Netbeans 6.5.1 + Openfire 3.6.4 Collaboration?

We are using the collab plugin in Netbeans. Unfortunately the "Service for the developer collaboration XMPP server will be discontinued as of April 20, 2009. " I managed to install OpenFire 3.6.4 on OpenSolaris 2008.11. Whatever I do I cant login from Netbeans collab plugin, but getting "Object does not represnt a valid JID" Server log: 2009.05.23 21:41:27 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.spi.PresenceManagerImpl.userUnavailable(PresenceMa

Build file and Ant Targets from Project Menu in Netbeans (6.7)

I've recently started using netbeans for a few hobby projects. I've come from a JDeveloper background and I'm used to been able to see my ant build file from the project explorer window. In JDeveloper this has the advantage of allowing you to right click on it, allow easy edits, or run a required target when you want to. The only way I can seem to do this in netbeans is to open up the build.xml file, right click and select my target and run it. Hope everyone is still with me. I guess the

Problem with utf8 encoding Java strings using Netbeans

I have written a program that sends a request to the Yahoo API in several natural languages. The encoding on Yahoo has to be utf8. No problem in Delphi or Perl. In my Java version, I convert the search query sQuery1 like this: try{ utf8Bytes = sQuery1.getBytes("utf-8"); sQuery8 = new String(utf8Bytes, "utf-8"); } catch (etc.) Works fine when compiled from the command line. But when I type exactly the same code with Netbeans and run the jar, the Yahoo server sends an error message ea

Keyboard shortcut to fix error in netbeans

Whats the keyboard shortcut to open the list of possible solutions to an error. The button is to the left of an error and looks like a little light bulb. I would like to use this without reaching for my mouse.

How to open Non-Netbeans project in Netbeans?

When we create a (PHP) project in Netbeans 7, it somehow saves the directory in its own format, and later we can open the project in Netbeans. However, I have a project which I created without Netbeans, now I want to open it with Netbeans, but seems that I can not. When I "Open Project" in Netbeans, and browse to the directory, it does not not recognize the directory. So how can I open a Non-Netbeans project in it? Thanks.

netbeans 7 groovy editor

I've been trying out Netbeans 7 for its native groovy support, and one thing that seems to be a problem is automatically generated getters for boolean members using the isXXX syntax. I have a groovy class class MyClass { boolean finished } From my Java code, I should be able to call either isFinished or getFinished as follows: MyClass mc = new MyClass(); System.out.println(mc.isFinished()); System.out.println(mc.getFinished()); However, the groovy editor within netbeans tells me that m

How to control the display font in the 'Find Usages' window in Netbeans

The title says it: I left click and choose 'Find Usages' for a function name, and comes up the 'Find Usages' window. Can I change the font size for text in that window. Running Netbeans 7.01 on Debian Squeeze. Update: These suggestions from Netbeans faq and misc. forums I have tried: Start with fontsize paramaeter: netbeans --fontsize 14 Modify netbeans.conf in the install folder and add fontsize option: netbeans_default_options ="--fontsize 14 -J-Xms32m ...." None of these have any eff

How to make iReport data source connection to java classes in NetBeans?

I'm working with the iReport plugin for NetBeans and need to use a class for my datasource. The documentation says you can add a link to datasources in jar files so that you can see the class fields when creating the report, by including that jar file in the iReport classpath list. The problem is that there is no jar file with the compiled classes in NetBeans. Does anyone know a convenient way to make a datasource connection with classes in a NetBeans project? Or, how can I compile the java

Netbeans custom files in project

I need to add some custom files into my Java project in Netbeald, so after each build it will copy them automatically into output folder. How can I achieve this?

Find the command and options used by NetBeans IDE

I am using a the NetBeans 7.x IDE. I have a Netbeans Application module. I use the Build and the Run buttons from the IDE. The module runs just fine when I press Run Project or F6 button. I like to run this from the command line. Since everything was build automatically for me I have no idea where things are or how to run it. There are several jar files in the project/build/public-package-jars. Is there a way to see what command and options the Run Project is using ?

NetBeans shows no errors but it is not really commiting changes to GitHub

I have never used GitHub before. As Google Code is going to cease operations I started to move my projects to GitHib as Google suggested. I created a project, "cloned" it in my PC using NetBeans, added a folder with a few files and commited the changes. NetBeans does not show any error message and the Show Changes command shows no changes after the commit ends but when I check GitHub or make another "clone" I can see that my files are not there. This is the log of my commit operation. ==[IDE]=

Netbeans Modify classpath using Ant

I need help to modify the classpath in my JAR file. Here's my scenario: I am trying to make Netbeans build multiple JAR files for this project. I managed to create an Ant target that build the various JAR files. I used ant-contrib's for task and Netbeans built-in -pre-jar target: <property name="multipleJar.basePackage" value="com.mycompany.myproject"/> <property name="multipleJar.baseDirectory" value="com/mycompany/myproject"/> <target name="-pre-jar"> <!

NetBeans terminal window is gray and won't accept characters

I am running NetBeans 8.0.2 on a 64-bit Windows 7 PC. I was trying to follow Geertjan Wielenga's instructions for getting up and running with Scala in NetBeans 8.x. The first instruction starts, "In the Terminal window, ..." so I selected Window > IDE Tools > Terminal. Instead of being a useable terminal window, the tab's content area was completely gray. I noticed that there seemed to be text flashing in the window before it went gray, so I clicked on the "Create New Local Terminal Tab"

Netbeans Incorrect credentials for repository at ssh

I'm totally confused with openshift+netbeans. This is my openshift app and repository address When I try to "Clone repository" in order to develop locally I meet "Incorrect credentials for repository at ssh..." I also noticed that it is not possible to put the URL provided by openshift to "Repository URL" field in Netbeans "Clone repository" tool. Clone repository screenshot

Debugger doesn't stop at breakpoints in Glassfish on Netbeans

I'm running Glassfish on Netbeans, but debugger can't stop at breakpoints. I started Glassfish with "Debug-mode", attached debugger to 9009 port, as I saw in log file. I set a breakpoint on a line in my Managed-Bean code, right clicked the project and selected "Debug". But the debugger never stopped and I couldn't find any errors. Even if I set breakpoints on other lines, it didn't work. Do I need any other configurations ? Here is my environment. JDK 1.8.0_60 Netbeans 8.1 Glassfish 4.1.1 Java

Netbeans 8.2 autocomplete for FXML document is always showing "No suggestions"

I created a JavaFX project in Netbeans 8.2 for the first time and autocomplete for FXML document is always showing "No suggestions". For example: I have seen a similar question, e.g. Netbeans7.1 & JavaFX 2.0 - FXML code completion doesn't work, but I am not getting the same results from the solution proposed there (possibly because the version of Netbeans is different). What do I need to do to get autocomplete in FXML documents? Thanks!

I installed NetBeans 8.2 and can't change UI language. I didn't find any option for it. Any suggestions?

I installed NetBeans 8.2 and can't change hte UI language. I didn't find any option for it. Any suggestions? I use this process but it is not working Find netbeans etc, likely at the C:\Program Files\NetBeans 8.2\etc Open netbeans.conf Find netbeans_default_options Add those options, so: netbeans_default_options="blablabla - J-Duser.language=en -J-Duser.region=US" Save file Restart/start netbeans.

How to get NetBeans to recognize GLSL types and definitions?

I'm using NetBeans to code a OpenGL project. I want to keep coding all the source (including GLSL) in NetBeans, but it's showing me a lot of errors since it cannot recognize GLSL types and definitions. I've selected GLSL source files to be treated as C/C++ headers, since the syntax is (mostly) the same in GLSL and C. How can I make NetBeans recognize the types and definitions in GLSL? Is there a GLSL C header file somewhere where the types are defined? (I tried Google already for that, no dic

How can I have Netbeans automatically copy 3rd party jars from an included class-library to my project's dist/lib directory?

I have a Java Application in NetBeans 7.1 (let's call it myApp) that depends on a Java Class-Library Project [more than one, actually] where I keep some utility-classes I share among projects. This Class-Library Project (let's call it myLib) depends on [many] third party libraries (e.g. apache-commons-younameit.jar). I included myLib as a library, and NetBeans' Ant script pulls myLib.jar in the dist/lib directory of my myApp project; however, the jars upon which myLib depends are not pulled in

Background scanning of projects slows down Netbeans 7.2

I have the latest Java and JDK. I have a PHP project (CodeIgniter). When I open it in NetBeans 7.2 I can't get rid of "Background scanning of projects". What is this? How can I accelerate it? How can I disable it? [current solution] This happens only once when you open a new project in NetBeans. Later "Background scanning of projets" works 10-15 seconds.

Netbeans fortran build fails on Mac OS 10.8, cannot see gfortran file

I'm trying to get Netbeans up and running so I can start a Fortran project. I've downloaded the binaries and installed the plugins to the best of my knowledge. When I try to compile my hello world I get this error: "/usr/bin/make" -f nbproject/ QMAKE= SUBPROJECTS= .build-conf "/usr/bin/make" -f nbproject/ dist/Debug/GNU-MacOSX/convection mkdir -p build/Debug/GNU-MacOSX gfortran -c -g -o build/Debug/GNU-MacOSX/main.o main.f gfortran: error trying to exec 'f95

CSS pre-processors in NetBeans sub files not compiling

I am working with SASS in Netbeans 8. Now i have a project structure as: ProjectMap | |-- index.php | |-- css | |-- style.css | |-- _dev |-- sass |-- style.scss |-- components |-- header.scss |-- footer.scss Settings: Input: /_dev/sass Output: /css Compiler options: -I ${web.root}/_dev/scss --load-path ${web.root}/_dev/scss --style compressed Style.scss does @import header and footer. When

Configure what counts as a javadoc comment in netbeans

Block comments become useless if the documentation is thorough, because a single */ is an impenetrable barrier to block comments. I'm told doxygen accepts (or at least can accept) regular // comments instead, but netbeans doesn't by default. Is there a way to configure it to treat all comments as javadocs? For example: /** javadocs*/ class well_documented { /** javadocs*/ Variable A; /** javadocs*/ Variable B; /** javadocs*/ Variable C; /** javadocs*/ Variable D; //

(Java - Netbeans) I don't understand this Syntax error?

enter image description here I'm creating a platformer game using Netbeans and in my Sprite class I keep getting an error when trying to create my constructor. When I click on the error is just says, "Illegal start of type". I have tried so many things and I'm not sure how to resolve this.

Netbeans Creating a BMI Ideal Weight calculator (Running into some errors)

I am creating a BMI Ideal Weight calculator where the user is prompted to input data or there information into the textboxes, such as their name, height, weight (the weight can be in metric aka kgs or in imperial aka pounds) and the height can either be in metres or in feet. I also am using a radiobutton, two different ones to distinguish between genders (male or female) because males and females have different BMIs. The information and formulas I'm supposed to refer to is in the photo below, bu

How can I run the Netbeans Vaadin Example project?

I am using NetBeans 8.2. I installed the plugin for Vaadin (version 1.30.1). There is an option for the "Vaadin Example Project". I wanted to see that application, so I created a sample project. The IDE/plugin created 5 projects (ui, backend, parent, production, widgetset). I now want to run the project, but don't know how to do that. Which project do I need to run?

Netbeans Parameticindex out of range, Accordingly i have 7 parameters on my database and if i am trying to update data it is giving me this error

private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) { try { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/kilanuser","root",""); String sql = "UPDATE customers SET Name=?,Date=?,Product=?,'Total Price=?,PhoneNumber=?,Address=?' WHERE Serial=?"; pst = con.prepareStatement(sql); pst.setString(7,serialfiel

NetBeans Library using JNI

Seems the library definition only allows Jars or Folders. How can I assure that the DLL follows the jar file when the app is built?

Code signing Thawte problems (Netbeans or Samsung Jet S8003)

I recently bought a code signing certificate and have had successfully signed standalone java applet jar files with it. I also have partial success signing java midlets. But I can not get the Netbeans emulator (tried 6.9 and 7.0) or a samsung jet S8003 to recognize the certificate. Netbeans Error Reason: The content provider certificate issuer C=ZA;ST=Western Cape;L=Cape Town;O=Thawte Consulting cc;OU=Certification Services Division;CN=Thawte Premium Server CA;EmailAddress=premium-server@t

NetBeans Platform and JAR download

i'm started to use NetBeans Platform for the first time but i've got a problem. When i do "New Project" -> "Project form archetype" -> "Next", NetBeans opens a new empty window for define the Archetype and it freezes. I think that is the same problem that i've when i open a Platform project and i try to create a new Window; in this case, Netbeans tries to downloading the .JAR defined in the POM file of the project without success saying "Download NetBeans Platform JARs" (org-openide-util-RELE

Netbeans: Override the base URL used when running a web project

When I click "Run" in a Java based Netbeans Web project the project is deployed to my local JBoss instance and then the browser is opened pointing to JBoss' HTTP base URL: http://localhost:8080/MyApplication/ How can I change Netbeans' configuration so that it will always open JBoss' HTTPS URL: https://localhost:8443/MyApplication/ Netbeans only allows me to change the context path:

NetBeans: how to split window and place output panel to the right?

By default NetBeans has projects on the left, open files on the top part of right panel and output/variables/... on the bottom part of the left panel. As a result file panel is wide and tall. Is it possible to reorganize panels, so that "projects" panel is on the left, "open files" panel is on the center and "output/variables/..." panel is on the right?

Netbeans Is there a way to remap keys to change between tabs like Sublime Text/Atom and Browsers?

I was searching for some way to change Netbeans tabs behavior to act like Sublime Text or Google Chrome, but found nothing so far. In sublime, you can change tabs using the CTRL + number (Or Command + number in OSX), as seen in the following image: So my question is: Does anyone knows a way to do this in Netbeans ? I still love the IDE, but this feature is really important to me, because make me more productive.

Netbeans 8.2: High CPU usage without any reason

I hope I post that question in correct place. Since a few days I have a problem with Netbeans 8.2 (fresh installation) Java 1.8.0_162. Operating system: Windows 7/10 . The problem occurs on three different computers. Steps to reproduce: Open any file in Netbeans IDE (the editing caret is blinking), Deactivate NB window (click on another window, notepad, browser doesn't matter), Back to NB again by clicking directly on opened document (caret is blinking again), Now you should notice CPU

Stop auto-scrolling on a split or cloned window in NetBeans

Using NetBeans version 11.3, when splitting or doing a clone of an opened document tab I can scroll to different position in each view while editing the same document, I can also type and change the document in these different positions, the problem is that if i'm doing an UNDO / REDO operation on one view , the second view automatically scrolls to the cursor's position of the first view, is there a way to disable that automatic scroll?

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