TFS 2008 Continuous integration MSBUILD on Branch fails on Label

I am attempting to use CI on a Branch of one of my TFS projects. MSBuild only fails when I try to use a Branch. I point the same Build at the "trunk" project it works fine. The error I receive from the build log: Task "Label" Label TeamFoundationServerUrl="http://TFSServer:8080/" BuildUri="vstfs:///Build/Build/6763" Name="Test_SF_20090619.1" Scope="$/MyProject" Recursive=True Comments="Label created by Team Build" Version=&qu

TFS Branch Diagrams

Has anyone got any great ideas or experience around easily producing Branch Diagrams against TFS?

Tfs Building select projects only with Team Foundation Build

I’m trying to set up Team Foundation Build and so far it’s running ok with builds, tests and code analysis. My problem is, that I can’t figure out how to build just a subset of the projects included in the solution. I know how to use the configuration manager to create custom solution configuration that will build/deploy a selection of my projects. But when I create a new build definition, I only get the default “Debug” and “Release” configurations. alt text

Creating areas within TFS through command line

When we're creating a new TFS project, we're looking to take areas from one or more existing projects and copy them to the new project. We'd also like to sync up the project areas (so if a user adds an area in one of the component projects, that gets propagated overnight to the release projects). I don't want to go through the TFS UI, as snazzy as it is. Is there an easy way to do this? I know I can play with the TFS API and the ICommonStructureService object to do this, but I was hoping for

Cannot start TFS Build service: Error 1227

When I try to start the TFS 2008 Build service on the port 9191 I get the following error message: Windows could not start the Visual Studio Team Foundation Build service on Local Computer. Error 1227: The network transport endpoint already has an address associated with it. If I use another port it works, but I need it to be the default, 9191. I will appreciate any help! Update: I have tried by removing every binding to the port 9191 that the following command shows: ne

TFS TeamBuildTypes Folder Missing

Using TFS 2010. I have created a number of new Build Definitions. I also created new folder within the TeamBuildTypes folder locally and checked into TFS. I fired up a Build and see the TFS Workspace creates the folder (on TFS), but is missing the TeamBuildTypes folder. This folder is not created. I am not sure why. Can anyone help me with this? I am expecting to see all the Build Types folder (that the Build Definitions are pointing to) inside the TeamBuildTypes folder. My build is fail

Tfs How to Lock obsolete TeamProjects

As part of a maintenance, I was about to Lock several now-obsolete TeamProjects, by right-clicking on each one's root in Source Control Explorer ($/TeamProject) and selecting "Lock..".Once I was done, I tried to commit these changes, which was denied with the following message: By searching around I bumped into the following statement, made as part of this discussion: Locks are applied such that the user who places the lock can checkin/checkout files but noone else can until the lock is r

Parameterized Functional Tests using TFS / Testing Center?

I'm trying to leverage the functionality of the TFS Test Case, which allows a user to add parameters to a test case. However, when I set up a plain vanilla Unit Test (which will become my functional / integration test), and use the Insert Parameter feature, I just don't seem to be able to access the parameter data. From the little I can find, it seems as if this parameterization is only for coded UI tests. While it's possible for me to write a data driven unit test with the [DataSource] attri

In TFS is the direction of a branch's parent-child relationship important

Is the direction of the parent-child relationship between branches important? Is parent/child just an abstract concept that identifies which was the source and which was the destination, or are there specific operations that can only be performed in one direction, therefore, making the direction of the relationship important? Here is some background information to explain the reason for this question.. We have recently implemented a new branching strategy and decided to go for this simple set

In a TFS 2010 build summary, how do I a show a link to the logs from a custom MSBuild task?

In my TFS 2010 build definition, I call MSBuild on my own custom my.targets MSBuild project. It does all the compilation, testing, etc. that I need. Its log file is specified, as is a log drop location, and the log appears properly in that place. However I can't see it in the TFS Build Summary report. The "View Log File" link is grayed out. It seemed to work when the project I was building was a ".sln" file. What magic voodoo is baked deep in to the heart of the common MSBuild files to make this

Tfs Distributing Licensed Metro XAML Control Suites via NuGet

I am currently involved in building an extensive custom control suite in XAML/C++ which which will be a 'paid-for' package, which will be available to Metro XAML developers for a licence fee. I want to allow customers to purchase a licence via our company website, then access their purchase via Nuget within Visual Studio. My questions are: 1) Can I utilise the NuGet packaging technology for 'paid' components (users will need to enter credentials or licence key to get them from our private Nug

Tfs Check in app.config

I want to check in my app.config file in a console application. The question is that the app.config in the server contains server folder, For example: <add key="OutputFolderPath" value="\\ProductionServer\recordings\" /> However due to debugging the code in the local machine. The publish folder is different. Usually I get latest code and modify the value manually. <add key="OutputFolderPath" value="\\TestServer\recordings\" /> Now I add a new value which will be existing in b

Move from TFS 2012 Express to full version on different PC

I am running a TFS server for little home projects... 2012 express on a Windows 7 SP2 machine. I am now upgrading to a Windows Server 2012 machine, and full version of TFS 2012. Is there a way to backup my current TFS setup, and restore it to my new PC?

Tfs Project name change keeps asking to checkout

I have a solution with a few SSIS projects, which is in TFS. I was helping a guy fix some project names to be consistent with the other projects in the solution. After updating the names, we checked in the project and the solution files. When I got latest (I tried both GetLatest and GetSpecific), TFS kept asking me to checkout those project files and it got pretty annoying and I ended up checking them out and then undid my changes on the project files. Does anyone know why it keeps doing that?

Deleting a branch folder in TFS

So i just branched from my main project only to realize that i only needed to branch from one project within the main so now in my branch i have all other projects in which i don't need could i safely delete them from the branch? OR should i delete the whole branch folder using tf destroy and create a new branch from the main project which i only need. I tried deleting the whole branch folder but it is not allowing me to delete but i could delete some folders within the branch.

Tfs Reporting in Team Foundation Service

Does anyone have any experience/hints/tips of querying the data contained within Team Foundation Service (please note not Team Foundation Server). Team foundation Service is a great tool- its even better that its still currently free to use. I'm trying to query our implementation to see what our initial time estimates were on a sprint by sprint basis. I've looked at OData but can't find this level of detail in the calls. To be honest I've run the queries provided at https://tfsodata.visualst

Tfs Hiding the test result overview charts

After running test cases, I do not want to show 'Failed Test by Reason' and 'Failed Test by analysis' pie charts until they have a value assigned. As soon as i select a 'failure type' and 'resolution' for these two charts should show up. if i don't mark 'failure type' and 'resolution' for a failed test case these pie charts should not be displayed. Yet 'Current state of Test' pie chart should be displayed after each test run. Is there any way to achieve it? Also, i need to know what kind of sc

Excluded files from tfs still being checked in

I'm currently working on a WiX project and I need to include some files in my project but exclude them from tfs. I need to do this because these files are auto-generated at compile time but they have to be part of the project to be compiled. I thought that I could exclude them from source control by going to File->Source Control->Advanced->Exclude <file> From Source Control but it still seems to be including it in TFS. Below is a picture of my project and it appears that visual

TFS Board Configuration Issue

I am trying to configure the TFS board for a new team project and I was able to create the work items, states, fields, etc. However, I am getting this when trying to Configure the TFS features. Here are my questions: Where can I find the "TypeFields/TypeField[type='ApplicationType'"? Should I go ahead and destroy the work items and run feature enablement to get rid of TF400612? Error/Warning Log: [Warning] TF400612: The existing work item type 'Code Review Request' is reused. If the featu

TFS 2013 not working with IIS reverse proxy

I am trying to use an IIS reverse proxy to make my TFS server accessible to a different group of users on the network. I have anonymous authentication turned on on the reverse proxy server (URL Rewrite and ARR). Whenever I try to connect to the TFS server I get a 401, and typing the password correctly in doesn't work. I have tried both of these Rewrite URLs:{R:0}{R:1} Both are producing the 401, though. I have tried turning Windows Authe

Associate changesets with work item git-tfs

I've tried figuring this out but with no success so far. I am using git-tfs to check in my changes to TFS (local using GIT repository) I read this question which briefly describes that you can associate workitems in a commit message using metadata ( TF26198 error when doing git tfs rcheckin ) . Commands I've tried using: 1) git tfs checkin -m "Changes to workitem #12345" => doesn't associate changeset to TFS workitem 2) git tfs rcheckin -w12345 -m "Changes to workitem 12345" => trigg

TFS Workitem Formula - default value from two fields

Some work items have estimate time, completed time and remaining time but out the box they do not have any defaults. When editing the Work Item templates using Powertools you can set a default and you can also set a formula (although it seems to be a dropdown list). How would you set the "remaining work" default value to be Estimated - Completed?

Using TFS Api, how to create a test case?

I would like to use the TFS Api to create a test case and this test case should belong to a certain test suite obviously. I have found the method: var testCase = project.TestCases.Create(); While that method seems logical, I have no idea where the test will end up being attached to the project rather than the suite. I'm looking for a concise example on how to create a test case using the TFS Api. Thank you!

Tfs Visual studio randomly excludes source files from source control

I'm new with source control but since we are more than one developer in our company I started introducing git with Visual Studio 2013 Express and the Team Foundation Server. Now when I create a new project and add it to source control it seems that sometimes one random cs source file in the project is excluded from version control. In the Solution Explorer there is no check-in icon infront of the file. Also there is no other icon infront of it and if i publish the repository to the server the fi

Tfs How to add a link to this Test case using COM

I could create a "Test Case" work item using the following code: Dim workItemType As WorkItemType workItemType = teamProject.WorkItemTypes("Test Case") Dim testcase As New_ Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.WorkItem(workItemType) testcase.Fields("Title").Value = "Test Case title1" Please advise me how to add a link to this Test case using COM. Here in this case i want to add a user story as a link to this test case

TeamCity, TFS, and Labeling

We are using TeamCity for continuous integration and TFS as our VCS. I am able to apply a label to a build using the VCS Labeling build feature. This works exactly as we expect it to but with one minor glitch that we can’t seem to figure out. In the TFS source control explorer, I go to the top level of the project. From there I can select view history. On the view history I select the Labels tab. Here I see something like this. Name | User | Date |Changeset | Comment MyLabel |user

Tfs How to include two SSAS cube fields of same name in SSRS report

I am using the query designer tool within SSRS to build an MDX query against the TFS analysis cube. I am trying to query some data within TFS 2013. My query returns what I need, however, when I attempt to close the query designer to return to my report I get the following error message: The query contains more than one unnamed or duplicate field name. Please specify unique column aliases The problem is that I want to include the System_Title field from the Work Item tree and the Syste

Sort TFS Work Item query by user

I would like to create a TFS query that shows what each user did during a Sprint. Is it possible to sort the query by the Assigned To field. I realise that I can create a Flat list of work items query, then click on the column name to order it, but I would prefer to have the query use the sort order by default.

Creating a template for work items in TFS

Does TFS 2013 have the ability to automatically add Templated tasks to a work item? So I create a work item, it automatically adds some tasks for it such as Code, Test, CodeReview, HelpGuide Can you guide me to the right place to read about it if it has this ability.

How to get User Details in TFS Activity

I wanted to get user details in my Execute Method. I am using below code for this [Description("Get User details.")] [BuildActivity(HostEnvironmentOption.All)] public class UserInfo : CodeActivity { [BrowsableAttribute(true)] public InArgument<IBuildDetail> BuildDetail { get; set; } protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext contex) { IBuildDetail buildDetails = contex.GetValue(this.BuildDetail); System.IO.File.WriteAllText("D:\test.txt"

How to fix out TF53001 issue in TFS2015?

Working with TFS2015 Upade2 and VS2015 Update2. Everything works well until one of the project collection can't add, rename, delete files. Will prompt an error Message: TF53001: The database operation was canceled by an Administrator. This issue can be reproduced by everyone in my team even with team project collection administrator. How to fix out the issue? Any help would be appreciate! Thanks Tomhans.

TFS error - TF400898: An Internal Error Occurred

Okay, nothing had changed in TFS (at least to my knowledge and I'm the administrator!). I received the error "TF400898: An Internal Error Occurred", when clicking on a previous sprint in the backlog. A colleague also received the same error when trying to move an item within an iteration of the current backlog. Navigating to each team, opening the 'Configure work areas...' menu and doing nothing more, appeared to correct the error (or was it a coincidence?). Has anyone got a clear and defini

Deleting non-source-control folders/files from a local TFS workspace

Our dev branch at work is pretty huge, and sometimes I drop my own .sln files in there or other stray files, but I want a way to delete anything that isn't strictly source control within that local mapping. How would I do this? Is there a tfpt/tf command for it? This is also relevant to me because sometimes a folder will get deleted from source control but tf get won't delete it because "folder not empty". I'd like to delete all these without scorching my workspace.

How to set the TFS NuGet Packager destination folder?

I added I new build step in TFS 2017 to pack my DLL into a nuspec (NuGet Packager). My problem is that I can't manage to set the destination folder. The description of the "Package Folder" is Folder where packages will be created. If empty, packages will be created alongside the csproj or nuspec file. When I leave this field empty I expect it to be created in "$/MyProject/Common/" as described in the information. But it's keep creating it in the builder agent root folder. and adding

Tfs How are PBI's supposed to be moved off the kanban board?

My team is using TFS 2015 Update 3 to manage our work items. They prefer using the kanban board over the list. We have several columns. One of the columns is named Done (it's one of the defaults). The Kanban board in TFS is not specific to a sprint -- it shows the PBIs for all sprints. Our team has iterated through about 400 pbi's as of this point in time. All 400 of them are sitting in the Done column. Whats the intended best practice regarding all of these PBIs that are sitting

Tfs Team foundation server multiple user

How does the multiple user work with the same .net project Using team foundation server?What are all the things needs to be created for working on a team project?

Tfs Tags not stored when creating build def

I am using the TFS2018 API. I have the following code where I am creating a build definition and I am setting one tag item to the list of tags. But the tag is not stored for some reason. If I get the build definition after updating the tags list is empty. def.Tags.Add("MyTag"); using (var buildClient = new BuildHttpClient(uri, cred)) { var t = buildClient.CreateDefinitionAsync(def, teamProject); var result = t.Result; } var defs = GetBuildDefinitions(teamProject); Any idea

database changes are not reflecting while deploying the .dacpac throught TFS 2015 CI/CD

I am doing CI/CD for database changes in my project for that I created Database project in Visual studio 2015 and created new table and commit that changes in TFS 2015. Through CI i am building that project after building it is generating .dacpac .the generated dacpac i am deploying through released definition i am connecting to database and deploying the .dacpac but my changes are not reflecting i am not getting any errors or build or release failed.Not understanding where i am missing the con

TFS Branch Merging on two repositories

We have three different projects using the same sql server database. So the applications are designed in such a way that there are three web projects and one class library project (core i.e the ORM entity framework and business logic). Each of the web project solution consumes this core project. On TFS, we have four different repository for each one of this. Now we need to enhance one of the web project and the corresponding business layer changes in core class library. As all of these applicat

How to spawn an offline process from a TFS vNext build step that would last beyond the build?

It seems that if my build step spawns a child process, that process cannot survive the end of the build - it is killed. But I have a scenario where a child process is triggered in order to complete offline certain operations that the build should not wait for their completion (reporting metrics to Azure AppInsights). This procedure worked fine in XAML builds, but now that we migrated to vNext it is broken, because the child process is killed when the build ends. What can be done about it?

vstest.console.exe gets stuck after first test when executed from TFS Build

I have my build definition for my project set up on TFS. I intend to add Task to Run C++ Unit Tests and run them after each build. I tried and added the task. When the Tests ran on TFSBuild the first test crashed with unhandled c++ exception and did not moved to next test. It hung there itself. So I tried to run the test manually using command line(cmd). I ran the vstest.console.exe command and executed all tests and they ran fine when ran from cmd on the Build Agent. I also tried running them

DevOps Server 2019.0.1 (Azure DevOps Error - TF30063: You are not authorized to access tfs.)

After updating from TFS 2018 v3 to DevOps Server 2019.0.1 last weekend I now receive this authentication error when attempting to manage security: TF30063: You are not authorized to access tfs. I receive this error when attempting to manage security from the Server Administration Console via Application Tier > Administer Security. I also receive the error when I attempt to set permissions via tfssecurity cli tool. I am in the local administrator group and I am listed in the console administra

Tfs trigger a release pipeline from target server

Im kinda new to Devops i want to create a basic release pipeline, that instead of running on 1 or several servers- would run individually on each developer's machine, and ONLY WHEN THEY CHOOSE TO RUN IT. NOT scheduled, and NOT by one person who decides to run it for all developers at a certain time. that means each developer would have an agent on their developing machine. so i figured, each developer would have access to their own private area on TFS (Azure Devops) in which they would (O

How to install tfs in android studio?

I want to use git and visual studio team services in android studio .. i can't install its plugin .. i searched in plugins in AS but nothing also tried to install plugin from disk but get this error fail to load plugin descriptor from file Also i tried to find browse repository but i can't find it in last version of AS How can i achieve that? This is my dependencies in build.gradle dependencies { implementation '' implementation project(':baseGame

TFS - Customize releases view

I'm using (on premise) Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Version 15.112.26307.0 I wanted to know if I can add a custom column to the releases view, so the approver can take a decision to approve from one environment to another based on that custom column. I have two environments, first one runs automatically after a successful build, but the second environment waits for an approval. Since there will be a lot of approvals pending, I wanted to add a column with a custom value (I have

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