OpenErp and Dynamics Ax: how is programmable and customizable OpenErp?

i'm trying to compare OpenERP and Dynamics AX. Does anyone can tell me the difference when programming OpenErp and Dynamics AX? For example, I know that in Dynamics AX exists a customization layer, and also, all objects are hierarchical and programmable (and customizable). Do exists this type of concept in OpenERP ? Can i personalize it in a modular way ? Thanks

Openerp How use a fields of module A in module B

i have two module opportunities and job positions . i am trying to use only one field of "job positions" name Employees in "opportunities" module. i am new in openerp and have no knowledge about python . so i am using developer option of openerp . i am attaching my both module file . Is there any attribute of fields or other so my field will use the value of other module values like as :- crm.lead xml file:- <field name="name" module="hr.job" /> here module is not using value of "h

Best portal to integrate with OpenERP

I am having openERP installed on my server now I need some functionality of portal website like forums, blogs and social networking which are not available in OpenERP. Can anyone suggest me best portal which can easily integrate with OpenERP with less effort. Or if OpenERP supports these modules Where can I found it or how can I develop it?

Integration Of Openerp with Moodle

I am trying to make an integration between moodle and openerp. In openerp when I create an event and do confirm to that event the following exception is thrown: File "C:\Python27\lib\", line 1264, in request return self.single_request(host, handler, request_body, verbose) File "C:\Python27\lib\", line 1312, in single_request response.msg,ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 404 Not

OpenERP - Add fields only to some products inside a Category

I'm setting up OpenERP v7. I know how to create modules and so on. The problem is that not all the products will have the same fields. For example for T-shirts I would have Color, Size. But for belts I will have: Material, Length (as an example). I know the option of using multi-variants but it's very very confusing. It creates a new column for Dimension values but then the Name of the product has also the Dimension values in it. It's very annoying. Also, the access to the Product Templates is

Openerp How to disable/remove the "Create", "Write" operations for users in a group, but only on some views

I have a special user group who is allowed to create new res.partner instances, but only if they go through a series of steps with custom views. On the other hand, they have restricted view possibilities on res.partner. Thus in CRUD terminology, these users have the Create right. On the other hand, I don't want to provide them general create rights, but only if the follow their partner wizard view. Still, they have the Read right as well on res.partner, thus I would like to present them with a

Customize "Add an Item" in Openerp

I need to change the name of "add an item" in tree view. Without editing it in the base class. Add an Item is triggered from "web/static/src/js/view_form.js". SO how to change the name "Add an Item" to "Add" var $cell = $('<td>', { colspan: columns, 'class': this._add_row_class || '' }).append( $('<a>', {href: '#'}).text(_t("Add an item")) .mousedown(function () { // FIXME: needs to be an official API somehow

openerp rml report on temporary table

I'm trying to put some datas into a postgres temporary table, and then extract them via a rml report. My problem is how to tell to openerp to get datas from these temporary tables instead of the default model, in my case account.invoice. Thanks a lot for the help.

How to get the uploaded file name in Openerp

When I Upload a file using binary field in openerp and saved it, at the time of downloading I am not getting the same name as I uploaded from my lacal i.e, my file name is odoo.pdf during upload, while download it automatically changes into model name i.e (pay_slip_doc) pay_slip_doc is my model name, but while downloading I want the same file name.

Openerp Populating dropdown list according to product id in Odoo

I have a created a tab in product form for manufacturer. It has manufacturer_name and manufacturer_partno fields and some others. Each product has multiple manufacturers (one to many relationship). I want to get a dropdown of manufacturer_partno in add supplier form which are of the same product (same product id). I just want to know how this is possible. Please help me out if you can. // This is the product class extension class product_template(osv.osv): _inherit = "product.templ

What is the difference between OpenERP and Odoo?

What all are the difference between OpenERP and Odoo. I know Odoo(v8) is lastest version of OpenERP(v7) and also explain something about Odoo V9. Here difference in the sense it means what are all the additional feature available in Odoo and also about extra feature included in Odoo v9.

OpenERP. Add image into field dynamically in a tree view

I am using v7 and I want to show in a tree view a field with image icons (like a semaphore) depending of other field values in the same row. Actually, I get the functionality I want with a function field and put the result as string but I really want it as an image. I don't know if is possible to return HTML from the function so I decided to do that with jQuery. I implemented the jQuery code using the browser console and works but when I put the jQuery code in the view the "data-field" selecto

Openerp Odoo 8 : how to link a Many2one field automatically with the parent model?

I created a new model 'sale.order.category' in order to group Sale Order Lines in specific subcategories (allowing to display subtotals, etc.) class SaleOrderCategory(models.Model): _name = 'sale.order.category' name = fields.Char('Name', required=True) line_ids = fields.One2many('sale.order.line', 'category_id', 'Order Lines in this category') order_id = fields.Many2one('sale.order', 'Order', required=True, readonly=True) class SaleOrder(models.Model): _name = 'sale.order'

Openerp Send Email with attachment using scheduler in ODOO

Scheduler should generate a report and save it in ir.attachments, i.e PDF report should be stored in ir.attachment table, then need to send mail with that report as attachments. 1) How to store the report (PDF) in ir.attachment table In ODOO 9 So far I tried: @api.model def _redmine_mail(self): ir_model_data = self.env[''] try: template_id = ir_model_data.get_object_reference('pms', 'email_template_edi_timesheet')[1] print template_id except ValueErr

Openerp Show a confirm dialog from ORM methods

I want to perform some checking in the ORM write method and show a confirm dialog with yes/no choices to ask confirmation. If the user click yes, then the record will be saved. Otherwise, the dialog would just be closed. I tried using exception raising but I don't know how to get which button the user clicked. Moreover, raising an exception implies that the method execution stops which is not what I want. I also tried by creating a wizard in order to have a custom confirm dialog. But to disp

Openerp Why doesn't this many2many domain work in my Odoo v10 view?

In Odoo V10, I am editing the default Here is the full original view: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <data> <xpath expr="//button[@name='action_view_invoice']" position="before"> <field name="picking_ids" invisible="1" /> <button type="object" name="action_view_delivery" class="oe_stat_button" icon="fa-truck" attrs="{'invisible': [('delivery_count', '=', 0)]}" groups="base.group_user"> <field name="deli

Openerp Update Context in Odoo Controller (request.env.context)

I want to update request context, request.env.context At the moment I got this dictionary {'lang': u'en_US', 'tz': False, 'uid': 21} I wanna update lang key, and expected output of request.env.context {'lang': 'de_DE', 'tz': False, 'uid': 21} Any idea how.

Openerp odoo 10 javascript widget not working: Could not find client action 'petstore.homepage'

I took the oepetstore code from github and modified it to suit odoo10 however it is giving me error as Could not find client action 'petstore.homepage'. In the manifest file I have included all the xml files. code mentioned in github works for odoo9 but not for 10. petstore.js, odoo.define('oepetstore.petstore', function (require) { "use strict"; var Class = require('web.Class'); var Widget = require('web.Widget'); var core = require('web.core'); var utils = require('web.utils'

Implementation of google mail gadget for openerp

I have been using thunderbird plugin for openerp. Since I am using google mail I was wondering if there is any implementation to do so using a gmail gadget or google contextual gadget. I tried looking, but couldn't find any. Any pointers / suggestions. thanks.

Openerp Which is the best way to make automated backups?

I'm using openERP v6.1 and I wanted to know which is the best alternative to make automated backups of the DB (let's say daily backups) The Backup option in the web UI in Manage Databases it's great to restore and create the DB in one step. Of course it has to be done manually. Is there any way to automatize this process and get as results the same kind of backups? (I'm not sure what kind of file it exports as *.dump) I tried doing pg_dump but I cannot import that file (I tried the raw sql tex

Openerp How to use dynamic values in domain filter?

The following is my line of code and is working, 'user_id': fields.many2one('res.users', 'Responsible', track_visibility='onchange', domain="[('emp_department_id', '=', 10)]"), Now i want replace that employee department id and that should be the value returned by a function, say something similar to this def test(): return department id of the login users 'user_id': fields.many2one('res.users', 'Responsible', track_visibility='onchange', domain="[('emp_department_id', '=', self.tes

Openerp Translate string from sxw file

I would like to translate raw strings I added in the sxw Invoice report. Former string from this report such as Taxes are translated, but I don't know how to translate 'raw strings' associated to custom field I added to the model Invoice... Even some native model field label in the sxw report, such as account.invoice.date_due are not translated anymore. I don't understand why. Thank you for your help Cheers

Custom Module Add Customers Automatically in Openerp

I have a custom module where i have inherited res.partner.I have a field "doctor"(which is many2one field).When i create a customer i can select a doctor.In img 1 Willam is the customer and he has selected Nitesh as the doctor.I have created doctor_view.xml which will show all the details of the Doctor.Now in img 2 , as we have selected "Nitesh" as 'Doctor' for 'Customer Willam',i should display "Willam" under "Client" in img2. Can anyone help me in this?Thanks in advance My code

Openerp odoo qweb report current user lang

I am creating the report which can be translated to current user language. so I tried the following code. Report is working but the language to translate is always the partner_id of model (stock.picking), But I want the report to be translated to current logged user lang. report translation is as below: <template id="report_print_recvng_wkst"> <t t-call="report.html_container"> <t t-foreach="doc_ids" t-as="doc_id"> <t t-raw="translate_doc(doc_id, d

Openerp Update changes from Developement instance to Production instance in Odoo

I have 2 instances of Odoo v9 running in the same server (Ubuntu 14.04). I want to make changes (install modules, change source code or anything) in the developement instance and after confirming they are OK, move the changes to the Production Instance. Is there anyway of doing that without repeating the whole process of development? Thank you.

Openerp How to hide or disable "Edit" button in Odoo 9

Can anyone help me how to hide or disable Edit and/or Create button when my workflow status value is "Done" I have workflow status "Draft > Approval > Confirmed > Done" so when status is Done i want 'Edit' to be hidden or disabled. Please help. thanks in advance.

Openerp Add a custom button without close odoo 9 wizard?

Good day, I've been working on the lot and serial number module in odoo 9. I changed the sequence that the module has as default and I substituted it with the generation of an UUID, but when I call this component in the received items part, when I click on the button that generates the UUID the app suddenly returns to the window that I used to call it without letting me to save the UUID that I generated. Here's my code: class stock_production_lot(osv.osv): _name = 'stock.production.lot' _inh

Openerp Custom (width and height) to print Product Labels on Odoo - QWEB

Right now the system is printing the Product Labels and work fine but in wrong dimensions. I need set width to 7cm and height to 4cm on QWEB report. Where I can change the dimensions to print QWEB report? I can't change the format to the print preferences because in a sheet can be many Products Labels. This is my QWEB: <?xml version="1.0"?> <t t-name="product.report_productlabel"> <t t-call="report.html_container"> <div class="page"> <style> </style>

Openerp Odoo-one2many relation field mapping

I know how to declare one2many relation field in Odoo but my doubt is how its working in back end(database) and how its fetch or store in database. can anyone explain detailed please.

Openerp Set product quantities to 0 in Odoo 10

We are ready to deploy our instance to production and I'm currently cleaning all the demo data made during the process. I usually follow this steps to clean major sample data: SSH into server su postgres psql abc_db_name delete from stock_pack_operation; delete from stock_picking; delete from stock_move; delete from account_invoice; delete from account_partial_reconcile; delete from account_move; delete from sale_order; delete from account_payment; The main problem I'm facing now is set al

Openerp Open ERP : http://myipaddres/xmlrpc returns 404 Not found

I'm unable to activate xmlrpc function on OpenERP, When I try to request http://my.ip.addres/xmlrpc returns a "404 not found" Error. I'm using it on ubuntu. Installed by apt-get. Here is my /etc/openerp/openerp-server.conf file [options] ; This is the password that allows database operations: ; admin_passwd = admin db_host = db_port = False db_user = openerp db_password = openerp xmlrpc = True xmlrpc_port = 8069 What I am doing wrong?

Openerp HTTP Error Handler in Odoo

I'm running Odoo 8, which sits on top of gunicorn. When the web server throws a 500 Internal Server Error I'd like the user to see something besides the default browser page. Is there a way to catch and handle HTTP errors in Odoo?

where can i find openerp_report_designer plugin?

I found a plugin folder inside base_report_designer but when I added that to apache open office it doesn't show any signs of working. Please can anyone guide me on this I also tried looking at resources or steps mentioned on over various websites but I failed to do so.

Open openerp form in a modal

I try to open an openerp form in a modal in javascript with: create_ticket: function (event) { event.stopPropagation(); var action = { type: 'ir.actions.act_window', res_model: 'abc.ticket', view_type: 'form', view_mode: 'form', views: [[false, 'form']], target: 'new', }; instance.client.action_manager.do_action(action); }, but unfortunately,

Openerp How to control states of sales orders in Odoo SA

I want to create a new state for a sales order that is beyond a quotation, but not quite confirmed. I'd also like to have orders that come in from the web portal to go into that state. What I'm trying to accomplish is to have an intermediary step where an inside sales manager can check that all requirements for the customer are taken care of before the order is confirmed and goes to fulfillment. This allows us to have a rep reach out to the customer in the case we need something additional from

Openerp Change menu name Odoo9

I'm inherit project module, how in my custom module in .xml view change menu title from Project to Project 1234 Original code from project menu: <!-- Top menu item --> <menuitem name="Project" id="base.menu_main_pm" groups="group_project_manager,group_project_user" icon="fa-calendar" web_icon="project,static/description/icon.png" sequence="50"/>

Openerp creation of domain based on date odoo v8

I'm using odoo v8 and I've been trying to create a domain on a field many2one based on date` date_now=fields.Date( fmt = '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' lot=fields.Many2one('stock.production.lot','lot',domain[('life_date','>=',datetime.strptime(str(, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'))]) I've been trying a lot of combinations but none seems to work ! can any one please show me the correct way to create a domain where i can compare life_date and current date (or date_now ) t

Openerp Populate wizard field odoo 9

How populate field email on wizard from context? For example: This work: email = fields.Char(string = 'Email') context="{'default_email': email}" Not working: user_id = fields.Many2one('res.partner', string = 'User', select=True) context="{'': email}" I want pass to wizard email from selected user!

Openerp Load Country -> State -> City depencency in Odoo

How can we create dependent selection of Country->State->City in Odoo? For example - Selected Country = United States which will load All state of US State = Texas, California, Ohio, .. etc, Selected state = Texas On Selection of State, it will load all Cities in selected state. City = Austin, Huston, ..etc. How can we achieve this in Odoo? I have created below code in country = fields.Many2one('',string='Country', help='Select Country') state = fields.Many2

Openerp Get odoo 10 environment outside the http request

there is a need to get a 'bus.bus' model after the my module post_load. But I get an exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/path/to/", line 19, in __call__ self.event_bus.sendone('channel', 'message') File "/opt/odoo10/addons/bus/models/", line 70, in sendone self.sendmany([[channel, message]]) File "/opt/odoo10/addons/bus/models/", line 54, in sendmany self.sudo().create(values) File "/opt/odoo10/odoo/", line 4870, in sudo retur

Openerp Odoo 10 - Sale Order Email Template

I have created a custom sale order report and that report shall be used when user clicks on "Send by Email". I have check the mail template but I can not find where the specific attachment to be used is specified. How could I select a different sale order report template? <p>Dear ${} % set access_action = object.with_context(force_website=True).get_access_action() % set doc_name = 'quotation' if object.state in ('draft', 'sent') else 'order confirmation' % set is_o

Openerp Related fields odoo10

hello how can I do related in fields : class etude(models.Model): _name= 'etude.risque' incendie = fields.Integer('Suppresseur Anti_Incendie', related='anti_incendie') second class class risque(models.Model): _name='risques.risque' _rec_name='nom_risque' anti_incendie = fields.Many2one('risques.incendie', string="Suppresseur Anti_Incendie",required=True) how can I do incendie in class etude related to anti_incendie in class risque

Openerp How to add one more entry in selection field of an already defined odoo model using inheritance

Environment :- Odoo 9, Python 2.7 Module A from openerp import models, fields, api, _, exceptions class Games(models.Model): _name = '' game = fields.Selection([ ('cricket', 'Cricket'), ('hockey', 'Hockey'), ('golf', 'Golf')], string='Game', default='cricket', required=True ) Module B from openerp import models, fields, api, _, exceptions class ExtraGames(models.Model): _inherit = '' def __init__(self, pool, cr)

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