Detecting on-topic text?

I'd like to sift text (in particular, Twitter messages) to see if they relate to a particular topic. Have you been down that road? If so, I'd love to hear what approach you'd use. For my case, just searching for topic keywords gets me useful text about 7% of the time; the keywords have multiple meanings, some of which aren't on topic. For my use, automatic filtering doesn't need to be perfect; I'd be happy if the extracted messages related to the topic 80% of the time. I'm also willing to lose

Text LaTeX - Changing the font size for a document, but in the preamble, not the document class?

I have a LaTeX document. I want to change the font size of all the text, to make it smaller. Normally I would just change the documentclass part. However I am generating LaTeX files from another programme, and it is setting the documentclass, I can't change that. However I can put things in the preamble. Is there anyway to change the font size in the preamble, without touching the documentclass declaration.

Text How do I specify tables in my Markdown document using pandoc syntax?

I have a markdown document I'm processing with the pandoc tool to generate HTML and PDF documents. I'm trying to include a table in the document. Regular markdown doesn't support tables, but pandoc does. I've tried copy-pasting the definition of a table from the pandoc documentation into my source document, but when running it through the pandoc program the resulting document is all crammed into one big table. Can anyone show me a pandoc table that renders properly?

Text Map editor which can export to simple .txt file

I'm developing simple game that load map form txt which format something like this: # Map file for tile-based game # (Lines that start with '#' are comments) # The tiles are: # (Space) Empty tile # A..Z Tiles A through Z # s Star # 1 Bad Guy 1 # 2 Bad Guy 2 2 IAJ ssssss 1 1 IABABAELFBABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABJ LMLMLMCKDLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLM KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Text Diff Algorithm for Legislation

As part of an ambitious project, I am attempting to better understand the legislative text that is written into bills introduced in the U.S. Congress. I have electronic versions of recent bills, and am attempting to implement an algorithm that would compare a bill with prior bills, looking for similarities. The hypothesis is that many bills that fail end up getting co-opted into other bills. Obviously, this is a large task. Many questions exist regarding difference engines, but my issue is s

Text Templates - Open Graph Aggregations - Operator with Formatter

Facebook provides the ability to use text formatters to format Open Graph data. Therefore you can use: {my_duration | duration} to display a time. You can also use operator's in aggregations, e.g. {my_duration | sum} which gives the total number of seconds. How do you apply both an operator and a formatter? I've tried {my_duration | sum | duration} but this simply returns 0:00.

NSTextView will resize but parent NSScrollView not Resizing with setFrameSize

First let me say I'm coming from the iOS world and am trying to make my first OSX app. So apologies for the question if the answer is obvious. :) I'm trying to setup an NSTextView to resize according to the amount of text in it. I've been successful at getting the NSTextView to resize properly but it's superview (NSScrollView) won't resize. This is what I have so far... [self.messageBodyTextView setVerticallyResizable:YES]; [self.messageBodyTextView.layoutManager ensureLayoutForTextContainer

Interpreting the meaning of a text without delimiters

I am given a text without delimiters and a dictionary. I have to find all the interpretations of the text, i.e. all the ways I can put spaces between characters so that I produce a meaningful text with respect to a dictionary. For example: "Agoodday" could be: "A good day" or: "Ago odd ay" What is this problem called? Does it have a name in literature?

Text Characters D5 and E5

I am processing textual data. Some words are wrapped in special characters I do not understand. Their hex codes are D5 and E5: xxd data: 0000b60: 6520 5375 7072 656d 6520 436f 7572 7420 e Supreme Court 0000b70: 616e 6420 736f 6d65 2073 7461 7465 7320 and some states 0000b80: 6861 7665 2072 6563 6f67 6e69 7a65 6420 have recognized 0000b90: 7468 6174 2022 7468 6520 d546 6966 7468 that "the .Fifth # Here 0000ba0: e520 416d 656e 646d 656e 7420 646f 6573 . Amendment does # and here. 0

Online diff tool that can visualise differences between two texts by only using a url

Is there a website that can show the difference between two texts and I can somehow pass arguments to the URL that contain each of the texts? If there is a concern about long parameters then using something to compact/compress the two texts before giving as arguments to the URL would be fine. So an example of usage is: and so when I click on the above link it would show me the differences in nicely formatted text w

tabularize text by aligning a given delimiter

My question is simple, specially to those familiar with Vim's Tabularize plugin. I want to tabularize the output I get from another command in the shell. For instance, given the following command yielding the given output: $ mpc playlist Metallica - Ride the lightning - The call of Ktulu Metallica - Master of puppets - Master of puppets Metallica - Master of puppets - Orion (Instrumental) Nirvana - Nevermind - Smells like teen spirit Metallica - ...And justice for all - One Metallica - ...And j

PhoneGap Build apps - text sizes for different screen sizes?

This isn't an Android app question, as such, because it pertains to anything that one could build for PhoneGap Build for Android, iOS, Windows mobile, etc. I've built an app that has text in boxes that are a % of the screen width. I'm happy with this and it seems to work fine on my GNexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Xoom. But one of my users on a Galaxy S3 has reported a text overflow issue on his phone. I'm using % widths for the text boxes. Should I be doing the same for my text sizes or should

Strange data bytes found in UTF8 text file

I have been tasked to convert very old text file (comma separated table) to UTF-8 JSON. This file contains a strange mix of legal UTF-8 and illegal data. There are plenty of correct 2-byte and 3-byte characters (with a 0x1110xxxx kind of length prefix), most data is ASCII range 32-127. Illegal bytes samples are 164, 188, 166, 178, 162, 180, 182, 170. Does it mean I deal with the custom encoding that I have to decrypt, or this could be some documented sort of encoding? Or I am understanding UTF-

Java SVM Text Classification , Train & Test Files?

I'm trying to Classify a Text Document into Categories , for example : Document 1 : " Basketball is a good sport " ---> Category : Sport Document 2 : " World war 2 .. " ---> Category : History ... My gool is to create a Java interface with a SVM Algorithm ! So, I should use SVM Java Library , I found two : SVMLIGH LIBSVM Should I use the first one or the second? I had do many research , and I found that I should do two things : I should prepare a training file. In SVM ther

Text Classification using Naive bayes

Do guide me along if I am not posting in the right section. I have some text files for my training data which are unformatted in word documents. They all contain ASCII characters only. I would like to train a model on the text files using data mining methods. The text files do have about 300 words in each file on average. Are there any software that are recommended for me to start on it? My initial idea is to use all the words in one of the file as training data and the remaining as test

How to write text into a table cell within a document?

I can't figure out how to write text into a table cell within a document. I can read the cell, getRow(0).getCell(0), but I can't change the text within the cell. As noted in the comments below, my variable text does show the old cell string has been cleared and the new string inserted; however, the actual cell in my document remains unchanged, containing the original, old string. var doc = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getBody(); var tables = doc.getTables(); var cell = tables[0].ge

Find any part of a string of text from a range of cells

I have two lists of street addresses that have a combination of street numbers and names in one cell. One list is a key, if you will, of how the addresses are labeled in our company, and the other list is all of the addresses that customers used to get a package to us. For example![Address Key][1] is the correct address format. The other list has errors within the address because there may be errors with order, fat fingered street numbers, or spelling errors of the street names. I'd like to

Joining text to the previous line

Currently working on Solaris I need to search for a specific string in a text file and, if found, join it to the previous line. For example: if logical condition then i = i + 1 Would become if logical condition then i = i + 1. I'm sure I can do this with awk using a hold space of some sort but my awk skills are a little rusty. Addendum: Apologies, I should have been more specific. The match is triggered by the appearance of the string "then". I have no knowledge of the contents of the

Indesign script to change text in a paragraph

There's a particular paragraph in my document and I want to replace its content completely with something else programatically. Is there any function to do this? I need something like this: app.activeDocument.stories[7].paragraphs[0]. = "blah blah blah"; where is the function that would allow you to replace the content of the paragraph in question to "blah blah blah." I bet this is possible but am not aware of the functions available.

Display Popup when text is clicked in wordpress

I have a Html code In wordpress.: '<a href="">example</a>' When this "example" is clicked, it needs to show a popup window with some texts. i came across some wordpress popup plugins like uji popup,etc.. they given some short codes. how can i use this shortcodes into my "href". or any other plugins i can use, or any easy ideas to display popup when this text is clicked in wordpress?

Cannot convert Multipage Tiff image into text using tesseract

I am trying to convert multipage tiff file into text but it is not converting it into text. It gives this error. Can anyone resolve the issue and guide me what I am doing wrong. C:\Users\raintree\Desktop\Sample_Files>tesseract output.tif outputmulitiff Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine v3.05.00dev with Leptonica Error in pixReadFromTiffStream: spp not in set {1,3,4}

Emacs Lisp: Disable extension of surrounding text properties to new text

In Emacs by default, if some text has a property (the color green, for instance) and a user types new text into the middle of it, that new text will have the same property. I would like to disable that; I want new text to be black, regardless of where it is inserted. Is it possible? (My motivation reason is that in Emacs brain-mode, which allows a user to manipulate a Neo4j graph using Semantic Synchrony, this would make it easy to see which changes have not yet been pushed to the graph.)

Text AutoHotKey: read of two underscore keys

One part of my AutoHotKey script should recognize if __ is typed. Following the AutoHotKey documentation, I've tried: ~__:: tooltip,hi world return and got this error: Line Text: ~__:: Error: Invalid hotkey. this shows no errors, but works only for one underscore: ~_:: tooltip,hi world return this shows no errors, but it just clears the __: :*:__:: tooltip,hi world return this shows error Error: Invalid hotkey.: ~:*:__:: tooltip,hi world return this shows no errors, bu

Text Cut matching line and X successive lines until newline and paste into file

I would like to match all lines from a file containing a word, and take all lines under until coming two two newline characters in a row. I have the following sed code to cut and paste specific lines, but not subsequent lines: sed 's|.*|/\\<&\\>/{w results\nd}|' teststring | sed -file.bak -f - testfile How could I modify this to take all subsequent lines? For example, say I wanted to match lines with 'dog', the following should take the first 3 lines of the 5: The best kind of an

underlining text in sifr

I've recently been getting into using sifr as a healthy alternative to generating text as image using php. I've got a question about underlining text, for a website design I need to be able to specify the thickness of the underline and the distance from the text, is there any way to accomplish this with sifr? If not, is there a way to be able to solve this with css? I've been trying to get my head around it, but since I haven't found a way to get the exact width of the sifr text, I'm doubting wh

Text List of proper names?

I'm trying to filter names out of text blobs. Currently I'm just generating a words list and filtering it by hand but I've got ~8k words to go so I'm looking for a better way. I could grab a dictionary and filter them out but that would cull names like smith and cliff. What I need is either of the following: a list of common names (I'd need the >5k most common names) a list of names that also happen to be words I figure between them, I can do a combined blacklist/whitelist to get what I nee

Text Validate data driven testing

I got the code for getting the data from excel and den using in selenium. My problem is that when i give invalid data in the text boxes those are also getting accepted!! But when i checked by entering those invalid data in the same text box its not accepting

Any other text editor can edit the UTF8 text (like "\u7F51\u7BA1\u7CFB" in those *.perpertis file) created by netbeans

Guys, I am looking for a text editor or method to deal with the UTF8 encoded *.properties file created by the Netbeans (6.x and 7.0.x). Trust me I have tried Notepad++, PsPad, gVim, jedit, etc without luck. Or I have just missed somehing? The items is in the form of followings: update.text=\u4FEE\u6539 The reason for this is I am trying to use script to modify some property items during the build process. At the moment only Netbeans itself can read and display the content correctly. Any ide

wrap label text in j2me

I've built a list and inserted labels in each cell. For now the text that is too long simply disappear. I'd like to wrap the text so it is entirely visible inside each cell. Can you please help? update: issue solved For those who need an answer, I used LWUIT's HTMLComponent inside a container. The HTMLComponent allows you to use HTML code. That would allow you to format your list the way you want it to be. Here is more details on the solution. In Java ME with LWUIT, I used a HTMLComponent to ge

Text Retrieve analyzed tokens from ElasticSearch documents

Trying to access the analyzed/tokenized text in my ElasticSearch documents. I know you can use the Analyze API to analyze arbitrary text according your analysis modules. So I could copy and paste data from my documents into the Analyze API to see how it was tokenized. This seems unnecessarily time consuming, though. Is there any way to instruct ElasticSearch to returned the tokenized text in search results? I've looked through the docs and haven't found anything.

How to set content of text control in screencode

I just can't believe how hard this is. I would like to edit the content of a Control with Type text. I'm working with lightswitch visual studio 2012. I would like to change this in the screencode (so programmatic). I gave the control the name: "Message". Right now, I'm trying this.FindControl("Message")., but there doesn't seem to be any property I can call to set the content. Nether can I cast the control to the correct Type text. Even Text doesn't seem to be a valid className. Any Help on

Text Txt Editor or Office feature for interweaving the lines of multiple paragraphs. ie: musical or theatrical composition

Doable in Libre Office? Doesn't need to take solid paragaphs and interweave them.Just need to set it up so it does it as i type them. The problem with manually doing it is everytime you edit the text or change the font size it throws off the lines and you have to start all over again. I'm sure there is lots of applications, all i can think of is in music where people are singing different words at the same time or a play-script where multiple conversations are going on at once or if you wanted

How to combine combine dialog window and rich text editor in Prototype.js?

I have several textareas on my page and to save some space I want to open the text editor within a modal dialog when a user clicks on a textarea. What I did so far: Imported following libraries (and css): <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""><

Text make a gravestone type carving into a cube (Swift - SceneKit)

I am using SceneKit with Swift. I have a cube (SCNBox) and some text (SCNText). I would like the text to be inset into the cube, almost like a gravestone. Any ideas on the best way how to implement this? I could use a normal map, but I'd like to save memory and the text to be dynamic.

printing text as it is in tcl

like in python i can simply take the whole text in """ and it will be stored as you wrote it inside the """'s outText = """ some text that doesn't contain "\n" and everything can be outputted with 1 print command """ print outText Is it possible to hold the whole text inside some kind of brackets and print out the text without puts-ing every single line one by one or using \n in every end of line?

text() returning children text as well In the fiddle above, I've showcased how text(), returns elements text and childrens' as well. How do I avoid this and only make it return "outerdiv"? NOTE: Just click the blue container to call function. $(document).ready(function() { $('.outerdiv').click(function() { var htmlstring = $(this).text(); alert(htmlstring); }) }); NOTE 2: This has to be without the use of ID selector.

Latex: How to encapsulate text in an amsmath block

My first stackoverflow question. I take the easy way out and directly ask the following. How is it possible to produce an output in LaTeX, like the one pictured below? More holistic, what are the best ways to encapsulate text in an amsmath eg. equation, align, block?

Hide and unhide a text after 6 and 1 seconds (Html) Infinite loop

Hi i have created this script to show a text for 1 second and hide a text for 6 seconds, but now i would do the opposite , what i would do now is to hide the text for the first 6 seconds and then only 1 second of showed text , so on to the infinity that never stops , how I can create this kind of html script? <h1 style="text-align: left;" id="xhide">Hello World</h1> <script type="text/javascript"> var flag=0; function hide(id) { d= document.getElementById(id); d.set

Flutter: How to crop text depending on available space?

How to crop text depending on available space? There's a similar question here, but there's no working answer. Currently, this code return new GridTile( child: new Card( elevation: 3.0, child: new Container( padding: new EdgeInsets.all(10.0), child: new Column( children: <Widget>[ Text( document['title'],

I can't create tf-idf matrix for my test data using text2vec

I'm following this tutorial and doing it as I did the training set, but it keeps saying the same thing. Someone know what's wrong with this? > #Construct sample document-term matrix con el vectorizer inicial > <- itoken(rawsample$Abstract, + preprocessor = prep_fun, + tokenizer = tok_fun, + ids = rawsample$id, + progressbar = F) > sample.dtm <- create_dtm (, vectorizer, vtype =

SwiftUI Text justified alignment

Has anyone found a way to align the string in a Text in a justified way? In my reading app I'd like to offer the user to choose the justified alignment, where both the .leading both the .trailing alignments are true at the same time. Unfortunately the .multilineTextAlignment modifier for the Text has only three options: .leading, .center and .trailing. If not I can still wrap an UILabel into a UIViewRepresentable since the UILabel has the .justified alignment option, but I thought it should be

My text box engine won't delete the text after progressing to the next text, or it won't keep the clone if it manage to delete the previous text

The first one, i use broadcast (skip) and wait block under the hide and my whole text box engine. The second one, i use broadcast (skip) under the hide and my whole text box engine. So basically, the broadcast skip is to set the counter to 1 in order to make the clone delete itself and make a new text I got inspired from seeing another scratch program of DDLC fanmade game. I used to use stamp to make the text engine but unfortunately it can't be placed in front of a sprite, so i can only rely

Text Is there a way to convert from a string to pure code in C++?

I know that its possible to read from a .txt file and then convert various parts of that into string, char, and int values, but is it possible to take a string and use it as real code in the program? Code: string codeblock1="cout<<This is a test;"; string codeblock2="int array[5]={0,6,6,3,5};}"; int i; cin>>i; if(i) { execute(codeblock1); } else { execute(codeblock2); } Where execute is a function that converts from text to actual code (I don't know if there act

Tool to convert CSV data to stackoverflow friendly text only table?

Is there a online tool which converts csv data to stackoverflow friendly table? Similar to mysql rendering of results on command line. 2012-05-02,palani,My first comment 2012-05-02,raja,My second comment 2012-05-02,palani,My third comment 2012-05-03,raja,My fourth comment to SO friendly +-------------+-----------+----------------------+ | 2012-05-02 | palani | My first comment | +-------------+-----------+----------------------+ | 2012-05-02 | raja | My second comment | +-

Why CGContextSetRGBStrokeColor isn't working on ios7?

I have a problem to make a text stroke to work on iOS7...Everything worked well for iOS4 iOS5 ans iOS6 but since I updated my devices for iOS7, I can't see the stroke color. Does anybody have an idea of how this can be possible ? Here is my code : UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(CGSizeMake(scale(line.position.width), scale(line.position.height))); CGContextRef context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext(); CGContextSetLineWidth (context, scale(4.0)); //4.0 CGContextSetLineJoin(context, kCGLineJoinRou

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