Reporting services Microsoft Reporting with Collection as DataSource

I'm working with MS Reporting Services. The underlying datasource is IEnumerable<MyObject>, I'm not using DataSets. Every MyObject has properties and some other IEnumerable collections. In the report I want to display all the properties from MyObject and the collections lists too. I didn't know how to display this inner collections, so I've made a SubReport to which I passed the MyObject.Id so that the SubReport could retrieve the object by himself and Build a the DataSource for these i

Reporting services What are the differences between RDLs in MS Reporting Services 2000 vs 2005?

I am working on a reporting project, and the client currently makes use of MS Reporting Services 2000, and I am developing using Reporting Services 2005. What are the differences between RDLs in Reporting Services 2000 vs 2005? The RDL is just an XML file, and the difference's I've picked up so far are: XML Namespace in root element: 2000: <Report xmlns="" ... > 2005: <Report xmlns="http://schemas.microso

Reporting services Want to show fix number of rows per page in SSRS

i search google for showing fix number of rows per page in SSRS and found solution like 1) add group and put a expression like for the view =CEILING(RowNumber(Nothing)/10). from this website i got the info and follow all the step but when i compile report then i am getting error like A sort expression for the tablix ‘Tablix5’ uses the function RowNumber. RowNumber cannot be used in sort expressions. so pl

Reporting services SSRS -> Using code function to create my query dynamically, how do I get at my data (put data into table)?

I am not a seasoned SSRS veteran. I have made quite a few but they were pretty simple. Today, I am attempting to use the Code tab of the Report Properties to perform some vb functions that will return my query in a string. I am passing in date parameter that is used to create my dynamic query. My problem/issue is that I do not know how to pull this information into my table. I have seen instances where a developer calls from each individual field and it calls the code to get a specific fiel

Reporting services How can I render a report as a PDF with different page orientation, and include headers/footers for subreports? SSRS

Working with Reporting Services 2008 r2. So here's my issue: We have 5 reports that need to be combined into an "All Reports" report, which was originally done using VB6. I created a master report with 5 subreports, and of course, it doesn't work. I need to get certain reports to render as landscape, and others as portrait. Also, I want to get the headers and footers from each of the subreports. I know that SSRS doesn't support either of these, but is there a way to "pre-render" the subrepo

Reporting services How to change time scale with mouse drag in SSRS

IN SSRS2008: I draw a chart that has time in x-axis. I need my chart has ability that when i click on portion of chart or select portion of x-axis of chart by drag and drop my chart zoom to selected portion of time. zoom in ssrs by default acts as picture zoom.but I need to zoom to specified portion of time. anyone know how can i do it?

Reporting services How to Globally turn of SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services data caching

I am new to this version of reporting services. I did some research and found off of Microsoft's website: To set report caching options Point to a report in the library. Click the down arrow, and select Manage processing options. In Data Refresh Options, click Use cached data. If you see "This report can not be cached because one or more of the data sources credentials are not stored", the report is not configured to run unattended and you must modify the data sources to use stored credential

Reporting services SSRS one model returns data another does not

I have one report model based on a data source view. I also have a report running a query which returns some data. I have added a field in the database in some table. I have refreshed only that table in the dsv (by deleting it and adding it back and restoring the thee relations it had, because I did not want to refresh the whole dsv). I have created a new model based on this new, slightly modified dsv. I have uploaded this new model to the report server. In Report Builder, when I point my rep

Reporting services SSRS page numbers in page footer

I wish to not include the page number (in the page footer) for the first 10 pages of the report (i.e. page 1-10). Page 1 should read i, page 2 should read ii and page 3 should read iii and so on (in roman numerals).... When it gets to page 11, this should reset the page numbers Does anyone know of the expression I can use to achieve this. So if GlobalPage number = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 do not display, or compensate the globals page number for something else.....Is this possible.

Reporting services Pass data to report from page

Is there a way that we can Pass data to report from web page To be more specific I have a report to which I want to bind dataset from Code behind, I am using ssrs 2008 r2 with C# 4.0 ASP.NET Basically these reports will be viewed on browser, but what I want is to have something like we can pass the data from the page to the report So far I found that there is no direct solution but is there any workaround ?

Reporting services SSRS Report Emails will not Send

I am trying to set up my SSRS 2012 subscriptions and though I have used all the same details as I use in Database Mail I cannot get it to send out emails but I am not getting any error messages from the job. The only difference I can see is under the Database Mail Configuration Wizard there is listed SMTP Authentication "Basic Authentication" details, are these needed to be put in the RSreportsever.config file and if so where?? Thanks Phil

Reporting services SSRS - Report returns no data

I have a report which is pulling data from a stored procedure however only the headers appear when I run the report without any data. I can track the execution of the procedure in SQL Profiler and when I copy the executing statement with it's parameters into SQL Management Studio the statement runs and returns several thousand rows of data from the same DB. The data set timeout is set as 0 and no timeout error is given so I don't think it's related to the quantity of data returned however in m

Reporting services How do I group values by row in SSRS?

I am new to SSRS and need some help. I am using a Matrix to Pivot my data. Dataset looks like this: TEST TOOLID ----- ------ TEST1 123 TEST1 234 TEST2 456 What I currently have is this: TEST1 TEST2 TOOL ID 123 N/A TOOL ID 234 N/A TOOL ID N/A 456 The output I am looking for is (NULLS should be converted to N/A): TEST1 TEST2 TOOL ID 1 123 456 TOOL ID 2 234 N/A Thanks jlimited

Reporting services Average of all values Except 0

I have a report that I have designed in SSRS 2008. I have a row which has couple of values. This is basically a Survey form where there are Values from 1 to 5 .Some of the values are either Blank or N/A(If they don't answer). But While I calculate Average of the Values it includes that particular value. I think it takes it as 0. So Average of (4, 5,4,4,5,2,3, ,5) = 3.56 instead of 4.00. Can You please tell me how I can Calculate Average of the the values without considering Blank values

Reporting services SSRS Optional Parameters

I have run into a couple situations where I have a single report, but the user requires two ways to run it. For example, they want to either enter an employee id and pull up a single employee record, or they want to enter the company and department, or multiple companies and departments, and return employee records for all selected departments & comapnies. I know how to do the cascading parameter thing, so I can do either way, but I dont want to have 2 reports, I would like to have one rep

Reporting services How to populate a drop down list value into a text box for an ssrs report

I have an SSRS report . I use a parameter as a dropdownlist and I have populated the dropdownlist with a dataset. The query in the dataset is as follows select Id, Name from Product; I use Id for the Value and Name for the Label in the dropdownlist. I also have a text box on the report. I would like to populate the text box with the label of the dropdownlist. So as soon as the dropdownlist is changed and view report is pressed , the textbox value needs to be updated to the dropdownlist

Reporting services SSRS generate same report for multiple values accepted as parameters

I need to generate the same report repeatedly for several values. I'm accepting these values using a multi-value parameter in a new report. I have also created a table with the original report as a subreport. How can I pass the values that the user selects in the parameter to this table? I have created a dataset, but I'm not able to bind these values to the dataset, which in turn is bound to the table. I have read several articles, however, I'm unable to get it working. Please advise.

Reporting services SSAS Tabular - Data is stale

I have a tabular model that I've processed and deployed. I'm having a problem getting SSRS to reflect the newly deployed information. I have a shared Dataset accessing a shared Data Source. When I run the MDX in the query designer of the Dataset, the correct numbers are returned. When I run the report, however, the old numbers still show. I've tried deleting the .DATA file but it didn't help. EDIT: I've verified that the problem is in the SSAS database itself. I queried it with drillthrou

Reporting services SSRS Matrix Not Sorting

I need to display an SSRS report that displays values per month with a custom display order but I cant get it to work. In my tablix properties I have the following sort order as an expression (sorted a-z): =Switch( Fields!Month.Value = "January", 10, Fields!Month.Value = "February", 11, Fields!Month.Value = "March", 12, Fields!Month.Value = "April", 1, Fields!Month.Value = "May", 2, Fields!Month.Value = "June", 3, Fields!Month.Value = "July", 4, Fields!Month.Value = "August", 5, Field

Reporting services How to display only one of the two tablix in SSRS?

I am very new to SSRS. I want to develop a report. Which has 2 options and you can select either of 2. First option is selection by OrderID and another option is selection by DepartmentName. If you select Option 1 then the report displays a table with the columns related to Order details. If you select Option 2 then the report displays a table with the columns related to Department. Only one table will be displayed at a time. How can I achieve this, do I need to use a sub report for the 2.

Reporting services Barcodes in SSRS

I am currently running SSRS 2012 and am wanting to implement barcodes in to one of my reports, I have read numerous things on the net about the number of issues people have while trying to do this so though I would post here and try to avoid the pitfalls. As I said I have SSRS 2012 installed and I also have a number of Barcode TTF files that we needed to use for something else. My questions are can this be used to convert my 0100415332 in to a barcode that is able to be scanned? and where do I

Reporting services SSRS could not create a list of fields for procedure

I'm Using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to generate the business reports visual studio. When i'm adding dataset with stored procedure, im getting this error: Could not create a list of fields for the query. Verify that you can connect to the data source and that your query syntax is correct. ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'PROCEDURE_NAME' ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PL/SQL: Statement ignored stored procedure is simple selec

Reporting services How do I use different queries based on parameter value

(1).In my ssrs report I have 2 queries which i need to put in my dataset. Based on a dropdown parameter I want to select which query to run. Is it Possible to do so? Please, help me out. Ex. I If (Parameters!sFlag.Value == "0") { Query1} else {Query2} (2).Also based on same parameter i want to select fields in a textbox. Ex. =I If(Fields!IsFlag.Value="0" , Fields!Field3.Value, Fields!Field18.Value) I am using Informix . I searched a lot but couldnt find anything appropriate as this thin

Reporting services Multi Dropdown parameters and their available values in SSRS reporting

I am looking for help in SSRS reporting. Consider this scenario -- First dropdown has Asia, Europe. if Asia is selected - second dropdown should show China, India, Japan. If Europe is selected, second dropdown should show Italy and Spain. So the question: In the second dropdown's Available values: 1st available value and Label is like =IIF(Parameters!Continent.Value = "Asia", "China", "Italy") 2nd available value and label is like =IIF(Parameters!Continent.Value = "Asia", "India", "Sp

Reporting services SSRS trouble using DateDiff in a IIF statement

SSRS returns an #error when the statement is False, but No Start Date when the statement is True. I tested and the DateDiff is correct in the False side of the statement. I'm not sure which direction to go from here. Thank you. =IIF(Fields!JobOrderIssueDate.Value = "", "No Start Date",DateDiff("d",Today(),Fields!ProjectedConstEndDate.Value))

Reporting services SSRS logging a copy of every report run

Does anyone know if it is possible to have SSRS log a PDF of every report run? I'd like to store the output (preferrably a PDF) somewhere of every report. I need to store what was visually presented to them, not just the parameters that were passed in. Can SSRS do this out of the box somehow? If it can't, I'll have to log a copy via code on each call we make to the server, which I'm worried will slow down our application. Our reports are run from front-end code calling into SSRS, if that mat

Reporting services Freeze Columns FROM Row Group during Horizontal Scroll in ssrs

I have a ssrs Report. It have 15 columns. First 4 columns are Region, district, Office, week ( These are the part of Row Groups). The report is toggled based on these columns. Now my requirement is, I need to Freeze these columns in the report while scrolling other columns horizontally. I have tried with setting Fixed data true property etc... which doesn't worked out. Could anyone help me to find the solution? thanks for the help

Reporting services SSRS 2012 - Prompting for credentials

I have a 2012 SSRS report with the following requirements: When accessed (run), it must prompt for Windows (AD) credentials because users will be launching it from "group workstations" where the current username is "NurseStationNorth" (so I can't use integrated security). I'd prefer to hard-code the data-source credentials to ensure that the database connection has all the rights/permissions needed for the report. Because the report displays user-specific data, I need to pass the authenticated

Reporting services Grouping by data based on month-year via expression in ssrs2008

I have a matrix in ssrs 2008 like Date Data <<Expr>> [Fields!Data.Value] where expr is: MonthName(Month(Fields!StartPeriod.Value), True) + " " + CStr(Year(Fields!StartPeriod.Value)) + " - " + MonthName(Month(Fields!EndPeriod.Value), True) + " " + CStr(Year(Fields!EndPeriod.Value)) In this case, I have the output like: Date Data March2014-April,2014 10 March2014-April,2014 20 March2014-April,2014 30 March2014-April,

Reporting services SSRS Group on multiple colums, total and expand

In ssrs, I have a dataset from a query(mssql db) that returns three columns: dataset1 timestamp customer product and I am trying to display a table that totals by timestamp(date only) and product, and the timestamp is collapsed on the date. See example 1. Date Customer product total + 07/12/2016 Max Fork 5 + 07/12/2016 Max Spoon 4 + 07/10/2016 Jim Knife 11 + 06/02/2016 Steve

Reporting services how to fix the tablix height for SSRS report Detail section

I have a report which is showing data grouped by one column in the report. The report is working fine but the tablix height is dependent upon the number of lines in the data. I want to fix the height of the tablix so that there are a total of 12 rows in the page. If there are less than 12 rows in the page then rest of the rows will be empty. I tried this by applying grouping but it disturbed the first grouping that I am using to combine the data in rows. Any ideas are appreciated.

Reporting services SSRS 3D Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart Offset and Depth Properties

I am using SSRS (on top of SQL Server 2014). I am making a 3D horizontal stacked bar chart, but there are some display properties that I cannot figure out, despite all information available. I Am wondering how/if the two measures in the chart above, a & b, can be set: (a) The depth of the bar chart. Can I make this smaller? I want a much narrower bar. (b) The offset of the chart from the axis. Is there a way to make the bar hug right up against the axis? Maybe I'm the only one, but when

Reporting services automate SSRS access

I have inherited an SSRS environment which is a mess; Folders named only with numbers, hundreds of reports not accessed in the last 2 months (I checked ExecutionLog), etc.. I wanted to achieve two things… Because every other day someone asks for read access to random reports, is there any way of making it “public”, meaning anyone can read and open ANY report? I want to revoke “folder/report creation/move” access to everyone; can it be done without going folder by folder? Related to it, the

Reporting services Total of Custom Expression

I'm trying to get the total of the "Conversion" column for each "AccountDescName". However, the expression inside is also grouped by the statdate. How would I go about getting the total of the conversions. When I paste that same expression in a row below, it gives me a different number.

Reporting services SSRS Dynamic Pivot Format Columns

I have a report that uses the Matrix to create a pivot on my data. The data looks like this The report looks like this The pivot is on the Question column. When I export this report to excel I want the columns with Score to format as number and not as text. How can I do this? Thanks.

Reporting services SWITCH Function Expressions

Currently I've got a switch function expression and i'm reaching limitations within the expression. Is there a max of limitation with using SWITCH? When I add in a fourth expression, this seems to break. Filtering within Reporting Services =SWITCH(Variables!seconds.Value < 0, "Testing is not required", Variables!seconds.Value <= 30,"PASS", Variables!seconds.Value > 30,"FAIL", Variables!seconds.Value = ""," ")

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