United Kingdom Address Verification Web Service

We're looking for a good web service or datasource that provides address verification for the United Kingdom. Was wondering if anyone else had used this type of product and had recommendations?

Service Facade (As per Adam Bien) - EJB 3

I've read Adam Bien Rethinking Business tier. It mentioned about creating a service facade, for example, OrderService. However can you have many service facade for a large enterprise application. I have Customer Module, Order Module, Transportation Module, can I create a service facade for each high level module instead of creating one big facade that includes all of these modules. So in my JSF 2.0 web app I can make a call like: transportationServiceFacade.findDetails() orderServiceFacade.fi

How to update a set of JavaFX2.2 TextFields from a Service?

I am trying understand how to update a set of textfields in the JavaFX2.2 UI using a Service, but there are no samples nor tips for this in the documentation. Both the Addressbook and Ensemble samples deal with tables. The Service would return an ObservableList of Strings. How would one do the binding? textField0 <---> observableList[0] textField1 <---> observableList[1] I modified the ServiceSample (Concurrency | Service sample at http://download.oracle.com/otndocs/products/javafx/2.

Service Streaming of HLS Content from Windows Azure

For the sake of argument, lets assume I have 5000 files that i've transcoded to HLS mp4s I want to host them from Windows Azure, I don't think i can just put them in a CDN, do i need to host them through azure media services? What is the additional cost? Any thoughts / HLS Education much appreciated HC

Service artifactory not started after machine reboot

I have installed artifactory 3.0.3 on a debian 7 virtual machine. When I reboot the virtual machine using vSphere artifactory is not restarted. I originally started artifactory as root with service artifactory start which worked fine. There is also an artifactory script here: /etc/init.d/artifactory why is that script not picked up on reboot?

Application service layer method to get view form catalog data

I'm trying to use a layered pattern and DDD. But I can't find where should I load the catalogs used to populate comboboxes and listboxes in an edit view of a single model entity. Should I create a single method in the application service layer to get all the lists that I need for a single view, in a viewmodel wrapper? Or should I create one method per every list I need? Or it doesn't belong to the service layer at all?

Service Cannot open Jenkins from Fedora 22 Host, using Puppet Learning VM

After successful installation of Jenkins, using instructions from https://forge.puppetlabs.com/rtyler/jenkins , now I am stuck on getting jenkins gui from actually showing up in host OS ( Fedora 22 ). VBoxed Network adapter has bridged connection. I have tried: setting up port 8081 ; setting up firewall opening with parameter 'configure_firewall' to true .. inspecting Chrome data and changing various URL parts like protocols, etc. When I try to access jenkins instance from Chrome 43, all I

k8s - Kubernetes - Service Update - Error

I'm trying to update a service using : kubectl update service my-service \ --patch='{ "apiVersion":"v1", "spec": { "selector": { "build":"2"} } }' I receive the following Error : Error from server: service "\"apiVersion\":\"v1\"," not found I have tried the following : moving the service name to the end Removing the apiVersion Maybe the kubectl update is not available for service ? For now I was making my updates by simply stoping and restarting my service. But sometime, the cor

Calling a service on startup in a Play application

I have a Play 2.4 application. Trying to kick off a weekly task when application starts. The current recommendation is to do that in a constructor for an eagerly injected class (Guice). However, my task needs access to a service. How can I inject that service into my task without getting an error: Error injecting constructor, java.lang.RuntimeException: There is no started application ?

How to handle private files in a microservice

We're working on a backend project and we've started a move to microservices development. We already have a few services in place, one of which is a FileService which stores and fetches files (using underlying Amazon S3 storage). The FileService also provides file checksum, authentication and retry mechanism and is used to share files across services and with the clients. We are now building a new service and part of this service's private data are files that the service stores and uses for its

System crashed after creation of service: How can I reboot it?

for a lab, I was asked to created a python file that would be run as a service. After creating that file and entering the code provided, my system suddenly crashed. I tried rebooting it on multiple occasions, but it still won't work. (I will try to link images on the error message.) Example of error message: [Failed] Failed to start Network Time Synchronization I tried booting the system on recovery mode, but after entering my root password, it only displays this message ("Debian GNU/Linux

Service Spring boot tests with h2

What is the difference from network side when deployed as docker stack ? I have created two applications in spring boot. Service service-A is a springboot config server running on port 8181 Service service-B is a simple web application application showing the config values running on port 8081 service-B is showing the config values from config-server when running as different service like below docker network create -d overlay dev_network docker service create -p 8181:8181 --network dev_network

Cannot expose service method in ADO.NET data service

I am trying to create a method that can be exposed through an ADO.NET data service. No matter what I do, the client cannot see the method that I am exposing. I am out of ideas. Please help: [WebGet] public ObjectResult<Product> GetAllProducts() { ProductOrdersEntities entities = new ProductOrdersEntities(); return entities.GetAllProducts(); } I have also kept access open to the methods: public static void InitializeService(IDataServiceConfiguration c

Problem with bluetooth service in J2ME don't discoverable

I try to create a service with: LocalDevice localDevice = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice(); localDevice.setDiscoverable(DiscoveryAgent.GIAC); String url = "btl2cap://localhost:"+uuid.toString()+";name="+name+";authorize=true;authenticate=true;encrypt=true"; L2CAPConnectionNotifier notifier = (L2CAPConnectionNotifier)Connector.open(url); ServiceRecord = localDevice.getRecord(notifier); // Set some attributes // ... conn = notifier.acceptAndOpen(); //... I run this code on a Nokia 5800 and N

Web Service multi-client basic question

I've been reading up on web service all day but I'm still missing a basic understanding on web services as they relate to multiple clients. The web service runs on a web server. The service exposes various methods. Multiple clients may call the same service method simultaneously. Question: Does each client get its own copy of the method or does the code in the method implementation have to start a thread for each client and process each client's request in it's own thread? What am I missi

Start windows service automatically when system reboots

I have installed a windows service in a server with automatic mode.But when system reboots its not starting automatically.It is still in start state only. Manually i am starting the service. Please suggest me how can the service get started when system reboots.Service is working fine.No dependencies.

web service (asmx) over ssl using C#

I have a web application calling various web services. Currently I do not have any ssl connection. I would like to use ssl. My question is which way is best to use ssl 1. whenever the request comes, is it better to authenicate the credentials aganist client? or 2. Once authenicate the ceredential and use in subsequest web service calls

How to kill a hung windows ftp service in Windows 7

When I try to stop the Microsoft FTP Service using the net stop ftpsvc command in a Windows 7 32bit (IIS 7.5) machine it just says stopping and ....... and hangs. It remains there indefinitely, I can't stop or start it. When I look at the processes through task manager I can see svchost ftpsvc running, I try to kill it using teh task manager (from the Process Details page) nothing happens. I try to kill it using taskkill and the PID through an administrative command prompt and it says process t

Service Inject EventDispatcher into an Entity in a DDD way

is it correct in a DDD way to inject an EventDispatcher into an entity? Imagine that I have a DomainModel called Card. This card in an ubiquitous language can be activated and deactivated. But the activation and deactivation involves a call to a third party API that it activates in the real world. So to keep our Domain Models clear my approach is my Card entity has a activate method that looks like: public function activate() { $this->active = true; $this->dispatcher->dispat

systemctl exits mono service with status=0/SUCCESS

I am attempting to launch a mono program with systemctl. My .service looks like this: [Unit] Description=Starts results sender After=network.target systemd.mount [Service] Type=forking ExecStart=/usr/bin/mono /home/ubuntu/CameraInfoSender/CameraInfoSender.exe ,but it immediately exits with (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS), before doing any work. This command works when launched manually. Adding Retart=on-success doesn't help, nor does WantedBy. Any help will be appreciated.

Set service Startup type in WiX installer

I am trying to set a pre-installed service's startup type to Automatic, using WiX. Another task was to start the service on install, which I achieved with: <ServiceControl Id="ServiceRunningState" Name="[Service Name]" Start="install" Stop="install" Wait="yes" /> Now I would also like to set the startup type. I have tried the following (see answer): <ServiceConfig Id="ServiceStartup" ServiceName="[Service Name]" DelayedAutoStart="yes" OnInsta

Service How to resolve workspace error in Power BI?

I am trying to add a member to a workspace, but I am getting the Couldn't update group error and the detail behind this is below. I am also not able to change any access levels for any member for any workspace. Activity IDe9ffb86b-e0a3-47b2-b2c2-9f84500948b0 Request ID8609b187-9119-82ff-c1c7-57aecdeb5296 Correlation ID5b1d2193-331e-ed4b-936d-8a2fab232a43 Status code500 TimeWed Nov 25 2020 15:25:42 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time) Service version13.0.14788.65 Client version2011.3.03863-train Clust

Cannot see the target added to service monitor for Prometheus Operator

I am trying to set up to add the target to my service monitor for Prometheus Operator (inside my terraform that is using helm chart to deploy prometheus, prometheus operator and service monitor and a bunch of stuff). After I successfully deployed service monitor, I cannot see the new target app.kubernetes.io/instance: jobs-manager in prometheus. I am not sure what I did wrong in my configuration. I am also checking this document to see what is missing but cannot figure it out yet. Here are some

Background service on a Glassfish server

is it possible to run a background service/daemon on a glassfish server? Best, T Edit: To clarify things: I mean a daemon like a windows service, that runs in the background and gets triggered by an event.

TeamCity: Parameter in artifact setup, unable to be changed from service message

I have a build configuration in TeamCity, which creates a zipped artifact. The artifact contains the %build.number% parameter in the zipfile name. I want to change the build number from a custom tool through a service message. This is working fine and TeamCity shows the correct buildnumber for the build, but the "artifact paths" setup is not using the updated parameter, so the zipfile is named with the original %build.number%. (**/*.*=>Test.%build.number%.zip) I have also been testing th

Find out the port a specific service is using

Can anybody help me with using nmap? I don't quite get it when it comes to find out which port a specific server is running on. To exemplify my issue, I have to install the apache2 web server on an Ubuntu OS. Then, I have to start its daemon (no problem, I simply ran "service apache2 start", which, I think, really did the job for me). Now, I just have to figure out on which port this service is running. I read about netstat and nmap, but I don't really know which parameters I should use in ord

Service How to send JSONP request using int-http:outbound-gateway in Spring Integration?

I am trying to convert a request working as in below call to Spring Integration Async call function sendToSomething(){ var formattedDate = $.datepicker.formatDate('yy-mm-dd', new Date()); var emailAddress = $("#prefferedemail").val(); // Call to Send email address to something $.ajax( { global: false, type : "POST", url : "http://xyz.something.com/pub/rf?_ri_=X0Gzc2X" + "& EMAIL_PERMISSION_S

Automatically install services from folder when starting

I'm currently running arangodb using docker and I want to be able to start with a clean slate just by restarting my containers. I have mounted volumes in docker where I want the code of my services to be mounted. How can I automatically have arangodb install those services? I want to be able to edit the code in the volume to be able to develop my services without having to upload them again. Also it is important that I can run VCS directly in the mounted volume from my client machine.

Service Failed at step CHDIR spawning /opt/Informer5/informer5.sh: No such file or directory

I have an application called "Informer." I am trying to register it as a service and I'm not sure where I have gone wrong. Here is informer.service: [Unit] Description=Informer Docker After=docker.service Requires=docker.service [Service] Type=oneshot User=root WorkingDirectory=/opt/Informer5 <===Modify for the appropriate directory ExecStart=/opt/Informer5/informer5.sh start <===Modify for the appropriate directory ExecStop=/opt/Informer5/informer5.sh stop <===Modify for the app

LocalService and LocalBinder leak memory in Android 10

I have a LocalService implementation exactly as suggested here in order to provide access to service methods through the binder. https://developer.android.com/guide/components/bound-services#Binder public class LocalService extends Service { // Binder given to clients private final IBinder binder = new LocalBinder(); /** * Class used for the client Binder. Because we know this service always * runs in the same process as its clients, we don't need to deal with IPC. *

How Process Azure Analysis Services on SSMS Job

I currently have this flow local DB source -> Azure Datawarehouse -> Azure Analysis Service Model (deployed via Visual Studio 2019). I'm wondering whether there's a way to create and schedule a job on the local DB in order to refresh the Azure Analysis Service. I've seen some posts where you can achieve this in Azure itself through functions. However, I was wondering whether I can do it on SSMS. UPDATE I created a linked server on my localhost DB to the Azure Analysis Services. I created a

SQL Compact Service Packs silent install parameters

my application needs SQL Compact SP1 and SP2 installed (Entity Framework), but there is nothing on MSDN where I can determine silent install parameters for those two files (SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi for SP1 and SSCERuntime-ENU.exe for SP2). And on top of that, 64bit SP1 needs to be installed like this: install x86 file and then install x64 file on 64bit machine. Any thoughts appreciated.

Service ESB or SCA -- Architectural perspective

How does modern day ESB compare to SCA ( in terms of routing / aggregating services ) ? This is what i think [ from past experience ]. Lets say we have two services S1 and S2, and a composite service S3 which is composed of S1 and S2. Assume S1 and S2 have two different endpoints and protocols. How to access using ESB? ( WSO2 / Apache Synapse ) We can access S1 first and S2 second ( creating a pipe ) We can access S3 directly to provide output. (protocol conversion / transformation / o

Why use services in Angular?

I am just starting out with Angular. Reading the example of a service in the Google documentation, I just wonder why you would choose to use a service rather keeping the variables and function right in the controller? angular. module('MyServiceModuleDI', []). factory('notify', function($window) { var msgs = []; return function(msg) { msgs.push(msg); if (msgs.length == 3) { $window.alert(msgs.join("\n")); msgs = []; } }; }); function myControlle

Installshield Setup.Rul - Starting dependant services using ServiceStartService/LaunchAppAndWait

I need your help. I am maintaining an old Installshield Setup.Rul that was written by a different team. The .exe starts a set of Custom Services. Now I have a requirement where in I need to start a set of services, based on few dependency criteria, when the .exe created using installshield is run. Here is the sample code I have form Setup.Rul. sApp1 = "sc"; sParam = "failure ASER reset= 0 actions= restart/100000"; LaunchAppAndWait (sApp1, sParam, WAIT); sParam = "failure BSER

How to run Windows Script File in Windows service recovery

I have written a script(.wsf) to trigger an Email when a particular service fails. For first,second and subsequent failure i have given run a program and added my .wsf file in that tab. Yet i am not getting Email alert. May i know what i should do to execute that. Steps taken : ( But no result/didn't work) 1) In the run a program tab , gave the complete path of the script 2) Written a bat file and which inturn call that .wsf file 3)Gave the path of administrator cmd.exe path in run a program t

OSGI JavaMail Service

I have problems to declare an e-mail session as an OSGI service. I am using Apache Karaf 3.0.1 as container, Apache Aries for the blueprint JPA and JNDI enhancement. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <blueprint xmlns="http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/blueprint/v1.0.0"> <bean id="mailSession" class="javax.mail.Session" init-method="getInstance"> <property name="mail.smtp.host" value="mysmptpip"/> <property name="mail.smtp.port" value="25"/> </bean&

RegisterHotKey from Windows Service application

If I call RegisterHotKey() from the ServiceStart procedure it will fail with ERROR_REQUIRES_INTERACTIVE_WINDOWSTATION. I couldn't find much information on this so I created a thread, made a window (CreateWindow) and called RegisterHotKey() from this context; However, it returns the same error, What is the Proper way to register a hotkey from a Service application? Function Makewnd(): integer; Var Hwnd: THandle; uMsg: TMsg; Begin Hwnd := CreateWindow('STATIC', 'Dumm

CouchDb service not starting on localhost Windows 10

When I check the services running it shows the Apache CouchDb service running, but on hitting localhost:5984/_utils it's showing Site can't be reached. I tried replacing the nssm.exe in bin folder of couchdb installation directory as specified in https://stackoverflow.com/a/44107335/219187, but with no sucesss. Iam getting the following error [error] 2017-11-09T15:52:03.730000Z couchdb@localhost <0.201.0> -------- Supervisor couch_primary_services had child collation_driver started with

Making and Interfacing with Custom Services

I've been searching for this for awhile now, and I am not sure if I am just not using the correct search terms or if the answer is really that hard to find. What I am trying to do is to create a new Windows service for a game server from a batch file, and then have a task run another batch file every 30 minutes or more that would run two commands on the game server's command line and do some file work. Specifically, I am running a Minecraft server using Bukkit for a gaming community I help run

jini service discovery

In Jini service discovery, you can search for all types of services by providing null for the class[] of service types to discover. My question is what happens if you don't have in your classpath the discovered service interface. For example, in the network there are 2 service with the interfaces IService1 and IService2, both not in my classpath. What would happen when they are discovered? will the code be downloaded to my JVM from the HTTP server (assuming it is configured to point to the HTTP

Service Can't get Direct3d app to start in Windows 7 kiosk

We run our application in a kiosk environment of sorts, replacing Explorer with our application. Everything worked fine under Windows XP, but with Windows 7 we can't get it to work. We set the registry key WinLogon to a custom user.bat batch script (no further registry tweaking) in which we wait for several services to start (SQLServer, for example), then launch our application. This worked great in XP. However, in 7, all needed services are detected, but when our application starts, it fails

Start service from prunsrv and jdk8

I have simple jar which includes the class MainClass with static start and stop methods. When I use JDK6 and Prunsrv my service starts and stops successfully. When I switch to JDK I get this error when I start the service: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/serv/MainClass : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 How can I resolve this problem?

How to start railo service in background on the Docker

My name Trang, I have created Docker image on https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/trangunghoa/railo-mysql/ It is run ok. Now I created Dockerfile but I can't start automatic Railo service. Please help me. I have start by some commands at shell script: exec /opt/railo/railo_ctl start exec /opt/railo/railo_ctl start -D FOREGROUND service railo_ctl restart exec service railo_ctl restart No command it work.

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