Create a Modal Dialog box containing a form using struts2

In my application I have a part of form which should allow details of a n number of persons. i.e, Field1 Field2 field3 now a button Details of persons on button click it open a modal dialog box containg a form with 3 fields about person.When I click save. the details of persons sections should update...This should repeat on every button click.. I also need validations for fields on modal dialog box. Th data entered for field1,2,3 should remain same during the process.. How to do this in s

Struts2 how do i call the action name from the web.xml instead of typing the action name at the url of the browser

In My struts2 application i have a struts2 tag checkboxlist something like this <s:checkboxlist name="yourSelect" label="Are You Inteterested In" list="communityList" value="defaultSelect" /> i added the list elements in my action class constuctor view plaincopy to clipboardprint? public CustomerAction() { communityList = new ArrayList<String>(); communityList.add("WebSpere Consultuing"); communityList.add("Portal Consul

Struts2 Server start error in Tomcat (getting java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException)

I am using Struts2 and Hibernate3 in my project, server is Tomcat 6. I got such an error in my project, I can't get solution for this. The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request. Code: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) java.lang.refle

Struts2 ClassNotFound exception in struts 2

javax.servlet.ServletException: PWC1243: Filter execution threw an exception java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Exception comes when I run the JSP page.

How to do validation in struts2 when calling action from jquery ajax?

i am calling struts2 action from jquery ajax on success it returns string and on error it should be dispatched to same page and should display errors. i have used following code check it.. $(document).ready(function(){ $('#getActionRs').click(function(){ alert("call action"); $.ajax({ type:"POST", url: "returnToAjax", data: "firstinput=" +$('#firstinput').val()+"&secondinput=" +$('#second

Struts2 call birt report from action class

I am developing a project in Java EE Struts 2 and Hibernate for airline reservations. Now my all work is done and I have to generate a ticket. Instead of generating a simple JSP or HTML ticket, I want to generate a downloadable report (like Crystal Reports in Java). I have my entire ticket info in a session that (as on internet) I can get on BIRT report using script. I am totally new to BIRT and wanted to know how I can generate a BIRT report or maybe call its execution engine from one of my ac

Struts2 Spring Integration with Struts .. Why?

Can Anyone please tell why we need to integrate springs with struts.. Wat is the use of doing so? some are mentioned "dependency injection that can be useful to any framework" what does it really mean?

I want to add multiple image at one go by using struts2.0 tag.And if i don't add image in betwwen than it should insert null

I have multiple browse button on the page and if i don't enter image in one browse button it should insert null on that index rather than putting the next image in same tag. Example:--Suppose there are 3 browse buttons on a page and I enter image for the first and third browse button than the File Array I get on action is of size 2 because it has mapped that third image in the second index.But I want the array should be of same size as there are number of browse button.How could i do this.

struts2 when action returns input included actions in freemarker do not call execute

We have a number of Freemarker pages that have action calls within them, for example: The problem we are having is that if the action that renders the page returns INPUT for any reason then the execute() method of the included action does not get called. Instead, only the validate method gets called. This means that the logic for the action is not executed. I would have thought that the included actions invocation should be independent of the result of the 'parent' action. To workaround we

Struts2 no effect of "resultpath" constant in struts.xml

I have all the jsp pages (ex: index.jsp) in the WebContent folder and my application is working smoothly. Now, I created a folder "pages" inside WebContent, where I transferred all my jsp pages. And I added the following line inside the <struts> tags: <constant name="struts.convention.result.path" value="/pages" /> But still, its not searching for jsp inside the "pages" folder. I am getting: HTTP Status 404 - /MyApplicationName/index.jsp Where am I doing a mistake? EDIT: The

abstract classes in struts2 forms

I want to have a form that creates one of several subclasses in a type hierarchy. Say it's AbstractPerson with the subclasses Employee and Visitor. Can I do that with a single Action / REST-Controller Bean? Usually I use the form-ids smart, so it assigns values directly to the setters of my Action. So if I have a member like AbstractPerson member; I would try to use a form with an input field called "". However, struts must create an instance of AbstractPerson first - and it can

Struts2 Submitting objects and lists struts1

I have a class MyClass as below public class MyClass { private int fieldOne; //with getter, setter private String fieldTwo; //with getter, setter } I have following two fields in my form bean private MyClass myObject; //with getter, setter private ArraList<MyClass>myList; //with getter, setter Using struts1 I want to submit object and list of objects from web-page form. In struts2 we can get object and list in action as below (considering fields a

Struts2 UrlRewriteFilter skipping i18n Interceptor in Struts 2

I managed to have struts 2 i18n Interceptor working to change the session locale. It's working if I call directly to the Action, for example: https://localhost:8443/loadClientLogin.action?request_locale=fr But if I use UrlRewriteFilter to map from a rule, it calls to the action, but it seems that 18n interceptor is skipped, since locale is not changed. This is the url rewriter's rule I wrote for this action: <rule> <from>^/client/login(\??)(.*)$</from> <to type=

Struts2 Iterate images with there corresponding id,with nested iterator

I want to iterate two iterator tags,where one contains imageString(BASE64) others contain images Id...and each image should have url link to the action class... here is what i tried.. <s:iterator value="imgList" var="image" status="iteratorID"> <s:if test="#iteratorID.index==#iteratorIMAGE.index+1"> <s:url value="/LoadImage.action?image_id=%{image_Id}" var="GO" /> </s:if> </s:iterator><s:a href="%{GO}"> img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,<s:property/>" h

Struts2 submit button with id in iterated list

How do I use a struts submit button to submit the specific id of an object in an iterated list? <s:form action="actionDeleteBooking"> <s:iterator var = "bookingList" value="bookings"> <s:submit label="delete booking" value = "cancel booking" theme = "simple" id="bookingid" /> </s:iterator> </s:form> I can do if for a radio button: <s:form action="actionConfirmBooking"> <s:iterator var = "pathList" value="results"> <s:i

how to get velocityengine from struts2 jars

I'm trying to write a dynamic mailing system for a Struts2 based webapp. I'd like to use velocity as templating tool and i was wondering if i can use the velocity bundled with struts2 or i need to get an independent copy of velocity JAR ? So far i've tried this VelocityManager vm = new VelocityManager(); VelocityEngine ve = vm.getVelocityEngine(); but eclipse complains abount missing VelocityEngine class with this error The method getVelocityEngine() from the type VelocityManager refers to

Struts2 struts 2 jquery grid plugin change only one column header style

Is it possible to change the style of only one column heard in grid ?! The sjg:gridColumn has a cssClass property, but setting this css will only be applied to rows under the column, not the column header. At JQGRID - Is it possible to change the background color of HTML header text in JavaScript? I got the code as: in your HTML page. If you want make the changes for one column only you can use setLabel method: $("#myGrid").jqGrid('setLabel','Price', '', {'background':'red'});

using Action class in struts2 to connect to couchDb

im trying to make a simple login page using struts2 and couch Db as database.i have written a code that checks the values that user enters against the values in the database. I tried connecting to the database first by making a simple java class and retrieving documents that was successful. But when i put the same code in the Action class its giving exception. Debugging shows that its giving exception at the line where i call the 'Session' object. My code snippet and stack trace are given below.

Struts2 tags of struts-tags-json are unkonwn

Hi everyone i have a problem when i use a struts-tags-json by a prefix "sj", so when i use the tag on the jsp page it tells me that the tag is unknown. For example is unknown however i import the jar file <%@ taglib uri="/struts-json-tags" prefix="sj"%> for information i'm using myeclipce it configurs jars automaticly. <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> <%@ taglib uri="/struts-json-tags" prefix="sj"%> <html> <head></head>

Struts2 Pass table row values to struts action class which uses display: column tag

I have a struts table which displays data using <display:column> tag.It has many rows and checkbox for each row. But for only one column I need to show as text fields which I did using <display:column><input type ="text"..../></display:column>. Now the problem is I need to submit only the value of the text fields for the rows which have been selected by checking the check box. The submit button is outside the display tag. Can anybody please suggest how to achieve this.

set action class parameters in Struts2

I'm trying to set parameter value bulkID from form in ftl file to action class, but unable to set. Following is the code: struts.xml file <action name="bulk" class="com.action.BulkChangeMainAction"> <result name="input" type="freemarker">/resources/templates/bulk-changes.ftl</result> </action> public class BulkChangeMainAction { private int bulkID; public int getBulkID() { return bulkID; } public void setBulk

How filterdispatcher in struts2 locate the actiion class?

my jsp: <form action="/we/login.action"> <input type="text" name="STUNO"> <input type="submit" value="submit"> </form> my struts.xml: <struts> </struts> my src image description here when I submit the form ,the server turn to creat loginAction. I want to know why the filterdispatcher can find the class loginAction even I didn't config them in the struts.xml. and it seems that the filterdispatcher can find the class LoginAction

Load Map into jsp to populate drop down list in struts2

At my work I have to maintain some web applications written by a previous developer and I recently have to upgrade Struts from the version 2.1.6 to 2.3.32 The update goes mostly well, the only real change I had to make in the application was changing the old <filter> <filter-name>struts2</filter-name> <filter-class>org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.FilterDispatcher</filter-class> </filter> to <filter> <filter-name>struts2</filter-

Struts2 Struts 2.5.12 / 2.5.13 - Validations stopped working after struts upgrade

I have upgraded Struts on one of the project from 2.3.x to 2.5.12 (tried with 2.5.13 also) and I see that after this upgrade no validations happening. I have in JSP: <s:form action="details"> <s:textfield name="fullName" size="20" label="" requiredLabel="true" /> <s:checkbox id="terms" name="terms" requiredLabel="true" /> <s:submit name="submit" id="submit" value="Submit" /> </s:form> Action name is My validation xml T

Change Session Timeout during runtime in Struts2

I know that I can set the session timeout in web.xml in the <session-config> section. What I need now is to change this setting dynamically during runtime, i.e. call a method that overrides the web.xml setting if needed. Any ideas? I found nothing so far.

Struts2 and polymorphic

I am having the followoing problem i have a main class Bussiness and two sub classes Company and Professional with different fileds added in each subclass. How can I do it in Struts2?

How to retrieve value from linkedhashmap using iterators in Struts2......?

I have function which return LinkedHashMap in Struts2 and i just came to know that we cannot use for loop in struts2 instead we have to use Iterators, and am new to struts can any on help me to retrieve value from linkedhashmap using iterators, below is how values are lined up in hashmap: LinkedHashMap<String, ArrayList<String>> topSuppliers = new LinkedHashMap<String, ArrayList<String>>(); while({ ArrayList<String> innerList = new Arra

Struts2 Calling ActionClass in tiles.xml using Struts 2.0

I reviewed the example of tiles with struts2.0 and found that in tiles.xml jsp pages are called like: <definition name="welcome" extends="baseLayout"> <put-attribute name="title" value="Welcome"/> <put-attribute name="body" value="/welcome.jsp"/> BUT my question is if I want to call the action class instead of .jsp pages than how to call it like <definition name="friends" extends="baseLayout"> <put-attribute name="title" value="Friends"/> <

Struts2 is it possible to iterate to a specific index using struts iterator tag

for example : <s:iterator value="countries"> <s:iterator value="cities"> <s:property value="name"/>, <s:property value="[1].name"/><br> </s:iterator> </s:iterator> This will display Wellington, New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand Moscow, Russia Glasgow, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland Stockholm, Sweden I want to display New Zealand ----------- Wellington Auckland Russia ------ Moscow Scotland -------- Glasgow Edinburgh .. etc .. Any he

Issues with struts2-jaxb-plugin

I want to generate xml file from Struts action object. So that I have tried to use the plugin named struts2-jaxb-plugin. Infact I am new to this and they have given an example to how to use the JAXB plugin in struts2. Click here to see the example what I have tried. While starting the server, it gives the following Exception. INFO - Could not locate any XML to UnMarshall an object from. Attempted using the parameter jaxbXML 23 Jan, 2012 1:12:26 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve

Struts2 Map/Collection Validation

I am trying to do validation on a Map using struts 2. When I click on the submit button, the error message will always appear even though I have inserted a value into the textbox. Is there anyway for it to work? Any help will be much appreciated. The following is my file In my new.jsp <s:textfield name="myObject.myMap['name']" key="name" ></s:textfield> In the validaton.xml <validators> <field name="myObject.myMap['name']"> <field-validator type="

Struts2 Failed to compare strings in jsp

I have a url that looks like this in jsp I compare: <s:if test="%{#parameters['tab']=='second'}"> it returns false.... I can see the value 'second' from here: <s:property value="#parameters['tab']"/> but this displays false: <s:property value="%{#parameters['tab']=='second'}"/> Any idea why it does that? Thank you, Yuri

Struts2 Best way to get the TextProvider from the ActionContext (i18n)

I was adapting the code at that gets the i18n resource from the key in Displaytag (see code below). I was wondering if this is the cleanest approach (I dislike the iterator there). The only alternative I see, however, is getting the Action from the ActionInvocation (ActionContext.getContext().getActionInvocation().getAction()) a

Reuse method defined under another xml Struts2

Here are the sample two xmls. email.xml: <action name="mailSelect" class=""> <result name="success">mailSelect.jsp</result> </action> I want to use the same method call defined in email.xml in another xml. another.xml: <action name="mailSelect" class=""> <result name="success">/email/mailSelect.jsp</result> </action> When I tried to call, the action being called is http://localhost:8080/test/web

how can i get last element iterator struts2

I'm looking for ideas to show only last element of iterator using struts 2 i have this code : <s:iterator value="listuser" status="userStatus"> <tr class="<s:if test="#userStatus.odd == true ">odd</s:if><s:else>even</s:else>"> <td><s:property value="nameuser" /></td> // and others </s:iterator>

Struts2 Is ValueStack container thread-safe?

Action classes are thread-safe since Struts filter creates new action object for each request. All the action objects along with variables will be stored in ValueStack. So, Is the ValueStack container thread-safe? Could we able to take values form different action objects of different requests?

HttpServlet is set to null in struts2

I am a newbie for struts. I have a requirement to Migrate from struts1 to struts2 application. I have to pass HttpServlet to one service which was already written in struts1 application. My controller has: class myController{ HttpServletRequest request; HttpServlet servlet; } where HttpServletRequest request= org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.StrutsRequestWrapper but HttpServlet servlet = null Since my service takes servlet as input parameter I am not able to get the output value as servlet

Struts2 Attribute parameter from <action> element - equivalent in Struts 2

In Struts1 you can use the attribute parameter from element(struts-config.xml) and access it's value within the action class via the actionMapping.getParameter() method. For actions requiring multiple steps, the parameter is often used to indicate which step the mapping is associated with. Ex: <action path="\something\Step1" type="actions.SomethingAction" parameter="step1"> ... <action path="\something\Step2" type="actions.SomethingAction" parameter="step2"> ... Which is the

Best practice to implement HttpServletRequest in Struts2?

What is best practice to implement HttpServletRequest in Struts2? ServletActionContext - directly accessing the getRequest method from the ServletActionContext class ServletRequestAware : the action class implements ServletRequestAware interface

Struts 2 - Exception starting filter struts2

I just started with this Struts 2 HelloWorld Tutorial [1] and exactly followed the steps explained in this tutorial but there is a problem with starting the filters. Here is the console output: [1] Jun 06, 2017 4:53:35 PM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init INFORMATION: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path: C:\Progra

Struts2 migration Struts1 application to Struts 2

i want to migrate my struts 1 page to struts 2 but i am facing some problems while moving from one page to another page because i am not able to assign the value of my new page to the java object of the action class. <% AccountInfoTab accountInfoTab = (AccountInfoTab) session.getAttribute(Constants.ACCOUNT_INFO_TAB_FORM_KEY); %> function getPaymentHistoryPage(newPageNmber) { document.accountInfoTab.paymentHistoryPageRequested.value = newPageNmber; alert(document.accountInfoTab.payme

show label of an object property in struts2 text tag

I want to show a property of an object in my Jsp page. the problem is that this property is the name of a label in my resource bundle and the only way I know is to use <s:text name="labelname"> but now that it's a property of an object, I don't know how to do this. This is a part of my code, 'brandList' is a list of brand objects and 'brandName' field is name of label. I want something like this <s:iterator value="brandList" status="stat"> <s:text name="<s:p

Struts2 Struts 2 pass dynamic url from action to action

I need to pass some parameters from action A to action B, with the parameters in Action A. The Action B's url will have the Action A's parameters printed.Therefore the flow is: Action A param1 = param1Val; param2 = param2Val; param3 = true; param4 = 0; in Action B, the url is ActionB?param1=param1Val&param2=param2Val&param3=true&param4=0; I have tried something like this But it didn't work. What can I do to make it start working?

Struts2 Value Stack

I want to understand Struts 2 value stack vs request scope. I want the struts2 value stack to work same as request scope. for e.g. i have invoked action1 in struts 2, the action performs some db task and gets back. it performs some operation on a object called cases (type Cases, where Cases is bean class with getters and setters). cases object is declared at class level. action1 led a view to be rendered say jsp1. jsp1 again has some action called as action2. action2 leads to the same java fi

load an image into struts2 tooltip

I am trying to show an image in a tooltip, but all i get is the plain text. Code :<s:textfield label="cvv" name="cvv" tooltip="<img src='%{images}/cvv_34.gif'>" /> When I hover on my tooltip image all I see is the text <img src=''> I have tried jsTooltipEnabled and it doesn't help. I am able to open the image in a separate browser, so image path's, etc are all good. Any help would be appretiated.

Struts1 tags to Struts2 tags

The Web application which i am currently working uses Struts1, now i am migrating this application to Struts2. The below tags are Struts1 tags, Need to modify this tags to Struts2. <bean:define id="recordPerPageList" name="searchForm" property="recordPerPageList" type="java.util.Collection"/> <td class="formPromptTd"><html:hidden property="action" value="<%=actionFirst%>"/><input name="quickSearchFlag" type="hidden" value=""></td> <html:image property

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