Xps printing from windows service

I'm trying to print XPS documents from a windows service on the .net framework. Since Microsoft does not support printing by using System.Drawing.Printing nor by using System.Printing (WPF), I'm using the native XPSPrint API. This is suggested to me by Aspose in http://www.aspose.com/documentation/.net-components/aspose.words-for-.net/howto-print-a-document-on-a-server-via-the-xpsprint-api.html. When I try to print an XPS document from a windows service, the result contains strange characters

Printing Print a particular area (component)

Have an VB application created using VB6. A part of the application shows flash inside. When I use printform it just prints the whole application. I dont know how to print the flash part alone. Any help would be appreciated!.. Thanks.

Printing Align footer to the bottom of printed HTML page?

I have a standard website, and when printed (for PDF-making purposes on Safari OS X), I'd like the footer to align to the bottom of whatever printed page it is on — i.e. the last page of the document. Like this: Is that possible? I have used a media query (@media print { }) for all other print stylesheet details (excluded for simplicity). Demo code is here; for the screen page itself, here is the HTML: <div id="footer"> <p>A bunch of example stuff inside here...</p>

Printing Getting started with Java POS development

I have a requirement where I need to connect to a POS printer from a Java Swing App. What I came to know that there's a standard called Java POS to achieve this. Now the problem is on java POS website (http://www.javapos.com/) I did not find anything that is helpful in getting me started. I checked Java POS simulators (https://code.google.com/p/pos-device-simulator) but the thing is, even if I start that successfully I get no clue what to do, how to test any code against these simulators.

Printing libusb_bulk_transfer timeout while write

I have a USB printer device. I want to send file data to the USB printer from Linux. I am using libUsb for my code. I am getting timeout (libusb return value -7) always while sending. But I can able to send data in Windows for the same printer. What went wrong ? It seems ehci or uhci is not sending data to the printer. Please Help . OS : Ubuntu 12.04 (32 Bit) The below is my code snippet. dev_handle = libusb_open_device_with_vid_pid(ctx, PRINTER_VID, PRINTER_PID); if (dev_handle ==

Printing SATO Label Printer - Inconsistency Between Printers

We use SATO CL412e printers to print labels (3x7), with the label coming from a local SSRS report. Until recently, this setup worked without issue. A few months ago we modified the label, and implemented (new implementation) at one site (Site A). Then a few weeks ago, we pushed the change out to another site (Site B) that had previously been using this label (old version). Since we did this, the label at Site B is... weird. The barcode is quite clearly not right, and all the normal characte

Printing Printer Driver Development Using Windows DDK error

I'm a software developer a printer manufacturer. Recently asked a driver. So i start digging for tutorials, samples, articles. First thing i do, i downloaded the Windows Driver Kit 7600.16385.1. I install it, build it with some sample drivers (For example, generic/text only). I changed the manufacturer section in the inf file and worked fine. But i asked to do more specific driver, getting data from any application that can print and send it to our printer. At this point i do some extra diggin

Printing Print image data ESC POS

I'm trying print image date using ESC POS commands, but until now just crap is printing out. Just for record, I'm using a Diebold TSP 143MU ESC/POS mode. Command ESC * I'm using Java, printing direct to USB port, every thing is fine, bar code, black text, underline etc., just the image data is not working... I got in the Internet some examples but still printing just codes and sometimes bytes, nothing of image: ( Thank in advance.

Printing Blurry print with legacy borland software

Here is my problem : I have to port an old sofware made for windows NT 4 (i thought) with an old Borland on Windows 7 or newer. The program is running well ( no problem with dependency walker, App Verifier shows a Bad DEVMODE buffer but this error exists on XP and it works well). The programm have to print a label with some information, this works good on windows XP but on seven numbers are blurry, i don't know why and i don't how to troubleshoot that. My printer works because i can print a t

Printing How to create a device dependant bitmap with a resolution matching the selected printer

I'm working on a tool to help our customer print labels. I made all the changes we wanted to to support color and transparency. Everything works even printing but... When printing text, it is visible that the font quality is not optimal. I'm using an intermediary bitmap to sandwich each layer of text and bitmap needed to create the final result then copy it to correct location on the printer.canvas. Using the previous version of our tool, the text is crisp but with the new version the text is

Printing Print with PDFBox

Im new here and have a Problem with PDFBox. Im trying to print a single PDF Document, but it doesnt work so far. I found some examples in the internet, but dont get it run, so I hope someone here has an idea, where my mystake is. The Code I have so far is: File datei = new File("D:\\161413070_00-76-150-1803_FIP_170109.pdf"); if(datei.exists()) { try(PDDocument doc = PDDocument.load(datei)) { PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob(); job.setPageable(new PDFPageable(doc));

Printing What's the difference? Multiple versions of the same printer appearing in CUPS

On a local network, in my CUPS admin page, when I try to add a network printer, each printer shows up multiple times: For example, the Lexmark T644 appears: *Lexmark T644 (2) (Lexmark Lexmark T644) *Lexmark T644 79116M5 LS.ST.P239 I have another printer that appears three times: *hp color LaserJet 5550 [FCEC3D] (hp hp color LaserJet 5550) *hp color LaserJet 5550 [FCEC3D] *hp color LaserJet 5550 (HP color LaserJet 5550) Why does the same printer appear multiple times, and what is the differen

UWP Printing: FontFamily, problems in printing

Believe it or not, I have a UWP app that needs to print multi-part forms on a dot matrix printer. We got a print driver, and we can print just fine from Word/Notepad. However, from my application the fonts look really bad. The test docs used 'Courier New' at 12 pitch. This is exactly what I have in my style for the printed information. However, when it comes from my app, the font looks nasty. I have tried numerous font family combinations and nothing seems to help. Any ideas/pointers would be a

Printing How to generate a print data file for Honeywell mobile computer to print on a Zebra Bluetooth printer by its utility, BTPrint.exe?

I have a Honeywell Dolphin 6510 mobile computer( hand-held device with Windows Mobile 6.0 OS ). I want to develop an application which will be run on this mobile computer. The application needs to call a Honeywell device stock command utility, BTPrint.exe, to print on a Zebra Bluetooth printer. The path and filename of a print data file will be the value of 'CommandArgs' of the command, BTPrint. This print data file needs to include the formatting commands for the printer used. Here is the w

Orbital Period problem not printing anything?

I am brand new to Python. I have an orbital period problem where I need to write a program that calculates the altitude an object would have to have for a given orbital period T in a preformatted Jupyter notebook from my professor. So far I have the following in a code cell G = 6.67E-11 M = 5.97E24 R = 6371.0E3 T = float(input("Enter the desired period T: ")) h = ((G*M*T)/(4*pi**2))**(1/3)-R print("The altitude of the satellite is", h, "meters") but I don't kn

Printing ZPL: Field Data does not start correctly. Problem with page alignment - [Fixed]

I have a Toshiba TEC B-EP2DL printer and I am trying to print a receipt using ZPL. I did a lot of tests, but I can't make it start printing the receipt from the left edge of the paper. This is the code I am using (Based on the documentation, it should start from the left edge of the paper, but as you can see its in the middle): ^XA ^LH0,0^MNN^FO1,1^FWN ^FO100,00^A0R,30^FDThis is a test message^FS ^FO200,00^BY2^BCR,30,,,,A^FD1234ABC^FS ^XZ This is the result: https://i.stack.imgur.com/RTcBR.jpg

Printing from a Windows Service

Ok, I am trying to print a page from a windows service that I installed using a Visual Studio setup project. At first I set the Account property yo Local System, but it will tell me that there are no printers installed (and there are). So I changed it to user and now it just doesn't print (no error or anything). I did some Googleing and basically it said that "Interact with Desktop" should be enabled. To programatically do this you need to edit the registry settings for this service (which rea

Printing Print text between delimiters using sed

Suppose I have op(abc)asdfasdf and I need sed to print abc between the brackets. What would work for me? (Note: I only want the text between first pair of delimiters on a line, and nothing if a particular line of input does not have a pair of brackets.)

Printing Why would a WMI query fail sometimes, but not others?

I run the same code from two different locations in my application. I know it is the same code, because it is in a class and that class only has one publicly facing function. Both places call the function with the same arguments and both are running in the UI thread. The function does a search for a particular printer by name using an asynchronous WMI query--> var searcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher( "SELECT * from Win32_Printer WHERE Name

Printing Unicode characters on ZPL printer

I have the task of re-designing a system to print shipping labels, using a networked Zebra GK420T. I have been able to send ZPL print jobs to it perfectly fine, but I cannot seem to get it to print unicode characters, such as cyrillic letters. I have downloaded the lucida sans unicode font to the printer using the Seagull Scientific drivers and I am using the following ZPL code to test: ^XA ^LH100,150 ^CI28 ^FT0,0^A@N,50,50,R:LUCIDASR.FNT^CI28^FDTesting 1 2 3^FS ^FT0,50^A@N,50,50,R:LUCIDASR.FNT

Printing OpenERP POS Epson Printer

I have installed an Epson TM-T20 on my ubuntu 13.10 as the receipt printer. Unfortunately, it's printing in A4 size with a picture of the receipt. Can anyone help me to modify the system to print on the 80mm receipt paper. Also, when I press print on OpenERP POS webclient on the iPad after a transaction it doesn't do anything. Any help would be appreciated.

Printing How to print in duplex mode with smblient?

Because I don't want to give any information about a corporate printer to CUPS, because I suspect it trying to access it even when I'm not on the corporate network, I use the following "script" to print documents on a corporate printer managed by a Windows print server: smbclient "//printserv.acme.corp/BUILDING0PRINTER1" "password" -c "print /tmp/my.pdf" -U "username" -W "Domain" The printer is some HP MFP and can very well print duplex. My command, however, does not print duplex. My questio

Printing Saving CLOS objects

Saving any Common Lisp structure object to a file (readably) seems relatively straightforward with something like (defun save-structure-object (object filename) (with-open-file (stream filename :direction :output :if-exists :supersede) (with-standard-io-syntax (print object stream)))) For a CLOS object instance, however, the post at Make clos objects printable in lisp indicates a more complex recipe. First, does the comment about closer-mop relate to

Problem with a task of printing inward triangle with stars

I'm trying to do a Java basics course and the task is to print an inward triangle using stars * I got my program to print that, but when I try to submit, I get error message saying: When tried to call method tulostaKolmio(1), wrong amount of lines were printed. expected <1> but was <2>. I'm pretty annoyed by this, since I ran the code using tulostaKolmio(1) and the program printed just 1 line that had 1 star like it was supposed to. If the code looks strange it's because this is a 3

Xps printing from windows service

I'm trying to print XPS documents from a windows service on the .net framework. Since Microsoft does not support printing by using System.Drawing.Printing nor by using System.Printing (WPF), I'm using the native XPSPrint API. This is suggested to me by Aspose in http://www.aspose.com/documentation/.net-components/aspose.words-for-.net/howto-print-a-document-on-a-server-via-the-xpsprint-api.html. When I try to print an XPS document from a windows service, the result contains strange characters

Printing Print To File From CMD.EXE

I have an old FoxPro program which can send reports to my network printer via the LPT1 port but I would like to print a report to a file to document something. Is there a way to capture the LPT1 port and send its documents to a file? I have tried the Paperless Printer, Adobe PDF, and the Microsoft XPS Document Writer but nothing worked.

Printing Is there a way to "shrink to fit" while using PhantomJS?

I've taken a look at this: Cropping PhantomJS screen capture sized to content but it's not exactly what I want. I have a 600x348 pixels element on the screen and would like to capture it on a 5cmx9cm PDF, but it seems that I need to do some zooming to get what I want. Even then it's not really accurate. Is there anyway to get the shrink-to-fit effect on printers?

Printing write function in Fortran

The following program works fine with "print" but when I try to use "write", the gfortran compiler on my Ubuntu produces the following run-time error: ! What is the sum of the largest and lowest three-digit numbers that can ! exactly be divided by 9 and yield the remainder of 3 when they divide ! any xyz4 number? (Answer: 1116) program divide_remain implicit none integer :: xyz4,abc,i=0 ! abc is a 3-digit number integer, allocatable :: sayi(:) ! an array holding possible abc numbers allocat

Dart Language: printing reports

I would like to know how to print reports on Dart. Basically, this is the activity flow: User clicks "Report" button. New browser window is created. Related data gets placed in the new window. Of course that if there's any API to do that, I would use it. So far, I've tried to create a new window, add onMessage listener on it and call postMessage on the main class to send data. However, it didn't work. The message never gets to the other side (main > new browser window). Main Dart Class

Printing python 3.5 no print output to screen

Using Python 3.5 I have created code to process a file and write output to another file. Following is relevant code; with open('2016_01_22_Investor_Companies_stops.txt','r') as stops_Investor_Companies: stops_Investor_Companies = stops_Investor_Companies.read() stops_Investor_Companies = nltk.word_tokenize(stops_Investor_Companies) stops_Investor_Companies= [w.lower() for w in stops_Investor_Companies] stops_Investor_Companies = str(stops_Investor_Companies) outfile = open

Printing What does the PaperBin property represent for a printer?

I am trying to print to a specific tray of a given printer from my application. My code works for certain printers and does not for some others. Can anyone tell me if the Tray id of the printer is the same as the Paperbin. I came across this link: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa245866(v=vs.60).aspx which says that paperbin value is always between 1 to 14. However, when I see my printer tray id using a tool, I see it to be 259. Is it a valid tray id?

Printing My code wont print

I don't know why its not printing the number of heads and tails and everything I do it just does the same thing. Nothing! Can someone please help this is part of an assessment that was due yesterday. import random heads = 0 tails = 0 rounds = 0 while rounds < 100: coin = random.randint(1, 2) if coin == 1: heads += 1 rounds += 1 elif coin == 2: tails += 1 rounds += 1 print("You Flipped Heads {} Times!".format(heads)) print("You Flipped Tails {} Times!".format(tails))

Printing Convert a text file with Embedded HP Printer Codes to PostScript

I have an application that prints by generating text files with embedded printer codes, then basically just copies the file to the printer to print. I need to take that print file and convert it to an image - just as if it was printed then scanned. My first thought was to setup a printer with a postscript printer driver attached to a file port, and then run the result through ghostscript to create a tiff, but it isn't working. Any ideas?

Printing ESC/P Set Absolute Horizontal Print Position

I am having trouble with setting the horizontal print position in an Epson LX-300 II dot matrix printer. The command to set the horizontal print position does not work sometimes. I need this to align the printable data to the appropriate column in the pre-printed paper form. Given the following code: // row 1 escp.setAbsoluteHorizontalPosition(1); escp.print("Equipment"); escp.setAbsoluteHorizontalPosition(10); escp.print("Serial"); escp.setAbso

Printing SAS print variables from cluster analysis

I have made a cluster anaysis in SAS using proc cluster. How do I get SAS to print the number of chosen clusters? If I have chosen clusters = 7, I want to print the 7 clusters with the observations that lie in every cluster. HOw do I do?

Silent Printing with TideSDK

UPDATE: I've decided to use appjs for my project, rather than TideSDK. With AppJS, you are able to easily make node modules, in which you can add C++ modules for easy use of silent printing. I'd recommend anyone interested in the topic to check it out. Best of luck to you all! I'm developing an application with TideSDK - It's a really awesome framework, if you haven't tried it, set some time aside! Anyway, I'm attempting to print using Javascript, but a Print Settings dialog comes up each time

Printing I am unable to print page on mvc5

I created an MVC 5 web application using bootstrap 3.0. I am almost done with my application but never realized that I can't print any page. The Print Preview shows blank and when i printed i get a blank page. I never had this happen to me. What can be causing this? Thank you in advance. Ceci

Printing JavaFX8 Print API : how to set correctly the Printable area

In my javafx application , I'm using JavaFX 8 printing API to print a node , i am getting problem of the printing area , despite i have set the pageLayout with A4 paper .... here is my code : public static void printNode(final Node node) throws NoSuchMethodException, InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException, InvocationTargetException { Printer printer = Printer.getDefaultPrinter(); PageLayout pageLayout = printer.createPageLayout(Paper.A4, PageOrientation.PORTRAIT, 0,0

Printing Okidata MB760, MB492, etc. PJL commands

I have used PJL commands with some HP printers to set printer control panel display message and duplexing of PDF documents. I have some customers with similar requirements using Okidata MB760 and MB492 machines. I know the Okidata machines support PJL, but it appears to be a different set of codes from HP (as is the case with every manufacturer - no standard for PJL except the entry/exit codes). Okidata support was unable to provide a programmer's manual or a PJL reference. Does anyone have info

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