Permissions Running IIS Express without administrator rights

I've upgraded to iis express 7.5 with VS2010 SP1. Within the release notes it specified that express is able to run WITHOUT administrator permissions. When I try to run from the commandline (powershell cmd line) I receive the same "Access Denied" error (shown below) I was getting running with IIS Express 7. As far as I can tell admin rights is still required. Anyone been able to run without admin rights? The detailed error message is: Failed to call HttpAddUrl with http://MACHINE-NAME:80/ F

Permissions Yii Framework: Alias "application.extensions.langhandler.ElangHandler" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file

I have a site developed and is working fine on development machine (Mac OS X 10.7). However when I port it over to a Linux server I ran into error: Alias "application.extensions.langhandler.ElangHandler" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file It supposedly is a permission problem according the below article: However, I checked and the protected/extensions folder and down all have 755 permission. I even tried t make them all

Permissions AD Group Folder Access

I have two AD groups as Group1 and Group2. I add same user to these groups through windows application. I have folder say abc to which I attach AD Group1. In abc I create a child folder abcd and attach the AD Group2 by disabling inheritance property. When tried to access the folder with user credentials I can access abc but when try to access abcd folder got exception as access denied. What is the cause for this exception and what is the solution?

Permissions run cts -c android.permission2.cts.ProtectedBroadcastsTest

The test is failed. Log: android.permission2.cts.ProtectedBroadcastsTest#testSendProtectedBroadcasts FAIL junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected security exception broadcasting action: at android.permission2.cts.ProtectedBroadcastsTest.testSendProtectedBroadcasts( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method) at android.test.AndroidTestRunner.runTest( at android.tes

When I use "getLoginUrl()" , i got a invalid URL with error_description Permissions error

I use the latest PHP facebook SDK. But getUser() still return 0. I check my code and all of method I can try. I found that the authenticate URL like this:

Changing VScode permissions

I am trying to change the permissions in VScode so that I can make commits with my source control system. I want to do this versus doing "sudo git commit, push, etc." from the command line. Right now whenever I try to do anything from the source control panel on the left sidebar it says "permission denied." Is there somewhere in the settings/preferences where I can change this?

Permissions Mounting NTFS partition at boot with NTFS-3G and making it show up (and be accesible) in user interfaces (Files, Nemo, etc)

I have a NTFS partition (without Windows having ever been installed in it) that I want to mount automatically after boot - but specifically using NTFS-3G so chown and chmod can be used on its folders. Here is what I added to my /etc/fstab: UUID=[partition-uuid] /mnt/mydisk ntfs-3g auto,permissions,x-gvfs-show 0 1 Now, when I boot, the partition is indeed automatically mounted and the root can change ownership and permissions of folders in the NTFS partition - just as I wanted. Thanks to the

Permissions Can Hudson be configured to prevent certain users from accessing certain projects?

I have various projects being built and tested periodically on a Hudson server, but I don't want every employee in the company to see published artifacts for every project. Project-based matrix security seemed at first the key, but after many tests I find that granting overall read permissions is mandatory if you want users to be able to read anything in the hudson server. So, in the end read permissions are binary: either you grant global read permission or you block everything, am I right?

Permissions Insecure world writable dir /usr/local in PATH when trying to install Rails 3.0.3

I am trying to install rails 3.0.3 and i get the following error every time: Insecure world writable dir /usr/local in PATH, mode 040777 When I check to see if it installed I get this error: /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:827:in `report_activate_error': Could not find RubyGem rails (>= 0) (Gem::LoadError) from /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:261:in `activate' from /System/Library/Fr

gitolite: effective permissions per branch

When I run ssh git@host repo I receive list of my permissions It says I have RW access to entire repo , while I have RW access to all but one branch Are there any way to view branch permissions using gitolite? Maybe this is possible via admin-defined command?

Permissions How do I show only a user's own documents in CouchDB?

In order to filter a user's own documents from others', I am returning the creator of the document as the key, or part of the key: org.couchdb.user:user1 or [org.couchdb.user:user1, otherkey] Is this the best way to create a "My Documents" page? Or can I simply return another key otherkey and use userCtx to filter it later on?

How do you automatically set permissions on a file when uploaded using a sftp

Hello i currently have a folder set up that can have files uploaded to using a sftp. drwxrwxr-x. 2 cypress cypress 4096 Apr 30 15:24 sourceit But when i file gets uploaded it gets uploaded as -rw-r--r--. 1 cypress sftpusrs 7 Apr 30 15:24 test.file what do i have to do to set it up so when i file gets uploaded it will automatically set the permissions to drwxrwxr-x. 1 cypress sftpusrs 7 Apr 30 15:24 test.file Thank you for your help. I currently have everything set up in openssh

Permissions Yahoo OAuth2 private profile - read only permission for private profile

I'm setting up social auth using Python Social Auth and Yahoo OAuth2. The only purpose if this is to easily register and authenticate. I'm not going to use any Yahoo API at this moment. I want to associate user account in my website with yahoo e-mail address. That's all. I created an app on and I puzzled by their permissions model. Read public Read/Write public Read/Write Public and Private To obtain e-mail address I must access private profile, but I do not und

Permissions Wagtail, only administrator / superuser can log into admin

I am getting started with Wagtail but I only seem to be able to log in users who have "administrator" role set (I tried setting is_staff via the normal Django admin, but that didn't work). I saw this post which suggests that groups should have a "Can access wagtail admin" permission, but this is not displayed on either the group or user pages in the Wagtail admin.!topic/wagtail/DAHGX97kBiE Any ideas what I am doing wrong? (Wagtail 1.10, Django 1.11)

Permissions SSMS not displaying databases though able to switch database in Query window

We want to give SELECT permission to a security group for only one database. We followed the below steps: We added the security group as login. We added the security group as user to the database. We gave SELECT permission on a schema to the security group. Now, Security group members are able to use query window for writing queries and switch database using USE Databasename; command. But, still Sql Server Management Studio is not showing the database in the databases node. The database

Permissions Getting the size of a remote folder via classic ASP

I'm trying to something pretty simple but am having headaches with it. I'm pretty sure all I have here is a permissions issue I don't know how to solve but I could be wrong. Here is my scenario... I have 3 servers... Server A - Web Server (Windows 2003) - Anonymous Access Enabled Server B - Red 5 Media Server Server C - NAS The website on Server A allows for recording/uploading of video to Server B where the video is processed/transcoded. A Cron job on Server B then moves the videos over to

Backup server permissions

Currently I'm developing a control website for my home server. The server has LDAP setup for Mac's to login. The home directories are also on the server. I want to create a backup tool for my family, so they can backup while I'm off. I don't want to do this scheduled (at least not allways, since they must be able to start a backup right away). I got stuck when I was trying to find a way to run the rsync commands as a privileged user. I've got some ideas on this but I would like to hear the cons

Permissions not available in Rally for items shown from child projects

Given: Project A is the parent of Project B The context for the user is set to Project A (top-left dropdown) The user has Viewer access to Project A The user has Editor access to Project B The user is unable to Add a Child to a User Story that belongs to Project B via the Plan > User Stories view (or any other view). However, this issue was resolved when the user changed the context from Project A to Project B. It appears as though the user must select a specific child project as the conte

SFTP upload permissions

I have a .NET program uploading a file to a SFTP server hosted in Unix. When the file is dropped the permissions are restrictive to a Unix batch accessing it. My elementary understanding of SFTP and SSH is that the permissions of the file being uploaded is determined by the SSH/SFTP logged in user and that users permissions on that directory (endpoint) not by the permissions of the original file which was created by the .NET program (source). Could someone please confirm my assumptions are corr

Default permissions for new objects in the schema

I'm working on a DB2 for i database (aka DB2/400), on a schema (library) named S. Inside schema S, I create database tables, procedures etc. with user A. I need that also user B has all privileges on such new objects. So I granted all privileges to users A and B on schema S. But new objects don't inherit them! So I tried many configurations: on System i Navigator I played with authorization lists, "New Objects" button on permissions dialog for schema S... but nothing worked. How can I set kin

Enable ACL permissions on shared folder in Synology DSM 5.2

My Syno DS213+ is running on DSM 5.2-5644 I have several shared folders that don't have the option to edit ACL permissions, because they were created before DSM 5.0 In the release notes of DSM 5.0, under "What's New in DSM 5.0", topic 5, it says: For shared folders created in DSM 4.3 or earlier, you can either convert the existing permissions to Windows ACL, or leave the permission unchanged. And also, in the syno knowledge base, i found this article on how to enable these ACL permis

odoo 8, Issue with permissions over models

I am trying to read companies data with: for company in self.pool('').browse(cr, uid, uid): company.vat <=== code breaks here If i use the administrator (uid 1) account i see company.vat. But if i use any other account (which have permissions to i get a message: "One of the documents you are trying to access has been deleted..." Is this a permission issue or a coding error of sorts? Mind that if I hard code 1 instead of uid as a parameter to browse function it

Permissions error:" ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘./sys/kernel/config/nvmt’: Operation not permitted" even with root access

I am trying to setup NVMe over Fabrics using post "". I could reach step 10, but when I try to create the soft link according to step 10 as a root user, I am getting error: ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘./sys/kernel/config/nvmt/subsystems’: Operation not permitted why creating soft link in /sys/kernel/config as a root user is not possible? is there any way to get this to work?

Permissions Reliably getting favicons in Chrome extensions, chrome://favicon?

I'm using the chrome://favicon/ in my Google Chrome extension to get the favicon for RSS feeds. What I do is get the base path of linked page, and append it to chrome://favicon/http://<domainpath>. It's working really unreliably. A lot of the time it's reporting the standard "no-favicon"-icon, even when the page really has a favicon. There is almost 0 documentation regarding the chrome://favicon mechanism, so it's difficult to understand how it actually works. Is it just a cache of links

Permissions attrib/chmod on old dos version

I'm working on an old pc with dos 5.0 installed. I have plugged in a storage media on it, PC can easily see the directories and files, but i cannot overwrite or add directories/files. So, if i would like to change permissions to one directory, how can i do this? I have tried with: attrib +a +r a:\DIR1 /s /d [but the /d option is not enabled on this old version of attrib and so it doesn't work] I tried to download a latest version of attrib, but it gave me the message "DOS version not supported"

Permissions Setting "domain" permission on google cloud storage bucket/object - UI or API only?

Is it possible to set this permission through the Cloud Console UI for cloud storage? Or is it only settable through the API (for example, following the guidance in this post) In the documentation for Google's cloud storage, one of the defined permission scopes is "domain". This allows you to specify that the read or write permission is granted to any authenticated user that is part of your Google Apps domain. When accessing a storage container UI in the cloud console, you can set user or gro

Google Drive API Permissions Insert sendNotificationEmails Bad Request

I'm working with the google-api-php-client Library for Google Drive (LIBVER = "1.0.5-beta") and when I issue this: $permission = new Google_Service_Drive_Permission(); $permission->setType('user'); $permission->setValue($email); $permission->setRole($role); $service->permissions->insert($folder_id, $permission, array('sendNotificationEmails'=>false)); I get a Bad Request 400 error back. With all the same settings, if I remove the sendNotificationEmails option, it works fin

Permissions Prevent direct use of GPU in single-node slurm setup

Scenario: I have installed slurm in a single Ubuntu machine. Users may login into this machine to do some GPU and non-GPU tasks. Goal: I want to prevent those users from directly using the GPUs. Only jobs started with slurm should be able to use the GPUs. What I've done: To prevent direct use of the GPUs, I've changed the owner of /dev/nvidiaN (chown root.gpu /dev/nvidia*), now only users within group gpu can use them. That works. The problem is: slurm jobs, of course, run as the same user t

How to set permissions for specific dataset on Google BigQuery?

I am trying to set permissions on BigQuery in order to have users being able to see and query tables on one dataset but being able to edit, create and delete tables on another dataset. I'm not able to figure out how to do this "dataset-level segregation" on the Cloud Platform Console. Ideal scenario would be: Dataset1 - Permissions to see data and query tables Dataset2 - Permissions to see, query, create, edit and delete tables. Any ideas on how to do this?

Permissions Permission issues with Craft 3 CMS and local asset uploads

I have been going through the steps of configuring Craft 3 CMS locally. I used Scotchbox and Composer for the installation on Ubuntu via MacOS Mojave, and up until the point of uploading an asset to the local server, everything has been fine... Now I constantly receive the message: Upload failed. The error message was: “Impossible to create the root directory "/Users/marcus/projects/craft-two/web/images/drinks". mkdir(): Permission denied I have since tried to update permissions, making th

Permissions MSMQ works - except with cursoring across the queue

We have a private MSMQ on a remote machine running Windows Server 2008 R2. It's not part of the same domain, but the queue permissions are set to allow Full Control to the Anonymous Logon user. Additionally, we've permitted unauthenticated RPC calls to be made. We're using normal From other machines, we can send messages to it, and we can consume messages too - this works fine. However, as soon as we attempt to call CreateCursor on the queue, we get a MessageQueueException with the MessageQueue

Permissions Enforced on Salesforce Apex WebService

After reading this tidbit, it would seem that the current user's permission would be irrelevant. However when calling this method as anyone but a user with the Administrator profile, it throws an INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY exception: global without sharing class OpportunityTeamSales { WebService static void AssignToSalesTeam(string userId, string opportunityId) { OpportunityTeamMember tm = new OpportunityTeamMember(); tm.OpportunityId = opportunityId;

Permissions Windows 2008 r2 debugview (OutputDebugString) issue

Hi we are installing x86 application as a service on windows 2008 R2 which is using OutputDebugString for debug messages. The problem is that DebugView utility catches the debug output from the application only when application is run from console in elevated mode and not as a service. I haven't found any KB that talks directly about this limitation of OutputDebugString in windows 2008 R2. Anyone encountered such a problem? Is there such limitation really exists? UPD: We are using Terminal

Sonar: is it possible to give new projects permissions automated?

we are starting to use Sonar. We want to use it for many different projects. Is there a way to give a project automated defined project permissions (for example with a name pattern). We found only the way to create a default template for new projects, but with this template every project would have the same permissions and we would like to give them permissions based on name patterns... Do you know if there is a way to do this? Thanks and regards

Granting write permissions to a networked UNC folder for ASP.NET under IIS 7.5 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Our application is attempting to write a file to a UNC folder using an ASP.NET web service running under .NET 4.5, IIS 7.5, and Windows Server 2008 R2. However, any attempt to write the file to the desired location results in an access denied exception. The task seems simple however me and my team have been troubleshooting this for a while now and we are stumped as to what may be causing the error. Below are the details of our setup and what we have tried and found so far. Names have been chan

copy shares permissions after serveur migration

Deal all, i am about to migrate a production server (mainly files and scheduled tasks), the old one is a windows 2000 server and the new one is a windows 2008 R2 VM. i have already set up the exact hard disk drives schema on the targeted server (Win2008). i would be gratefull if someone would advise me on the easiest way to ''copy '' shared folder permissions from the old server to the new one; that is to say; i would like users who had rights to any shared folder to keep them when the n

How do i get mail scope permissions for yahoo app?

I need my yahoo app to access user's emails via OAuth2.0 explicit grant flow. While looking at the document published by yahoo at "" and other blog "" I can see that it includes the "mail read" scope permission for the yahoo app... but when I tried to create a yahoo app, the "mail" permission section is not even there to begin with... Please advise... Do I

Granular policy document permissions in AWS

I want to be able to allow users created through IAM to be able to view one specific bucket in the management console. Furthermore, I want to restrict it to a folder within the bucket, such that the permissions would be: S3 Console access for my-bucket/folder/* How would I do this using the policy generator? I currently have: { "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": "s3:*", "Resource": "*" } ] } However, when I modify the Resource location -- arn:aws:s3

Permissions Liferay - How to hide/show button by checking user permission

I have a web application hosted on liferay portal. There are certain features like showing a save button for certain users only based on custom permissions defined in liferay. I have configured the permissions in xml file as below using the reference from <?xml version="1.0"?> <resource-actio

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