": "Asio flammeus", "first_name": "Short-eared Owl", "last_name": "Short-eared

Jquery ui How to use callback function inside the accordion?

Need more clarification:: I have one table data on the top of the accordion.. once i will expand it i want to display the table content in the itself While collapsing i want to hide the table content Want to use call back function inside the accordion. Can you please modify and give the me the sol $("#accordion").accordion({ collapsible: true });

Jquery ui JTable jQuery integrate with Spring MVC 3 issue

I have an issue with JTable integration to Spring MVC ****** JSP code *********** <link href="http://www.jtable.org/Scripts/jtable/themes/metro/blue/jtable.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <link href="http://www.jtable.org/Content/themes/metroblue/jquery-ui.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script src="http://www.jtable.org/Scripts/jquery-1.8.3.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="http://www.jtable.org/Scripts/jquery-ui-1.9.2.min.js"

Jquery ui jQuery UI dialog closes on enter

When I open a jQuery UI Dialog widget and the content in the dialog contains a textbox the dialog automatically closes when I press enter. This seems to happen only when using IE9 or IE10. I do not want the dialog the close when I press enter in the textbox. I have the following HTML: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Testpage</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.10.3/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css"> <sc

Jquery ui JQueryUI dialog as bindable template in KnockoutJS

This question is exposing that one: integrating jquery ui dialog with knockoutjs I have Model with array of items like this: var viewModel = { items: ko.observableArray([]) } viewModel.items.push(new DialogModel("title 1")); viewModel.items.push(new DialogModel("title 2")); viewModel.items.push(new DialogModel("title 3")); Next I show these items in markup using foreach statement <div data-bind="foreach: items"> <div data-bind="text: title"></div> <button d

Jquery ui Using jqrangeslider with dart js-interop does not work

I am trying to use the jqrangeslider ( http://ghusse.github.io/jQRangeSlider/index.html ) in my web_ui app and it is not working. In my application main root dart file I have: void main() { js.scoped((){ js.context.jQuery("#slider").bind("valuesChanged", new js.Callback.many((e, data) { fromRange = data.values.min; toRange = data.values.max; })); }); main root html file I have: <script src="jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="jquery-ui.custom.min.js">

Jquery ui Globally override event of jquery ui autocomoplete widget

I would like to override default focus event of autocomplete so I don't have to override it everytime I call autocomplete. However, I can't figure out how to override events with my approach. Options work fine, events not: $.widget( "custom.autocompleteExt", $.ui.autocomplete, { autoFocus: true, focus: function(event, ui){ console.log(ui); event.preventDefault(); } });

Jquery ui How to reload sj:tab in struts2-jquery 3.3.3?

I need to relaod a sj:tab in struts2-jquery 3.3.3, so far i tried: Add a listenTopic to sj:tab, didn't work as i read it wasn't yet implemented in that version Upon any event, reload the tab like: $('#myPanel').tabs("load", "#myTab"); It works and reloads, but some more event handlers bind and when i submit via sj:submit, it submits twice, i've tried to remove all event handlers with jquery before reload, but i doesn't make any difference. So the event handlers grow exponetially: >

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