retrieve the smsstatus after sending sms Twilio api

i m using Twilio sms api to send message form my Asp.Net application var delivery = twilioRestClient.SendSmsMessage("+123456", mobilenumber, string.Format("Your New Password is: {0}", genpass)); the variable delivery contains object of twiliosendsms which also contain sms status currently the status is 'queued' when the message was sent i want to know how to check if the status is changed to Sending,sent,failed,received

Twilio - Nesting Play within Gather - Timeout attribute vs. Length of MP3

I would like to limit the amount of music a caller hears before updating them on their status in the queue. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Response> <Say>The average hold time is 15 seconds and you are in position 2.</Say> <Gather timeout="30" action="" method="GET" numDigits="1"> <Play></Play> </Gather> <Redirect me

Services_Twilio_HttpException for sending SMS using twilio

I am trying to run twilio using WAMP: I just picked up the code from the tutorial: <?php /* Send an SMS using Twilio. You can run this file 3 different ways: * * - Save it as sendnotifications.php and at the command line, run * php sendnotifications.php * * - Upload it to a web host and load * in a web browser. * - Download a local server lik

Twilio Forward and Voicemail

Can someone help me? I used twimlbin to help me in creating the below: I am trying to have my twilio number forward to 2 numbers. 1 of the numbers have a whispher which lets me know when I pick up the phone that it is a call coming from my twilio number. If none of us pick up, the caller should go to the voicemail. It works as is but there are 2 issues: When it forwards to voicemail, there is a 3-5 second pause before the voicemail starts playing. This happens only when I include the whis

Twilio: How to get Call record for this month on a specific phone number in a subaccount

I have been trying to find an API call that would allow me to get All call records that are made to one of the phone numbers attached to a subaccount. Each subaccount is for a department and each phone number attached to a subaccount is linked to a specific business case. We need to show analytics to users (heading the department) to show the phone numbers and their individual usage. Can this be done using Twilio API's? We need this functionality badly and any help from you would be greatly appr

MMS in twilio with Background image

I need help with twilio. On a form submission we send a sms on the user's phone. But now I want to send an SMS with background image or an MMS. I need to send a background image and over that few texts and links. I tried the html code but it didn't rendered and displayed the html code instead of MMS. Does any one know about it? How can I send background image and some links over it from twilio? Any response would be greatly appreciated :)

Move Twilio call to a conference room

How do I move the two parties involved on the call to a conference room at the same time? I started the call through the Web SDK, thus the call started from a <Dial> element. Now I have the ParentCallSid and ChildCallSid to identify each party. But using the Twilio's PHP library, I can't seem to find how I can move both parties to a new URL (which would start the conference) at the same time. And if I try to move only one at a time, the moment I move one party Twilio hangs up the other

Dial multiple numbers, hangup on non-answered and connect answered call (twilio)

I'm trying to setup a dialer system for a sales department that will dial multiple numbers from a supplied list, and await for one to be answered by a human. When this occurs, the other phones ringing should immediately be dropped. According to this Twilio blog post from 2009, nesting in a TwiML command should do exactly this. However, upon my testing I find that if a single phone rejects the call no others will be dialed and the entire call-event ends. Is this no longer possible since this p

Twilio call "answered" event

I use the Twilio C#/.NET helper library. In the code below I Initiate a call through the TwilioRestClient: var options = new CallOptions { To = phoneNumber, From = fromNumber, Url = url, Method = "GET", FallbackMethod = "GET", StatusCallback = statusCallbackUrl, StatusCallbackMethod = "POST", StatusCallbackEvents = new string[] { "initiated", "ringing", "answered", "completed" } }; twilioClient.InitiateOutboundCall(options); Сan I expect that the StatusCallba

Asterisk forward call to number chosen by Twilio

We are running Asterisk as our call dispatcher, but we would like to add some more logic with the programmable APIs offered by Twilio. We can currently forward the call from Asterisk to Twilio, but in some case, we need to forward again the call to some SIP phone. However, we want to avoid the extra cost of handling the call through Twilio since it could be pretty long and it would become expensive for us. Is there any way to tell back to asterisk which SIP phone should it re-forward the call

Twilio "Access Token has expired or expiration date is invalid"

I get this warning in my Twilio programmable video console periodically. It doesn't seem to be affecting my video sessions, but because, well, I'm a bit obsessive, I'd like to know how to make this warning go away. Is there a prescribed method of refreshing tokens while a room is in progress?

Twilio "The SDP is not correctly formatted." when connection SIP

I am trying to send SIP from Asterisk to Twilio to start a voice call, but I am getting the error "32102" - "The SDP is not correctly formatted. Request Parameters: SipCallId "31780c1014c8110130d0d50962cafa11@" SipSrcTransport "udp" UserAgent "PRACTIS SCOUT/SIP 2.6" To "<>" From "\"PRACTIS\" <sip:PRACTIS@>;tag=as3923c373" I didn't find a way to get the request body message from Twilio debugger. I am missing som

Twilio Sample Code Project Does Not Compile

I am trying to compile this project - "AirTNG App: Part 1 - Workflow Automation with Twilio - ASP.NET MVC". I see in the Notifier.cs line 40 there is a _client.SendMessage. However it does not build as there seems to be no method in the TwilioRestClient class that resolves to 'SendMessage'. [Using Version 15.1.0 of Twilio assembly.] Below is the code for the Notifier: using System; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Web.Services.Description; usin

Whisper in Twilio -- Studio, TWIML and Functions

What I am trying to achieve is that I want to use the Whisper function in Twilio Studio. Referencing this prior post Want to use Whisper in Twilio Studio the answer is that you cannot and it is advised to use TWIML to do this. This solution when used just using TWIML works fine. My question following on from this is that can you call TWIML from within Studio? It seems to me that you cannot but would be interested if someone can please clarify if this is the case. Now, you can call functions fr

new validation webhook feature inside Twilio Collect action

I saw that Twilio added a new feature when using the Collect action, which allows one to validate the user answer by means of a web hook. Here's the link: I'm wondering if this is already part of the framework or not. I've tried small examples, and also the long sample they have in the documentation (using my own webhooks of course), and the validation web hook is not being triggered, or called at all. as an example I have the following:

Twilio Proper way to NOT send a reply back from webhook

I have setup a webhook and everything is working properly, however iam used to using a long number where STOP is handled automatically, but now I have a short code where we have to handle STOP ourselves. This isnt an issue on sending a message as I can check with my 'blacklist' numbers before sending the message. My question is in the Reply webhook, what is the best way or standard way to NOT send the reply message. Below is twilios sample code (i added the comment where i would check if they

Twilio Outbound IVR

I want to set up IVR for outbound calls on Twilio number . So how can I set up it ?If it can be setup using c# language then how can I deal with "To" and "From" number parameters to set them dynamically

Twilio Send custom Audio bytes using LocalAudioTrack

I am working on Android VoIP Application which uses Twilio Video Conference API. Issue: How to send custom audio bytes recorded from AudioRecord to PSTN ? I have already tried one of the example given in Video-Quickstart-Android i.e. ExampleAudioSink. I am able to send and receive the bytes that are recorded and played by the WebRtcAudioRecord. What I want is to send my own Custom recorded bytes in realtime via LocalAudioTrack. I have also bypassed the webrtcAudioPlay but can't seem to figur

Twilio - handling calls blocked by geo permissions

I would like to handle calls blocked by geo permissions settings in Twilio. My application is using Twilio to connect two people on the phone. We are achieving this by calling one participant with a callback set to return TwiML. The TwiML contains a Dial verb with the second participant's phone number. Sometimes the 2nd phone number is from a country that I don't want to allow calls, so geo permission settings are blocking those. In this case, I am wasting the 1st participant time. I am looki

Retrieving phone number when using Twilio Flex

I'm using Twilio Flex, with incoming SMS messages first going through a Studio flow. Specifically, I am querying whether the incoming phone number has texted before (or is a subscriber) by checking it against a CRM database. However, it looks like Flex sends a hash of the incoming phone number to Studio. So, when I use {{trigger.message.From}} I get something like SMS_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Is there a way to retrieve the phone number in Studio when using Flex? The flow otherwise functions as it shou

How to include Twilio account/number properties as params in Webhook post?

I am using Twilio to forward incoming SMS to email, using a self-hosted php webhook page, which sends the SMS as an email. I'd like to include some info from the Twilio account/number in the webhook params - specifically the Twilio "Friendly Name" for the number. And if it's possible, additional user-configurable text for the number (though I don't see anywhere I could configure any more info). Is "Friendly Name" (and other acct info) available to add to the webhook URL?

Place a Twilio call on hold and retrieve it later

I am creating a Twilio application using JavaScript SDK. I want to implement call hold functionality but I am having trouble implementing it. What is the process to put a call on hold, when it is initiated by the soft-phone? Also, what is the process when the soft-phone is receiving the call?

Twilio SMS Always Shows as Delivered

I am testing the SMS message status log in Twilio (python), but I'm finding that all statuses report as "delivered", even if the receiving device is turned off. Are only particular carriers able to confirm delivery to the handset? Or am I pulling the wrong status? message = client.messages.create( body="Phone off!", to="97.....", from_="97.....", ) resources = client.messages.list() for resource in resources: print, resource.status

Twilio : Get details of Call by Number array: PHP

I want to get call details of bunch of From twilio numbers. I am using PHP-Twilio library. Here is my code, $array = array('num1','num2'); foreach ($client->account->calls->getIterator(0, 10, array( 'From' => $array )) as $call) { } But its not working. It returns everything.

Draw annotation on Twilio Video Chat

I want to use twilio for Remote assistance. Where user can share camera feed and Technician can assist by drawing annotations on the screen. similar to the demo video on I was able to get the Video Chat running on my iOS devices. Can you please guide me how to make annotations on one device which will be shown on the other device.

Twilio uses the old url

I've recently changed /voice url on my twilio's number. I've changed from a to to But, when I'm trying to call someone, twilio still uses the old https url, so I've got many 11200- HTTP retrieval failure errors in my debugger. Why twilio doesn't use the new url ? My client side doesn't send twilio any kind of URL, so I'm expecting it to use the one I've set on my number page. Is there a setting I've missed ? Thanks,

I have created an SIP domain in Twilio. How do we configure a Polycom IP phone with the twilio settings?

I have setup a contact center using Amazon Connect. However, I now want to transfer the agent calls from CCP to the desk phones (IP based). After initial research, I found that currently Amazon Connect does not provide SIP integration, but we can use something like Twilio to achieve this. I'm new to Twilio and created an SIP domain. I need some help in setting up the deskphone (like what proxy and server addresses we use etc.,) Please let me know. Thanks.

Replying on the same thread of the Twilio number

I have purchased two numbers from twilio one is for UK and the other one is for US.But when I try to send an SMS to that number from an Indian number.I get the response on a different thread.I want to get a response on the same thread so that my bot and the user have conversation on the same thread

How can i add pause to Twilio studio Say/Play widget

I have a say widget > "Hello ... Thanks" I've tried add a pause string like twilML to that element like so > "Hello <Pause length="10"/> ... Thanks" but it just speaks out the Pause length="10" section how can i add a pause to a Say/Play widget ?

Twilio studio connect call to SIP

I'm trying to setup a simple flow using Twilio studio, with the last widget being "Connect call to". I want to have a caller connected to an agent with a SIP client, registered with the SIP domain in Twilio. The SIP client that's registered to the SIP domain is nothing but a Bria SIP client iOS app that has successfully registered with the SIP domain. When I type in twilio's SIP domain details as the end point along with the username and password, the flow gets published fine. When I test the

SMS messaging using Twilio with SIP

I'm trying to use Twilio to send and receive SMS on my iPhone. I've gotten inbound and outbound calling set up following these instructions. I'd like the equivalent instructions for SMS. I'm presently using Zoiper as a SIP client, but that's flexible. The phone number configuration page (from here click a phone number) has a section called "Messaging" which allows one to configure a TwiML bin. However, I haven't been able to find any documentation about how to configure SMS over SIP, let alone

Twilio Inbound calls from Russian phone numbers to Russian Toll-Free phone number

My project has an IVR system which I'd like to build with Twilio. The project is targeted to Russia, so I expect inbound calls to the IVR from Russian phone numbers. An IVR's phone number should be toll-free. The Twilio Console's "Buy a Number" section doesn't offer Russia in the list of countries. Also, I talked to a Twilio representative by phone and he said currently I can't get a Russian Toll Free number from Twilio (for inbound calls). My question is: If I buy a Russian toll-free number

Twilio redirect function is not working on twilio studio

As question says twilio redirect function not working properly with flow (twilio studio). When I select function on phone number for incoming messages it is working FINE. But when I tried to redirect incoming msg using the function widget on studio, redirect not working properly and debug console says response body empty. This is the redirect function exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) { const response = new Twilio.Response(); response.appendHeader('Location',

Twilio Voice API - Use "inline" TwiML instead of XML url when creating outgoing call

I'm using the Twilio Voice API to create an outbound call: $call = $twilio->calls->create( "+14155551212", // to "+15017122661", // from array( "url" => "" ) ); As you can see, the script used for the call is accessed with the "url" parameter pointing to a XML file. The XML is hard coded though. Is there a way to write "inline" TwiML inside this create function so I can pass in PHP directly to make the script dynamic? Then

TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined in twilio with angular

private async getAuthToken(name: string, room: string) { const auth = await this.http .post('http://localhost:8000/token', {name, room}).toPromise(); return auth; } async onRoom(){ const token = await this.getAuthToken(this.user,; try { await connect( token, { name, }).then(room => { this.activeRoom = room; console.log(this.activeRoom); console.log(`

Transfer Twilio voice Autobot to a telephone number

I'm a Twilio newbie so please be gentle. I'm creating an Autopilot bot to be used via Alexa that in in some circumstances needs to transfer the voice to a telephone number. I'm using my mobile as the destination for testing. I have written a Function to transfer the call which then calls my mobile. All good so far, but as soon as the call is made the Twilio session ends - the call is received and I hear on my mobile "I'm sorry an application error has occurred". I'm guessing I'm missing paramet

Twilio call duration

Is there a way to get info about call duration statistics via Taskrouter API? I've been able to retrieve TaskQueue Statistics and Worker Statistics, but these don't include info about the average duration of a call. I was thinking about using the date_created and date_updated timestamps of reservations with reservation status accepted, but that would include the waiting time for a reservation as well? Thanks for any feedback!

Twilio - Could not decode response body as JSON. This likely indicates a 500 server error

I am using Twilio Rest API to pull some usage logs foreach ($client->account->usage_records->last_month as $record) { if ($record->count > 0) { $call_record[] = array( 'category' => $record->category, 'count' => $record->count, 'usage' => $record->usage, 'price'=>$record->price, 'price_unit'=>$record->price_unit ); } } It is giving me this error: Uncaught exception

Twilio Phone Number- In "Properties" there is no "City, State"

We purchased a number from Twilio. 480 area code. Phoenix location. Our client reports that when she views the call reports, the calls are all in Eastern Time. She's on Pacific Time (Arizona is either MST or Pacific) When I view the "properties" of the phone number we purchased, it says in the "location" section: NA Most of our other numbers show a city/state. (which in turn reports the calls in the correct time zones) Is there a way to change the properties of this number, or is there a way

What happens to incoming messages from twilio when server is down

When there is an incoming message to a twilio number, twilio will try to post the message to an endpoint provided in the webhook. But what's the expected behavior if the endpoint is not accessible or server is down? Can the message be retrieved later or is the message shown as undelivered to the person sending the text.

How to retrieve items stored with the Remember function in Twilio

I am creating a chat bot with Twilio Autopilot that asks for personal information in the beginning and I would like to much later in the chat give back that information back to verify. According to the Twilio docs the Remember action can be used to store a key-value pair to be returned later. I am, however, unable to find any documentation on how to retrieve the data stored later. I have attempted to use the event.Memory.[keyName] in a function as well as memory.twilio.collected_data.[keyNam

Twilio Ougoing Voice Call : Token does not allow outgoing calls on first attempt

I have recently started experiencing peculiar behaviour trying to initiate an outgoing phone call Browser -> Phone. Every time I refresh the browser, my initial call to Twilio.Device.connect(phonecallParams) results in an error: Received an error from the gateway: {code: 31002, connection: Connection, message: "Token does not allow outgoing calls."}. If I make a second call to Twilio.Device.connect(phonecallParams), it works. Also every subsequent call works. But if I refresh the browser t

Can I send 2FA token via email using Twilio's authy api?

I want to send 2-Factor Authentication token via email using Twilio's Authy api. I know Authy api offering Push Authentication, Soft token, SMS/Voice but is it also possible to send token via email? If so, then can I register the user at authy without providing phone number and country code but just will give email address? Actually I only need to send token via email not over the phone. Thanks.

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