How to change URL in the address bar of a browser?

I bought to domains, let's say and Then I also bought some webspace from a hoster. The domain is pointing to the top level folder of my webspace (/). The domain points to a folder on level deeper (/folderB). Now if I'm using the domain to access /folderB it works as intented. Then I installed a small CMS their and i can use it. But unfortunately if a surf through the sites, the URL always displays insteand of Any h

How does Http.sys URL Prefix Registration translate into IIS bindings config?

Windows HTTP Server API provides mechanisms for URL Registration and Reservation so that request queues can be setup by processes: And the URL matching is done by longest matching URL Prefix. With support for strong wild cards '+' and weak wild cards '*'. I get that IIS does some mangling/translation of binding in web.config to HTTP Server API (http.sys) for URL registration. (URL Group and HTTP Request Queue). Could someone thro

Want to change URL pattern

These days, I've seen a URL pattern like this: Not a usual and old one like this: or As you know, the difference is that the former is using / directory pattern, and the latter is using ?key=value&key=value.... I guess it's something to do with server config. My language is JAVA and PHP, and Web container is TOMCAT6. Please teach me how to c custom HttpHandler and URL routing

I want handle the requests to my application "" by a custom HttpHandler but the return things depending of the value of "whateverpath". So users accessing "" will get different response than users accessing "", but both request must be handled in the same HttpHandler. The idea is find "whateverpath" in a database and depending of the result, return the response content. I hear about URL routing and I already have a

How do I make Matlab help properly display web links for weird URLs?

Usually if I include, in the file foo.m, a comment of the form: % See also: <a href="">link name</a> the link appears in the help browswer, i.e. in Matlab, I issue >> help foo and I get something like See also: link name so far so good. However, there are some web addresses that have funny characters, for example: % See also: <a href="">

Google Scholar hits-per-page url string

I'm querying Google Scholar and pulling the first X number of results. In default mode, searches return 10 hits per page. This can be changed via a browser by editing the settings. Does anyone know if there is a parameter I can pass along with the search query that will edit this without requiring a preference change? For the record, Google Scholar does not provide an API, which is why I'm using url strings. Cheers,

How do I use this github url?

I just uploaded a little coding project I was working on at gist.github because it seemed like a nice fast way of uploading a couple of classes at once. I want to link someone to my "gist" and in the corner it says: Public Clone URL: git:// Private Clone URL: So figure I want the public clone url but obviously it looked strange. Upon clicking on it I get this popup: Give this clone URL to anyone. git clone git://

How to get URL parameters with Dojo toolkit

I need know how can get a parameter from the URL. I mean if have page1.html?id=12345 I need to get the id from the URL, I know that in jQuery is $.url.param("id"); But in Dojo how it is done?

Url SEO - name & id separator dash vs slash

I generate friendly urls containing seo friendly name and id. Which of those is better: Or other combination?

OWA 2010 Url parameter for filling in multiple recipients

If already logged into Live, I can enter a url as follows: And it will open the Compose email with the To filled in. I need to send the email to multiple recipients. I tried:; and it doesn't work. It doesn't parse the 'to' correctly and treats it as one email address. I tried different delimiters and spaces in the u

Get JSF 2 url to change after first, not second click

JSF URLs don't seem to change after the first click, only after the 2nd. E.g. when navigating from home.jsf to auction.jsf, the page being displayed is already auction.jsf but the URL in the browser address bar stays at home.jsf, until I click on the Auction link the second time. Why is this happening? Is there a way to disable it, and get the url to display correctly?

Improving on Url Shortner Performance?

I've looked around and seen the way to create your own url shortener/mapping is by using an auto increment PK, convert it to base62 to use as the short_key, and then use the key to access the long_url value on queries. If I could set the short_code to be the PK, I would essentially gain a free index. Is there a conversion that can shorten a string url (eg to a <6 character alphanumeric short_code that will be reliably unique?

percent-encoded URLs are mangled by Google Earth

In a KML file for Google Earth consumption I am using Google Charts dynamic icons whose URLs contain percent-encode characters, e.g., this one. As can be seen by intercepting network calls, the %E2%80%A2 (bullet character) is mangled by Google Earth into %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%A2, which causes the icon retrieval to fail. The problem is that the KML spec is extremely vague: of the IconStyle Icon href element it will only say that it is "an HTTP address [...] used to load an icon". So, can any Googler cl

Get URL with variables

How would I go about obtaining the URL of the requested page together with all variables? I know how to get the URL without variables. eg. /forums/index.cfm?id=10&cat=5

Change website URL in IIS

I have a site set up in IIS that I'm currently accessing via localhost, I'd like to access it via URL mysite instead for example... I have edited the binding in IIS to add mysite as a host, and have also added the line mysite to the hosts file. When I try and access mysite via a browser it seems to be trying to go to the correct location but keeps requesting a username and password and won't accept the one I am logged on with (Windows Authentication is enabled in IIS). Is there anothe

Save username and password in a cookie, or send info to url on click

The logic I want to perform goes like this... ButtonClick New window opens Username/Password are already entered User clicks 'Login' User is now logged in. I have tried this... and this... but to no avail... This is only for an internal company website and does not have any access to the outside world. Internal Demo Only Edit: I would like assista

Url Link that is domain-relative but protocol-specific

Is there a way to link to a resource in a domain-relative but protocol-specific way? For instance, consider a link on the site <a href="/home/">...</a> This links to: if the page you are on is on the HTTP protocol. if the page you are on is on the HTTPS protocol. <a href="">...</a> This links to: always Is there a way to link to the HTTP version

create unique url after submit

i have a form with a questionlist on it. After submit, the given answers on the question are echoed on the same page. ( form is under the php code and action is empty). Is it possible to generate a unique url after the form is submitted?

Url Insert data from server response to grid

Hello i am have proxy: { type: 'ajax', url: '/book/list?filter=', reader: { type: 'json', root: 'data', successProperty: 'success' } and then i have response from server data":[{"id":1,"book":"Now","author":"q"}]} and this date i am want insert in grid with next columns: I

URL File Replace IP Address ONLY

I have a .URL file in my favorites like this: [DEFAULT] BASEURL= [{000214A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Prop3=19,2 [InternetShortcut] URL= IDList= IconFile= IconIndex=1 I want to replace the IP address portion with the IP address of FB which I pull out in a Powershell script: # set .url file $outfile = "C:\Users\aborgetti\Favorites\facebook.url" # set regex pattern to replace in url file $regex = '\b\d{1,3}\.\d

Update url when change slide

I installed this cool demo on this website What I try to do, with no success, is to update url (like in this site when a slide changes. This demo use dragdealer plugin One of my experiment was to add this line at the end of this function, but generates errors /** * DragDealer plugin callback: update current value */ DragSlideshow.prot

Open Cart Multi Store Url Issue after transferring to another domain

Demo Domain: Main Domain: I am a front end developer i customized an opencart theme on our demo server. but after transferring it to main domain. its second store still showing our demo server url on links. Main domain is working fine but its multi store showing this error.

Url Can navigate to website from external network but can't from internal

So here is my issue, I have a website hosted from a virtual machine on my server and am using a dyndns service to point a url to my IP. My ISP recently set up a new modem which unfortunately has its own built in gateway and router. After fighting it to forward port 80 I tested it by trying to navigate to the site via the URL and it didn't work, then I tested it on my phone connected to cell data network and it worked! I am able to visit the site via the URL as long as I am not connected to my ne

URL encoding not work as expected

The file on server: /upload_files/=%e4%bd%a0.rar Here =%e4%bd%a0.rar is the file name. The javascript generate the link: var h = '<a style="padding-left:10px" href="' + escape(value.file_url) + '">click_to_download</a>; Here value is from an ajax request, and value.file_url == '=%e4%bd%a0.rar' When I open the page, and click the download link, the file can't be found, the url in the address bar is And the

Url Website produces 404 error unless a valid path is specified after it

I'm not quite sure how to Google this problem, so here I am. I recently purchased a domain, set everything up, got a free host, etc. However, whenever I access the URL on its own, without a path, I'm brought my webhost's 404 page. When I access the URL with a valid path specified, I get the page I was looking for. Meaning, -> 404. -> the page I'm actually trying to go to. I've been digging all over cPanel (my host is 000webhost for lack of funds) and

What does a colon in URL mean?

I've seen this image URL today and I'm wondering what is this ":small" at the end. Is this something related to the CMS used by Twitter? Or can this be used with any image URL? Thanks

How do you Mask URLs in HAProxy?

Is there any way to do URL masking in HAProxy? I'd like to have a URL directing to my load balancer, i.e., redirect to another URL I have for another application. However, I'd like the user's browser to still display the original URL, ( How would I go about this?

URL Encoding on Jetty - Plus becomes Space

I have a URL that has a "+" sign. localhost:8080/p1?name=Hello+World Jetty is converting the "+" to space and this comes as "Hello World" to Tapestry, which in turn raises an exception. How do I allow the "+" in the URL? I am unable to find any definitive approach here. And no, using %20 is not an option. My client will invoke with the "+" symbol in the URL. Any help is greatly appreciated! KB

TinyMce troubles with hyperlink absolute url

I added tinyMce editor in my textarea input form. Unfortunately I have troubles sending hyperlink absolute urls. I create dynamically the pages within a php CMS. I can start tinyMce and I can send formatted text. When I try to add url, the final result is not the absoluted url I added, but it is preceded by another string url, as showed under: //Input url:, will process the following result: //http://www.myDomain.example/folder/\"\" Because of that the fi

how to rewrite URL having multiple parameters

i have many pages having URL structure like this how to make it SEO friendly URL as oid and offid denotes oid-orderid and offid-offerid. these parameters refferes to a unique offers of a particular store which may change periodically

Are SIP URLs case-sensitive?

I wonder whether SIP URLs and URL parameters, in particular, are case sensitive. Should the following URLs be considered equal: <;confid=1538A396CDE> <;confid=1538a396cde>

Weird issue with URLSearchParams() in Angular2

I have a weird issue that appears with URLSearchParams() it works only when defining var search (i.e if I change the variable name to var otherName) it does not work!! However, for some reason it works only when the name is search !! which is totally not logical at all. Any idea on what's happening here? constructor(http) { this.http = http; this.genre = null; this.dishes = null; //this one works fine var search = new URLSearchParams(); search.set('order', '-ordersNo'); //

Url Mixing Named params with standard params Phalcon

I have a url that loads fonts as such: /templatename/fonts/helvetica?weights=regular,bold,light in php it will dynamically generate a CSS file with the appropriate font referencing. We just recently moved over to to Phalcon and it broke. I'm trying to figure out how to tell the router to use the the font name as a named param but also use the standard param style. with the question marks. this is what my router looks like right now: ... "fonts"=>[ "pattern" => "/fonts

How to change url from m3u8 to .ts

I'm trying to make an iptv link work on my receiver this is the original link that i want to convert and this is the format that i want to reach in the end.

Why special character "$-_.+!*'()," in URL encoding are special?

RFC1738 SEC 2.2 says that: Thus, only alphanumerics, the special characters "$-_.+!*'(),", and reserved characters used for their reserved purposes may be used unencoded within a URL. After some searching, I summarized that there are three types of characters that should be encoded: Unsafe characters: '#', ' ', '"', '%', '<', '>', '{', '}', "|", '\', '^', '~', '[', ']', '`'. Reserved characters: ';', '/', '?', ':', '@', '=', '&'. Special characters: "$-_.+!*'()," I kn

Url Trick when dynamically appending GET attributes

When dynamically building SQL queries you often see something like this: WHEN 1=1 AND title="Example" AND ... The purpose of the 1=1 is to be able to keep appending AND-statements without having to check if any previous statements exist. Thereby avoiding something like this happening: WHEN AND title="Example" AND ... I quite often come across a related issue when building the the attributes/search-query for a GET request. I don't want to keep checking if I need to prepend the attribute wit

Url PHPExcel getHyperlinks by column

I convert excel files in HTML table with PHPEXcel, using Php5.3.13 and Symfony2. That one work : $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->getColumn('N4')->hasHyperlink(); $url = $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->getCell('N4')->getHyperlink()->getUrl(); $url = str_replace('../old/path', '/new/path', $url); $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->getCell('N4')->getHyperlink()->setUrl($url); EDITED : I just wanna do it on Column : $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->rangeToArra

What is the expected behavior of a URL preceded with "//" when not linked from an existing page?

A nice trick to avoid insecure content warnings on pages that could be either http or https is to reference all scripts or assets in the code using "//" which will use the current page protocol instead of a specified one. If one enters a URL with // in the front directly into a browser URL box, is there a default behavior the browser will pick? Would/should it default to http or https, or some set of rules to test and pick one over the other?

Requests.get giving wrong status code for my URL

Got some URLs which I'm testing using the requests library. Example code can be found below: page = requests.get(url) print (page.status_code) #output: 200 Some URLs returns a 404 status code when tested manually. Why is the output giving 200 then?

Url IIS 10 - How to implement a rule that rewrites the path (...a bit...)

Using the IIS Application Request Routing, we will proxy requests to a preprod-server hosting services for both our dev, test, qa and stage environments. All this due to licenses issues of a 3'rd party software so we cannot have separate servers pr. environment. Therefore we will implement the "same" site/service on the preprod server with different ports and also names - prefix with the environment. MyServiceTest/mycode.svc MyServiceQA/mycode.svc MyServiceStage/mycode.svc But, in addtion w

Gatsby: Change URL of blog posts from index to `/blog`

I'm new to Gatsby and I'm working with the gatsby-ghost-starter. I have a Ghost blog set up and working, but out of the box it displays the blog posts on the index page. I want to have my site displaying the blog posts on /blog. I can't seem to figure out how to move the url of the blog posts. Here is my gatsby-node file: const path = require(`path`) const { postsPerPage } = require(`./src/utils/siteConfig`) const { paginate } = require(`gatsby-awesome-pagination`) const config = require(`./gats

How to edit $request-url in middleware in Laravel 5.8 before it hits route API

I'm developing an API. I want to edit the incoming $request->url so it hits different routes based on the authorization. It should work for any kind of request (POST, GET , DELETE etc...). By now I 've come this far. The middleware get hit, but $request->server->set('REQUEST_URI','http://...'); doesn 't have any effect. The incoming $request url stays at it is. This is the simplified middleware code of the class RedirectToUrl: <?php namespace App\Http\Middleware; use Closure; use

ModX: Resource alias not automatically inserting slash in URL

A weird one: I have a site using ModX and this morning when I went to preview a page after editing a got and error. It seems that ModX is no longer placing the / before the Resource Alias. Thus my URL becomes mysite.comabout-us instead of and doesnt work Putting in the slash manually has no effect as ModX removes it on save. Im running Revo 2.1.3 Would anyone know how to fix this? Thanks EDIT: Did some more testing and discovered this also occurs when I turn FURLs off

putting userid (or username) in url as querystring in Desire2Learn

I need to put a link in D2L to an external website. When the user click the link, his username should be included in the url, something like: Is there any parameter that can allow me do that easily? Like: index.aspx?username={userid} Thanks!

Url Can you help me with preg_replace?

I have to replace some part of string, for another. Original: src="../../Estatico//ComunesSEI/Images/Supernet_logo.gif" The result that I want : src="" Problem : I have to change src="../.. for src="src="

Url Create local domainname for development

I'm working on a project which is now accessible, locally, under something like file:///C:/Users/me/AndroidStudioProjects/project/www/index.html. I'd like to be able to locally access it in the browser with project/index.html Long ago I've done something like this with some windows settings that changed the lookup of 'project' to the directory location, but I can't remember how that worked, or what it's called to search more specifically. Any pointers are appreciated.

Override URL description

Originally I tried to use something like this: extension URL: CustomStringConvertible{ public override var description: String { let url = self return url.path.removingPercentEncoding ?? "" } } After fixing compiler warning code became: extension URL{ public var description: String { let url = self return url.path.removingPercentEncoding ?? "" } } but print(fileURL) still shows old URL description with percentages.

What does this steam-desktop shortcut URL steam:// mean

How do steam-desktop shortcuts steam:// actually work? The URL / target of them is something like: "steam://rungameid/717" I know similar things like "ftp://mynetworkadress:1337/subfoldercontainsgoodstuff" or for sure "http://". But why and how does this steam thing work, can you do something similar on your own (e.g. "niceapp://launchprocess/param") and if so, why would you?

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