Sharepoint Workflow Vs. WFF

The title is not very accurate. I am currently developing an addition to a site that allows multiple people to enter data. I need/want to use WFF, because the people will enter the data in a certain sequence. It is a customer complaint form. A salesman will fill out the initial form and submit the complaint. The complaint will be reviewed and either dismissed or moved forward to the investigation segment. Finally the complaint will be handled and closed. My dilemma is that I am also impl

Sharepoint Creating Site Templates from MOSS publishing sites

I know that creating a site template from a MOSS publishing site is not currently supported by Microsoft. Can anyone tell me if creating a basic site, then turning on the publishing feature, then creating a site template is supported - I would guess not as it's probably the same as creating a publishing portal?

Sharepoint WSS licensing and pricing

Looking for a clear answer on the licensing costs of WSS 3.0. I've read no fewer than 50 web sites, including every relevant MS resource, and the answer still isn't clear. We are a web host looking to provide WSS solutions to our clients as follows: Scenario 1 Company extranet with forms authentication. Every user will be an authenticated employee, but we will host the web server and sql server and make it publicly accessible. 400 employees. Same question for 1200 employees. Scenario 2 Int

Create SharePoint web page outside of document library

I'm reasonably new to SharePoint 2007 and trying to move from an ASP.NET to SharePoint way of thinking has been an interesting experience! I would like to create a page at the same level as the default.aspx page in a subsite. The "SharePoint way" of doing things involves putting the page into a document library. I am reluctant to do this as the breadcrumb navigation of the page then includes the name of the libarary but I would like the library to be transparent to the user. I can create a pag

Hide lists from "All Site Content" page of SharePoint site

I wonder if there is a way to hide some document library lists that are shown when the user navigates to the "All Site Content" page in SharePoint, and I wonder if there is a programmatic way to achieve this. (If possible using WSS). I need to hide many lists from this view, these lists will be accessed from the links inside a link list (this link list is the only I want the user to see). Any help will be appreciated.

SharePoint Windows Workflow breaks when we deploy it

We have developed a custom visual studio workflow for SharePoint MOSS. It creates tasks for a document approval process and works fine on our development machines. We are using a main workflow activity and one custom child activity. We use binding on the properties to pass them throughout the workflow, all standard stuff for windows workflow, we think. When we deploy this workflow to our test server, which is a small farm, our taskproperties/workflowproperties all seem to evaluate to null. We

Sharepoint SPView.Clone Method

I'm showing a view within a webpart and I update this view to filter the list items according to the logged on user's groups. Is there a way to clone the view and update it leaving intact the original one? I need this cloned view to be temporarary since I don't need it after rendering it. I know there's a SPView.Clone method but it's little documented...

How to have multiple views for sharepoint documents?

I have a sharepoint with a lot of documents stored in it. I would like to have different views for these documents. One view would be by "project" to see all related project documents, another view would be "Design Documents" to view all design documents across all projects. Is there a way to do list so that there is only 1 copy of the document?

Sharepoint Failed to create feature receiver object from assembly/FileNotFound

During solution deployments & Feature activation, I am facing an on/off issue where the system is unable to find & load the FeatureReceiver class. Mostly it is file not found exception (even though the assembly is there in the GAC). I checked over the net and this seems it a common issue with solutions (wsp) packaging DLL to be GACed. (But, no one has any clue or solution!) What is the recommendation and guideline to fix this issue? We are setting the flag to reset IIS in my solution def

Create a Sharepoint page but don't show in breadcrumb

I'm struggling to do something which I thought should be straight forward, basically I need to create an aspx page which I now realise must be put into a document library but the problem I have is it's only one page and when the page is displayed the breadcrumb has a link to the document library. We really don't want the users to be able to get to the library via the breadcrumb and just want to show the page. From one of my other questions some other helpful people made some suggestions like p

SharePoint itemDeleting evert is not working

I have a site in SharePoint and I want to custom delete from a list. So, I'm creating the public class ListItemEventReceiver : SPItemEventReceiver { public override void ItemDeleting(SPItemEventProperties properties) { if (properties.ListTitle.Equals("Projects List")) { Projects pr = new Projects(); string projectName = properties.ListItem["Project Name"].ToString(); pr.DeleteProject(projectName); }

Problem with URL in IIS7.5 + Sharepoint Services in TFS2010

my question is kinda simple but i just don't know how to get it. I have this dedicated server at home, used almost just for Team Foundation Server, I did the single server configuration wizard so I have Sharepoint Services running along with SQL Server and IIS 7.5, the problem is that every single link and URL on the sharepoint sites are generated from the local Computer name, which is TFS. I have a domain ( and a subdomain pointing to my home Static Ip address, the router properly

SharePoint -ways to manage content

a client is requiring an Internet-facing CMS system on MOSS 2007. I am trying to identify all the possible ways to manage content -this is what I came up with: Web parts through browser. Web parts through Designer. Lists (Columns and Content Types as required). Is there any other way I am missing? Thank you very much. EDIT: This is really a high-level question. What options does SharePoint offer to non-developers, non-designers to edit pages of an Internet-facing, marketing site? Thank yo

SharePoint 2010 - Creating a custom document library template

I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to create a custom document library template for SharePoint 2010. When a user clicks on the Libraries link on the quick launch menu of a new SharePoint site, and then clicks the Create button, the Create dialog is launched. I know this dialog window hosts a Silverlight control, but obviously there is a way to create custom template types in this window. There is even a category that is called Blank & Custom. I've tried copying and modifying the Doc

Set permission for user programmatically? (sharepoint)

I am using the following code to set permission for groups when I create a site: // Assign Site Owner role to the selected users string siteOwnerGroup = null; string siteOwnerRole = null; foreach (ListItem item in lbSiteOwner.Items) { siteOwnerGroup = item.Text.ToString(); siteOwnerRole = "Full Control"; SPRoleAssignment roleAssignment = new SPRoleAssignment(web.SiteGroups[siteOwnerGroup

SharePoint unstable and getting ASP.NET error messages and .NET runtime errors

A Sharepoint box I adminster has become unstable and will throw several out of memory exceptions and then become unresponsive and require IIS - resets. Has anyone come across this before? The box is a VM with 4 cores and 4GB of RAM and dosnt appear to be using 100% of anything consistantly. ASP.NET event log: An unhandled exception occurred and the process was terminated. Application ID: /LM/W3SVC/1656383179/Root Process ID: 2476 Exception: System.OutOfMemoryException Message: Exception

Which SDK do I need to start using sharepoint.client.dll?

I want to test drive Microsoft.SharePoint.Client API. How can I get Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll? The 'SharePoint 2010 Reference: Software Development Kit' has samples. Is there an SDK that has the dll?

Sharepoint RunWithElevatedPrivileges seems to hide my logging

Hey all, I am running class on our IIS 7 server with all the Sharepoint yimmer yammer installed. I have webservice that I created using the walkthrough on the MSDN site. I found that I needed to use the ElevatedPrivilleges call in order to get my LINQ classes to work. Once I did that, it seems to cause my NLog based logger to NOT be able to find the web.nlog file that I put in the same directory as the web.config file as the NLog documenation said to. Any log statements outside the the deleg

SharePoint development nightmares

I thought I'd give SharePoint development a go, to broaden my understanding of Microsoft technologies and ran into a situation I refuse to understand. I have a new web application created: http://localhost:11523 and set up the site collection as required. I can browse to the web site fine, without any issues, but now I want to start developing against this, using the object model. Right, so after I struggled with SPSite site = new SPSite("http://localhost:11523"); I figured that I'm not runnin

Sharepoint Backup-SPSite gives an error: "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object"

I got a backup of a Sharepoint 2010 site that I created from our client's production server so that I can make some new changes to it on my staging server. I can restore the site collection from the backup without a problem but when I try to create a backup of the same site on my staging server, I always get the error "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object". Before the error is given however, a small part of the backup file is created. If I try to run the Backup-SPSite

Add fields to Sharepoint Workflow Task

I'm currently making a pretty simple approval workflow in sharepoint using sharepoint designer. One of the design goals that we have for this workflow is that we want to minimize the amount of custom coding that we have to do so I'd appreciate answers that involve using sharepoint designer instead of whipping out VS. So the workflow should start when a person adds an item to a list. When the workflow kicks off it would create a task and and assign a due date of +2 business days and assign the

Is it possible to compare current user to a SharePoint list/group and switch views if they belong?

So I have a list of managers in my SharePoint site, and I am able to get the current user by using a web service and storing their name into a control. Is it possible to compare this name to everyone in that list/group to check if they are a manager so that the form can switch views to the manager section? Right now I created a drown down control which pulls in values from the list and sets the default value to the contact. But it can only store and compare one contact. How could I have it comp

compare sharepoint with java world

I am a good java web developer having knowledge of numbers of technical issues in java industry. I heard lot about SharePoint. I don't able to understand it because I don't have idea of workings in Microsoft world. Can someone tell about SharePoint by taking a scenario from java world.

Upgrading Team Site for TFS from Sharepoint 2007 to sharepoint 2010

We are currently using TFS 2010 and have a Team site of SharePoint 2007. We are currently not using the Team site (we tried out a few things but at the moment its no problem to just remove it). But we want to use the Team site and thought that we might as well upgrade it to 2010 before starting to use it. Its probably easier to upgrade from a pretty clean install than doing it later. So.. Is it best to upgrade our site.. or should we maybe install a new SharePoint 2010 on the side and then sw

SharePoint 2007 list item approval workflow - displaying approver comments in a list

I'm working on a SharePoint 2007 workflow to develop a user feedback process as follows: User adds a new item to a list (i.e. comments, issues, concerns, etc.) Management is then notified of the new item by e-mail and prompted to respond. The response has two elements: first, outright approval or rejection. Second, providing a comment/answer to the the user concern. If approved, the new item displays in the list 3a. The comments ALSO display in the list, in their own column. I have Conten

Sharepoint Work Item Timer Job not firing

In my site (SP2010) I've created a trigger which adds a work item to the queue, through the SPSite.AddWorkItem method. This seems to do well, since the ScheduledWorkItems table is being filled with the correct data. Time is set in UTC and is the current or past time. ID's are all set OK as well. So the table has all the right data. However, the custom created Work Item processor, derived from SPWorkItemJobDefinition, with the correct ID, is never being fired. The AppPool user who adds work item

SharePoint security overview - where to start?

I need to read-up on SharePoint security. Can anyone recommend where to start? The areas I need to look into are: Security of remote clients which use SharePoint web services (SOAP or RESTful). Security of data sitting on SharePoint. Authentication of users. User permissions. At the moment, I'm unsure of where to start or even what to Google. I guess a check-list of things to read up on would great.

Detecting the search settings of a SharePoint 2010 site using PowerShell

We have an extranet that isolates groups into separate site collections. In order to prevent information leakage through search, we will set all sites search visibility setting to, "never index ASPX pages". Since site admins can change that setting, we are planning on using a script that reports any site that has enabled ASPX indexing and scheduling it to run regularly. Below is what I have so far. It reports only the root site of each site collection. I will add a loop for all sites in a site c

SharePoint 2010 Master Page

Is creating a master page for sharepoint 2010 is the same like any app? Am not familiar with sharepoint and am required to change the master page html with a new one, also to create one aspx page that uses the master one, is there any differences compared with the normal master page?

Sharepoint How to display item in SPGridView in the order they are stored using ListTool > Items > Change Item Order

I have a sharepoint link list.I am programattically displaying items of the link list in the SPGridView. I am using following code to read the list SPList spList = myWeb.Lists["MyListNameHere"]; and assign the SpList as the datasource of SPGridView which display items as is. But i want to display items in SPGridView in the same order as they are set through List Tool > Items > Change Item Order Order of SPGridView items should always reflect the current order set in the link list items. H

Change SharePoint default date time format to dd MMM yyyy

How do we change SharePoint default date time format to dd MMM yyyy( e.g., 1 May 2013), We can change regional setting to change date format but i can not find anything which display month as word. I am referring following article it seems working except dd MMM yyyy format ( e.g., 1 May 2013). I've notice issue with displaying month in word, other format seem working. Any idea why it month name is not displa

How to edit external lists in sharepoint designer 2013

I currently have a simple external content type that displays a very small sql table on a external list in my SharePoint site. The problem is I have a date of birth field that gets formatted with the DateTime type instead of the Date type that is used when I created the SQL table. The biggest issue I am facing is the lack of designer view in SharePoint Designer 2013 that was included in 2010. Since I am forced to work with the source code, how do I go about formatting the date of birth fields so

Hide Content (Library) from unauthorized user in SharePoint Site Content

Is there a way to hide content (library) in sharepoint under site content? I tried removing permissions but it only hides files inside the library. My goal is to completely hide the library from unauthorized user so that they will not have an idea that the library as it contains confidential information.

How to get the SharePoint workflow status for each SP item with a PowerShell script?

The workflow status data that I want is in the column with the same name as the document library. However I cannot access the data in that column with the name for that column displayed in SharePoint. I need the internal column name if I am going to access that column with the code below. $list = $SPWeb.lists["document library name here"] $items = $list.Items $count = 0 foreach($item in $items) { # (typically you put the column name you want where SPWorkflowStatusColumnName is) if($

Sharepoint Using Spservices to count list items with specific titles

I've been using spservices to iterate through a list and count all entries with a specific title. I think I've sorted that, the issue I have is printing that count out to a table that I can use throughout a web page. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> var qA = "<Query>" + " <Where>" + "<Eq>" + " <FieldRef Name='Qualification_x0020_Name'/> <Value Type='Text'> Qualified " + "</Eq>" + "</Where>" + "</Query>"; $().SPServic

Using sharepoint designer with sharepoint online

I was wondering if anyone can help me out. Here is the situation. I want to develop a sharepoint master file, for that i need sharepoint designer and for that i would need sharepoint server & windows servver. I dont want to install & configure the whole stack just for that. Is it possible that i get a sharepoint online account for $5 or $8 and then download the free available sharepoint 2013 designer and deploy and test things with this combination? Your quick help would be apprecia

Sharepoint Provider hosted app - how to get FedAuth and rtfa cookie of the current logged-in user

I am using Provider-Hosted App for Office 365. I want to get version collection of list item, for that just tried to access using list.asmx service. To call this SP service, have to pass cookie(FedAuth and rtFa). but i have only accesstoken with me, is any way to get cookie of the current logged in user? What I have tried: I have tried to call list.asmx service using HttpWebRequest with access token, it throws 401 exception. it ask for either cookie or credentials. (user already logged in the

Sharepoint CSOM get Content type from List Content type

The context here is that we are building a simple standalone MVC-frontend to a Sharepoint Server installation (for political reasons) connecting by CSOM API. We have defined some content types at site level which we use in different document libraries and lists on our site. When you add a Content type to a document library or a list the Content type is copied to the doclib/list and gets a new guid. The new guid is normally on the form Parent Content Type ID + "00" + Hexadecimal GUID We w

Lightswitch HTML and sharepoint (Sideloading of apps is not enabled) error

I have recently purchased office 365, and thought id have a go at linking a lightswitch HTML 2015 project to it, and ive gotten as far as this error: Error occurred in deployment step: 'Install app for SharePoint': Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site I have been researching this for like an hour now and everything I have tried has failed... has any one else come accross this and can help me fix this issue, or at least point me in the right direction of things i can try to sol

How to get recurring events from a Sharepoint 2010 List as distinct items using CAML into SSRS 2008 datasource?

I have a datasource in SSRS 2008 pointing to my Sharepoint list and I'm trying to get recurring events as distinct items from a calendar in a Sharepoint 2010 list using CAML query, Example: Event 1: 01/01/2017 15:00 Recurrent every day Event 2: 02/01/2017 17:00 No recurrent Expected: ( 3 Rows ) 1 | Event 1 01/01/2017 15:00 2 | Event 1 02/01/2017 15:00 3 | Event 2 02/01/2017 17:00 Actual Result: 1 | Event 1 01/01/2017 15:00 2 | Event 2 02/01/2017 17:00 CAML Query: <RSShareP

Sharepoint - Folder link does not resolve

Has anyone encountered the issue when you copy your folder link "short link" via Get link but when you go to the copied link you're routed to root folder of the library? e.g. short link The short link above resolves to the one below

Sharepoint Configure PeoplePicker to hide users with specifc custom attribute

SharePoint On Prem. 2013. Currently the people picker is configured to see users in DomainA, DomainB and DomainC. That was OK, but now users in DomainA have been added to DomainC as part of an integration activity. The people picker now shows duplicates for users in A and C. I do not want to hide all users in Domain C. I only want to hide those users in Domain C who are already in A. I added a custom attribute to a test user in Domain C and mapped it to "someattribute" in the user profile serv

Sharepoint Search Document Library by filename using GRAPH API

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to query my Document Library in SharePoint. It just seems to return random files. I need to search a Document Library by filename and return the files found plus a few custom columns, lets call them ColumnA and ColumnB. My Document Library I should mention that my site is called test site and my library is called test. I've tried: /v1.0/drives/{drive-id}/search(q='name:test') Returns: 12345 54321 /v1.0/drives/{drive-id}/search(q='test') Returns:

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