what does it mean to make a process automatic (through programming)

For example, if I currently have to resize image on my own with photoshop, but am developing a c++ app to do it for me, what am I doing to the process? I realize that the process will be automated. What I'm looking for is this (fill in the blank): It will be much faster after I've _ _ _ _ _ _d the process which is currently manual but which will be automatic after I'm done with it. I tried autonomize, but it isn't a word :(

monitor process uptime on Windows

We want to monitor some processes on windows machine. If process is down for 30 minutes, an alarm will be raised. Is it possible/or necessary to monitor a process downtime precisely, say, a process is down EXACTLY for 30 minutes, then an alarm will be raised? Normally, we can check it every 1 minute, but technically, most of the time, you could miss somes seconds.

Query regarding running background/foreground processes via c program and fork()

Ok, my task is to write a C program that would run a particular process in background or foreground depending on whether & is the last argument or not. On googling, I found out that to run a process in background all you have to do is skip the line 'wait(&status)!=pid' in the parent process. The child process will run in the background. That brings me to a query about fork(). When I type fork(), a child process is created. Now, my question is - Is the control of the program, right after

Continued Trouble Uploading to Android Marketplace - "The server could not process your apk. Try again." Is there any support for this issue?

I've attempted to upload a new apk file to the Android marketplace and I continue to get the following error. “The server could not process your apk. Try again." This has been an ongoing issue. I've researched this issue and it seems it is a common issue and should be easily solved. But the message "Android Marketplace Error: “The server could not process your apk. Try again." is cryptic and leaves me with no where to go. In all other markets, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, I can talk

Change affinity (not priority) process with WMI

In C# app and WMI I try to change the proccess's affinity (like the taskmanager). I must do it for a remote computer. System.Diagnostics don't do that. I don't find WMI classes. There are somes classes like Win32_NamedJobObjectProcess, Win32_NamedJobObjectLimit or Win32_NamedJobObjectLimitSetting but it seems to be for affinites's jobs kernel... Is it possible ? Which classes ? in C#, ps1, vbs... Thanks for your help

What's the right way to kill NPAPI plugin instance when close browser's page-tab but not quit the browser process?

On Windows, when close the referenced browser's tab, the plugin process will quit immediately. But on mac os x, when I close the browser's tab (not quit the browser's process), the plugin process still keep a long time, after that, it closed abnormal. Then my question is that how can I quit the NPAPI plugin process normally? Thanks for your answer and sorry for my poor English. BTW, my OS is mac os x 10.8, and I use Xcode 4.5. Because my plugin must support chrome, I used 32-bit arch and I can

powershell v2 - how to get process ID

I have an Application, that runs multiple instances of itself. e.g AppName.exe instance1 AppName.exe instance2 AppName.exe instance3 Using Powershell v2 I am trying to create a simple script that given an array of AppNames and instances, it loops through them, checks if they are running, and then shuts them down. I figured the best way to do this would be check for each instance, if found capture it's processID, and pass that to the stop-process cmdlet. BUT, I can't figure out how to get th

Process How to stop zsh continuing bg job

Observe the following behaviour (which I want to stop happening): > cat /dev/zero [1] + 36461 suspended cat /dev/zero > bg [1] + 36461 continued cat /dev/zero > cat [1] + 36461 running cat /dev/zero I'm not sure why typing cat starts the old cat again, I want it to just start a new process.

Process ActivityManager: Force removing ActivityRecord app died save no state

I am developing an application in which i have to download files from SD card or USB to my phone I am using aynctask to do the same but the problem when the copying process is going on from USB drive to phone and we remove the usb device my app present activity is getting destroyed and going to previous activity When i check the logs i can see the following ProcessKiller: !@Process com.sec.android.quickbackup (6688) has open file /storage/UsbDriveA/Images/تصویر0004.jpg

Process The meaning of SUP bit in page tables

One of the page table entry attributes is the SUP bit. I read in couple documents that: "if the SUP is set then only a process in kernel mode can access that page. Versus if it is not set then a process in user mode can access it." I find this statement confusing, because a process in kernel mode can be a process within which a user program is running or a kernel program (user process vs system process). So which does the statement refer to? Or is it both as long as the process is currentl

Process How to model Storage Capacity in BPMN?

I am right now trying to model a warehouse with import and export processes. I have the problem that I do not know how I should model the capacity of different storage places in the warehouse. There are processes where vehicles with different loadings come and all of them need to be stored in the warehouse with a limited capacity. Else the arriving goods have to be declined. I am modeling this process in a BPM Suite and was thinking about using Python to access this problem. I thought that I c

Process Can PC register point to a memory zone different from text segment?

I have two questions about PC register: Can a CPU fall in the case of having its PC register point to a memory cell that is not in the process's text segment ? If so, is the process just terminated or the machine is dead ? When the cpu executes a process, it keeps iterating over instructions by incrementing PC. Let's suppose that PC points to the last instruction. How does the CPU know that the process has finished so that it does not increment PC ? For the second question, I think it can be

Process Unable to Rename Window Title Text Via SetWindowText Function

I am using SetWindowText Function to rename Window Title it seems to work with Windows program like "notepad" but when trying with other 3rd party program its not working.I am grabbing window handle via Process..MainWindowHandle . I want to spawn firefox and rename its window title this is my requirement.Process is getting launched but Window Title rename is not happening i am getting "Send Error Report" Dialog window.Please Help me out.Below is the code. using System; using Microsoft.Win32; us

Process virtual memory concepts

I am confused about some topics regarding virtual memory. So, i am going to pointwise list them and ask questions. While answering i will prefer if you also list some source where i can clear that doubt. I will be talking with reference to a linux elf executable file. I have heard that every process has the address space of 4gb in a 32 bit system. When i checked the objdump of one of my executable relocatable file i saw that it had limits from 00000000 to ffffffff. Also it contained the kerne

Process The role of hardware vs software in a context switch

I have read the description in several popular OS textbooks of what happens during a context switch. None of them have left me completely satisfied, though the one quoted below (Tanenbaum) comes most close. There are a couple questions it leaves me with. Each one is highlighted in bold and elaborated below. Assume that user process 3 is running when a disk interrupt occurs. User process 3's program counter, program status word, and often one or more registers are pushed onto the (current)

Process What is WinRT remoting?

I'm reading about IPC in Windows Phone 8, and I come across Peter Torr's articles about Using named events to coordinate foreground apps and background agents. In the bottom of his article, he mentioned WinRT remoting as the advanced technique for IPC between foreground and background process. So what is WinRT remoting? Is it somehow related to out of process COM server?

How does the parent select which forked child process to communicate with?

I created several child processes from one parent, and I also created bidirectional pipes between each process and the parent. Now the problem is how can I go back and forth between the child processes and the parent to do different type of works, and let the children communicate with the parent? I was thinking to keep a track of each process's PID, and use it as an identity to switch. But technically, how? Attached is the code that I have so far. struct val { int testInt; char testChar; };

How to implement a process that receives two messages and adds the two numbers together in Erlang?

The process adder2, as implemented in Erlang, has the signature: adder2 (In0, In1, Kill, Out) -> ... The three messages that can be sent to this process are as indicated in the diagram: {In0, Msg}, {In1, Msg} and {Kill}, where In0, In1 and Kill are provided in the function’s arguments and identify the type of message. The process itself waits for both the input messages, where Msg represents an integer value which is communicated. Once both inputs have been received, it outputs the sum of t

Why do two identical processes don't take the double CPU load

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 and basically stepped over a little tripwire. I have a very big and complicated program that takes away a lot of memory and has a big CPU load. I thought it was normal that if I started the same process while the first one was still running, it would take the same amount of memory and especially double the CPU Load. I found out that it doesn't take away more memory and does not affect the CPU load. To find out if this behavior came from my program, I wrote a tiny c+

Process GPR number of kernel scale

all I just use linear regression app to calculated 5-fold cross validation, (bayesian optimaztion). However, finally only one kernel scale provided. the reviewer's comment: As for the GPR model no-isotropic kernel function, the number of kernel scale is usually equal to the number of variables (xi). However, the authors mentioned in the Supporting Information that only one kernel scale was obtained. If it is such a case, the isotropic kernel function may be actually used. The similar issue also

Process What is the "Fountain Development Model"?

It is mentioned on the Systems Development Life Cycle page on Wikipedia: To manage this, a number of system development life cycle (SDLC) models have been created: waterfall, fountain, spiral, build and fix, rapid prototyping, incremental, and synchronize and stabilize. I found a few things on Google, but I felt that they were vague and they just didn't click for me. Perhaps an explanation from someone here might be more clear.

Process How do you define and distinguish methodology and practice?

Most software-development buzzwords of the past few years, have been at times labeled either a methodology or a practice. I never really thought of this before, but it always seemed to me that a methodology is the structuring (i.e. 'how'), of practices (i.e. 'what'). But if we take for example Agile and TDD, the former is commonly referred to as a methodology, fine, but TDD too, and since it is a part of Agile, in my reasoning this 'demotes' it to being a mere practice. I could easily come up

Why doesn't fork() create multiple processes, or does it?

We had a school exercise today to create multiple processes. Our problem was not the code itself neither the understanding of fork(). The problem me and my mate had were why it didn't create 4 processes of our code as shown below: #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <sys/types.h> //kod int child1(); int child2(); int main() { pid_t pid1, pid2; int i; pid1 = fork(); pid2 = fork(); if(!pid1) child1();

Sleep/Wake up mechanim between pThreads and POSIX process;

I have a C process creating several pThreads. To sleep and wake the threads up I am using pThread conditions. However, I want to sleep the POSIX process in such a way that pThreads can wake it up. How can I do it?

How can I start a process using activiti-restapi and soapui or restclient

I want to start a simple process that can be in activiti-explorer or I deployed,using activiti-rest api. I use SoapUI or RESTClient.Actually I wrote URL and I can see all of the process,after I start the process with rest-services, I can see the process started in SoapUI,becasuse the reponse is true,but in activiti-explorer,process isn t starting.What should I do? I m waiting your helps Thanks

Driver is a process or not?

Working driver is a process of OS or not? Wiki says „Process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed“, but dll is not a process. In other side, driver have virtual memory, stack and so on like a process, but for opening we use CreateFile/fopen.

Process Using Docker on Grid Engine / Sun Grid Engine / Son of Grid Engine

Does anyone have experience running Docker on Grid Engine / Sun Grid Engine / Son of Grid Engine and being able to monitor the resource used by the daemon? The issue is that when I qsub docker run ..., the actual process in the container is run by the docker daemon rather than the docker client which means the process trees are different. Is there any way for SGE to track the resources of a process in a different tree (I would assume not)? Another option would be to qsub a script that first l

Why the erlang periodic process execution time is varying drastically over time

In my application there are three erlang processes which run periodically at an interval of 10ms, 1s and 5s, let's call them as process A, B and C respectively; and there are two c-nodes, X and Y which perform some low level hardware access. The c-nodes has a fixed pool of linux thread to serve the queries received from the erlang process simultaneously. One erlang process can send only one query to a c-node as the calls are blocking, but the c-nodes can receive multiple calls from different er

Process how to push new developments to production environment?

Once our web application is being used on production environment we have a really hard time updating it with enhancements or bug fixes. The main reason is an initial flaw in the design of our CMS system. We have to usually spent hours to update each prod environment and many times with errors and long hours of debugging. It looks like I am whining so let get back to the objective part of the discussion. The flaw consist on how the content and programming features are stored in the database t

Process How should bug tracking and help tickets integrate?

I have a little experience with bug tracking systems such as FogBugz where help tickets are issues are (or can be) bugs, and I have some experience using a bug tracking system internally completely separate from a help center system. My question is, in a company with an existing (home-grown) help center system where replacing it is not an option, how should a bug tracking system (probably Mantis) be integrated into the process? Right now help tickets get put in for issues, questions, etc and

How to show all processes in Erlang?

I need get all registered process. I input register(). a mnesia_event,kernel_safe_sup,mnesia_monitor,mnesia_snmp_sup, mnesia_recover,mnesia_late_loader,mnesia_kernel_sup,inet_db, rex,kernel_sup,global_name_server,mnesia_checkpoint_sup, file_server_2,user,error_logger,global_group,mnesia_locker, standard_error_sup,popd_listener_sup,pop_fsm_sup,dets_sup, smtpd_listener_sup,disk_log_sup,disk_log_server,dets|...] How can i get all names registered process, without | ...] (truncation)? Than

Process How can i prevent explorer.exe from loading at startup?

How can i disable explorer.exe from startup? (need it to boost my only-gaming pc) Thanks! EDIT : I need to diable explorer.exe, the game starts automatically on startup! If i want explorer back, i can simpely press: Cntrl + Alt + Del, start Task Manager, Click on New Task, and type: "explorer.exe", it should work like that. EDIT 2: To make it On Topic, Maybe i can do this with an Batch-file? I dont know enough of .bat files for making one, what i need to write in the batch-file?

How to stop a process automatically via a batch script

How can I check if a process is running from a batch/cmd file? And If process is running, how do I stop the process automatically? Like a cmd script thingy, can someone give me some hints or help me make that kind of script. Example (pseudo code): If calc.exe is running Stop calc.exe I want something like this: @echo off :x PATH=C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe If calc.exe is ON goto Process_Stop :Process_Stop net stop calc.exe goto x

Process Starting an application in the background in Unity

Anybody knows how to start an application in the background (Using C#) when pressing on a button in Unity? I looked everywhere but I could only find the Process.Start() way to execute external application. That unfortunately turns the focus to it, which is something I don't want. Thanks in advance!

How to decide group assignments in Dirichlet process clustering

As in the Dirichlet clustering, the dirichlet process can be represented by the following: Chinese Restaurant Process Stick Breaking Process Poly Urn Model For instance, if we consider Chinese Restaurant Process the process is as follows: Initially the restaurant is empty The first person to enter (Alice) sits down at a table (selects a group). The second person to enter (Bob) sits down at a table. Which table does he sit at? He sits down at a new table with probability α/(1+α) He s

How to list wine processes on the terminal screen?

I'm aware that I can run Task Manager by: wine taskmgr. However I'd like to have wine processes listed on the terminal screen similar to ps (but without using it), but for processes within Wine environment only. How this can be achieved using Wine command-line tools?

How to show processes list in zabbix in ubuntu 16.04

I am new in Zabbix, which I am running on about 20 Linux machine (Ubuntu 16.04). I want to see all processes there are on each machine just like PS or hop. Are there any solutions you suggest? I want to have it like the CPU utilization and memory use... I tried these commands, but I think it is not supported for Ubuntu. proc.mem proc.cpu.util Thank you!

Process getClassPath() method in the WebLogic context class loader does not consider package preferences in weblogic.xml

This is already solved in How to set up the context class loader's classpath for runtime compilation?. Current problem: Get the same (proper) class path used to run a web app Reflectively calling the "getClassPath()" method works but it returns a dirty classpath containing unanted modules from $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/modules directory. Problematic scenario: Deploy a web app "Parent" in WebLogic // <- works Get the context class path (it's a String object) by refl

At what interval does the processor compare processes and their burst times in SRTF algorithm?

I'm studying OS and have been learning about scheduling algorithms. I was going through the Shortest Remaining Time First (SRTF) algorithm (preempted version of SJF) and had a small doubt. Most of the examples are able to explain the process in which the allocation and preemption takes place and I've got that part. But I haven't been able to figure out that at what interval does the processor ACTUALLY check/compare the processes. Like in reality. Is it every second? If yes, wouldn't it be highly

Changing another Process Locale

From my own "key logger like" process I figured out that another process Locale is wrong (i.e. by sniffing few keys, I figured out that the foreground process Locale should be something while it is set to another). What's the best way to do this?

Process Code Quality: how to measure developers performance?

I work for a software development company and we have around 100 people working on a product, 1/3 of these people are QA. Lately management wants to have a better way to rate individual programmers performance so the suggestion was to use bug reports as a measurement. The more bug reports on a developer the worse he is. This seems ill-advised for more reasons than I can tell e.g. it is a subjective way of measuring, developers work on different projects of differing complexity. In addition if QA

Application calls another Application. Does it create another process?

I was reading about Processes. I wan't to know what really happens. My situation : "I opened an Application. That creates a process say process1. I have other applications interfaced with this one and all these open up when i click a button inside my running application. I want to know Does my process1 create new processes and IPC happens OR processes for all the linked applications are created at once and then IPC happens?"

What is the difference between scheduler and dispatcher in context of process scheduling

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate level course in Operating Systems. I'm somewhat confused about the functions of dispatcher and scheduler in process scheduling. Based on what I've learnt, the medium term scheduler selects the process for swapping out and in , and once the processes are selected, the actual swap operation is performed by Dispatcher by context switching. Also the short term scheduler is responsible for scheduling the processes and allocate them CPU time, based on the sched

Process How to move to another agent with the highest value?

my agents set trade_Price than when they trade and they save their profit to their payoff variable. in ai process I have to code that my agents have to look around and choose the neighbor agent with the highest payoff. and than the agent has to give his decision value to this agent. I asked it before and got this code: ask buyers [ let current-buyer self ask sellers [ let current-seller self let how-much 1 set decision ;some number ask current-buyer [ set deci

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