Notepad++ How to Add Snippet to SnippetPlus in Notepad++

Having SinppetPlus v and Notepad++ v 6.0 installed on Windows 7 64 bit, I am not able to add new Snippets or modify and rename the existing snippet. Can you please let me know if this plugin still is working with Notepad++ v6.0? Or I am doing some thing wrong? Thanks

Notepad++ SourceCookifier plugin and multi-line regex?

I'm using the following expression: ^\s*(\w+)\s*:\s*(\w+)[\r\n\s]+(port|generic) to find all the instances of code such as: I1 : ITT_example_design PORT which is a multi-line result. However this doesn't work but DOES work in Notepad++'s search function. Any ideas what's wrong?

Notepad++ nppExec: file coudn't be found

i try to execute a ruby file with nppExec (notepad++) but it tells me that the file couldn't be found: Error opening script file: D:/Eigene (Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden) One directory has a space in its name. Without the space it works, but i would have to change a lot of files. i had the same problem also with the run command cmd /K jruby "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)", but with cmd /K "cd "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" && jruby "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"" it worked. Even

Notepad++ notepad++ how to switch nppftp window with keyboard?

I have to work on different ftp servers so I use notepad++ and nppftp. It's simple, fast and free, but I can't find hotkey to switch from text tab to nppftp window and back. Is there a way to switch from one tab to another without using mouse? Illustration:

Notepad++ Locating Notepad++ Configuration files

I am running Notepad++ (NPP) v6.3.3 on Windows 7 and am trying to find the location of my NPP 'Style Configurator' and 'Preferences' files (to sync across my home and work computers). I checked other postings on how to accomplish this, but the configuration file is not in my 'C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\' folder. In fact, there is no '~\Roaming\Notepad++' folder. When I make changes to my styles and preferences, the changes are saved (somewhere) if I close and reopen NPP. Any su

Notepad++ Need to Duplicate almost same line below xml file using notepad++

I need to duplicate almost same line below the same existing line using notepad++ File1: Before: <add key="CustomFolder" value="CustomFolderTest" /> After:enter code here <add key="CustomFolder" value="CustomFolderTest" /> <add key="CustomFolder1" value="CustomFolder2Test" /> File2: Before: <add key="CustomFolder" value="CustomFolderabc" /> After: <add key="CustomFolder" value="CustomFolderabc" /> <add key="CustomFolder1" value="CustomFolder2abc

Notepad++ Notepad++ select specific part of a line, and set to all other lines

Please, could someone tell me if there's a way to select a part of a line, in a way that ALL the lines 'inserting point' will be select(example: if I type something into a line, it will type in all the others too)? The point is that I want this to happen WITHOUT having to CTRL + Left Click + drag the mouse for dozens of thousands of lines(I'm talking about almost a hundred thousand lines). I want it to be something like this: Thank you.

Notepad++ Remove all but URL form code

So i have a code with bunch of links. What i want is to remove everything that is not an URL. For example currently it looks something like this: "id":"2","name":"name","orderBy":"1","version":"2","files":"" What I want as a result is I want to take those links

Notepad++ "process lines containing" Feature in Notepad++

In TextWrangler and BBEdit there is a "process lines containing" function. Does anyone know if this is available in Notepad++? I haven't been able to find it yet, if so. Alternatively, does other PC software exist that might have this option?

Notepad++ Notepad++ auto complete html

I am using autocomplete of Notepad++ and it's really good. But there is something that is really terrible compared with Dreamweaver autocomplete. For example, if I type: <div sty the notepad++ will show me a list of autocomplete options. If I just hit ENTER notepad++ will make this: <div style Great, it works. But in Dreamweaver the same happens but it does this: <div style="" You see? Dreamweaver already adds que = and double quotes and insert the cursor right in the middle o

Notepad++ How to search for an invalid character which is neither present in Spanish alphabet nor in English alphabet?

I have a 2000 lines of file of SQL codes which is having some junk characters. By junk I mean, these characters do not belong to either Spanish or English alphabet. In notepad++, is there any way to search invalid character like this? For example, consider the following line, UPDATE table A SET some_string = 'No se encontró un producto fìsico para el plan ingresado' WHERE some_ID = 'XYZ001' Here the special characters are ³ and ¬ but à is not as it is a valid Spanish character. If there

Notepad++ Why did notepad++ suddenly display lines below cursor as white-on-gray?

I fat-fingered something in Notepad++, instantly turning all lines below the cursor negative (gray bkgd, white chars). Saving or closing/opening did not change anything. Finally figured out (in writing this) I must have hit the accent-grave. It is at the end of line 1383 in the image. Note that the ag is not visible in the image (it becomes visible if another line is selected.) Every char following the ag displays "negative" - white-on-gray (see image). A second ag toggles the feature. A go

Notepad++ Notepad++ - Turn big query from SQL Server into one line

I've a big query from SQL Server in notepad++ (1012 lines) and I want to pass this query to only one line. For example, I've this: SELECT * FROM tableA WHERE Field_A = 1 And I want to pass to this: SELECT * FROM tableA WHERE Field_A = 1 I'm trying with the following codeS: Open the Replace dialog ( Ctrl + H ) Check the Wrap around option Choose the Regular expression search mode Fill in the regex (\h*\R)+ in the Find what: zone Fill in the regex \x20 in the Replace with: zone Click on th

Notepad++ Customize context menu in Notepad++

I want to add some predefined text in the context menu under the "Author Queries" tab with sub menu, like below: Author Queries FM Some text Another some text BM Some text Another some text I tried in contextmenu.xml but I failed to get the desired output. How do I add the customized context menu?

Notepad++ Large .A2L file, quoted translation issue

I'm looking for a little guidance from the seasoned users. I'm very new and I hope my wording comes out clear and legible. I have a large .A2L file at 11.3 MB. It contains around 600,000 lines of data, code and quoted text. The quoted text is in German and I'd like to convert this into English. By looking at the example below, you can see what I'm talking about. /begin CHARACTERISTIC FrmMng_tiACCAPoll_C "Erlaubte Zeit zur CAN Polling der ACCA-Botschaft, wenn GRA" VALUE 0x1D45BA Kw_Wu16 6553

Notepad++ Notepad++ replacing a series of characters with numbers

I have a document in which I have to replace some special characters with numbers in ascending order. I have marked those characters as "&&", I have to replace first 14 && with 1, next 14 && with 2, next 14 && with 3 and so 14 && with 250. Is there a better and fast way to do it. Thanks..

Notepad++ Notepad++ change all 'xx' for 'xx++'

Have some way to numerate the following text ('xx', 'link 001'), ('xx', 'link 002'), ('xx', 'link 100'); to ('001', 'link 001'), ('002', 'link 002'), ('100', 'link 100'), like a while While($x = 001; $x <= 100) { $xx == $x++; }

Notepad++ Settings for ctag in Notepad++

I have installed Notepad++ on Windows 7 machine. And have installed "Gtag Search" plugin for browsing through the code using ctags. As mentioned in the plugin page, have put the gtags and ctags executables in notepad++\plugins\gtagfornplus directory and have set the PATH environment variable accordingly. Also have created tags file in my code project and have placed them @ C:\ too. Now when i go to Plugin->Gtag Search->Find Definition, Gtag Search window opens but do not show any result. Cou

Notepad++ Find duplicates and delete all in notepad++

I have multiple email addresses. I need to find and delete all (including found one). Is this possible in notepad++?,,,,,,,,,,, I need results back like,,,,,, How to do in notepad++?

Notepad++ Remove everything before certain character in Notepad++

How do I remove everything before the 6th colon in this text for example: 123:::12423:122343:123:1234:example 1212d3:::123:123453:12333:12345:example 12dd3:::12663:1223423:123:123456:example 123:::123:123:123:1234567:example 124tsd3:::121233:123:123:12346578:example 125sdf3:::123:1254353:123:123456789:example So then I would be left with: 1234:example 12345:example 123456:example 1234567:example 12346578:example 123456789:example

Notepad++ Notepad++ Merge list

List 1 text1 text2 text3 text4 List 2 value1 value2 value3 value4 Result text1=value1 text2=value2 text3=value3 text4=value4 How do I do this in Notepad++?

Notepad++ Notepad++ extented search

I search lines with (.*);(.*);(.*);(.*);(.*);(.*);(.*);(.*);(.*) formula. (9 characters) But search with 10 characters or more not work :( Any know why can't search?

Notepad++ Copy paste with line number in Notepad++

Can you please tell me how can I copy some lines of code in Notepad ++, along with its lines number ? That is, supposed I have a code.txt opened by notepad ++ like this (numbers are displayed by using Settings --> Preferences --> Editing --> Display line number): 1 This is line 1 2 This is line 2 . . n This is line n I want to copy it into a .doc / .odt file so that the line number is included in the result, NOT like this: This is line 1 This is line 2 . . This is line n

Notepad++ Notepad++ switch to weird editing mode

I'm using notepad++ to edit a file. Every now and then it seems to switch mode, a bit like vim would do. In this mode when I press escape, it will write a special esc character. So far I haven't found what seems to trigger this mode, what it does and most importantly how to exit it. This means I have to restart notepad++ every time. Is there anyway to avoid that ?

Notepad++ Notepad++ JSLint Plugin not compiling whole file at a time and How to ignore a particular line in code

I have installed jslint plugin in Notepad++ I have changed the options maximum no. of errors to 5000 of jslint as attached below image for getting all the errors or scanning whole file but still i am getting only 7 errors. Secondly is there a way to ignore any particular line\set of lines in code so that jslint not parse it. i have used // jslint ignore:line and /*ignore jslint start*/ // // // /*ignore jslint end*/ but not worked at all.

Notepad++ Split big line into more

Helllo I want to split a big line in multiply lines but only after a specific character and only after the 5th character. I have a big line like this . @a @b @c @d @e @f @g @h @i ...... Now i want to split this big line into more lines but ONLY after the 5th @ , like this @a @b @c @d @e @f @g @h @i ........... So i want to have on a line only 5 @ . Please help me. Thank you!

Notepad++ Refresh document in notepad++

I have a php script running which writes to a logfile. I opened the logfile in Notepad++ to see any new content. But i noticed that the content is only refreshing after Notepad++ looses the focus and receives the focus again. Is there a way to refresh the page manually just like a page refresh with F5 on webbrowsers, or even better, automatically refresh?

Notepad++ Can't run python script via NppExec plugin in Note++

I've been trying to run this: npp_console 1 //open console NPP_CONSOLE - //disable output of commands npe_console m- //disable unnecessary output con_colour bg= 191919 fg= F5F5F5 //set console colors npp_save //save the file cd $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY) //follow current directory NPP_CONSOLE + //enable output IF $(EXT_PART)==.c GOTO C //if .c file goto C label IF $(EXT_PART)==.cpp GOTO CPP //if .cpp file go

Notepad++ Sorting a text file by the second value

I was wondering if there is an option in notepad++ to sort a text file by the second value. I have a txt that looks like this : ('sinon', 143) ('serais', 113) ('sens', 107) ('se', 323) ('sans', 113) ('sais', 702) ('sa', 137) ('s', 382) ('rien', 619) ('quoi', 611) I tried to sort it by the value of the number and not alphabetically with notepad but no sucess so far. I also tried a bit of python but as I'm not really good at coding I didn't suceed here.

Notepad++ More smaller text size

I made an app for Android, it converts image to spuares like ASCII art. To take photo I need view this soo small. In notepad++ minimum font size is 5. But I need more smaller size like 1 or 2. How can I make it

Notepad++ Replace Directory Path Without Changing All Paths

I'm not quite sure how to word this, but I think the examples will make it understandable. I have a txt file with paths leading to files. Some paths are one directory deeper than the other files I need changed to new directories. They are all in the same root path, therefore a basic find and replace would add the new path to every entry, which I don't want: Common paths: \maindirectory\dir1\file1.txt \maindirectory\dir2\file2.txt Paths needing changes: \maindirectory\file.exe \maindirectory\fil

Notepad++ Can Notepad++ convert strings matched regular expression to lowercase?

I have a C++ source file that uses functions of the form getMemberName() to return member data. Instead, I'd like to use memberName(). In order to match instances of function names that need to change, I'm using the following regular expression: (\s+)get([A-Z]) The problem is, I don't know how to replace the instance of \2 with its lowercase version. Does anyone have any ideas, or should I resort to writing a Perl script? Thanks, Zach

Notepad++ Notepad++ open dialog weirdness

Can some explain the following mystery? Please refer to In the both screenshots, Notepad++ is on the left and Windows Explorer is on the right. Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise is running in VMWare and is accessed via Remote Desktop Connector. In the top screenshot, notice I am editing C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts # yes, not in the "etc" sub-directory In the Notepad++ open dialog the "hosts" file is listed. But the same directory in Windows Explorer

Notepad++ RegEx how to insert text in a previous line of searched text in notepad++

I am searching for an regular expression to insert text in previous line below is the example how i need to insert in notepad++ submit... action.. method=post I would like to search with method=post and then insert a text "Post" like below Always it should be two lines up of method=post Post Submit action method=post Could you please suggest any regular expression I can use in notepad++?

Notepad++ Size of file names on tabs in Notepad++

In notepad++, the names of the files I have open that appear on each tab are in a tiny font that's unreadable (using a large screen at low resolution). Is there a way to change the size of the font that's used on those tabs? Thanks!

Notepad++ notepad++ : How to replace one line of text with another

I have records in notepadd++ in this below format 611090102932 20161130 12563 20170112 100333IMPAYES STASIE 2017 01 12 5640 00000000ESPECE i have 190 lines of data like this. So i want to replace the 5640(number) that is before 00000000ESPECE with 12563(number) that is before 20170112 for all the lines in the file. I tried installing ToolBucket plugin but i am not sure how do i select the line i want and replace it with the other one i would appreciate if someone coul

Notepad++ New line character in Notepad++

How can I take the new line characters in the middle of words... below words in Notepad++ (which is on different lines) where i should remove the new line character from the address value of cust_id- 102140 result should be

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