Lotus notes Remove old emails from a Lotus Notes database

Is there a utility, plugin, application that can help an admin of a Lotus Notes(v6.5 Client)/Domino (v5) server to trim the fat from the database? But it needs to skip certain Users. I found the following tool: http://www.virtualobjectives.com.au/notesdomino/mailboxcleaner6.htm I really do not know anything about administrating the backend of lotus notes. And I am not sure if the above utility will allow me filter the users.

Lotus notes NotesAgent.Run return value

I have an agent that runs other agents (let's call these 'sub-agents' for my purpose) .Each time the agent run, it logs it's actions, whether it ran successfully or generated an error. What I want now is to log also if the sub-agents would successfully run or not (using NotesAgent.Run/RunOnServer). The documentation says that this method returns 0 if the sub-agent run successfully. But when I force an error to a subagent, the Run method still returns 0. Is there a way that I can make it return o

Lotus notes querysave event validation

I have a form. The form fields are validated in the querysave event. The validation goes like this. I have some fields to be validated for its presence during save. i.e., when i click a check box and dont enter the details in its field, it should show a error message box while saving. The validation works fine for a new document. My question is how to make it work for both new document and edit mode? The error message is not getting displayed the second time when i click on save.i.e., when i

Lotus notes Rich Text Field lost link reference doclink Lotus

i have two forms each of which has the doclink they relate. The field where I store the doclink is of type 'RichText'. Then I create the 'form A' and send to the user who will create the 'form B' from a button on the 'form A'. When the user clicks the button 'form A' the 'form B' is created and stored in the field of 'form B' doclink the 'form A' and 'form A' stored doclink of 'form B'. But when I run a command in 'form B' and saved, the icon that represents the field of doclink 'form A' turns b


I am using OSTranslate to convert my mail body content to Unicode String. Which is working fine for char* less then WORD size 65535. WORD Length = MAXWORD; actualOutLength = OSTranslate(OS_TRANSLATE_LMBCS_TO_UNICODE, (char*)inPtr, Length, (char*)outPtr, Length); After conversion the output array contains only a part of a source string. Please Suggest what is the correct approach to set the size as my input string size is exceeding MAXWORD size limit.

Lotus notes Lotus Notes Views are not showing up in the web browser

We have a legacy Lotus Notes application that we want to see if we can make an improvement, first by making a test environment for this application. Currently the application is located on the main server and being replicated every 15 minutes to the web server. The replica on the web server has different forms and views since they are adjusted to display the information on the web browser (in my understanding) I have made a new copy of the application that is on the main server without any prob

Lotus notes Lotus @command scripts for Reply/Reply All without attachment(s)

I frequently use the "Reply with History without Attachment(s)" and "Reply to All with History without Attachment(s)" in Lotus Notes, and want to create buttons on the toolbar for these. Can anybody help with the @Command script for this? I have tried using @Command([Compose];"Reply With History") but it replies only to sender, and with attachments. Alternatively, is there way to assign a key sequence to a button? e.g. Alt+A-R-R / Alt+A-P-R I am on Lotus Notes 8.5.

Lotus notes Documents that appear in more than one category are pasted multiple times when using Copy Selected As Table

I have to fix the problem in the title and after one day of research I realy don't know what else to try, what else to google ;) The topic is discussed in an IBM TechNote. But this answer isn't enough for me. I really need a workaround! My question: Can I 'get between' the User clicking the 'Copy as table' and the actual copying of the table? I see two ways of solving my problem (I don't know how to implement them): If I just could show the user a Messagebox 'Use our own export agent' th

Lotus notes What is making Lotus Domino duplicate files?

Recently, a lot of files (forms, views, script libraries) began appearing in our databases in the following form: aCertainForm(9C8D9154E5C13C5C83257ED0005FC0FE).form aCertainForm(9C8D9154E5C13C5C83257ED0005FC0FE).form.metadata Where aCertainForm.form (and its metadata) is a file that exists. The files are often the same thing, so I usually delete them, but now some of them are starting to look different from the original and some of the originals are disappearing. Inside the Designer, they sim

Lotus notes Embedded view from other databases - Lotus Notes

I would like to embed a view from another database called "Y", but when I went to form ==> Insert Element==> View==> It does not list all the the database which i have already opened in designer. Basically I want to embed view from another database called Y, I am using Lotus notes 9 & on windows 10. Is there something I am missing here. It shows only few local database like contact, bookmark etc in the open embed view dialog box. Since I have few people working on Notes 7 I want to make s

Lotus notes IBM Notes - Formula Language - Column Value from Checkbox Field

I have a checkbox field. I want to display the values from that field in a column view. The values in the field are names such as John Doe Smith. When there are multiple values in the checkbox they are displayed in an awkward manner. For instance John Doe Smith,Jane Doe Smith,Mary Doe Smith I want to remove the commas and replace them with a "comma space" so they are more readable. The above example should look like this John Doe Smith, Jane Doe Smith, Mary Doe Smith I've tried using @Replac

Lotus notes Raw field info in Designer client search

I was searching for a field we're doing away with in one of our databases and found a number of forms on which the field is no longer used, but show search hits. <item name='Edit_Date' summary='false' sign='true'> <rawitemdata type='400'> AAAAAAAAAAA= </rawitemdata></item> They'd done clean up in this regard before, I assume, and this likely represents documents on which the field used to exist. While I know that editing the DXL could corrupt the design, I might clean

Lotus notes Lotus Notes get specific view column value

I created a view where the first column could be any of three different names on a form. I would like to have an agent go through each document in the view and create an email for each person in the view with information from the document(s) pertaining to that person. Each person can be any of the three name fields on the form, but they can only be on the form once, so if there are 5 documents for a person, there could be 3 in name a, 1 in name b, and 1 in name c. My issue is coming up when I

Lotus notes Lotus Notes: Comparing two fields

I have two dialoglist fields Cutt_Start and Cutt_End, both of the fields has example choices of: January | 1 February | 2 March | 3 ... December | 12 Now, what I want to happen is that, when you select January on the Cutt_Startand March on the Cutt_End, it should prompt an error that Month2 should be next to Month1. I tried this code, but nothing happens. If Cutt_Start = "January" & Cutt_End <> "February" Then Msgbox "Month2 should be next to Month1" Else Msgbox "January to F

Lotus notes Database size limitation in Lotus Notes 8.5 version

we have lotus notes database(.nsf) size of 94GB and working fine on opening and searching for documents from LN client. But recently one of the database exceeded 64 GB and when we try to open the database from notes client, it alerting "Database exceeded maximum limit". So we have created a replica of db in the current version (Lotus notes 8.5) and after that database is opening fine from client. We have few more database which were nearing to size 64 GB (might have created in older version of

Lotus notes Conditional form fields in Lotus Notes

I try to build an advanced form in Lotus Notes. Some fields should hide in condition to the state of other fields. I can hide one field by defining a formula for this. But the problem is I have to first save the document, close it and reopen it to see the fields are hidden. I want that the field is hiding while the UI doc is in edit mode when I change the state of fields. Thank you! Best regards Robert

Lotus notes Lotus Notes: Create a text file

I am trying to create a text file in lotus notes which I am running through the agents. The agent ran successfully but the text file is not created in the path which is specified in the lotus script. This is the lotus script code: Option Public Sub Initialize MsgBox " Agent AccessUserList" On Error GoTo HandleError Dim session As New NotesSession Dim myStream As NotesStream Dim TheDate As String, filename As String TheDate=Format(Now(),"mmdd") filename = "

Lotus notes URL with brackets compared to full URL

Why would #1 work, but not #2 or 3 when used in a $$Return field if database is being accessed using IE11? The field is hidden. [db_path/db_filename/Page?OpenPage] http://server_dns/db_path/db_filename/Page?OpenPage server_dns/db_path/db_filename/Page?OpenPage

Lotus notes Call to an external API via HTTPS from LotusScript

I need to make a call to a HTTPS based service, from LotusScript. Previously, I have used: Set http = CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.3.0") But now we have moved the application to a Domino server on Linux. My first attempt to replace this code, was to call the shell function, with a call to curl. It works, but the shell function always return an integer, so the response is transferred back to LotusScript as temporary files. The curl solution is rather slow. Approximately 2 seconds respo

Lotus notes Routing loop due to relay emails from lotus domino server

I want to rout all mails received or send from lotus domino server to an external relay which will do some action and send the mails. This can be achieved by relaying mails to external servers but when incoming mail is routed it ends up in a loop. Similar problem Can this be solved by ignoring mail coming from a specific IP . Is there a way to configure emails based on the ip they are received from

Lotus notes Get view index sizes programmatically

I'm familiar with the "Manage Views" tool in Domino Administrator, and wondered if anyone had come up with a way to access the view Index size programmatically. Ideally I'd use LotusScript but any other method would be great too. I'm hoping to analyze which views are actually used across a large number of databases, without having to extract the info manually.

Lotus notes @UrlQueryString not working for http://www.myserver.com/foo.nsf/&L=EN

I'm creating a custom General Error Message (in domcfg that will replace the standard HTTP404) I want to get the parameters on the URL, so I use @UrlQueryString. It works fine expect for URL with the following syntax: http://www.myserver.com/foo.nsf/&L=EN For this URL the @UrlQueryString returns and empty string. QUESTION: How Can I get the parameter of the URL in a bad formed URL ?

Lotus notes Lotus Notes: Getting all notes in a view or folder, sorted by column, through C-API

I am trying to write an application which accesses Notes databases through the C API, this works so far as I can get the list (summary info) of the notes in a view or folder with NIFOpenCollection() and NIFReadEntries(). However, this will return the notes in a seemingly arbitrary order. How can I retrieve all notes in a view or folder, sorted by a specific column? NIFSetCollation() doesn't seem to help with that, as it only allows to specify a collation/order which is already defined in the te

Lotus notes Lotus Notes: How to make @MailSend to run only once

There is a computed numeric field called: Sum. As its name says, it is basically a percent, that changes every time a user completes other fields. Initially, it is 100 (%). I created a configuration zone where there is a view with 2 columns: Minimum value | Names ------------------------------------- 60 Name1, Name2 ------------------------------------- 30 Name3 ------------------------------------- 15 Name5 So, when Sum

Lotus notes registerNewUser new user in lotus notes in different database than names.nsf

When I am creating/registering a new user in Lotus Notes using registerNewUser (i.e. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSVRGU_8.5.3/com.ibm.designer.domino.main.doc/H_REGISTERNEWUSER_METHOD_JAVA.html) the new user is getting added to names.nsf file. which is default file of Lotus Notes address book. I want to create/register a User in custom.nsf/other than names.nsf file. How I can do that using ncso.jar API? Thanks in advance

Lotus notes Lotus Embedded view and chrome browser

I am trying to open a form in browser ( CHROME ) which has embedded view in it, but it shows blank nothing opens. I set embedded view's property to show as Java Applet in when displaying over web. Google chrome does not support embedded view ? Thanks

Lotus notes Agent does not set "From" in header

We have a mail agent which generates a basic mail and sends it to an mailaddress. Dim s As New NotesSession Dim maildoc As NotesDocument Dim db As NotesDatabase Set db = s.Currentdatabase Set maildoc = New NotesDocument(db) maildoc.Form = "Memo" maildoc.SendTo = "test123@web.de" maildoc.Subject = "Test" Call maildoc.replaceitemvalue("Principal","testFrom@anydomain.de") Call maildoc.replaceitemvalue("AltFrom","testFrom@anydomain.de") Call maildoc.replaceitemvalue("InetPrincipal","testFrom@anyd

Lotus notes LotusScript - Multiple extraction and reattaching of attachments leads to copies of the first attachment and file corruption

Extracting and reattaching of single files produce the right results, but when it comes to multiple files the result is copies of the first attachment but with the names of the file name. For example, if I extract fileA.doc, fileB.doc and fileC.doc, I'll get fileA.doc, fileB.doc and fileC.doc but the content in the documents will be that of fileA.doc. File names are correct but the content is the content to the first document and some of the files becomes corrupt. Below is the same code. strRt

Lotus notes HCL Notes: How to increase limit for text?

For a project I am programming in HCL Domino and using a Notes Database. My problem is that the value I want to store as text is greater than the maximum limit for text (32KB). As an alternative rich text came into my mind. Within the application it works just fine. Yet if I directly apply any changes in the database the text will be formatted differently. If I use the application again the text will be look something like this: <font size="2" face="sans-serif">&lt;

Lotus notes Sort Column Total

I have a view with column totals. What I want is to sort the totals-column in a Xpages-view or repeat-control. I am able to get the totals to display but cannot sort them. Any suggestions?

Lotus notes LotusScript: Saving on read mode on Audit Trail

I have a audit trail that records two fields. I just want to ask if its possible to save changes in audit trail while on read mode? My code doesn't record anything while on read mode. Can you help me guys? Here's my code: Querysave: Sub Querysave(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant) initial = Source.IsNewDoc If initial Then m$ = session.CommonUserName & " - " & Cstr(Now()) & " - Document Created" Forall F In old v$ = Source.FieldGetText(Listtag(F))

Lotus notes java plugin on email for lotus notes

I am new to IBM Lotus Notes. We had a requirement where below things are to be done: we have to create a button which will be visible when forward/reply/new mail is clicked. We have to write a even for this button. After clicking on this button the current opened mail should be saved in the local drive. And after that should call a custom DLL where the other functionality is implemented. I am a java developer. Please advice me can we achieve using the java knowledge by developing any custom

Lotus notes Lotus formula to filter calendar entries containing certain text

I'm fairly new to Lotus Script and Formula language. I'm trying to make a view that only shows certain calendar entries - the view selection looks like SELECT Form = "Appointment" | AppointmentType = "0" | AppointmentType = "2"| AppointmentType = "3" It's pretty simple but seem to works okay. Next step is that I do not want to show documents where part of the subject contain "Accepted:". How is this achievable? Thank you.

Lotus notes Lotus Notes Embedded View - Indicate where the users is in the hierarchy

I am working on a legacy Lotus Notes application. The app has many response and response-to-response documents. The user would like an embedded view that highlights or somehow indicates where the user is in the hierarchy. This is common on the web, and I bet I can do it in Xpages, but can it been done in LN?. Could I construct an embedded view that uses HTML to do this, or a field that uses HTML? I was not clear in my original question. What I meant by where the user was in the heirarchy was ju

Lotus notes Automatically Save Attachments on Lotus Notes 9.0 (Mac)

My employer (unfortunately) uses a Lotus Notes server. All company computers are Windows machines, but I am a Mac user. I have configured my e-mail on IBM Notes 9.0 for Mac. It's tolerable, but I need some help with AppleScript or automating some features. Most emails I receive are reports in MS Word or PDF format. I would like to automatically copy all attachments to a folder on the Desktop. Can I do this with AppleScript or Automator on the Mac? Can I do this with actions in the Notes softwa

Lotus notes how to save form values to DB in domino designer by Lotus Script

I am new to Domino designer and lotus script, following my first question 1) How can I save form values to DB 2)How can I view DB( like MS access) 3) How to create view to retrieve values from DB Googled for it but found a link to save to db solution. I tried Sub Click(Source As Button) Dim myText As String Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim enteredText As String Dim session As New NotesSes

Lotus notes Lotus notes: change view selection formula by script

I'm trying to change view selection formula by script with this selection formula: formula = "SELECT (@Modified = [" & Left(doc1.LastModified,10) & "]) & form = ["& Cstr(doc1.form(0)) &"]" But when I try to execute it Notes retrive me the following error: Notes error: Unknown [KeyWord] for @Function (SELECT (@Modified = [03/02/2015]) & form=[myform])

Lotus notes LotusScript to find attachments in all mail files larger than {X} MB

As the titles says. Unfortunately I'm a complete beginner with LotusScript so I have no idea myself. However we have had for a while no max email attachment size policy in place.. and this has caused us to have lots of people sending 100mb+ files to each other via email.. sometimes multiple times. I'm wondering if a script is possible that will search all .nsf files in the mail directory for attachments larger than {X} MB. So we can have a report to look through and deal with these files. Th

Lotus notes Lotus View Sorting According to Numeric Values

I created a categorized view which sorted according to "Text" Values. The first column has Text Value. But second Column has numeric values. there is also Total Column at the end. What i would like to do is to sort according to Numeric values(It can be Total Column) from Biggest one to smallest one... is it possible to sort

Lotus notes Notes 9: Add button to IMAP nsf

I have configured Notes 9 to read email from localhost using IMAP and SMTP. Using steps from https://support.google.com/mail/forum/AAAAK7un8RUev8-vLETKhU/?hl=sl chapter "COMPLETE STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO CONFIGURE GMAIL IMAP ON LOTUS NOTES 8x". How can I add a button to the form which displays an email? What I have done so far: I have preformed the steps in the guide mentioned above in order to read email from an IMAP server which does not require encryption (SSL or TLS). This has created

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