Visual studio code How can I disable GPU rendering in Visual Studio Code

I'm with bad rendering issues... Seems that the Visual Studio Code window do not clean a screen area before redraw it. The same thing happens here with chrome browser, but in chrome I can start it with " --disable-gpu-rendering " and it goes well. How can I disable GPU rendering in Visual Studio Code ? I'm thinking it's a hardware specific problem, and I'm looking for a other way to solve it too. May be useful know my hardware: Machine: Notebook dell vostro 3500 (intel chipset) CPU: Intel i5

Visual studio code Is it possible to access mouse events in a Visual Studio Code extension

I would like to write a simple extension for Visual Studio Code to allow basic drag and drop copy/paste functionality but I can't find any way to be notified of mouse events. Have I overlooked something obvious or has the editor intentionally been designed to be keyboard only (well mostly)? Note: I am referring to the TypeScript based Visual Studio Code editor not the full-blown Visual Studio. EDIT: I should have phrased the question differently because there is indeed drag and drop copy/paste n

Visual studio code VSCode: I want to remove annoying info message bar

Is there any way to completely remove this message popup or move it to somewhere? I already know why this message comes, but I do not want to disturb my activity with annoying info popup. When it pops up it hides the document tab, so I have to close it every single time. (I do not want to know how to fix this particular error message, this screenshot is just an example.) It's very annoying and I've searched around for a way to remove it, but the answers keep saying how to fix that particular

Visual studio code Is is possible to run visual studio code within the browser (i.e., as a web app, without electron)?

Since VS Code is Javascript based, it seems like one should be able to launch it in the browser as a web app. However, I can't seem to find anyone doing that? I was able to launch the Monaco Editor this way, but I'm looking for the complete Visual Studio Code application, with support for extensions. Anyone know if/how this would be done? Thanks in advance!

Visual studio code error running vscode-mssql extension

would like to learn vscode extensions by downloading vscode-mssql-master extension from github and running it. But get "gulp is not recognized as internal or external command" error when I press F5 to run the extension from the vscode editor. I copied the github zip file folder to a folder on my PC. Then started cmd.exe, cd to that directory, and run "npm install" to install all dependencies. Last step is start vscode, change folder to the folder with the extension, then press F5 to run. gul

Visual studio code VSCode terminal clips the top of each line

I am running vscode Version 1.17.2 Commit b813d12980308015bcd2b3a2f6efa5c810c33ba5 Date 2017-10-16T13:57:00.652Z Shell 1.7.7 Renderer 58.0.3029.110 Node 7.9.0 Architecture x64 on Korora (Fedora) 25 using xfce Everything is fine except the text display in a terminal window. The text is cut off as if the line height is set to 80% of what is needed. I tried to copy some output but it renders correctly. No amount of changing "terminal.integrated.lineHeight": 2, "terminal.integrated.fontSize

Visual studio code How to extend VS Code Color Theme with Extension

I know how to create a new theme, but is there any way to extend the default light or dark theme with my additional textMate rules and colors to format theme, in my extension? I know I can use the extension textMate rules that will be formatted accordingly by the theme, but If I create additional rules those wont be formatted. How do I add additional token color for those rules?

Visual studio code Close specific open tabs using VSCode extension API

I'm writing an extension which creates temporary scratch files. I want to allow the user to remove all scratch files. My issue occurs when I have scratch files open in the editor. If I simply delete the files I get error messages that the files do not exist: Is there a way that I can close all open tabs based on the filename before I delete the files?

Visual studio code Bias code and text while saving

Tell me how to fix the problem? Every time I save a document, the lines of code are shifted to 1 one whole line. How can I disable this? Thank you <form action="" method="POST"> Username <input type="text"><br> Pasword <input type="password"><br> <input type="button">Button<br> </form>

Visual studio code How can you launch VSCode with multiple extensionDevelopmentPath sources?

I'm trying to test local changes of omnisharp-vscode in conjunction with my own local extension. I can't for the life of me figure out how to boot the VSCode experimental instance with more than 1 extension. I've tried: Providing multiple extensionDevelopmentPath arguments when booting vscode Running omnisharp-vscode and then opening and running my other extension in the experimental instance. None of the above have worked for me.

Visual studio code new flutter project in vscode has error

when i create a new flutter project in vscode it will immediately shows an error in the main.dart file and gives a gradle error when trying to debug. shown here: main.dart error "compiler message: lib/main.dart:68:19: Error: Too few positional arguments: 1 required, 0 given." I've reinstalled dart and flutter plugins. updated the java install. in debug console i get this: debug console added output of flutter doctor -v enter image description here

Visual studio code TreeView instead of WebView?

Once createTreeView() has created a TreeView instance, the reveal() takes your derived implementation of TreeItem. The reveal() does not take a ViewColumn as does the WebView[Panel]. The only way the vscode extension API can specify a ViewColumn is either a ExtHostTestEditor which implements the TextEditor interface, and the WebView. So do all custom editors have to be implemented with WebView? Are TreeView(s) only for activity bar side views? It seems odd, since there is the admonition to not

Visual studio code How to split the terminal when running tasks in VSCode?

In Visual Studio Code you can now split the integrated terminal in half. I am using VSCode's tasks feature as well to run two tasks always at the same time. How can I make it so when I run a task it will automatically split the current terminal, using the new one for the task? Basically I'm wanting to open VSCode, it should auto open the integrated terminal like normal, and then I can run my two tasks which should end me with a terminal split into three like so: ------------------------------

Visual studio code Can VSCode always open a default folder (for Ctrl + P searching) even if opening a file in different folder?

Is it possible to have VSCode always have a particular folder ("Directory A") open, so the files inside can be searched using Ctrl + P? It seems the standard behaviour is that my current "added folder" (i.e. "Directory A") get removed whenever I open a file from a different location ("Directory B"). Closing VSCode and re-opening it always returns me to the last used file (i.e. opening "Directory B" and NOT "Directory A"). How can I force VSCode to always have a certain folder open please? N

Visual studio code Auto format in Visual Studio Code

In sublime, you can just format (layout) any text/json/xml. Is it possible to format a document (that might not be saved) automatically, without specify the type first? Is there an add-in to detect file types and then layout can be applied? EDIT I would hope that VSCode could detect the file type, even if the document isn't saved. e.g. if it starts with { probably json, if it starts with < probably XML? (Note, it can layout unsaved documents, if you set the document type first) I'm su

Visual studio code How to add context menu to the "outline" view in VsCode?

I've been trying to add a context menu to the "outline" view in VsCode. In the Extension API documentation I did not see any reference to the Outline View. I also tried using the below configuration to get the context menu, but it doesn't seem to work "view/item/context": [ { "command": "my-extension.myCommand", "when": "view == outline" } ]

Visual studio code Custom Emmet Snippets with Autocomplete

I created custom snippet in vscode for media query when typing css but it does not autocomplete when I type. "snippets": { "q":"@include query(${1:}) { \n\t${2:}\n}" } Example: if I type q It shows exactly what I defined above. If I type q960 It should be: @include query(960) { } But it does not work. How can you help me to solve this? Thank you so much.

Visual studio code Eslint/prettier javascript files

I currently have an issue where eslint and prettier don't do anything on my .js files in VS code. Here is the content of my .prettierrc: { "singleQuote": true, "printWidth": 80, "editor.formatOnSave": true, "proseWrap": "always", "tabWidth": 4, "requireConfig": false, "useTabs": false, "trailingComma": "none", "bracketSpacing": true, "jsxBracketSameLine": false, "semi": true } eslintrc: { "parser": "babel-eslint", "parserOptions": {

Visual studio code VSCode won't Overtype Closing Brackets after Backslash

Normally (specifically in Latex), I will type math blocks beginning with \(, then the equation, and end with \) (I've grown accustom to typing the closing parenthesis and having it overwrite the one that was automatically placed). However, this feature stopped working the other day so I end up with \(...\)). I haven't changed any settings to make this happen. I tried changing "Auto Closing Overtype" to "always" in the settings, but this didn't help.

Visual studio code Salesforce DX: Single Project with multiple package directories vs. Multiple projects

We are currently working on the architecture of our Salesforce DX project. We've got an extensive codebase of existing customizations and are planning to turn them into multiple Unlocked Packages to make everything more modular etc. Of cause, not everything is subject to be packaged, some features would stay unpackaged. And the question is: should this be a single project (with multiple package directories inside and single Git repo) or a project per feature is more preferrable (multiple Git re

Visual studio code How to rectify the key definition in Visual Studio Code?

While pressing the "alt(cmd) + UP" keys in Visual Studio Code on MacBook, the cursor can move to the top of the editing area. But when pressing the "alt(cmd) + DOWN" keys, the editor shows "No definition found" as the following picture showed. What to do to make "alt(cmd) + DOWN" keys can move the cursor to the bottom of the editing area? If I post at the wrong place, please let me know where to post it, thank you.

Visual studio code Vs code not showing the widget end comment in flutter

I am just starting out with flutter and normally when we code in flutter it shows a virtual comment text in vscode after every widget end. But now I cant see it anymore. I dont know what I did to get it away void main() => runApp(MaterialApp( home: Home(), ));//MaterialApp(These helper comments are missing now) Now its showing without the virtual comments void main() => runApp(MaterialApp( home: Home(), ));

Visual studio code Python Keyerror 'sapi5', cant understand the error

One question of this type is previously asked but is not very helpful. I am using version Python3.8 in Windows 10 OS. I am getting an error, KeyError: 'sapi5'. dont know why this error is occurring. Please have a look at the below code given . My code is- import pyttsx3 engine = pyttsx3.init('sapi5') voices = engine.getProperty('voices') engine.setProperty('voices', voices[0].id) The Error is quite big. can anyone help me? Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\hp\AppData\Local

Visual studio code VS Code - increase limit of 5000 staged Git changes

I have ~6000 stages changes in my Git project, and VS Code is showing only the first 5000 with a warning message: The git repository has too many active changes, only a subset of Git features will be enabled Question: is there a setting in VS Code to increase this limit from 5000 to 10000? (yes, I actually have ~6000 changed files, it's not an error)

Visual studio code Color highlighting in VS Code integrated terminal?

When I run commands in Git Bash I get color coded output: But when I use the integrated terminal in VS Code the output is plain white text. How can I get the same coloring? This isn't specific to Git Bash.. cmd and PowerShell also lose color in the VS Code Terminal. I've found other questions on changing the VS Code terminal color theme, but I'm asking about maintaining the useful color coding shown in my first picture - not just a uniform color for all text.

Visual studio code How to set continuation indentation in VS Code?

This is the formatting I want to achieve: function x() { $elementOfSomething .find(".class") .remove(); } This is the formatting VSCode does by default: function x() { $elementOfSomething .find(".class") .remove(); } The default indentation is 4 spaces. In the second sample, the third and fourth lines are indented by with 4 spaces in relation to the previous line. In the first sample, they are indented by 8 spaces. So I want t

Visual studio code Syntax highlighting copying "non-breaking spaces" in VSCode

For whatever reason, VSCode is copying non-breaking spaces, when I copy/paste code with syntax highlighting. This is no problem as long as I work inside VSCode, but it's a nightmare when copy/pasting stuff in and out of VSCode. I'm using MSWord with the "hidden characters" feature activated as an easy means to understand what is happening. I can reproduce it like this: Create a new file (no extension, not saved) in VSCode, type some text, select all and copy/paste in MSWord -> spac

Visual studio code In gem5, how do I know the specific location of the class?

This question feels silly, but it really puzzles me. When I look at the source code of gem5, I always come across classes like typedef typename CPUPol::IQ IQ; typedef typename Impl::DynInstPtr DynInstPtr;. I want to see what functions are in these classes. But in vscode, I cannot jump to where they are defined. I can't even search for them. I also didn't find some files having similiar names with the class names.

Visual studio code How should I cancel the execution of a cell in jupyer notebook <ith vscode?

When I run a cell and then I want to stop the execution, I don't know how to do it : on google collab, there is a little stop button on which we have to click to stop the cell (it raises a Keyboard Interrupt). On Vscode I found this red square but only if I click on "run by line" on the top of the cell, which is not what I want to do... The only way I found to do it is the kill the whole kernel which is not a good idea either Is there a way to stop the execution of a cell ?

Visual studio code Is it possible to get the type of a variable while computing completion suggestions?

I'm thinking of creating a VSCode extension to help people use a library I am creating. I've looked in 50 places and can only see documentation on getting the plain text of the document in which the completion suggestions are triggered. My library exposes a function with two parameters, both objects with the same keys, but the first one will be defined already and the 2nd one will be passed in as an object literal. For example const obj1 = {a:1, b:2}; doLibraryThing(obj1, {a:[], b:[]}); I want

Visual studio code VS Code emmet being very slow?

I'm currently using VS Code and the emmet extension snippet popup thing is being really slow, I don't understand this seeing as it was the same on my old pc now my new one, despite vs code being installed on my solid state drive, any help would be great :) <-- video of it being slow! (only takes around 4 seconds but its really irritating)

Visual studio code Prettier doesn't format the code on VSCode

Today, I start VSCode has always to work on a project. But today I realise that Prettier doesn't format the code on save. Even if I do manually with "Format document with...". The only way to format my code is using the prettier packages installed globally in my machine (prettier -w ./). How I can fix this problem?

Visual studio code VS Code Extension - How to add a WebviewPanel to the sidebar?

According to this page webviews can be "rendered in the sidebar or panel areas". The examples show how to render as editor panels... vscode.window.createWebviewPanel( 'catCoding', // Identifies the type of the webview. Used internally 'Cat Coding', // Title of the panel displayed to the user vscode.ViewColumn.One, // Editor column to show the new webview panel in. {} // Webview options.. ); I'm trying to render the webview as an additional panel in the sidebar under ex

Visual studio code Is it possible to exclude folders from the problems tab in VS code

I have a problem with a file that causes the problems tab to EXPLODE with warnings, and the reason is that I only use that file inside of another "main" file, which means that instead of creating a variable in every single one of the files that I use, I only create it in the "main" one, but VScode has no idea about that, so it trashes my problems tab with errors of missing variables. So I just thought if it was possible to exclude the folder with problematic files from the pr

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